What Is The Planer And Thicknesser For?

We are talking about one of the fundamental equipment for woodworking; let’s try to understand why it enjoys this consideration and what it is for. Among the various equipment used for woodworking, both in the professional and amateur fields, the planer is perhaps the most important. This cutting tool, in fact, has the primary purpose … Read more

8 Best Telescopic Ladder for RV [2022 Updated]

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8 Best torx Screwdriver Set for Knives [2021 Updated]

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How To Do Tin Soldering

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Wood And Its Properties

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How To Restore Old Furniture?

Restoring antique furniture is an activity that has been practiced for a long time, even being considered an art. Today it is still quite popular and the options are practically endless, considering that possible projects can be found at events as common as flea markets, garage sales, among others. Antique or vintage furniture has a very … Read more

5 Tools To Start Woodworking

Let’s take a closer look at power tools that are of particular importance in woodworking, both in the professional and hobby sectors. 1. The bandsaw The most important tool for woodworking is certainly the band saw, as it is specifically designed to cut pieces with a high thickness, from 15 to 50-60 centimeters and even … Read more

How To Build A DIY Greenhouse

Let’s see together what it takes to build a small do-it-yourself greenhouse in the garden, starting from the materials to the construction methods. Usually to build a wooden greenhouse you need hobby level equipment such as the radial miter saw or the circular saw, and consequently the relative experience in using them. However, we want … Read more

Shabby Chic: Ideas For A DIY Headboard

Let’s see some interesting ideas on how to make a Shabby Chic style bed headboard with recycled materials and the minimum cost. The term Shabby Chic appeared for the first time in 1980, in an English magazine specializing in interior design , and was used to indicate a particular style of furniture that refers to … Read more