Table Saw vs Chop Saw

There are many different types of saws that can be used for DIY projects, such as table saw, hacksaw. Not all saws were made the same, so here is a quick guide to the two most common types, table saws and chop saws, and the differences between them, as well as the various uses they could have for them.

Table saw

Also known as a saw bench, this is a versatile tool. Most people who only have 1 piece of woodworking machinery have this as it can be used for many things. It has a circular blade that runs on electricity and sits on a bench. It is possible to change the depth of cut simply by moving the blade up or down. It is also possible to control the cutting angle by adjusting the blade. It is very useful when work needs to be done quickly.

The most common types of table saws are table saws which are very light and functional on a table. They are also the least expensive and offer good accuracy. Contractor table saws are larger and heavier and generally have their own base. These are best used by homeowners and DIYers as they are easy to use on normal power and cheap. Cabinet table saws are heavy but more accurate. They require a different electrical circuit than 1 in the home, so only serious carpenters are affected. There are also hybrid table saws that have advantages of different types of table saws.

Chop saw

A hacksaw is also known as a miter saw, miter saw, or miter box. It is one of the most accurate tools for making cross cuts and miters in one piece. These are used cut where framing is needed or the mold must be cut. They are generally small and portable, with a blade that ranges from eight to 12 inches.

These saws make cuts by pulling a saw blade down over the part that needs to be cut in a very controlled manner. There is more control, therefore the cuts are more precise. It is also possible to change the cutting angle.


Besides the obvious fact that both are excellent tools for cutting parts, the other similarities are in the allowable precision. As the depth and angle of the cut can be controlled, it is easy to work easily with these tools. The tabletop table saw is also portable like the chop saw.

The differences

The reasons you would use these are different. When a table saw is primarily used for a wide range of cuts, the chop saw is best for projects where precise cuts and cross cuts are needed. Since the chop saw is smaller, you cannot use it on extremely large projects and therefore where a lot of wood needs to be cut, it might be easier to use a table saw.

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