How To Keep A Circular Saw In The Best Condition?

To guarantee a long useful life for any tool, it is important to pay attention to its cleaning, replacement and adjustments, especially if it is a circular saw, since it is a precision machine that requires being in the best conditions to provide quality finishes. However, you have to know how to perform proper maintenance, especially if you want it to have a long useful life.

The best circular saws of 2021 are powerful and efficient tools for cutting, which is why they are essential in a carpentry shop. However, at the time of use it is possible that they accumulate dust and wood residues, which by increasing the heat due to friction, make the cut more inaccurate, resulting in defective or poor quality finishes.

The number of times and the frequency to clean a circular saw depends on how you use it, since there is no regulation for maintaining it, nor an exact period of time to verify its condition. Now, it is good to take into account some aspects for greater efficiency, such as the importance of cleaning the cutting blade, the most recommended cleaning implements and practices that you should avoid during cleaning.

Blade maintenance

A dull, dirty, or damaged blade can be more dangerous than a new one, as the engine tends to have less control over it and could decrease its life. Therefore, the most important thing to consider for the maintenance of a circular saw is to check the condition of the cutting disc, since it is the fundamental part of this machine.

If you use the tool occasionally for specific projects, then it is advisable to clean it two or three times a year. However, you should check the status of it to confirm that it is still functional, this can be achieved by examining the tips of the disc teeth.

If the teeth are dull and you have a circular saw with a smooth steel blade, you can regain the edge with the use of a triangular metal file, while if the blade is made of hard steel it must be sharpened professionally. In the event that the tips are broken, rusted or very dull, it is best to buy a new blade to avoid inconveniences and work with poor finishes.

Useful products to clean a circular saw

Although these tools are made with different materials, it is possible to maintain them with simple household cleaners, many of these can even be made by hand. One of the most preferred by carpenters are detergents that have citrus fruits, since they normally work to clean the shells and surfaces of different tools and later the house, which means a great advantage of use.

In case you want to use this type of substance to clean the sheet of metal or steel, it is common to find cleaning detergents for circular saws in woodworking and hardware stores. In general, household cleaners recommended for the maintenance of woodworking tools have Easy Off, which is a multipurpose component with concentrated cleaner and degreaser, in addition, it is non-toxic and was originally used to clean industrial machinery.

If the ventilation slots are clogged with dust or grease, you should only remove the dirt with a dry brush with soft bristles, always trying to keep the dust out of the slots and not push it in. You can also use the brush to remove dust from the blade and other parts of the case. Also, it is practical to use a damp towel for the same task and even to clean the power cord.

Prohibitions when cleaning a circular saw

It is important that you do not overdo it when using a cleaning detergent, so you should slightly moisten a towel with the liquid and then slide it down the saw, however, it is advisable not to clean the cutting disc with any cleaner, since some can be abrasive.

Similarly, it is important not to get the inside of the tool wet under any circumstances, since water could damage its mechanism and sulfate some of its electrical parts, which are generally delicate maintenance and require professional treatment if they are affected.

However, the dirt on the surface is not the only aspect that may need attention and revision, but also the screws and parts of its structure. In this case, you can do a quick check before turning on the machine and tighten the screws if necessary.

You should not use any type of wire brush or sponge to clean the circular saw, as it could cause scratches and irreparable damage to the surface of the machine and the blade. Instead, you can use nylon utensils.

To extend the useful life of the tool, you must avoid overheating, caused by holding the blade for long periods of time on very hard wood, as this can split the tips of the blade and they could be thrown towards you or another person.

Things to consider before using a circular saw

If it has been a long time since the last time you used it, before turning on the machine it is advisable to carry out a complete cleaning of it, since it is a tool that depends on its maintenance to guarantee the best results. Circular saws incorporate a screw to set the cutting angle, it must be correctly leveled to avoid incorrect movements.

Afterwards, it is advisable to verify that the casing that covers the cutting blade opens and closes correctly, likewise, the screw that holds the blade must be firmly tightened, in this way you will avoid accidental detachments and you will feel safer during the work day. .

The next step is to check the condition of the power cable, making sure that it is not frayed or bent. In addition, the on and off switches must work optimally, so that we can stop the engine when necessary. Finally, it is necessary to start the engine and verify that its operation is correct, as well as the actuation of the speeds.

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