How To Build A Wooden House Step By Step?

In a time when ecological awareness is increasingly present, the construction of wooden houses is an interesting alternative to the usual cement and brick constructions. A more ecological approach and with finishes that are just as comfortable as traditional homes.

If you look at the homes that you have around you, you will surely see how the cement and brick designs are the predominant ones. In fact, wooden houses are only seen in mountain areas or in some villages, although they are practically testimonial. However, the latest advances in this sector make it much easier to build this type of accommodation almost anywhere, with more respectful approaches to the environment and the environment.

Since we are talking about a complex construction process, we are going to give you some guidelines on how to build a house step by step, so that you know for yourself what it takes to build one of these houses.

Step-by-step construction

Looking for the location

The first thing we must have is a piece of land where you can put a wooden house. Obviously, this must have the qualification of developable land , since what we are going to build is a house. If what you want is to add an additional space taking advantage of the garden of your existing house, you can resort to small wooden houses. In this case, it is obvious that the whole process is much simpler.

In both situations, it is important to know the corresponding licenses and assess whether the land is suitable. It is true that the requirements of these wooden houses allow them to be mounted on softer floors than traditional houses, but the truth is that the geological study is essential to start on the right foot.

Drawing up the plans

Once we have the land, it is time to create the plans of the house, for which it is essential to have the help of an architect. The idea is to establish what structure the house will have, how many rooms it will have, the loading areas to protect it and other basic issues to keep it standing, etc.

It is true that in the network you can consult different plans of wooden houses, especially in those prefabricated models. However, it is essential to have a project customized to our needs and to the specific parameters of the terrain, in order to obtain the best results.

The foundation

Every good house must have a proper foundation. Although we are talking about wooden houses, it is evident that it must rest on a cement base . This can be executed using simple bases, cemented surfaces or even pilasters, depending on the characteristics of the land and the home itself. Again, the help of the architect is key to establish the format and thickness of said foundations.

Lifting the structure

At this point, wood comes into play to build houses. Once the foundation is dry and ready to start working on it, it is time to deploy the frame of the log house. It will follow the design established by the plans, thus creating the necessary framework so that we can establish the different rooms and areas of the house.

This structure also establishes the necessary elements to support the roofs and upper covers, as well as the other elements of the house, such as windows or door steps. All these components are part of the wooden structure for the house, which is why they are manufactured with high-resistance materials, structure l, according to the specific needs of the environment and the project.

Inner liner

The next step is to execute the interior cladding of the house and install the corresponding services. This is one of the quickest parts to execute, since it usually uses plasterboard panels and other light boards, such as plywood. In this phase, the thermal lining of the house is also mounted , which has a double role. On the one hand, this is responsible for preventing cold and heat from entering the home. On the other hand, these materials improve fire protection, serving as fire retardants.

The result is a wall that, despite being executed much faster than a traditional wall, offers a higher level of protection than these. Something fundamental to maintain the ecological character of these homes, as far as energy rating is concerned. As an additional advantage, in case you need new plugs or new water connections, their installation is simple.

Finishing of the house

At this point, our wooden house is practically finished. We have the structure, the services, the walls and almost everything we need. The only thing left is to execute the painting and the flooring, both for the interiors and exteriors. 

In these exteriors, it is essential to use anti-humidity paints , as well as treatments that keep the structure of the house protected against inclement weather. Regarding the interior, there are many options available for the finish, so you will have a whole range to choose the aspect that you like the most. 

A final note

Although we have already commented on it throughout this article, we do not want to conclude it without recommending that, before proceeding with this process, you resort to specialized help. Although it is true that in the market we can buy wooden house kits ready for assembly, if these are assembled in inappropriate areas or incorrectly, you can have problems. 

So, taking into account the cost of consulting and how beneficial it is to do things well, have no doubts when looking for a specialized company that will ensure that your project is as successful as it deserves.

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