How To Choose A Table Electric Circular Saw

Excellent hand-held circular saw . How to choose a circular saw: tips and tricks

Previously, only a hand circular saw was found in sawmills . Which to choose a model of such equipment, today already reflect many private master. If you also decide to acquire a similar device, then it is important to consider the main characteristics, among which, for example, the power supply.


Most often saws operate on mains electricity, but battery-powered counterparts can also be found on sale.

It is also important to decide under what brand the saw is produced , the most popular today can be called Makita, Bosch, DWT, Hitachi, but they will cost more than the Sturm, Sparky and Zenit models.

If you, too, need a hand-held circular saw , which one to choose , you must decide before shopping.

This equipment is designed for convenient and quick cutting of almost any soft material, namely wood, soft metal and plastic. As for wood, all products from it can be cut, and it is permissible to move the cutting element both along and across the fibers. All circular models provide the ability to cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

Tips on choosing a professional saw or a household saw

A review of circular saws with reviews will allow you to understand in which direction to tilt the choice. When buying the described device, you need to determine what this tool is for.

If you have to carry out construction work in a large volume, which involves cutting parquet boards and chipboard, then you should pay attention to professional models.

If you do housework on rare occasions, and most of the time the equipment is in the pantry idle, then it is advisable to buy a household circular.

Quite often, a hand-held circular saw is used to cut accurately and as quickly as possible . Which one to choose from those presented in the store, you can understand by reading the article.

Thus, the difference between a professional and a household tool lies in the resource and performance of the engine. In the manufacture of this or that type of equipment, materials and parts of different quality are used.

At lower power, discs of not so impressive diameter are used, which is why the device is able to cut the material to a shallower depth. A hand-held circular saw , the selection and reviews of which are presented in this article, can be household.

In this case, the engine will have to be allowed to rest from time to time, the equipment will need to be turned off to cool down.

An example of using household and professional tools

If you are looking for a handheld circular saw , which one to choose , you can decide by reading the guidelines below.

If you use a professional model, then in 1.5 hours of continuous work you will be able to cut such a number of chipboard blanks, which will be enough to assemble 4 cabinets.

If you use a conventional household model, then the same work will take 2 times longer. The quality will remain at its best, but the cost of a professional tool will be 2 times higher.

Choosing a professional model: Makita 5103R

Quite often, a hand-held circular saw is required during construction work . We recommend that you read the selection tips before making a purchase.

The above model is a powerful saw that can be used to cut large pieces of wood and other materials.

The model is designed for active operation, is highly durable and is characterized by a wide range of functions that ensure safety during operation. How to choose a hand-held circular saw? The parameters are the decisive criterion. Below we will talk about them in more detail.

Model Specifications

One of the most important parameters is the power, which in this case is 2100 W. The cutting depth is 100 millimeters, and the rotation speed is equivalent to 3800 rpm.

The size of the circle used is 270 × 30 millimeters, the weight of the device is 9.4 kilograms. For more convenient work, there is a soft start function, which ensures accurate cutting.

Safety is guaranteed by the instantaneous engine stop due to the electronic brake.

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How to choose a circular saw for a workshop. Comparing different types of circular saws

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The equipment is equipped with a sturdy and reliable die-cast aluminum support base. The operator will not be faced with the problem of a jammed disc, as the device has a riving knife. Safety in the operation of such tools is above all, in this case it is ensured by protection against accidental starting, which became possible thanks to a fused switch.

Choosing a household saw: Einhell RT-CS 190/1

The main features are the ergonomic handle, due to which even a beginner can handle the tool. This is also why the saw is most convenient to use when solving household tasks.

The master can easily change the saw blade thanks to the key and the spindle lock. You don’t have to purchase a key additionally, as it is included in the kit.

It will be possible to work with the equipment at home, as it has a low noise and vibration level.

This reliable and inexpensive circular saw has a dust extraction device with a special adapter that connects to the vacuum cleaner. With this functionality, you can keep your workplace clean. The gears of the reducer are made of a material of increased hardness and strength, which is distinguished by wear resistance and a long service life.

