Shabby Chic: Ideas For A DIY Headboard

Let’s see some interesting ideas on how to make a Shabby Chic style bed headboard with recycled materials and the minimum cost.

The term Shabby Chic appeared for the first time in 1980, in an English magazine specializing in interior design , and was used to indicate a particular style of furniture that refers to the decorations of English country houses, to those of Swedish paintings. of the eighteenth century, to those of the French castles of the Loire valley and to other more or less similar styles.

The main characteristics of this style consist in the pastel tones and in the aesthetics of the furniture, which must be rigorously aged in order to take on a lived-in appearance, which in addition to elegance also gives a romantic touch to the home furnishings.

Although the origin of this style dates back to 50 years ago, only recently the Shabby Chic design has become one of the trendiest styles in the field of furniture, where it is experiencing a great diffusion. This success was mainly due to its easy mix with bricolage; since the keystone of this style are the old furniture, in fact, many DIY enthusiasts have found a way to reuse old furniture by exploiting the principles of Shabby Chic, without subjecting them to complex and expensive restorations but using only applied wood paints. with the pickled technique.

DIY headboard

The living room, the kitchen and the bedroom are the environments that lend themselves most to being furnished in the Shabby Chic style, even if single elements can be easily inserted in other contexts, such as bathrooms and studies. As regards in particular the furnishings of the bedrooms, however, one of the elements that offers the greatest ideas from the point of view of creativity is certainly the headboard of the bed , especially when this is not an integral part of it.

If you are looking for an alternative to the usual upholstered headboard , which, however practical and comfortable it may be, has now become too “standard” from a design point of view, making a DIY headboard inspired by the Shabby Chic style could turn out to be an excellent idea both from the point of view of originality and from the economic front; So let’s go and examine some possible ideas on how to make a Shabby Chic headboard .

Materials and tools

The aesthetics of the Shabby Chic style, as we have also mentioned in the introduction, is mainly linked to pastel shades and to the signs of wear over time; therefore it does not matter if you need to make a double headboard or a single headboard , because the tools to be used will be the same. Therefore, get 80 to 300 grit sandpaper, water-based paint in strictly pastel colors, even better if with a plaster finish, wood glue, nails, dowels, hammer and drill.

As for the materials, however, the choice is decidedly wide and depends above all on the possibility of getting your hands on old furniture or on old pallets or pieces of waste wood. The lived-in appearance is another feature that plays in fact in favor, especially for those who want to make their work as easy as possible and reduce costs and construction times as much as possible.

Regardless of the type of material chosen, in fact, it will be enough to clean it and give it a minimum finish with sandpaper, apply a coat or two of paint and carry out any further decorations depending on the type of headboard to be made.

Pallets and pallets

The cheapest way to make Shabby Chic style DIY double bed headboards is to use the wood of the pallets and pallets. The stylistic solutions offered by these materials are numerous; they can be simply shaped in order to obtain the required dimensions or they can be disassembled and reassembled according to what is suggested by personal inspiration. The processing of this type of wood is not difficult, just sand it properly with sandpaper and then paint it with an impregnating agent.

The headboard thus obtained can then be treated with a transparent enamel paint, in order to enhance the natural grain of the wood, or painted in pastel colors and further enriched by decorating it with luminous chains or, if you are good at drawing, with some floral motifs performed directly with a brush or applied with the decoupage technique.

The real advantage offered by the wood of the pallets, however, is that it can be left raw and without color, to give a rustic touch to the furniture or to fit perfectly in an industrial- type context , sober but certainly effective when combined with other elements. which refer to the same style, equally made independently from recycled materials.

The old pieces of furniture

For the more traditionalists, however, the best option is to create a double headboard by reusing furniture elements, such as old wooden doors and shutters ruined by time for example.

Also in this case it is possible to minimize the interventions by simply sanding the pieces in a superficial way, completely removing the paint in the points where it is peeling and carefully cleaning the original one that does not show signs of cracking or detachment; after all, the main philosophy of the Shabby Chic style is precisely to enhance the vintage look of the furniture.

If, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to get your hands on the front of an old wooden fireplace, then you can get a piece of furniture that in addition to the decoration also adds functionality; the transversal upper part, in fact, can act as a shelf where you can place lamps, books, smartphones or other objects of common use, such as the best vitamin B12 supplement that you are used to taking before going to sleep.

If you decide to eliminate the vertical elements from the front of the fireplace, instead, you can fix the shelf that remains on the wall, in a higher position than the bed, so as to be able to use the upper part to place paintings or candles and the lower one to fix a rod or hooks from which to hang cushions or a panel covered with padded fabric.

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