How To Build A Wooden House With Pallets

From the children’s house to a small shed, let’s see together how to make the most of used wooden pallets and what costs it entails.

Building an entire do-it-yourself house using only wood is the common dream of many people, including those who are not familiar with this discipline or have a particular predisposition for DIY. The house, or do-it-yourself hut , begins to exert its charm as children in fact, even if only the luckiest are able to see their wishes fulfilled.
Even if on the market you can find kits for do-it-yourself wooden houses at relatively affordable costs, in fact, these are intended in any case for those who have a garden or a large terrace.

The kits are composed of pieces already cut and machined that only need to be assembled together and then painted, this offers anyone the opportunity to try their hand at the company without having to resort to the use of expensive and difficult to use tools or power tools. for a beginner.

For the more savvy and expert hobbyists, however, the construction of a do-it-yourself wooden house that can be used for residential or functional use is by no means an impossible task. The only obstacle that arises in this case is an economic one; depending on the type of project, size and material, in fact, the cost could be more or less considerable.

However, there is an alternative that would drastically reduce construction costs, such as building a wooden house with pallets for example. In this case, the raw material for construction could be acquired at a negligible or even zero cost.

The wood of the pallets

Carrying out work with pallets is a widespread practice especially in the craft and hobby field, as specific equipment is required such as the table saw, the sander, the electric stapler and other tools that allow you to work the wood properly and, consequently, allow to build with pallets .

Access to raw materials is also easier for those who are already familiar with the field and have acquired the right contacts; the wooden pallets can be recovered at no cost from the most varied commercial activities if you have the right knowledge, in fact, or they can be purchased directly, even online.

The price varies according to the size and condition of the material. New pallets, for example, cost between 10 and 20 euros per unit depending on the size; the price, however, drops proportionally based on the condition of the wood.

The specific market categories distinguish between new pallets, semi-new ones, used ones, used remanufactured ones and those to be repaired. Used pallets, for example, have a price that varies from around 3 to 9 euros per piece, again based on the size chosen, while those to be repaired are even cheaper.

Building with pallets

Pallets are suitable for various types of recycling, starting from the production of furniture and furnishing objects to the construction of real low-cost housing units, as we will see in the next paragraph. Their main advantage, in fact, is that they are made from an extremely strong and durable variety of pine wood, since they must be able to withstand up to a ton of weight when transporting goods.

Consequently, if the wood is well worked and sanded, as well as treated adequately with impregnating and protective paints, it considerably increases its structural resistance characteristics and can be used as a raw material both to build raised wooden houses for children , which are of higher quality than to those that are sold in ready-to-assemble kits, as well as a real wooden shed to be used as a laboratory or for residential purposes.

A further advantage deriving from the construction of a wooden house, especially if raised on a platform that can be mobilized if necessary, is to represent the only possible solution for those who own land in an area subject to building restrictions and they would like to build a small house.

Regardless of the type of house you intend to build, however, whether it is for children or other intended uses, it is important to prepare a preliminary project and stick to it, also to get an estimate of the costs. Once the quantity of pallets necessary to complete the work has been established, it will be possible to proceed with the subsequent processing and then assembly and painting.

Part of the structure can be built without dismantling the pallets, leaving them as they are to create the main structure consisting of the floor, walls and roof; the empty spaces of the pallets are in turn functional, because they allow you to insert polystyrene plates inside them and isolate the inside of the house from the cold.

The Pallet House Project

During the Kosovo war, in the wake of the refugee crisis, the architecture and design studio I-Beam in New York showed that a year’s supply of recycled pallets could be enough to build housing units capable of hosting 84% refugees and immigrants from the countries of the former Yugoslavia. With the amount of pallets that are practically thrown away every year in the United States of America alone, it would be possible to build pallet houses for as many as 33 million refugees.

For this reason, the I-Beam designers gave life to the Pallet House project by creating a prototype of a house with an area of ​​about 25 square meters, made up of 100 pallets; the prototype was built for demonstration purposes in the garden of the estate of Prince Charles of England, but the same type of house can be replicated practically everywhere.

On the official website of the I-Beam design studio, in fact, for a cost of just 75 dollars, you can download the detailed diagrams of the Pallet House as well as the assembly instructions; the house can easily be built by a group of 4 or 5 people in less than a week.

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