How To Build A Wooden Carport And What Permits To Apply For

Have you decided to build a carport to protect your car from the sun and rain? Here’s what you need to know about possible solutions and any permits to be obtained.

A wooden shed can be the ideal solution for those who do not have a garage but have enough space to park on the property; moreover, the canopy can also prove to be less expensive from an economic point of view if the construction is carried out by oneself, in do-it-yourself mode.
All you need is an adequate amount of wood to make a canopy of the desired size, screws with expansion plugs, wood screws , impregnating and waterproofing paints as well as other equipment necessary to carry out the work, such as the reciprocating saw and the screwdriver drill. .

How to make a DIY canopy

To build a do-it-yourself shed you must first have good experience in the field; As simple as it may seem, in fact, erecting a wooden roof, even if elementary, requires a minimum of notions of carpentry and the right experience in handling the tools necessary for the job.

Improvising this type of job without the right skills could have unpleasant consequences and the roof could collapse due to extreme weather conditions, or simply due to miscalculations, thus causing damage to things and people. Novice DIY enthusiasts, therefore, would do better to rely on specialized professionals, so as not to take unnecessary risks.

The more experienced, on the other hand, can safely try their hand at the enterprise as long as they take care of the design phase in the smallest details, drawing the structure to be built on paper, reporting the precise measurements so as to be able to calculate the exact quantity of wood, small parts metal and other materials needed for the job.

The design scheme will have to take into account how the roof is made up and its weight, obviously, and make sure that the uprights of the supporting structure are able to withstand the load perfectly.

The first step in the actual construction is to hoist and fix the uprights with the expansion plugs; in the case of a temporary structure, not fixed to the walls, a temporary solution must be found that allows the uprights to remain standing and well spaced from each other for the time necessary to fix the beams and crosspieces. The purlins that will hold the roof in wood and tiles will then be attached to the latter.

After having made the entire support structure consisting of the uprights, the crosspieces and the purlins, the wooden boards of the roof can be nailed on the purlins, and then proceed with the laying of a layer of tar paper, in order to waterproof the roof. before moving on to laying the tiles.

Construction costs for a do-it-yourself wooden canopy

For the uprights, beams, crosspieces and purlins it is a must to use solid wood, because the load-bearing structure must be solid, withstand the elements and withstand the weight of the roof. Consequently, hard essences are especially recommended, such as chestnut, walnut, oak, beech or maple; It is also possible to use hard woods of tropical origin, such as mahogany, teak or ebony, but the latter are more expensive.

In principle, the cost of wood for the load-bearing structure alone can range from 400 to 1,000 euros per square meter, depending on the size of the canopy and the material chosen; the price of the beams is unitary and depends on their size as well as on the type of wood, but the figure can vary from about 15 to 300 euros for each individual beam, depending on the case.

For the covering you can safely use the 20 mm thick fir beads, which have a price of about 10-15 euros per square meter; to this we must add the cost of the tarred sheath and impregnating paints, to waterproof the wood, as well as the cost of the tiles. For the latter there are two possible options: the cheapest involves the use of brick tiles, which cost from 5 to 20 euros per square meter, PVC tiles cost a little more instead, from about 14 to 25 euros. per square meter, but on the other hand they are lighter than brick ones.

Wooden carport: permits

The most important point to clarify concerns compliance with current regulations: do you need a special permit for new buildings to build a shed? Or is it a free construction work and as such does not require any permit?

To answer these questions, we need to consider the characteristics, that is, the type of carport that we intend to make. The covers for external removable , for example, do not need permission to be realized; Consequently, it is possible to build carports without a permit provided that they are small in size, that they can be quickly disassembled if necessary, but above all that they are not fixed to permanent elements, such as walls or pillars, and which consequently have a duration of limited use over time.

To create a stable wooden roof for cars intended for permanent autonomous use, however, a permit for new constructions must be requested from the relevant Municipality.

If the construction should take place without having requested and obtained the permit, then the crime of building abuse is envisaged, which never goes into prescription. Once the crime has been ascertained, therefore, the trial and criminal conviction for building abuse, failure to comply with the rules and procedures for carrying out the works, building regulations and urban planning tools follow.

This means that the consequences for those who make car covers without a permit are heavy; the penalties include the immediate demolition of the canopies and the payment of fines up to a maximum of $ 10,329, not including court costs.

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