Features Of Choosing A Table Circular Saw : Types, Selection Criteria, Popular Models

Among other equipment, owners of private workshops have such a useful tool as a tabletop circular power saw. Although it is not as productive as its stationary version, however, it significantly outperforms him in terms of mobility. Table saws are supplied with special equipment, thanks to which they can be installed with little effort in almost any place.

This power tool can be used to solve various problems: home and roof repair, manufacturing of plastic products, wood, etc. The whole variety of circular saws can be represented in the form of three main groups:

  • This type of power tool is perfect for DIYers looking for maximum productivity. These saws can handle large jobs with ease. However, the operation of such machines is possible only if there is a sufficiently large and specially equipped space.
  • Designed for a small amount of work. They are suitable for processing light-strength timber. It is customary to refer to the group of hand saws medium and mini-devices. They attract buyers with such advantages as mobility, low weight, ease of use. Although they have a small operating power, this allows significant savings in electricity costs.
  • Some owners often mistake stationary saws for table saws. However, it is rather difficult to confuse them due to significant structural differences. The table saw is more mobile, but it has less performance. Even the owner of a small workshop will be able to allocate enough space for this power tool.

Also, circular saws are usually classified according to the scope :

  1. They are circular electrical devices with compact dimensions, which are widely used in private workshops. Their main difference is small power indicators, but in most cases they are enough to solve emerging problems.
  2. To ensure comfortable and safe operation, such machines must be reliable, robust and durable. Most often they are used in industries where the equipment used must easily withstand many hours of working day without long interruptions.


Features of choice

Among the whole variety of woodworking machines, the most suitable for an ordinary layman will be a circular electric table saw. This is a more practical option than a manual model, which has advantages that are relevant for any home craftsman.

To remain satisfied with the choice made, we advise you to carefully approach the issue of choosing a table circular. You can make the right decision if, when studying various models, you take into account the following nuances :

  • power;
  • maintainability;
  • security elements;
  • functionality;


Knowing about the existence of such models of circular saws as Makita, Spets STSE 2000 and others from well-known manufacturers, even a person far from the field of woodworking can easily choose a suitable circular saw model.

However, there are dozens of other noteworthy circulars on the market. And each of them differs in its technical and operational characteristics .

First of all, you need to carefully inspect the appearance of the machine. We advise you to pay attention to the following points:

  1. What is the state of the working surface, what material it is made of.
  2. Are the disc elements, as well as other important parts of the machine, securely fastened?
  3. What power indicators are shown on the device.
  4. Is it convenient to mount the disk units, how easy is it to change the disk yourself.
  5. Try to determine the weight of the car, for this you need to pick it up. A good desktop machine must be heavy, otherwise it will not be able to solve serious problems. Otherwise, already during the sawing process, you can be very upset with the perfect purchase.
  6. Ease of use. Try to at least roughly understand whether it will be convenient for you to cut workpieces with such a machine. Desktop models can be made in a wide variety of configuration options: some buyers may find them convenient, while others will find it difficult to understand from the first time which side is best to approach the machines.
  7. Disk availability. When buying consumables from Russian, Italian and German manufacturers, you can be sure of their quality and reliability. However, disks may vary in terms of availability. We advise you to find out in advance if you will have any problems with the purchase of the disc. Sometimes you come across such models for which it becomes very problematic to get the right disk for wood, metal or metal-plastic.


Table saws belong to the category of machines that can be used not only for woodworking. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the model you are interested in before buying, so that you can use all its potential.

Circulars from renowned manufacturers such as Makita, Spets and others come with replaceable discs that support work with materials such as:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • metal-plastic;

When deciding on a circular attachment, you will have to purchase several different disc elements. Please note that each disc can only be used for specific material. Therefore, when choosing the disk you need, be sure to take this point into account.

Security elements

Each master, while working on a circular, must comply with certain safety rules. However, even in this case, one cannot be sure that he will not get injured. It is necessary that the circular machine itself meets certain safety requirements. For this in modern cars, appropriate security elements are responsible.

