How To Use A Table Saw?

I n the range of table saws under 1000, the most widespread is the circular saw. This is because of all the advantages associated with its use. 

It is one thing to have a circular saw on a table, but another is to know how to use it.

To help you use your circular saw, we offer you this article. 

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Components of your table saw

Before tackling the use aspect itself, it is important to remember the components of your machine. 

Check that all these components are in their respective places.

  • Robust structure that can withstand distinct vibrations

  • A large work surface so that you enjoy all the comfort possible while working

  • a guide which must be parallel to the blade

  • A blade safety cap that prevents contact with the blade and therefore protects the user from hand injuries

  • A sum whose role is to evacuate sawdust

  • A riving knife that will allow the rejected pieces of wood to come towards the user

These components are mandatory for your machine. 

Some will ensure its proper functioning and others to ensure your protection.

Safety rules to master

Given the risks you run while using a table saw for the money, it is important to know the various safety rules to follow. So, before using your table saw, you must place it in a covered area. 

This will protect you and your saw against the elements. 

Next, you will need to connect the various metal masses of the machine to earth and then install a circuit breaker with high sensitivity.

All safety devices must be adjusted and properly adjusted, regardless of the duration of the work. An accident does not prevent. 

Even during a thirty-second cutting job, you can injure yourself. 

In addition, your saw blade should be sharp and your worktable clean of any sawdust every time. Finally, don’t forget to wear protective glasses and gloves.

Using the circular saw on portable table

Make a 90 ° cut

Before you begin, you need to make adjustments to the cutting height. This is to put the blade so that it does not protrude over 5 mm from the interior plane. 

Then secure your part securely to a support using a clamp. Your cut line must be at the level of the vacuum, check that it is there and if not, adjust it. 

Now define your cutting width. This is done thanks to the guide. You can now turn on your saw and advance it to the end of the room. 

The sole must be maintained on the support and the staff / line axis must be monitored.

Make a bias cut

With a circular saw, we can make the bias cut up to 45 °. Before starting your cut, be sure to open the screw that blocks the rotation of the saw. 

Next, tilt the saw blade to the bias angle you want. You don’t have to worry, circular saws have a protractor above the screw. 

Now that you have adjusted the incline, you can re-tighten the screw. This allows the saw not to change angles. You can now proceed with your cutting job.

Using the circular saw on a fixed table

Strictly , Best Table Saw For Cabinet Making cannot be manipulated. Rather, it is the part to be sawed that is handled. 

You will therefore only have to make the basic adjustments on your saw: fixing the guide, adjusting the cutting height, putting the kerf in front of the blade. 

Then, turn on your saw, push the board on which we placed your piece perpendicular to the blade until the end of your cut and you’re done. 

You just have to turn off your machine.

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