How To Paint A Wall Quickly And Easily

Painting the walls of the house might seem a simple operation, provided that some fundamental rules are respected. Let’s see which ones together.

Among the various home renovations that can be done in DIY mode, painting walls is considered one of the simplest to tackle; obtaining the necessary materials and tools, such as a paint roller , is not enough, however, you must first evaluate the state of the walls and, if required, carry out an adequate preparation, then you must protect the floors and finally you have to choose the right paint and apply it in the correct manner as appropriate.

Therefore, painting a house quickly and easily is an operation that is far from simple, and will and enthusiasm are not enough to obtain good results in a short time and with minimal effort. First of all, you need to organize yourself well in order to be able to carry out the different steps and paint the walls efficiently and without wasting time.

Home painting without wasting time and money

Brushes are the least expensive part of the equipment, while painting could be quite expensive, especially if you choose a quality brand or a paint that has special properties; This topic, however, we will deepen later, for now it is important to premise that to avoid finding yourself with too much surplus paint, or to finish it before completing the work, it is important to calculate the surface to be painted as accurately as possible.

Before starting work, therefore, arm yourself with a measuring tape and measure the walls, calculating the surfaces and rounding up to excess so as not to risk nasty surprises; this will help you figure out how much paint to buy to get the job done. Obviously you will have to take into account the number of coats to be applied, the covering power and the possible predisposition of the paint to be diluted or not, and in what percentage, as these are factors that affect the quantity to be used.

Furthermore, if you want the work to be done in the shortest possible time, do not neglect the environmental conditions. In fact, some paints dry relatively quickly, as long as the temperature and the percentage of humidity in the air are within normal values; consequently it is preferable to do this type of work during the spring or summer period, while taking a look at the weather forecast because in case of rain the humid air would tend to lengthen the drying times.

Preliminary preparation

If the old paint is in good condition, then it is possible to do without carrying out complicated preparations but you can safely limit yourself to passing the scraper in the areas that require it and filling any imperfections; if, on the other hand, it is very dirty and damaged, or there are already several overlapping layers of old paint, then it is advisable to remove it with the use of sandpaper or a wall sander.

In the presence of mold, specific treatments are required which involve the use of special detergent and sanitizing substances; Furthermore, during the removal of efflorescence, it is vitally important to adequately protect the respiratory tract.

How to paint a room without removing the furniture

When you need to paint the walls of a room but it is not possible to remove the furniture due to lack of space, then it is advisable to limit yourself to removing only the less bulky furnishings, such as chairs for example, and temporarily place them in another room.

At this point, just move any furniture away from the walls, leaving enough space to be able to move easily with the brush; in case it is necessary to proceed with the scraping of the walls, it is good to keep in mind that this produces large quantities of dust so it is good to cover the floors, furniture or furnishings that could not be removed from the room, with plastic sheets to secure with adhesive tape.

How to paint a wall

Apart from the removal of the old layers of paint, which can be omitted if circumstances allow, to understand how to paint a wall you must first be clear about the type of result you want to obtain.

In fact, a uniform layer, regardless of color, does not require great efforts or particular techniques, but a colored wall in mixed shades with shades or particular chromatic effects, on the other hand, requires the use of additional tools and different paints, some of which can be of a specific type and therefore have an above average cost.

To obtain the cloud effect, for example, you need a combination of two different paints, one of which is more dense and specific for this type of effect; after which it is first necessary to paint a base coat with the relative paint and then apply the denser one in random areas and in adequate quantities; moreover, the denser paint, instead of being spread with a brush, should be applied and worked with a metal spatula.

Depending on the tools used, it is possible to obtain different effects; with spatulas, sponges and pads you can create different types of shades for example, while with stencils and masks you can get linear decorations or repetitive patterns.

Choose the right paint

As mentioned at the beginning of our article, painting also plays a fundamental role and to understand how to paint the house in a simple, but above all lasting way, it is important to choose the right one. If your needs are limited to whitewashing, for example, then avoid buying cheap white paint, the cheaper ones contain too much lime; in this case it would be a bit like whitening with plaster dust, once the paint dries it would take on a dull and dusty patina, continually dirtying at the slightest touch.

Furthermore, it is preferable to use water-based ones, so as not to be forced to use chemical solvents; the water-based paint spreads even more easily and has a higher yield than enamels. Whether the house is subject to humidity or not, it is better to use breathable paints, especially when you need to paint bathrooms and kitchens.

There are also special paints that have anti-mold, anti-condensation, heat-insulating and sound-absorbing properties, but these have a higher cost and are intended only for those who have specific needs in this regard.

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