Table Saw – The Best Solution For Demanding Joinery Jobs

When working with wooden blanks, most often with sheets of plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, as well as boards and beams, saws are most often used, they allow you to dissolve the blank according to the required dimensions for its further processing or final use as an element of any structure. For sawing wood, both hand tools and machine tools are used. For example, a circular saw is more often used for one-time work of a small volume, since it is much inferior in accuracy to the machine. Even if you work with a professional model, it is quite difficult to maintain the exact size and maintain the geometry of the final workpiece, so if the goal is to perform a large amount of work without losing accuracy and quality, then we still recommend buying a table circular saw.

Also, in addition to them, you can buy a number of other equipment for solving a narrow range of tasks, in which they are especially good:

  • Miter saw- also referred to as an angle cutter, allows you to cut workpieces across the fibers with special precision;
  • Hand circular saw with a guide rail – allows you to increase the accuracy of longitudinal cutting, a good substitute for a machine, subject to small amounts of work, is most often used in construction;
  • Bandsaw machine- allows you to increase the height of the workpiece being cut and achieve complex geometry in the end result;
  • Jigsaw- is focused on solving the same tasks as the band machine , but with the exception that it is mainly used for working with small-sized products.

Table circular saws, their types and applications

The presented equipment can be conditionally divided into three types depending on the field of application, which makes it easy to determine for what purposes one or another model is preferable to use, and in particular they are divided into household, construction and industrial saws.

Home circular saw

Saws of this kind are often characterized by small dimensions and low weight, it is easy to position it even in the smallest workshop, which makes them convenient for the domestic sphere. The most popular models, for example Proton PDS-200 / K, perform well cross and longitudinal cuts in solid wood or wood-containing materials, allow you to make slats in large quantities or adjust boards and slats to the desired size. Such a circular table saw has the following distinctive features:

  • Mostly equipped with a low-power or medium-power motor, up to 1200 W.
  • The table does not differ in large dimensions, and therefore work with a large-sized workpiece is difficult or impossible;
  • The base is a light metal tube frame, always open;
  • The material of the table is galvanized steel up to 1.5 mm in thickness without stiffening ribs or special conditions for using additional devices, such as expanders and extensions, as well as grooves for stops.

In conclusion, I would like to note that such a saw, along with its compactness and lightness, is remarkable for its ease of use, the absence of a large number of optional functions and additional features provides a simple and comfortable non-professional use of the machine, which, together with a low price, makes it relevant for the home.

Construction table circular saw

This class combines the qualities of a household and industrial machine. Its main advantage is sufficient performance to solve complex problems in the construction industry, the ability to perform work for a long time with minimal rest breaks or without interruptions if necessary, as well as high accuracy, which is second only to an industrial machine. Its distinctive features include:

  • Installation of the saw is carried out on an open stand with the possibility of fixing to the floor; it can have wheels for easy movement in the working area;
  • Medium to high power motor, which, depending on the specific model, can range from 2000 W to 3000 W. The motor itself is often three-phase, although it is not uncommon to use single-phase units;
  • This table-top circular saw is equipped with a saw blade from 250 mm to 315 mm for a large cutting depth;
  • The table is made of harder steel than a household saw, the metal thickness can be up to 2 mm for greater resistance to stress. The table size has also been increased to make it easier to work with medium-sized workpieces;
  • The ability to install a table extension or extension allows you to increase the ergonomics in working with the machine. When using such attachments, the master can work with large-sized workpieces;
  • All saw units, motor and drive, are covered with a cover. Such a design of the case will make it possible to achieve protection of vital components from dust and shavings;
  • SKD disassembly allows you to quickly prepare the machine for transportation or long-term storage.

The circular price for a construction machine is higher than for a home machine, but it fully justifies itself in professional use, as it has superior performance and reliability in operation. He is able to solve complex problems and has the proper ergonomics, allowing the master to quickly make adjustments and adjustments to the operating parameters of the saw to solve a specific task.

