How to change a table saw blade

Learn how to adjust the blade on a table saw. We teach you how to adjust a table saw blade in four different ways.

If you have two blade change wrenches, an arbor lock on your saw, one wrench and a Bench Dog Blade Lock, or one wrench and a block of wood, you’ll learn how to change a table saw blade the best way possible.

Turn Power off

Switch off the table saw by locating the power switch. Additionally, unplug the saw from the wall socket to fully switch off the gas.

Allow the saw to sit for a few moments to ensure that all of the power has been drained from it.

Removing the Throat Plate and the Blade Guard

Remove the throat plate and blade guard after making sure the table saw is turned off.

Since table saws are all different, you’ll need to double-check the design in the user manual. You’ll want to make sure you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions exactly.

Raise the Blade

Raise the blade to its full height after removing the throat plate and blade guard. When it’s time to remove the blade, this will make it easier for you.

Remove Blade

Place the blade in the highest position possible. Place a small block of wood against the blade to prevent the blade from turning unintentionally.

Shift the nut counterclockwise with a wrench to separate the nut and washer from the blade. Remove the blade and set it aside as you continue to work.

Removing the Arbor Nut

Remove the arbor nut by unscrewing it and pulling it out with your hands. When doing so, avoid putting your fingers too close to the teeth.

Even, be cautious when extracting the nut because it can easily fall through the table saw’s body. Remove the washers as well and set them aside for the following phase.

Install New Blade

Place the blade on the blade housing with the teeth of the blade facing the front of the table saw.

Place the washer and nut in place, then tighten the nut with a wrench clockwise to keep the blade in place. With the small block of wood, securely hold the blade.

Removing the Blade and Replacing With a New One

At this stage, the blade will be exposed and ready to be removed from the saw. Slowly slide it out, being careful not to injure your fingers.

Place the new one and make sure it’s in a good spot. The teeth should preferably point towards you rather than away from you.

Replace The Washer And The Arbor Nut

After installing the new blade on the arbor, the washer and arbor nut must be replaced.

Reconnect the Power

Reconnect the saw by plugging it back into the power socket. Switch on the saw and let it run to see if the blade is in the proper place.

If it’s unstable, strengthen the arbor and double-check that all other pieces are in place.

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