How To Make The Frame And How To Cover A DIY Lampshade

Here are some interesting ideas for creating a DIY lampshade, made using simple recycled materials that everyone has at home.

When it comes to products like the lampshade , design ideas are wasted! Often you can make excellent DIY lampshades with simple recycled materials without the need to buy them in specialized stores, however if you think that the electrical components are too difficult to handle, you can also limit yourself to creating a simple frame and a coating designed ad hoc for your home. We have collected in our article many interesting ideas that will surely be for you, from fabric lampshades to paper lamps .

Lampshade in wool

Warm, soft and enveloping, wool is a perfect material for a DIY lamp . What you will need first of all is the raw material, so get some wool from old clothes that you no longer use, such as simple leg warmers. After removing any buttons, all you have to do is put the leg warmer on the pre-existing lampshade of the lamp. Cut off the excess top and turn the wool back on itself to measure the upper circumference of the lampshade, you will need to insert a slightly smaller elastic that can hold the wool cover in place.

This is placed in the upper part of the leg warmer, folding the upper part and sewing the elastic inside. Repeat the process with the lower part or, if necessary, decorate it as desired with small ribbons and bows. You will have created a perfect cover for the winter period. Those who have some expertise with crochet can go further and create a real loom made of only wool, however the operation could be much more laborious and complex.

Glass shade

Perhaps one of the simplest but simple but highly effective ideas, it is possible to make lampshades with very common glass, from bottles to jars, it all depends on the size of the bulb you want to use. The solution we recommend is to use glass jars, such as the larger packages of mayonnaise or jam, after having cleaned them well, check that the light bulb you will use can enter inside without problems, then measure the circumference of the base. of the bulb and make a hole in the metal lid of the jar, which is the same size.

At this point all you have to do is insert the bulb into the hole, lock it by screwing it onto the lamp holder and close the jar. By inserting the plug into the electrical socket you will end up with a simple but nice glass chandelier. For a better effect, we recommend combining two other glass jars, of different or even the same size, depending on your preferences, to create different light points in your garden for example.

How to make a shabby lampshade

The shabby chic style has become very popular in recent years and is increasingly requested for any type of decoration, therefore a nice shabby lampshade could not be missing in our article to be used in the bedroom or any other corner of the house. One of the most interesting ideas can be made with recycled materials, so you just need to have some fabric, possibly an antique pink color, a hot glue gun and the inevitable patience that distinguishes the hand jobs.

So start by cutting the fabric into many strips of equal size, then roll each piece of fabric on itself creating a design that resembles small rosebuds. To keep everything in place you will need to add hot glue, until you have created a bud of the size you want. Repeat the procedure with all the strips of fabric, creating “roses” of the same or different sizes, depending on your preferences and, when you have enough to cover the lampshade, you can glue them on the surface without leaving empty spaces. You will have thus created a perfect DIY table lamp in a shabby chic style.

Paper lamps

Making a DIY abat jour with paper could be difficult, however the operation is certainly less complicated if you choose to opt for a real chandelier. Paper is extremely versatile so it lends itself well to making shapes and compositions of any kind. Those who love to make Japanese origami will be able to build unique lampshades for their children’s room while if you prefer something more solid you can opt for pieces of cardboard to be assembled together in bizarre shapes.

In the case of origami you just need to buy solid cardboard of the color you want and fold it in order to obtain simple dome shapes that can cover the lamp holder, if you have decided to opt for cardboard, such as that of packaging and boxes, then you can show off your creativity. One of the most interesting shapes is the spherical one, which can be obtained by cutting the cardboard into circles of different sizes and then gluing them one on the other, progressively widening the circumference and then reducing it again to create, layer by layer, a sphere that will contain the bulb.

Lampshade with straws

The last idea is certainly the most bizarre one but it allows you to use plastic straws without having to throw them away, thus avoiding contributing to the pollution of the planet. After use, you can wash them and glue them together with a hot glue gun, creating the most disparate shapes that will make up the frame of the lampshade. There is no better idea than the others in this case, just let yourself be guided by your creativity and maybe involve partners, friends and any children in the process of building the lampshade to create something unique that can furnish your apartment.

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