What’s In A Good Toolbox

The boxes can contain different types of tools depending on their intended use, let’s find out which are the ones that absolutely must not be missing.

The toolbox is a must have, and that is an object that should absolutely not be missing in a home. The professional and artisanal use of hand tools is certainly not the subject of discussion, in fact, given their fundamental need for any type of work; consequently in this article we want to address above all to DIY enthusiasts and domestic users, in order to underline the importance of keeping the tools and manual tools necessary to cope with small emergencies and basic home maintenance at home .

The rich proposal of the market

Before buying a toolbox, however, you must be aware that there are numerous products on the market in all price ranges, and many of these are intended for different areas of use depending on the case and the needs of the buyer.

Consequently, each of these products contains a specific set of tools; some are intended for mechanical workshops, for example, others contain tools used exclusively for hydraulic repairs, others electrical and so on.

There is also the possibility of buying empty toolboxes, of different shapes and sizes, in such a way as to give the opportunity to those who buy them to create their own set of hand tools according to their specific needs. Furthermore, the number of pieces contained can vary from 10-12 up to 150 and beyond, but in any case no set can ever be considered truly complete given the wide range of hand tools in the world.

For those who do not have experience in the field, therefore, it could be extremely difficult to choose a good toolbox , regardless of its specific intended use, especially if the choice is concentrated in the most economic range of the market.

In fact, apart from the mediocre quality, if not even poor, low-cost boxes are almost always characterized by the lack of some tools whose presence, on the other hand, should be considered fundamental.

The same is also true for boxes intended for specific use, such as those for artistic activities such as sculpture and modeling for example, or those intended for the repair of small appliances or other electronic devices, which are also in great demand on the market. So let’s see what are the tools that absolutely must not be missing in the most common types of boxes.

The essential equipment for general use

The one intended for general use, both in the home and professional, is one of the best-selling types of toolbox ever, not only online but also in hardware stores and large specialized chains in the sector.

A good general purpose set must include at least one hammer, regardless of its type, a needle roller and a parrot wrench, a universal pliers and a long nose pliers, a 5 meter tape measure, a level, a Phillips screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a cutter with relative spare blades, one or two sets of Allen keys, an electrician’s scissors, a phase test screwdriver and various micro-screwdrivers. In place of the latter, an electric pen and an insert holder with the relative bits can also be used.

Furthermore, in the most supplied general-purpose boxes, there is usually not even one or two sets of hex wrenches and ratchet wrenches with relative sockets.

The basic sets for mechanical repairs

Toolboxes intended for mechanical repairs can in turn be further differentiated according to the type of vehicle. The most common specific versions, of course, are those for the car, motorcycle and bicycle, and each of these has its basic tools.

In those for bicycles, for example, apart from the essential Allen wrenches, the cone wrenches, different types of extractor for the toothed crown, the flat wrench for the pedals, the Phillips screwdriver, a chain tool, a wrench must not be missing. torx, a whip wrench, a tension ring and a small puncture repair set.

Motorcycle kits, on the other hand, are usually divided into two types, one that includes the socket wrench with its inserts and one intended exclusively for the tools necessary for repairing the chain, so their content is standard and it is difficult to run the risk. to be wrong; Torx keys are not always present, however, which are equally necessary equipment.

Toolboxes for automotive use mainly consist of a wide range of hex wrenches and ratchet or combination wrenches; even in this case, however, the fundamental tools such as the hammer, the universal pliers, the long nose pliers and the adjustable wrench cannot be missing.

Precision repair kits

This type of tools are of particular interest to electronics enthusiasts and those who are used to assembling their own computer or are familiar with repairing small electrical devices.

It is in fact a particular small toolbox that houses a series of specific tools for the disassembly and assembly of electronic devices such as remote controls, notebooks, cameras and more. In these boxes, the essential tools that absolutely must not be missing are the insert holder, the jointed extension, the tweezers, a suction cup and different types of levers, in metal or hard plastic, to be used as an aid to remove the body of the devices without damaging it.

The number of bits to be used with the insert holder, on the other hand, can vary according to the kit and the price, and can range from a minimum of 25 up to 80 and beyond. Even in this case, however, particular attention must be paid to products sold at low cost because the quality of the tools is likely to be poor, especially that of the levers and other accessory tools.

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