To be sure of your own safety, we advise you to find out what protective devices it is equipped with when choosing a circular. On machines from such well-known manufacturers as Spets, Makita, the following components are mandatory :

  • overheating protection device;
  • protection system in case of saw hanging;
  • emergency shutdown mechanism;
  • electronic control systems;
  • buttons for protection against accidental activation;
  • nozzles;
  • limiting framework.

In no case do we recommend saving money at the expense of safety. Keep this in mind even if you are buying a tool for home use. Today you can buy a circular for at least 20 tons . In stores, you can also have more expensive models intended for use in private workshops.

For time-tested installations from Makita, you will have to pay about 33 tons, and the purchase of no less popular Spets machines will cost you 10 tons.


In the event of the failure of the circular machine, many think for a long time before starting to repair the unit with their own hands. Regardless of the complexity of the device, we advise you not to take on this business, but entrust the repair to specialists:

  • It is very difficult for a novice master to understand the level of complexity of the upcoming repair, in contrast to a more experienced professional.
  • A specialist can easily determine the extent of the breakdown and the chances of returning the tool to working condition, only by looking at the device of the machine, as well as knowing the features of its manufacture and other important characteristics.
  • If your table saw is out of order, which has not yet expired the warranty period, then we do not recommend repairing it yourself. It is best to give it to a service center, where it will be qualitatively repaired for you without any fee.
  • If the warranty is no longer valid for your machine, or in your case an event has occurred that is not covered by the warranty repair, then you can contact a familiar experienced craftsman and agree with him about the repair of the saw. It is not worth doing this business on your own, after all, not everyone can cope with this task.

Tool power

If you managed to buy a machine at a low price, the saw obediently in your hands and works properly, then you can be congratulated. You could find the best electric circular table saw.

But I would like to say that for effective sawing of wood, metal and plastic and other workpieces, the tool must be selected and taking into account the power . Based on this feature, three main groups of machines can be distinguished:

  1. Low-power units up to 800 W. They can be used to manually cut lightweight products.
  2. Medium power universal models. Machines that are able to cope with a wide range of tasks have power from 800 to 1200 watts.
  3. Universal machines with power exceeding 1200 watts.

When choosing a tabletop circular saw, we advise you to consider only proven models . But it doesn’t have to be Spets STsE 2000. There are many other noteworthy solutions on the market. A properly selected circular saw will help you make high-quality repairs with your own hands, as well as make various designs.

This benchtop power tool is perfect for sawing oak blanks. The unit has an operating power of 3.1 kW. The design does not provide for an overload protection system. Has a high rotation speed, which is 3200 rpm. The power regulator is located at the rear of the case.

It is also ideal for sawing pine planks. In the model, the prongs are positioned at a 35 degree angle. There is no shaft overheating protection system. The unit has a carriage with a width of 8.4 cm. There are ventilation holes near the handle.

As can be judged from customer reviews, the tool is equipped with a fairly high-quality brake. The rotor functions flawlessly. There is a knob for more precise tuning of the instrument’s frequency. In stores, you can buy Interskol circular saw for 18 tons .

Makita DHS683Z Saw Description

The model has a power of 3.3 kW. According to customer reviews, the limiter is easily adjustable. The unit is equipped with a rotor of protection of the third degree, it is delivered without a cover. The perfect solution for cutting wide pieces of wood. Equipped with a 8.3 cm wide strut, the stabilization system functions smoothly.

The model is designed to work up to -20 degrees. The base plate is made of stainless steel, the rotary spindle is made of high quality. You can buy this tool in the retail network for 12,600 rubles.

The owners of private workshops do not really think about when they are faced with the question of choosing equipment for woodworking. Most often, they prefer a tabletop circular electric saw. This is the most suitable tool for use in such conditions.

First of all, these machines attract buyers with their mobility and economy. The small power does not upset them too much. After all, initially this tool is not considered by them to perform serious tasks.

the problem is choosing the right model . And this is not so easy to do, given that today these machines are presented on the market in a large number of options.

But knowing for what purposes a tool is needed and what equipment it should have, the task of choosing a table circular saw is greatly simplified. And if the purchased saw is from a trusted manufacturer, then you can hardly doubt its long-term and reliable operation.

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