The Different Types Of Saws

Each job requires a particular saw, and at Hubo you will find a wide assortment of different saws.

 For example, you will need a chainsaw for the garden, to saw branches, but for the interior you will rather use a miter saw, for example, to cut your plinths to the right length.

 Below, I summarize the different saws and their applications.

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Key Features


  • 15.0A high torque motor 

  • Rack & Pinion Telescoping Fence System

  • 10" 24-tooth carbide blade

  • Have Heavy-duty steel

  • Have Self-aligning rip fence

  • EZ view measurement system

  • Constant Response circuitry

  • Constant Response circuitry

  • Large cast aluminum top

  • 24 tooth SERIES 30 saw blade

  • Powerful 1850 Watt motor 

  • Dust port reducer

  • Heavy Duty Fence Constructio

  • Powerful 15 Amp Contractor Grade motor

  • Professional Grade 5-Year

The jigsaw

I converted the rotation of the jigsaw motor to a vertical stroke, creating a rapid back-and-forth motion of the blade up and down.

 This movement can be further amplified by a pendulum movement.

 When moving upward, the blade advances slightly, which makes sawing easier and faster and promotes the longevity of the blade

The jigsaw allows you to easily saw curved lines or other fluid shapes in wood, plastics, metal and even tiles (special blade).

 For a clean cut, it is necessary to disconnect the pendulum function (for example for thin plates).

 For hard materials, it is advisable to start by drilling a hole inside the part to be sawed.

The different blades, depending on the material to be treated, can be fixed using a screwdriver, an Allen wrench or simply by tightening them.

 It is recommended to fix the thin plates well to prevent the saw from pulling the material upwards, which could cause deformation and therefore a severe cut.


The circular saw

Someone mount directly the circular saw blade on the axis of the circular saw motor.

I equipped the Best Portable Table Saw For Fine Woodworking with a locking system of the axis and a safety switch for a perfectly safe to use.

Ideal for all work on site and / or in the workshop.

 Perfect for carpenters, cabinet makers… Also used for miter cutting.

Circular saw applications–miter saw:
The circular saw also allows miter sawing, using the guide supplied in order to get straight cuts.

 For example, there is a sign on the machine that allows miter sawing at 45 °.

 There are also models for sawing thin sheets of metal, obviously using a suitable blade.


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