Learn How To Make A Stand For Your Drill Press

Although column drills come with a base to support the parts that we want to drill, this is usually very small, which can be a disadvantage when we want to work with large parts. For this reason, it is good to know that we can build a larger, more practical stand at home, with a few readily available materials.

The press support is a small workbench, which serves to keep the drill on the table while we work with pieces of various sizes and shapes. The good thing about this base is that it provides greater resistance and allows you to drill comfortably without fear of the entire system tipping, so the result is more precise and professional.

Beginning the construction of the base for the drill press

The first thing you should do is select a good wood, in this case we recommend pine, since it is robust enough to support the weight of a drill press. To make the support you will need 58 cm plates, 50 cm boards, a 58 cm plywood and a 10 x 10 cm board. In addition, you should have standard type wood screws on hand, the common ones that you can find at the hardware store for a cheap price .

To begin, you can place the two 58 cm plates in parallel and to the top, with a space between them of 50 cm, where the boards of these dimensions will go. They should be at right angles to the edge so that they are flush with the ends of the larger boards. Next, it is necessary to screw the 58 cm boards, as well as the ends of the 50 cm plates, in order to achieve a square frame. For this it is possible to use eight screws and repeat the process to obtain two frames.

When you have the two frames, you can now place one of them in a horizontal position to screw a 10 x 10 cm board using two screws at an angle perpendicular to the inside of each corner. You can then lift the second frame around the 10 x 10 cm joints to place it in parallel with the first, taking care that it is 50 cm apart. As you can see, you already have the frame of your base for the column drill press ( if you click here, you will find several products to choose from ). At this point you can turn it vertically.

It is time to screw the 58cm piece of plywood to the top of the frame so that its edges are flush with the sides of the frame itself. In this case, it is the upper part of the support that will serve as the base for the drill press. Make sure everything has been fixed well and bring your drill to place it on the top of the support, taking care that it is centered, for which you should use a tape measure, since it is important that all the edges of the plywood are at the same level. same distance from the base.

Next, you must open a hole in the plywood that has the same diameter as the holes that the base of the drill press brings. For this, it is advisable to use the holes in the base as a guide. Now you just have to screw the base of the device to the support you just made so that you can start enjoying its benefits.

The easiest way to make a drill press at home

If you do not have a column drill but you have a conventional device, then you can build one by hand at home, using a few materials, such as screws, bolts, nuts, washers, slides, among others. You will also need a broomstick, an aluminum plate and a small triangular wooden figure and other pieces with the following measurements: 19 x 30 cm, 19 x 25 cm, 11 x 15 cm, 40 x 40 cm, 12 x 4 cm , 11 x 3 cm, 9 x 8 cm and 11 x 10 cm.

First place the 19 x 30 cm board and screw the 2 vertical pieces on one of its edges with 4 screws. Then you can place the 12 × 4 cm piece of wood on top of the columns so that they are securely attached using another 4 screws. You can now work with the 19 x 25 cm wood to place the 11 x 10 cm piece at one end. This small piece must have a hole of the same diameter as the drill to be able to insert it later. This can be done with the router.

Next, it is time to position the triangular piece, so that the hypotenuse is facing up, as well as one of the edges touching the piece that you just screwed, for this you must add 2 screws with the help of a drill. At the other end, you need to screw in the 11 × 10 cm piece using 2 additional screws. It is time to insert 2 slides in the long ends of the piece of wood that you just made.

In this way, it is already possible to join the main structure with the drill support. To achieve this, it is necessary to screw the entire piece of the support on the side of the slides, using the columns that we screwed at the beginning of the process. It is very important that you place them on top of them, to be able to move the drill vertically.

To make the lever you must use the broomstick, making two holes, the first at one end and the second before reaching the middle. Also, you have to drill through the aluminum plate, as it will be part of the system. This can be left or right depending on your preference. In the column of your choice will go the broomstick with bolts, nuts and washers, while in the hole you made in the middle of the stick will be the aluminum plate, which in turn you must fix to the 19 x 25 cm wood .

Finally, the 11 × 3 cm wood will be used to place it on the upper part of the support using 2 screws at each end. You should also drill two more holes to clamp the drill down, making sure the drill bit has passed through the hole first.

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