The manufacturer has made sure that the work is made easy, this is also possible thanks to the practical cable clamp. Among other things, it prevents damage and cable coiling.

The size of the disc is 190 × 30 millimeters, the number of teeth is 24.

At a 90-degree angle, the operator can go 66 millimeters into the material, while at 45 degrees, the cutting depth will be equivalent to 48 millimeters.

Recommendations for choosing a model depending on engine power

Quite often, in the process of carrying out repairs or construction work, a hand circular saw is needed . What to choose , you decide after reading this article. The consumer should also take into account the fact that the tool can have a motor of different power.

With higher motor parameters, the equipment will be able to cut material and high-density products in a short time. The operator will have no difficulty in cutting. A powerful engine is not afraid of even knots in the wood. But low-power circulars have a significant advantage, which is expressed in low weight.

Thanks to this, the tool can be carried from place to place. Thus, models with a capacity of 2000 watts or less will weigh about 7 kilograms. If the saw is characterized by a power of 1200 watts, then the weight will be reduced to 4 kilograms.

Do you need a hand circular saw for household tasks ? Which one to choose ? Price is an important factor when buying. For private use, models with a power of 1000 to 1200 watts are excellent.

If the tool is not used professionally, then the power reserve will remain unclaimed. The cost of the product will also depend on this parameter, the difference in price can reach 100 percent or more.

Select model by price: Skil 5740 LA

This equipment, which has a capacity of 700 watts, is characterized by 4300 rpm. The cost of the tool is 3,700 rubles, the landing diameter is 16 millimeters, the cutting depth is 40 millimeters. If you need to make a straight, accurate cut in a tree of any species, then you can use this model.

Despite its modest characteristics, this equipment has other impressive advantages, including ergonomic design, comfortable handle, compactness and low weight – 2.4 kilograms. The instrument uses a power button lock to prevent accidental starting. Increased stability is guaranteed by a large metal wide support.

There is a special compartment for storing the key.

Reviews of the Dewalt DW366

If you need a hand circular saw , which one to choose , the reviews will help you understand. Among the popular models, the aforementioned one can be distinguished, for which you will have to pay 9200 rubles.

The price is due to the high power, which is 1800 watts, as well as the impressive cutting depth of 60 millimeters. The bore diameter is equivalent to 16 millimeters, the maximum revolutions reach 5000 per minute.

This saw is a professional device and is designed for cutting wood to a depth of 60 millimeters.

The tool features a high level of safety and ease of use. The first feature is provided by a cover that protects the user from swarf and dust. You can use this equipment not only for professional purposes, but also at a summer cottage, as well as a construction site or in a carpentry workshop.

According to users, this good hand-held circular saw is versatile as it can be used to cut different wood densities.

Safety is especially appreciated by users, as it reduces the risk of injury. The operator can change the range from 0 to 50 degrees during operation.

Users emphasize that when using the equipment, they get an excellent view of the cutting line, as the design is ergonomic.

Battery Saw Performance Overview

If you prefer autonomy, then it is best to choose a battery model, but you should be prepared for less performance. Among other things, the rotational speed will also be significantly lower than in electric circulars.

Such models perfectly cope with wood of small thickness and low density. As practice shows, the battery charge may be enough for 30-50 minutes of operation, after which the battery will need to be charged.

This can cause some inconvenience, since charging sometimes takes up to 4 hours.

Aeg BKS 18-0 cordless saw features overview

You will have to pay 10,000 rubles for the model. The equipment can be used in conditions of de-energized buildings, which most often concerns construction sites. The rotation speed is 5000 rpm, and the diameter of the used circle is 165 millimeters. The weight of the instrument is small and is equivalent to 3.2 kilograms.

Among the features are the adjustment of the cutting angle and cutting depth. The wizard will be able to quickly replace the disk. The tool is equipped with a magnesium support sole, a charge level indicator and built-in illumination. The operator can connect a vacuum cleaner to keep the workplace clean.

