Making A DIY Bottle Holder Using Recycled Materials

Let’s see which materials are best suited to make a DIY bottle holder with the least expense, and what tools are needed to get the job done.

This article is dedicated to all DIY enthusiasts and especially to those who have a strong predilection for woodwork. If you like to build custom furniture and furnishings for your home, then why not consider making a nice DIY bottle rack ? The possibilities are many and vary according to the type of project one has in mind to carry out and its complexity; however, we offer you some tips and advice on how to create a bottle holder for as little money as possible.

The project and the equipment needed to carry it out

First of all, it is good to start immediately from a fundamental premise, namely that the processing of wood or other materials requires manual tools, power tools, small metal parts, hot glue guns , abrasives and other specific equipment. Before embarking on the company, therefore, it is important to realize that the more complex the project to be tackled, the greater the number and type of tools required to carry it out.

Making a bottle holder cabinet to be placed in a corner of the kitchen or in the living room, for example, will be far easier and even cheaper than creating the classic bottle holder globe , which instead can be purchased already done at a much higher price. advantageous. As for the type of project, therefore, it is advisable to use your head and stick to an idea that can be easily realized with the tools you already have.

If you can count on a well-equipped laboratory, with bandsaw, radial miter saw, planer and thicknesser and other machines, then you can indulge yourself with the most complex designs; if, on the other hand, your equipment is limited to a jigsaw and a few manual tools, it will be better to focus on simple schemes in order to keep production costs low.

The materials that can be used

Ideally speaking, it is possible to choose any type of material, including plastic or iron, but obviously the one that lends itself best to the purpose is wood. Plastic can only be taken into consideration to make certain elements, such as racks to be inserted inside a bottle holder , but we must remember that it is not an easy material to work with.

The same goes for the wrought iron bottle racks ; from an aesthetic point of view they are of great effect, but the raw material with which to make them is expensive and difficult to work, requires the use of a metal grinder and miter saw, as well as a welding system and the relative experience of use. Furthermore, if not treated properly, iron can rust very quickly, especially if the bottle holder is placed in a humid environment such as a cellar.

The ideal solution, on the other hand, consists in making a wooden bottle holder ; this material is extremely versatile and easily workable, moreover it is also the one that offers the best result from an aesthetic point of view.

The varieties of wood and the cost

The type of project and the size affect the amount of material to be used. If you want to create something that has a significant aesthetic impact, for example, you could opt for precious varieties of solid wood such as cedar, ebony, mahogany, larch, national walnut, beech or other hard woods.

The only flaw are the prices, which for this type of wood vary from 4 to 45 euros per piece or even more, depending on the shape and size; taking into account the amount of wood required, therefore, the cost for the material could range from a minimum of 300-400 euros for the construction of a simple bottle shelf , up to 600 euros and more for a large wall bottle rack .

The cheapest solution, on the other hand, is represented by pallets; the latter are in fact made with solid pine, poplar, fir or beech wood, all extremely robust and resistant essences. Pallets can be recovered at no cost, if you are lucky enough to know someone who works in a warehouse or in a shopping center, or they can be purchased at a very low cost; the cost for a single used pallet, in fact, can vary from 4 to 12 euros at most, depending on the size and variety of wood with which it is made.

This means that even considering the maximum price, with 120 euros it is possible to buy ten pallets and create a large bottle holder which, once finished and painted, can also be placed at home without any aesthetic problem.

The possible schemes

To work the wood of the pallets all you need is a jigsaw, a pliers, a hammer with a curved tip for extracting the nails and a sander, but you can easily do without the latter and be satisfied instead of using sandpaper. free hand.

The simplest projects consist in making modular racks, cutting the wood into strips and then crossing them in an X, shaping the wood at the junction points and then fixing them with the help of glue and nails. Once completed, the bottle holder can be treated with impregnating and then with a finishing varnish, in order to enhance the natural grain of the wood.

If desired, it is also possible to create real bar furniture with doors and shelves, but in this case it is advisable to obtain a greater quantity of pallets; consequently this option is especially recommended for those who have the opportunity to be able to recover pallets at no cost.

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