How to build table saw fence

Table saws are precision instruments for ripping long lengths of wood, and they rely on a well-dialed-in fence to hold the wood parallel to the blade for perfect cuts.

You can spend a couple hundred dollars on an aftermarket fence if yours is out of alignment. You can also make your own out of wood and a few hardware parts.

How to Make a Table Saw Fence

 Prepare End Caps for the Rip Fence

Now you must join the two ends of the fence with the 24. You’ll need to use the jigsaw to remove the two end caps for this. Each end cap should be 3 inches in length.


Measure the Table Dimension

You could precisely weigh all of the table saw fence’s dimensions. Measure the length of the saw’s table with the tape measure.

Using the tape measure, measure from the front to the back of the table. Table saw tables are usually 24′′ to 36′′ long. As a consequence, the minimum length of the 24 should be the same as this length.

Make the 2×4 As Long As the Table

Now, using a jigsaw, cut the 24 to the length of the table. This cut must be precisely calibrated, as even a slight mistake can derail the entire endeavor! A square mark may be used to precisely mark the measurement. Check the Fitting of the Fence Over the Saw Table

Place your freshly constructed 24 fence on the saw’s table. You’ll be able to see how accurate the measurements are. It will be clear how correctly you took the measurements and how well you cut the materials! Maintain a 1 inch gap at one end of your fence.


Attach the End Caps with the 2×4

Take the 24 that you’ve cut down to the same length as the table and place it on top of it. The end caps can now be attached to both ends of the 24. For this attachment, use -inch deck screws.

Drill pilot holes in the 24 at a depth of at least 3 inches, then screw the deck screw into it. Keep in mind that these holes would be a little smaller in diameter than the deck screws.

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