During operation, it will be possible to use one or two hands at once.

How to choose a circular saw for home and garden

The circular saw is one of the ten most popular power tools. It speeds up carpentry and joinery work at times. The “circular” is designed for working with wood, but can also be used for cutting plastic. 

Circular saw device

The design of the circular saw is simple: the toothed disc is mounted on the motor shaft. The unit is housed in a housing with two handles so that you can hold the tool with both hands.

The operator moves the tool along the workpiece (or vice versa, if the saw is a table-top saw); the teeth of the rotating disc cut the material.

For safety, the blade is covered with a cover that automatically opens during sawing.

To figure out which circular saw is better, you need to understand how they differ and what additional functions the tool may have, depending on the type and model.

Classification of circular saws

Household and professional

A professional tool differs from a household one in the first place by its resource and the possibility of long-term continuous use. Household models overheat in this mode of operation, they need regular breaks in operation to cool down.

Also, professional power tools are supplemented with some special functions that will not be useful to the hobbyist.

In addition, professional models are much more expensive than household ones.

The division into professional and household (amateur) is conditional. Some models may have professional functionality, but their design does not hold up in durability. Don’t put too much emphasis on classification. Be guided by purely practical considerations.

Hand and stationary saws

These tools differ significantly. The hand-held circular saw is compact; the operator holds it in his hands and moves it along the workpiece along the cutting line. It is a portable tool, it is easy to carry it to the place of work. Stationary machines are a different matter.

This tool is ideal for work in the workshop or workshop. The electric motor is mounted under an extensive work platform. Its length may exceed one meter; the machine is installed on legs.

During work, the operator moves the workpiece along the platform and feeds it to the cutting disc.

A stationary machine or table circular saw is convenient for performing volumetric work of the same type. For example, if you want to cut narrow pieces of the same size from a wide board.

But the hand-held circular saw makes it possible to work “on site”, as well as with large-sized workpieces that cannot be sawed on a stationary machine. A typical use for this is cutting plywood sheets.

Some models of hand-held circular saws can be fixed to the work table using special clamps. In this position, the workpieces are cut in the same way as on a stationary circular saw.

This expands the capabilities of the tool, but due to the small dimensions of the platform, it does not completely replace the stationary saw.

If portability and versatility are important, choose a hand-held circular saw. If you have a workshop and require high productivity, a stationary circular is your option. 

Main technical characteristics

The passport for the device indicates many characteristics, but not all of them are equally important for the correct choice. 

Disc diameter

The larger the diameter of the saw blade, the thicker the bar or other piece that it can cut. However, it would be a big mistake to strive at all costs to buy a tool with the largest 210 mm disc.

A large disc needs a powerful motor. And this increases the weight of the device and its dimensions. Working with such a tool requires great physical strength and quickly tires.

It is much more convenient to work with models with a disc diameter of 160-190 mm.

Choose the diameter of the circular saw blade based on the size of the workpieces that you have to process. Here “big” does not mean “good”.


All things being equal, a more powerful electric motor will cut faster. 

However, power is an indirect characteristic of a power tool. Firstly, the actual power of a particular device may differ from that declared in the passport. Secondly, the cutting speed depends not only on power, but also on the number and shape of sharpening of teeth, wood moisture and other factors.

When choosing a tool, do not consider power as the main criterion. The functionality is more important.


Some features are present in each model, but there are also specific options.

Adjusting the cutting depth and blade tilt

In most cases, during operation, the disc is adjusted to its maximum depth and set at a 90 ° angle to the plane of the part. However, there are times when you need to limit the cutting depth or cut at a different angle. For example, for some joinery products, it may be necessary to saw a board exactly half its thickness.

These adjustments are found in all models of circular saws. Just pay attention to how convenient it is to use them: do you need special keys for this or handles are provided, are there graduated scales for accurate reading.

