How To Choose And Use A Circular Saw

A circular (circular) saw is an indispensable tool for working with wood, plastic and soft metal. The circular saw is designed for straight sawing, useful in the construction of a house or a bath in a suburban area, as well as during apartment renovation for trimming door frames, cutting plywood and laminate.

Types of circular saws

A circular saw is a cutting disc hidden in a protective cover, driven by a motor. The saw blade, rotating around its axis at high speed, cuts the elements into several parts. Despite the similar design, there are several types of circular saws.

  • Hand circular saw. Cutting occurs by moving the saw along a predetermined path on the material. Powerful yet mobile and lightweight, easy to transport.
  • Table circular saw. Unlike hand tools, sawing with a table saw occurs due to the movement of the material itself along the stationary saw body with a rotating disc. The device is quite mobile, but it has limitations on the length and width of the processed surface.


Selection criteria for circular saws

Decide on the amount of work and the required tasks, then decide on the appropriate type of tool. Check the technical specifications of the circular saw before purchasing.

  • Circular saw power. The indicator affects the thickness and density of the material with which the tool works.
  • Circular saw weight. Directly depends on the selected power. Determine which is more important to you: performance or speed of work. Since a more powerful tool is heavier, which means your hands will get tired faster, a break is often required.
  • Cutting depth of the circular saw. The small diameter of the saw blade will not allow you to work with a large workpiece, and with a large diameter you will not get a surface cut. Choose disks according to the task at hand.
  • Circular saw speed. Affects the types of materials the tool works with.
  • Work at an angle. Depending on the specific model, the circular saw is capable of cutting up to 60 degrees.
  • Sawing metal. A tool that has the ability to work with metal blanks is considered multifunctional, and has a number of advantages over a grinder . High productivity and cut quality, no heating of the element and no sparks during operation, the ability to cut metal at an angle. But do not forget about the high price of a disc for metal.

Circular saw rules

A circular saw is a dangerous tool that requires compliance with safety rules when working. Read the instructions carefully before starting work, remember the location of the working parts. To minimize the risk of injury, follow the basic safety rules, do not neglect them even during the minute business with cutting one element. Use goggles to protect your eyes from dust and small chips from working with wood or metal. Before starting work, make sure that there are no foreign objects on the work surface and in the element to be cut. Clean the saw blade only with a specialized brush, without touching it with your hands. Be attentive and focused at work, do not lose your guard or be distracted from the process.

A careful approach to the choice of a circular saw will provide the necessary functionality and ease of use to the owner of the tool.

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