Do It Yourself In Wood: Three Simple Ideas To Carry Out

Here are three interesting tips for all DIY enthusiasts, and especially for lovers of wooden objects.

In this article we want to propose three original ideas to all DIY wood enthusiasts who are looking for projects that lend themselves to various levels of construction difficulty. The objects we propose, in fact, can be easily made with the classic basic power tools, such as the radial miter saw with upper surface, the bench band saw and other manual tools, and do not require complex machining with equipment such as the combined machine for wood .
Anyone who has a small space available with the basic equipment for the DIY hobby , therefore, can try their hand at making one of these objects which, thanks to their simplicity, are within the reach of even beginners.

The raw material

Before illustrating our ideas, however, it is good to make a small introduction to the materials to be used; the choice may fall on different types of wood, in fact, especially depending on the available budget. Furthermore, we must not underestimate the possibility of being able to use wood left over from other projects, or to be able to acquire waste wood at no cost, as it would represent a considerable advantage from an economic point of view.

If, on the other hand, it is necessary to purchase the raw material to be processed, then the cheaper alternative is represented by OSB panels , laminated wood , multilayer wood and, in general, all composite semi – finished products obtained in turn from chipboard or other waste wood processing. The strips and solid wood planks , on the other hand, obviously cost more but also the quality is much higher.

A middle ground is represented by the wood of the pallets instead, which are usually made of solid pine wood; pallets are well known for their extreme resistance, thanks to which they are extremely versatile as regards the possible processes and destinations of use, and for the fact that they can be purchased at very low costs, especially if already used.

Panels and decorative objects

This idea is the cheapest to make, as it allows you to recycle a wide range of woodworking waste. What remains of boards and strips, in fact, can be “assembled” together in order to create panels with abstract shapes, to hang on the walls of the house; if the pieces come from different varieties of wood, moreover, their natural color can be exploited, enhancing it with finishing paints.

If you are particularly skilled in drawing, however, you can consider the pyrography decoration ; in this case the wood is decorated before being subjected to finishing with the impregnating and polishing varnishes, otherwise the pyrography would end up burning the varnish.
As for scraps such as blocks and squared pieces of wood, these can be shaped, cut or sculpted in order to create objects of any kind, starting from functional ones such as coasters and pen holders to purely decorative ones, such as statuettes and bas-relief sculptures. .

Even the chipboard curls can be colored and then glued in order to create particular compositions or as three-dimensional elements to be applied to decorated panels or sculptures of larger dimensions. The recycling of wood processing waste, regardless of size and type, can offer many ideas for DIY enthusiasts who have a particularly creative streak and a marked artistic spirit.

Simple headboard with wooden planks

Here is another idea that is easily achievable even for a novice DIY enthusiast, and that can be easily adapted to suit your needs and budget: a bed headboard made with simple wooden planks. .

The only practical limit, in this case, is represented by the particular needs due to the context in which the headboard will be inserted, in particular the style of furniture to which it will have to approach. For this type of project, in fact, both high quality solid wood boards can be used, in order to create an element with a well-structured and elaborate design, and recycled wood from old pallets, old dismantled boards, scraps of wooden strips. to be assembled together like a patchwork, or even doors and shutters recovered from old countryside ruins.
All that needs to be done is to assemble the boards together vertically or horizontally, depending on the project you have in mind to create, and possibly add further elements, decorative or functional depending on the case. The finish of the headboard can be made or not, i.e. you can choose whether to leave the surface of the boards rough, in order to give them a rustic look, or sand them, smooth them and then treat them with a coat of impregnating agent for wood to protect them from humidity. and parasites, and then possibly color them with a coat of glossy or satin paint , depending on your taste.

A vintage style medicine cabinet

Among the different ideas that we have proposed in our article, the vintage-style medicine cabinet is the most complex to perform and is also characterized by higher costs and production times.

As you can see from the photographs inserted as examples, however, the possible results are certainly worth the effort. It is basically a matter of creating a sort of chest of drawers whose characteristics and style can vary according to the needs of the case; even the size and shape of the drawers can be made according to the type of medicine to be stored, starting from the classic blister packs of pills up to the syringe vials and the bottles of supplements and best branched chain amino acids .
Since the main structure of the cabinet will have to be hollow to accommodate the numerous drawers, moreover, for this type of project it is recommended to use solid wood, or a variety of plywood able to guarantee an adequate level of rigidity. and resistance, and a detailed diagram on paper that takes into account the measurements in an extremely precise manner.

The lesser or greater complexity of the project must be subordinated to the experience acquired in the construction of furnishings and other wooden objects ; to create a large cabinet with a great variety of compartments and drawers for storing all sorts of medicines, in fact, it is advisable to have a good command of the use of tools and working techniques.

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