How To Use A Hammer Safely?

Hammers are generally used by various professionals when carrying out their daily tasks, which is why they are one of the most used tools by all types of mechanics, carpenters and builders, as well as many users who perform DIY tasks, therefore, If you plan to use one of these tools, you must do so safely.

The hammer and its parts

To learn how to use a hammer safely, it is essential to know a little more about these tools, as well as to learn to differentiate between their different parts.

Hammers are very common tools, so we can find them in practically all homes, since they are used to perform many tasks such as driving nails of all kinds and removing some that are bent or misplaced, breaking objects, among others. In the market you can find a wide variety of models, of which each one has a specific function.

Among the best known are carpenter’s hammers, war hammers, for sheet metal workers, for shed, ball, for mechanics, etc.
Likewise, you will find hammers specially designed for mineralogy and construction.

There are models known as pneumatic hammers, which are very similar to hammer drills in their operation based on small blows that help in drilling, with the difference that, instead of using compressed air, they use a hydraulic oil fluid.

The most basic hammers are tools that are simple to manufacture and do not have many complicated parts or parts.

Normally, they are made up of a head, which varies in shape according to a specific function, in addition to being made of steel or iron. This part has 2 sides, the end that is used for striking and the other that complements the function of the first.

On the other hand, the handle is a vital part for the use of this tool, since it serves to grip and direct this tool. In the market, you can find hammer models made of metal, plastic or wood.

Most models of metal hammers have a rubber-coated handle, which improves grip and comfort to the touch, increasing the ergonomics of the tool and preventing it from slipping from your hands, which is why many professionals believe that it is They are among the best hammers today.

Safe use of a hammer

Ideal and effective for carrying out a wide variety of construction jobs and carpentry or joinery projects among many more, the hammer generally stands out for being very easy to use.

However, even if you think you know its use very well, it is very important and advisable to take the necessary safety and protection precautions so that you complete the task correctly and without suffering any injury.

It is necessary that you are completely clear about the task that you are going to give and sure that the hammer you have is the right one to perform that task.

The first thing you should do, after choosing the appropriate model, is to put on your safety glasses, which will help you protect your eyes at all times from any splinter or piece of stone that may jump out of control.

Next, take a good look at the hammer before you use it, so that you can make sure it is in good condition. It is not recommended to use a hammer that is rusty, if the head is loose or the handle is chipped.

What can happen, if your tool has one of these characteristics, is that the wood of the handle breaks, the head of the hammer comes off or that the rust causes the blow you make to end in injury.
It is highly recommended to clean the hammer carefully, especially if the tool is dirty. Therefore, if you see a bit of dirt, residue or oil on any of the parts of the hammer, we recommend cleaning it with a completely clean cloth until all these residues are removed.

In this way, you can use it more safely and prevent it from falling out of your hands when you hit it hard. Also, remember to avoid getting the hammer wet, as this is the main cause of the product ending up oxidizing.

On the other hand, it is highly recommended to stay fully focused on the task you are doing, since if you become distracted or get lost in a waking dream while doing work, it is very likely that you will end up hitting yourself by accident. Therefore, you will need to pay your full attention while doing the work.

In addition, it is important that you take into account that the way you hold the hammer makes a difference, so you must do it correctly. Professionals recommend holding the tool just by the end of the handle.

Place the handle of the hammer in the palm of your hand, then curl your fingers together with firm thumb pressure so that you have more control over the tool. This will prevent the hammer from slipping out of your hands and landing on someone else’s head.

Rules safety use hammer

To start hitting with this tool, it is advisable to start with light strokes and gradually increase the power.

If you are using it to drive a nail into wood or a wall, you will need to hold the nail carefully on the surface and strike it firmly and securely until the point can penetrate the surface. Strike hard and steady, making sure to keep the nail straight and steady.

When you see that the nail is positioned and not moving, you can release it and begin applying more force in a moderate way, tapping constantly until the nail penetrates to the depth you want.

Finally, if you need to remove the nail because it is old and rusty or simply because it has been badly nailed, you can use the opposite end or “nail” to use lever force and get it removed. Of course, this applies if the hammer model you are using is a claw or carpenter.

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