Parallel stop

All tools are completed with this device. It makes it very easy to cut the part in a straight line parallel to the edge. In this way, you can reduce the width of the workpiece or cut several identical strips from a wide board.

Smooth start

This option is usually only available for professional models. It accomplishes two important tasks.

First, it limits the starting current of the electric motor. In the first milliseconds after starting, while the motor is picking up speed, it consumes a current several times higher than the nominal value. This overloads the power grid and can trigger the circuit breakers, especially if the motor is powerful. The soft starter reduces the starting current to a safe level.

Secondly, the engine speed increases smoothly at the start. For stationary instruments, this does not really matter, but for hand instruments it can be useful.

Rapid acceleration of the motor causes kickback: when turned on, the tool jerks sharply in the hands, which adversely affects the accuracy of the cut. Smooth starting significantly reduces recoil.

 If you have to power the instrument from a low-power mains (for example, in a summer cottage), pay attention to the soft start function.

Guidelines for choosing a circular saw

In order not to drown in the variety of characteristics and options, here are some ready-made solutions for typical cases.

Choosing a saw for home

As a rule, a circular saw is needed on the farm only for repairs. This is an episodic use. It makes no sense to purchase expensive powerful models for this. It is better to choose a medium-sized circular saw. A case-suitcase is very useful for storing it.

Choosing a saw for a summer residence

At the summer cottage there is always a need to repair or build something: a shed for household equipment, a gazebo, a doghouse, a house for children’s games, a fence. For these purposes, you will need a solid hand saw with a large disc. If funds allow and there is a workshop, an inexpensive stationary circular saw of a household level will complement its capabilities.

What to choose for a professional

Let’s clarify. A professional is someone who makes money with a tool. The tool should pay off. Professional craftsmen have two approaches.

For those who specialize in one type of service (for example, installing doors or assembling furniture), durable, productive and high-precision tools are needed.

There are generalists and construction crews. They provide a range of services and solve turnkey construction tasks. The purchase of complex and expensive models is impractical for them. Often the tools are purchased “for one object”. I bought an inexpensive circular saw, built a country house with it, used up all the resource and threw it away.

Summing up

A circular saw is not as specialized a tool as it seems at first glance. If there is a need to work not only with wood, you can choose a circular saw for wood, and then purchase replacement blades for cutting plastic or sheet aluminum. 

In conclusion, we recall once again: any tool should be chosen based on the tasks that you intend to solve with its help. Fast and pleasant work will mean that the choice is right.

How to choose a circular saw

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  • Saw blade design
  • Which saw grade to choose?
  • Table saw or hand-held circular saw?
  • Main characteristics of circular saws
  • Additional characteristics of circular saws

The circular saw is one of the tools that is used in almost any construction. Today, this unit can be purchased at every hardware store. In this case, you should choose a saw based on its characteristics.

Today the circular saw is an indispensable tool in construction. With it, you can cut boards of the required size.

Therefore, it will be further considered how to choose a circular saw.

Saw blade design

Circular saw layout diagram.

The circular saw is designed for cutting almost any soft material (soft metal, plastic, wood). High productivity, fast and accurate cutting makes this tool irreplaceable when working with wood.

Working with a circular saw is easy enough that even a beginner can operate it. However, it is very important to follow all safety rules, as violation of them can harm your health.

The main elements of circular saws are:

  • Electrical engine;
  • body;
  • lever;
  • saw blade;
  • protective cover;
  • platform with a guiding device.

Circular saw device diagram.

In the manufacture of the case, in most cases, heat-resistant and wear-resistant plastic is used. Sometimes in the construction market you can also find a metal case.

Given the fact that a circular saw very often has to work in dusty conditions, most manufacturers equip the tool not only with a ventilation and cooling system, but also with a system for removing waste from the working area.

If the design of the saws does not provide for an integrated dust removal system, then it is possible to connect a forced dust removal system using special adapters or industrial vacuum cleaners.

All circular saws are equipped with a collector electric motor with a power of 0.5 to 2.5 kW.

