Miter Saw Or Table Saw?

It can be difficult to choose your saw among all the models that exist on the market.

 Their choice depends on the nature of the parts to be cut, their sections and the work to be done.

 This article can help you guide your choice of a miter saw or best table saw under 400.

Our editors Choice's


Item Name

Key Features


  • 15.0A high torque motor 

  • Rack & Pinion Telescoping Fence System

  • 10" 24-tooth carbide blade

  • Have Heavy-duty steel

  • Have Self-aligning rip fence

  • EZ view measurement system

  • Constant Response circuitry

  • Constant Response circuitry

  • Large cast aluminum top

  • 24 tooth SERIES 30 saw blade

  • Powerful 1850 Watt motor 

  • Dust port reducer

  • Heavy Duty Fence Constructio

  • Powerful 15 Amp Contractor Grade motor

  • Professional Grade 5-Year

The miter saw

  • A miter saw is a tool that allows you to make miter or angle cuts.

     Including cross sections at the end of a part which is associated with another part to form a finished angle. 

    The different miter saws are suitable for all angle cuts.

    The manual miter saw

    It allows you to cut thin parts, but also plastic or metal depending on the blade used.

     It can be suitable for small DIY jobs such as making frames, shelves, door frames,.

    The electric miter saw

    It is a saw composed of a table and whose motor and blade I mounted on an articulated arm.

     This descends on the workpiece to make straight and oblique cuts.

     It allows you to effortlessly cut larger pieces of wood in large quantities.

    The radial miter saw

    It has the same characteristics as the electric miter saw, but can offer greater mobility of the blade, since it is equipped with a carriage.

     It allows better cutting of angles or grooves.

    The advantages of the miter saw

    Here are some benefits that a miter saw can provide:

    • the ability to precisely choose multiple cutting angles, adjust bias or make cross cuts with the radial miter saw;

    • the possibility of cutting original materials in depth without risking bending the blade;

    • saving time with series cuts with the electric model;

    • We protect safe use because the saw does not move and in a hood,

The table saw

It is a circular saw that allows you to cut wood such as boards, panels, parquet or others.

 It can even cut soft metals depending on its blade.

 best table saw for cabinet making can be mobile or fixed depending on its weight and structure.

 It allows you to cut timber of different sizes from different angles depending on its power, size and accessories.

 I pushed the pieces to be cut along the blade with the hand or a pusher.

The advantages of the table saw

There are also many advantages to using best table saw for a small shop. :

  • the benefit of better handling and greater safety;

  • the possibility of changing the saw to adapt it to the type of material to be cut;

  • the presence of a powerful engine;

  • the possibility of making all the cuts including materials of large sections such as wood, PVC, plastic, fairly solid metals;

  • the extreme precision of the cuts thanks to its stable support;

  • the possibility of making miter cuts thanks to the graduated turntable or the angular stop.

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