Guide To Make A Built-In Wardrobe

Compared to conventional wardrobes, custom built-in wardrobes are an excellent solution for many rooms. Best of all, nowadays it is easy to assemble a built-in wardrobe, so you can do this simple work yourself.

Gaining space at home is essential, in order to have a suitable place to store everything you need. The problem is that certain rooms sometimes have a structure that makes it a bit difficult to take advantage of these spaces. To achieve this, it will surely be useful to know how to make a built-in wardrobe or one that takes advantage of the dead spaces in any room.

Best of all, this work is not particularly expensive. If you are clear about both the distribution of the built-in wardrobe and the interior design, you can comfortably solve this work by executing it yourself.

For you to evaluate if you are interested in embarking on this task, we leave you our guide on how to make an easy and inexpensive wardrobe, in which we will discuss both the issue of measurements and some guidelines to create a comfortable built-in wardrobe interior. Don’t forget to get your gloves and put on your safety shoes before starting the task.

Defining the space

The first thing we have to do is define the space and take the measurements of the built-in wardrobe that we want to assemble. This area may already be planned, taking advantage of the space between two columns, for example. If this is not the case, simply choose a wall and the space to occupy, creating the other wall ourselves. To do this, it is enough to raise a small brick wall in the area that we do not have cover, in order to cover the entire space that we need.

Designing the interior

Within the parts of a built-in wardrobe, the interior is one of the most complex and important. The advantage is that, by designing it from scratch, you can plan this area in the way that suits you best, depending on what you want to save.

In this section you have several alternatives. One of them is to buy a built-in closet interior kit, with which to solve all design problems. As an alternative, if you want to fully customize this area, you can make a built-in wardrobe out of plasterboard. This material is so versatile that it works for both walls and shelves, making it easy to create all the shapes you need inside.

Lining the walls

Once the design is done, it is time to take action. Obviously, first you will have to buy all the materials , such as the wood for the lining of the closet walls, the plasterboard, if applicable, or the rest of the elements. It is advisable to buy the wood panels already cut and finished, since their finish is better and saves you the cutting process. However, it is advisable to have the sandpaper at hand, in case you have to touch up an edge to make it fit better.

Long nails are used to secure the cabinet liner to the walls, which will hold the side panels in place. It is convenient to add glue on them, so that they are totally fixed. We will do the same with those above and below, as well as those at the bottom of the closet area. Make sure that all the panels are placed evenly, without jumps or other inconveniences.

Placing the interior layout

Once we have the wardrobe dressed, the next step is to place all the interior elements . If we have bought a kit, it will be enough for us to follow the instructions of the kit to carry out the assembly. If it is your own design, it will be convenient to secure the different elements to the walls, without forgetting the weight that each shelf or shelf will support. The greater the weight, the greater the strength of the hardware must be.

Regarding the bars, these are mounted with specific supports, easy to place, but that must be screwed tightly, due to the weight they are going to support. Do not forget to finish everything correctly, so that the result is as elegant as possible. Something key when it comes to making a built-in closet interior.

Installing the closet doors

Once we have seen how to line a built-in wardrobe or of another type, the time has come for us to know how to put sliding doors to a built-in wardrobe. In this case, it is advisable to buy a ready-made door kit that fits the measurements you need. The offer is wide, both in doors and in the fronts of built-in wardrobes available on the market. So you will have no problem to fit its design in that of your furniture, the bed barriers that you may have in the room or the decoration of the entire room itself.

The first step is to place the rail on the ground , leaving about two centimeters between the outer panel and the aforementioned rail. Next, the various holes are drilled along the rail and the dowels are inserted. We continue the assembly by inserting the different screws into the plugs that we have previously placed. It is key that these screws do not protrude, because if they do, they will surely cause problems when opening or closing the door. We will repeat this process with the other rail, leaving both well aligned and in place.

The final step is to put the doors in place, for which it is necessary to raise them slightly until they fit into the track. It is key that you do not release the door until you are sure that it is in place, to avoid accidents. Once placed, check that it runs well and that it is properly fixed in place, making the necessary adjustments.

After this step, you only have to clean everything and fill your new closet with everything you want to keep inside. Don’t forget to add a moth guard to your clothes.

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