Such parameters of the tool as the maximum number of revolutions and the depth of cut will depend on this indicator. Recently, battery-powered circular saws have appeared on the building materials market.

For example, the BOSH company has released a whole series of such instruments, which are equipped with batteries of different capacities.

When choosing a saw, special attention should be paid to the quality of the platform. To reduce the cost of the product, most manufacturers use a stamped platform.

However, if the circular saw will be used for professional purposes, it is better to choose a device with a cast aluminum platform, since it will cut the material with greater accuracy.

The circular saw platform often has a ruler built into it.

Many companies equip the platform with a special ruler that allows you to control the material handling process.

An important element of the saw is the cutting disc. Currently on the market you can buy discs that allow you to process almost any material. If you need to quickly dissolve the boards, a wood disc is perfect for you.

If you need to work with laminate, then you should buy the appropriate disc, which gives a smooth and high-quality cut. All this is achieved by using special hard-alloy solders, increasing the frequency of the teeth and changing their shape.

How to choose a circular saw for your home

A circular saw is indispensable for those who like to DIY or build a house. Since its inception more than two hundred years ago, the circular saw has evolved from a bulky and unreliable windmill-powered mechanism to a convenient and practical modern power tool.

In the bulk, any circular saw is a steel disc with teeth for cutting wood and an electric, less often gasoline engine.

With the help of a circular saw, it is convenient to make longitudinal and transverse cuts in wood of any density, make a cut at 45 degrees, embroider boards on slats, trim sawn timber, cut laminate and OSB boards and much more.

Varieties of circular saws

Modern circular saws are divided into three types – stationary, table and hand-held. How to choose a circular saw for your home? In order to make the right choice, you need to figure out in which case and for what types of work this or that circular saw is suitable.

Table and stationary circular saws are suitable for large volumes of work, they are characterized by high power and production characteristics.

These types of circular saws are usually purchased by those who are closely associated with woodworking and the sale of lumber. This category of people, as a rule, are well versed in saws.

Therefore, we list the main points that you should pay attention to when choosing a hand-held circular saw.

What characteristics should a hand-held circular saw have?

Every skilled and zealous owner strives to keep his house in order. A hand-held circular saw will become an indispensable assistant not only for those who independently decided to build their own house or bathhouse, but also for a city dweller.

  • Power. It affects the number of wheel revolutions, speed and depth of cut. You should not choose a tool that is too powerful, its technical characteristics in a domestic environment will be unclaimed, and powerful hand-held circular saws have significant weight and are not always convenient to work with.
  • Whether the circular saw can cut hard and very hard wood and materials directly depends on the rotational speed of the blade, but the power consumption of the tool depends on the rotational speed (revolutions).
  • The body material is of three types: plastic, plastic and metal and metal. The weight of the tool depends on the material, but if the circular saw will be used for permanent construction and regular transfers from object to object in the trunk or car body, it is better to choose a more durable metal case.
  • Another important factor is the cutting depth. It can be from 30 to 150mm. When choosing a circular saw for home use, a tool with a cutting depth of 50-60mm is suitable.
  • If a hand-held circular saw will be used for earning money, for example, in construction, you should pay attention to a self-powered tool. For a long time on an autonomous power source, the saw, of course, will not work, only 30 minutes – an hour, but in places without electricity it will help out a lot. Cons: higher cost and charging time up to 5 hours compared to non-battery-powered counterparts.
  • Almost all modern hand-held circular saws are capable of making bevel cuts. In practice, this function is rarely needed.
  • But it is worth paying attention to whether the tool has a “soft start” function. This function allows you to extend the life of the engine by preventing it from running at high revs.
  • An accidental start blocker is considered by many to be unnecessary and inconvenient, but in fact it is a guarantee that the user’s fingers will remain with it.
  • Those who are going to use a circular saw in an apartment or when renovating an already built house will appreciate the possibility of collecting sawdust or connecting a construction vacuum cleaner.
  • Many hand-held circular saws have a laser pointer. It is very convenient and allows you to do without long guides during the cut.
  • Experienced repairmen will appreciate the immersion function. It is simply necessary when it becomes necessary to start cutting not from the edge, but from the middle of the material.

