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Probably the handyperson who has one and who doesn’t have to struggle with imprecise, even risky compromise solutions for certain jobs. 

It occupies a central place in most hobby workshops and is often the centerpiece of the machine park. 

But a circular saw is not only irreplaceable for building beautiful furniture. To find out what to do and why you need to have a table saw, you can find out here:

Why do I need a table saw?

As soon as the cutting width of a chainsaw and we reach miter saw, it’s over! This is the latest when Best Table Saw For Cabinet Making comes into play. 

With it, precise rip cuts are not child’s play, but they are much easier and faster to perform than with a jigsaw or circular saw.

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Key Features


  • 15.0A high torque motor 

  • Rack & Pinion Telescoping Fence System

  • 10" 24-tooth carbide blade

  • Have Heavy-duty steel

  • Have Self-aligning rip fence

  • EZ view measurement system

  • Constant Response circuitry

  • Constant Response circuitry

  • Large cast aluminum top

  • 24 tooth SERIES 30 saw blade

  • Powerful 1850 Watt motor 

  • Dust port reducer

  • Heavy Duty Fence Constructio

  • Powerful 15 Amp Contractor Grade motor

  • Professional Grade 5-Year

What are the types?

There is what we call the construction circular saw. It convinces with its robust appearance and in summer; we like to see it swinging from cranes on construction sites. 

They are highly motorized and offer a large saw blade diameter.

Among the professionals, there is the best 400 table saw. It is indispensable in joinery and is characterized by maximum precision. 

Here, too, the engine power is enormous and the usable saw blades are very diverse.

In DIY circles, the table circular saw is the most common variation. It is adjustable both in height and in inclination of the saw blade.

The respective variations of the mentioned saws are endless, as is the corresponding price range.

What should I consider when purchasing?

As with any tool, the first question is always: “What do I want to use the tool for and how often?

Beginner’s saws, which make it possible to shorten a parquet board with it, can be purchased for less than $100. 

But if a piece of furniture needs to be added to the floor, a 3-figure investment is highly recommended to avoid trouble. 

Sometimes, the price differences are then reflected in the work’s quality and performing the saw

If the parallel guide to the saw blade is too unstable, the cuts will rarely be as precise as needed and it won’t take long for frustration to set in! 

Equally important are the differences in the materials used for the saw tables

An aluminum saw table is more robust than a sheet metal table, which yields under load.

 It is equally important to have a stable substructure which does not deform too easily. 

A roof batten or laminate board for sawing does not require maximum performance from an engine. However, a 22mm thick kitchen countertop will push a small circular saw motor to its limits.

These aspects and assemblies play a role in the price and want to be paid for.

If you have bought a circular saw table, then you need to consider the following points for long fun at work:

  • How accurate should my cuts be?

You should pay attention to the design of the rip fence and the change possibilities of the saw blade.

  • What material should I cut and how thick is the material?

The size of the saw blades to be used and the power of the motor are decisive.

  • How does the dust extraction system work?

  • What diameter can I connect to the dust extractor?

  • Is my vacuum cleaner suitable?

  • What material and what size is the saw table? Is it made of cast iron, sheet metal or aluminum?

The rule here is that the greater the weight, the more expensive it is and the more precise and large the table, the greater the support of the workpiece and the easier it is to handle large workpieces.

  • What operating voltage do I need?

The more power the saw has, the more voltage it needs. Firewood saws often operate with a high voltage connection. The ordinary do-it-yourself saw is equipped with a 230 V connection.

Safety with the circular saw!

In addition, ask yourself some important questions regarding security:

If the frame on which I mounted the saw is already wobbling, it is almost impossible to work accurately and safely.

  • How are the fasteners processed?

If the skid barrier wobbles back and forth despite being locked, cuts may not be accurate.

 In addition, a workpiece that gets stuck with one of the saw teeth builds up enormous forces that cannot be held with bare hands. 

A “kickback” the act of pulling the part, would be the most dangerous consequence.

The saw blade cover, riving knife and push stick are standard accessories, supplied with every reasonable circular saw table.

 They need to be mounted in a safe and efficient manner and their construction usually gives a first impression of the treatment of the saw.

I made it accessory grooves in the saw table, they should be parallel to the saw blade. The more precise, the better. 

The table should also have an upright position and be level

If table extensions are added to the sides or behind the saw blade, we must take care that there are no angular transitions.

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