How To Build A Workbench

Let’s see together how to do it, and especially if and when it is actually convenient to build this element yourself so that it fully satisfies the various needs.

The workbench is a fundamental element for all activities, not just artisanal ones, for this reason there are both generic versions and numerous variants on the market for specific areas, such as the carpenter’s bench and the one for the workshop just to give an example.
An alternative to buying an already made product is represented by self-construction, but before starting to make the appropriate projects it is good to carefully evaluate this option, because in reality it is not an operation so simple to be within reach. of all.

Evaluate what it takes

To begin with, you need the manufacturing materials, which can be wood, plastic, metal or a combination of all three, depending on the specific needs of those who are going to use it.

The design phase, then, is extremely important; building a table intended to serve as a work support and discovering that it dances because the measures were taken roughly would be extremely frustrating.

In addition to perfect stability, high resistance is also required, which is why the calculation of the payload that the bench can withstand becomes vital in order to prevent it from yielding under the weight of the equipment or, worse still, in the moment when you are bent over to work on a piece with some power cutting tool in action. Apart from a certain experience and manual skills in crafts, we must not overlook the fact that the realization of the work also requires the use of various tools and specific power tools.

All of this obviously has a cash cost, especially for the purchase of the materials necessary for the realization of the project, consequently the artisans start at an advantage by being able to use both tools and new and recovered raw materials; hobbyists, on the other hand, especially beginners who do not yet have a good variety of equipment and the degree of experience necessary to tackle the realization of a similar project, are definitely penalized.
In this case it is preferable, and probably also much cheaper, to opt directly for the choice and purchase of one of the different models available among the workbenches sold online .

Regardless of whether you are professional craftsmen or simple hobbyists, however, if you have both the equipment and the necessary experience, then you can easily embark on the business; always taking into account the things we have mentioned previously and which we will now examine in more detail.

The choice of materials based on the intended use

The destination of the workbench is important to establish the type of material to be used in its construction as well as the type of structure it will have to have; in fact, in mechanical workshops and metallurgy laboratories, it is preferable to use steel as a raw material, and to create skeletal structures that offer the possibility of having both the upper support surface and a lower space where to place further objects, such as parts of motor or metal parts to be subjected to subsequent processing.

To make a workbench of this type, steel is usually used in the form of sheets and profiles with a thickness of about three millimeters; the shapes of the pieces are traced on the sheets, which are then cut with the aid of a grinder, the same applies to the profiles. For the complete realization including the final assembly of any moving parts, therefore, apart from the grinder, the drill and the welding machine are also required.

The workbenches for carpentry, on the other hand, are totally different and instead of being made of metal they are made of solid wood, precisely to avoid that the pieces of wood subjected to processing can be damaged in contact with a metal surface. Plastic, on the other hand, is used above all for the construction of the counters used in those environments where the focus is on precision machining, such as goldsmiths for example.

The size and structure

The measures of the project must be respected in the most rigorous way possible; as mentioned in the introduction, in fact, an error of one millimeter or more could lead to a wrong assembly of the structure and therefore to a lack of stability.

Consequently, whichever material is chosen, it is better to draw the shapes and marks to indicate the cutting areas with a slight tolerance, so as to have a way to rectify the excess later, rather than keeping flush and running the risk of cutting in excess without being able to rectify any errors.
The dimensions, of course, are relative as they can vary according to needs; a workbench can be one meter or two meters long, but the working method and the precision required in the cutting and finishing of the different pieces to be assembled do not change.

The structure, on the other hand, does; as for the materials, in fact, the type of bench also varies according to its intended use. In the previous paragraph we mentioned the workshop benches which must be spartan and focus above all on rigidity and resistance.

The carpenter’s bench, on the other hand, is more complex and may require the presence of additional incorporated elements, such as the clamping vices on the sides, the holes for the guides on the surface and any drawer units in the lower area, where various tools or guides can be stored. same.

The projects

Before proceeding with the construction of the workbench, regardless of the type you have chosen, it is good to draw an initial sketch, a diagram that is as precise as possible and that clearly shows the structure, the different pieces that compose it and the relative measures.

If you do not have much experience in designing, do not hesitate to ask for advice from a more experienced craftsman or to use the internet; on the net, in fact, it is possible to find a wide range of ready-made projects, like this one here for example, which are available on the sites specialized in do-it-yourself or in the relative forums.

Do not be discouraged if you do not find the workbench project you would like to do, remember that you can always download several and adapt them according to your specific needs.

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