What else do you need to look for when choosing a hand-held circular saw?

The cost of a circular saw depends not only on the selected characteristics, but also on the manufacturer and the country in which the tool is produced.

A good circular saw for home use can be purchased for 3500-5000 rubles, semi-professional models for regular use will cost 8000-15000 rubles.

In order not to overpay too much and choose the right circular saw for your home, you need to ask yourself the question – for what purpose is it needed? What types of work are planned to be performed with its help?

In addition, this is a rather traumatic power tool, and it should be as comfortable as possible in the hand. Before buying, hold it in your hands for at least 10 minutes, and if it seems heavy or uncomfortable, take a look at other models.

Circular electric hand saw: subtleties of choice and features of work

When sawing materials with a conventional saw, half of the energy is wasted, as it is spent on returning the tool to its original position. Therefore, the invention of such a tool as a circular electric hand saw at one time became a real breakthrough.

The cutting blade of this tool only moves in one direction, so the working efficiency is extremely high.

The circular saw is often used for sawing various materials, and its electric version is a very effective and often used tool in everyday life and in production.

The circular saw – an efficient and functional tool for sawing a wide variety of materials


Electric circular hand saw device

Each of the models of the circular electric hand saw works on the same principle. An electric motor is hidden inside the body of the tool, which rotates the cutting disc. The main differences always lie in the type of construction – manual or electric. The disc in a hand-held circular saw is manually driven, as the name implies, but in the electric one there is an electric motor.

These two types of saws differ not only in weight and dimensions, but also in the way they transmit torque. In a hand-held circular saw with the possibility of a stationary installation, the disc is mounted directly on the shaft, while in electric models the drive belt transfers the torque.

Compact and powerful hand-held circular saw Mafell K 65

Also, regardless of the type of saw, it has a special support platform that allows you to adjust the cutting depth and its angle.

A separate type of mini-saws of circular electric hand-held – models powered by a battery. Of course, they cannot boast of the same power as their mains-powered counterparts, but they can be used to carry out work away from sources of electricity.

Optional attachments to control the accuracy of the cut make it easier to work with the circular saw

Like any other complex tools, circular saws are:

  • household – they are characterized by a relatively small power and a set of settings, but they are extremely easy to use and do an excellent job of cutting small volumes of materials;
  • semi-professional – a little more powerful and more functional than household ones, but they do not reach the professional level;
  • professional – can withstand heavy loads during long-term work, can have a number of useful additional functions, are used in the field of professional construction.

If you plan to frequently saw large volumes of building materials, then you cannot do without a professional model. But with ordinary repairs on your own, a semi-professional saw will be enough.

Bosch PKS 16 Multi mini hand-held circular saw – lightweight and compact tool

How to choose the right circular saw

In the modern market for construction tools, there are a huge number of models of circular hand saws. If you are wondering which hand-held circular saw to choose, then here it is worth understanding a number of nuances. First of all, when choosing a saw, you need to pay attention to the main characteristics, which will be discussed below.

Saw motor power is a parameter that directly affects the efficiency of the tool.

If you want to buy a circular hand saw that can be fitted with a large diameter cutting blade, then you need a model with a powerful motor. The same characteristic affects the depth of cut and the force of rotation of the blade.

A low-power saw can get stuck when cutting extremely hard wood and fail at the most crucial moment.

The downside of any powerful model is its weight. For example, an electric hand-held circular saw for wood with a 1200 W motor power will weigh about 4 kg, and with a power of 2000 W it will already weigh 7 kg.

Support platform allows you to adjust the cutting depth

Cutting depth – directly depends on the previous parameter. The more powerful the engine, the larger the drive can be installed on it. In total, there are 4 standard sizes according to the cutting depth of the saw. The first one is a household one, which is 40-45 mm, the second is a 50-55 mm cut in depth – it is used for semi-professional needs.

