Sikkens Alpha Tex Schimmelwerend SF – Review

Main advantage

The Sikkens brand represents the top in the lacquer, enamel and varnish production sector; its products are expensive but also of the highest quality. Alpha Tex anti-mold paint has an excellent yield and is the best currently available on the market.

Main disadvantage

The cost is proportional to the quality and this certainly does not make it an economical painting, but on the other hand you gain both on the yield of the product and as regards its duration over time.

The characteristics and quality of Sikkens Alpha Tex anti-mold paint are excellent, so it is especially recommended for professionals and the most demanding.


Very high quality painting

The history of the Dutch company Sikkens is nothing short of impressive given that its foundation dates back to almost 230 years ago, in 1792, and culminates with the merger into the Akzo Nobel group, a multinational that brought together the main manufacturing companies in the Netherlands. The Sikkens brand is famous above all for the very high quality of its paints, which are the best both in terms of composition, yield and durability and thanks to their high covering power and excellent color rendering.

Among the various paints produced, one of the most popular is Alpha Tex Schimmelwerend SF, as it is a water-based wall paint for interiors with high resistance to mold.

Apart from this characteristic, then, the special blend of Alpha Tex is free from solvents and other substances harmful to the environment and to humans, which makes it suitable also for application in environments where food is stored or prepared; thanks to its good breathability, moreover, it is the best you could wish for for the walls of kitchens, both domestic ones and those of restaurants and commercial activities.

The covering power of Alpha Tex is such that even one coat is enough to obtain a uniform color; once completely dried, it leaves a matte finish that is easily washable if necessary.

Ideal for walls with mold problems

The main feature of Alpha Tex paint is its anti-mold properties, which are particularly effective even on walls with extensive stains. Those who have had the opportunity to try it, in fact, report that once applied on mold stains, the paint resists for years and is particularly efficient in delaying the recurrence of the phenomenon.

The paint is obviously ready for use, but it can be diluted in order to significantly increase the yield and further facilitate the work of spreading it; without dilution, however, it is ideal for walls that begin to show not very extensive mold stains. In this case, in fact, the anti-mold properties of Alpha Tex are able to offer maximum yield and prevent the further formation of stains.

On the walls with particularly extensive mold stains, on the other hand, it is advisable to integrate the treatment with the Alpha Desinfector solution, also produced by Sikkens, which must be applied and left to dry before applying the Alpha Tex coats.

The solution should be passed with the aid of a spray bottle or spray gun, completely covering the areas affected by mold up to a distance of about 40 centimeters beyond the outer edge of the stains, in order to completely eliminate even the invisible spores. naked eye and prevent fungal colonies from spreading.

Once the disinfectant solution has been applied, it will be enough to wait 24 hours for it to penetrate deeply and dry, then you can proceed to spread the Alpha Tex Schimmelwerend paint, which will cover the stains and prevent them from reappearing during the following years. The duration of the anti-mold action can vary depending on the case of course, but if the paint is spread well it is able to suspend the development of mold for over ten years.

Expensive but long lasting paint

Alpha Tex is especially recommended for painting the walls of homes subject to condensation or located in particularly humid areas, but it is also ideal for bathrooms and kitchens in city apartments.

The only flaw of Sikkens anti-mold paint is represented by the price, which is decidedly above average since it is proportionate to the quality of the product; a 10-liter bucket of Alpha Tex Schimmelwerend, in fact, costs from 120 to 130 euros or a little more depending on the case.

On the other hand, however, the expense is rewarded over time as its characteristics guarantee it a very long duration, both for the seal and as regards the degree of resistance to mold and its subsequent reappearance.

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