Industrial circular woodworking machines

This is the most productive wood-sawing equipment, it is used in the industrial field in carpentry workshops. Basically, it is located in the center of the room so that there is convenient access to it from all sides and since it is large in size, it will be difficult to use it in a small workshop and it is not always advisable. It also differs from a construction saw by its high weight, it is a massive unit that will not be so easy to move from place to place, so it is installed permanently. Its characteristic features:

  • Reference accuracy, this is the most efficient and accurate way of sawing wood, individual models can have a maximum error of up to 0.1 mm;
  • A wide range of saw headsets will allow you to use almost any blade, not only in terms of diameter, but also in terms of purpose, for example, for metal;
  • The massive design provides minimal vibration excitation during the operation of the engine and the sawing unit, which also brings great convenience in work and the accuracy of its implementation;
  • High power used in the design of the engine, which in some cases can reach 7000 W. It is possible to buy a circular machine and three-phase, for industrial voltage of 380 V, and single-phase, for operation from a simple household network of 220 V. Most often, an asynchronous motor that does not require maintenance and has a high performance is used, which allows you to perform tasks of high complexity;
  • A sophisticated system of guides and stops allows you to effectively cut any complexity, in any plane in a wide angular range. The stops and guides themselves are made of durable materials;
  • The robust design guarantees high-quality operation and a long service life of the machine. The fully enclosed cast iron frame provides quiet operation of the motor and drive, as well as additional protection against dust and swarf. The work tables are made of die-cast aluminum for high resistance to stress and wear. The saw can be equipped by default with table extensions and extensions, as well as a movable carriage.

The price for an industrial circular machine is the highest, which, together with high accuracy in operation, as well as high productivity and endurance, makes it possible to determine that this kind of equipment is relevant for use exclusively in the industrial field.

What to look for when choosing a table saw

A well-balanced and deliberate choice depends on many factors, and we will try to tell you what you should pay attention to first of all before deciding on a particular saw.


The quality and reliability, as well as cost, largely depend on the brand name under which the saw was released. For domestic use, it will be enough to use domestic saws or Chinese ones, they are inexpensive and have the necessary functionality and quality to solve problems in a small home workshop. Among such brands it is worth highlighting Proton, DWT, Svityaz, Steel.

When it comes to professional use, you should pay attention to famous brands that not only produce the saws themselves, but also the headset for them, and also provide their products with high-quality service support. The cost of such a saw will be an order of magnitude higher, but a table saw will definitely not let you down at a crucial moment. We want to highlight Jet, Makita, Bosch, Metabo saws.

Drive type and motor

Household saws are equipped mainly with brush motors, they are capable of operating with unstable voltage in the network and will retain their performance in the event of a strong drawdown, even at 200 V at they may not lose performance. As for the more expensive professional models, an asynchronous motor is most often installed here, its working resource allows it to withstand many years of the most severe operation at high loads due to intensive daily work.

The drive can be made in two versions. The simplest is the direct drive, which consists in installing the saw blade directly on the motor shaft. This transmission method gives:

  • Simplicity of design, from which the cost of the tool is reduced due to the absence of complex assemblies;
  • The transfer from the engine to the tooling is carried out without losses, which allows to increase the torque, the work is efficient and high-quality;
  • In operation, such a drive is quieter, and the level of vibration is reduced.

The disadvantage of this method is that when the disc passes through the seal in the wood, the load on the motor is not compensated by anything and this entails excessive heating of the winding, which increases the wear of the motor.

A circular table saw to buy in Ukraine with a belt drive is beneficial for solving complex problems. Such models mainly relate to construction or stationary saws and their cost will be higher due to the complicated design, which will include the belts themselves, pulleys, additional bearing systems. The transmission through the belt allows to provide the same rotational speed of the blade at lower engine speeds, so that the performance of the saw is not reduced, but its service life is increased. Also, when passing sections with a compacted medium, the speed drop is smooth, and due to the slipping of the belt on the pulley, the load on the engine does not differ much from that which falls on it during normal operation.

Saw headset

The quality of the saw and the cutting ability of the machine depend on what default blade the circular table saw is equipped with. Basically, only a third of the disc diameter protrudes above the table, respectively, the larger its diameter, the deeper the cut.

The number of teeth is also considered an important characteristic. The smaller, the worse the cut quality. A small amount ensures fluffiness and chipping at the edges of the cut, so if you need a reference cut, then take care to buy yourself the appropriate headset. Basically, all household models have 24 or 32 teeth on a disc, while a stationary saw can have up to 100 teeth on a disc.

Remember that when choosing a model of famous brands, the brand itself often produces additional discs for its products for different types of work, so you can make sure that the manager has them before buying. In addition, many companies specialize exclusively in the production of consumable components, among which one can easily distinguish high quality saw blades.

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