Professional circular saws are characterized by a cutting depth of 60-70 mm, and the latter size is up to 140 mm.

Saws of the latter type are used in industrial production, it is almost impossible to use them at home.

How to choose a circular saw for wood in terms of cutting depth? Compare the sizes to your needs. By the way, on some models there is a function for adjusting the cutting depth.

Rechargeable models are very convenient for work in places where there is no access to electricity

Rotational speed of the blade – the density of the material that the saw can cut depends on this parameter. Also, the higher the speed, the cleaner the cut.

Adjusting the angle of inclination of the cut – this function is now available in almost all models of electric hand-held circular saws for wood. It is used mainly for professional work, and is not needed for amateur sawing boards or plywood.

Circular saw with tilt adjustment

Circular saw electric hand: additional functions

Many modern saws have a number of additional features that allow for cleaner cuts and many other things. Below are some of the most popular and useful features:

  • immersion in the material – this function makes it possible, when working with the material, to start cutting it not from the edge of the sheet, but from any place;
  • connecting a vacuum cleaner is a very useful function that allows you to blow off the sawdust formed during operation. This not only cleans the air in the work area, but also significantly improves the visibility of the material;
  • start interlock – to start the saw mechanism, press two buttons simultaneously. This prevents the user from starting the saw suddenly, that is, increases the level of safety during operation;

Rockwell RK3440K network circular mini-saw with laser pointer

  • soft start – the disc starts to rotate smoothly, and not immediately at maximum speed. This extends the term of his work;
  • laser pointer – when available, there is no need for a guide rail for a handheld circular saw. But for this you will need certain skills, since a beginner, who first took a circular electric hand saw in his hands, will not be able to make an accurate and even cut;
  • stationary dust and shavings removal system is a very practical thing for small volumes of work. For example, the Makita 5017 RKB circular saw has such a container, which makes it very convenient for working in a confined space.

In addition to all of the above, it is very important to have hinged protections that cover part of the disc.

Circular saw Makita 5017 RKB is equipped with a plastic container for collecting sawdust and an efficient dust extraction system

Choice of blades for circular hand saws

The main working part of any circular saw is the cutting disc. It is with its help that the material is cut.

How to choose circular saw blades with the right blades? It is necessary to take into account what materials you plan to work with.

Since the disc with trapezoidal teeth is excellent for neat work with many materials, variable teeth are used to cut wood along the grain.

For harder materials it is recommended to use discs with hardened teeth or carbide tipped. The cost of sharpening carbide-tipped circular saws is higher than conventional saws, but they last longer and provide more efficient work.

The main characteristics of circular saw blades are outer diameter, blade thickness and number of teeth. The most common and universal type of discs is 20 cm.

Use a guide bar when using the circular saw to prevent the blade from slipping to the side.

The quality and pace of work depends on the number of teeth of the disc. For a more accurate cut, the number of teeth should be higher, but the work will then be slower than with a disc with fewer teeth.

Ideally, a good owner should always have several different discs on hand in order to work most effectively with different materials.

The quality of work directly depends on the selected circular saw blade

Rules for working with a circular hand saw

Despite all the protective measures and additional accessories, the circular saw is a rather dangerous tool. In order to minimize the likelihood of injury during work, a number of simple rules should be followed.

For example, circular saws with a guide bar should be used to ensure that the blade does not accidentally slip to the side. The part should be fixed as securely as possible, and it is worth pressing the saw against it.

If the saw has various additional functions, you should familiarize yourself with them before starting work.

For safe work on the circular saw, it is necessary to follow the operating rules and it is imperative to use protective goggles.

How to choose the best circular saw for your needs? If you have no experience with this class of tools, then it is better to consult with specialists.

And remember that even the most touted saws, such as Bosch circular saws, are not versatile, so it is always best to have a set of blades on hand, or even several saws, if you are planning to work regularly with different materials.

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