DIY Candle Holders: Ideas And Tools For Original Creations

Here are some ideas to make the most romantic of objects: the candle holder. Choosing the most suitable materials and the best tools for their processing.

The candle holder, or candlestick, is an object whose function is to support a single candle; therefore it should not be confused with the candlestick, which instead is made to support a number of candles that can vary according to the type and size of the object; the simplest of the candlesticks, in fact, is designed to support two or three elements at most, while the most complex can support up to five or even more. Apart from the number of candles, therefore, candlesticks also differ from candlesticks in size and weight.

Before electric lighting spread widely even in homes, the use of candlesticks, candelabra and oil lamps was extremely widespread; if oil lamps disappeared quickly after the advent of electric bulbs, however, candle holders and candelabra are still in use with the value of furnishing accessories, even in modern-style homes, or as sacred objects in the furnishing of churches and places of worship in general.

An indication of how much the collective imagination is linked to this type of object can be found in the street lamps intended for public lighting, which in many cases are still made by imitating the style of the ancient candelabra. In the home, the candlestick was so widespread that its presence has become almost an indispensable legacy, although there is no real need to use it for lighting purposes, consequently it is almost unthinkable not to find at least one in every home, even if only for decorative purposes.

An object with a romantic value

As we mentioned earlier, nowadays the candle holder has a purely aesthetic value, as a more or less simple piece of furniture depending on the case; its use, in fact, has become superfluous even in emergencies, as flashlights have completely supplanted the use of candles during the occasional blackout.

Consequently, the candle holder is used in its primary function only on special occasions, for example Valentine’s Day dinners, for moments of relaxation, for yoga sessions or simply to take a relaxing bath in the tub, thanks to its ability to create an intimate and romantic, sometimes magical atmosphere.

The exercise of creativity

The candle holder is also particularly appreciated in the field of do-it-yourself creations , as its realization allows you to exercise your inventiveness and train your manual skills, both as regards the processing of different types of materials and for the acquisition of experience. in the use of hand tools and electric tools.

The preliminary project

The first step towards making a DIY candle holder , therefore, consists in putting your ideas on paper by drawing a preliminary sketch of the object. The project largely depends on the materials that you choose to use obviously, because in certain cases it could prove to be completely superfluous, and to better understand this aspect it is important to give examples.

In the introduction we specified that one of the characteristics of the candle holder is that of supporting a single candle, and the most classic of examples in this sense is represented by the “lie”. This word refers to the Algerian city Béjaïa, which during the Middle Ages was a well-known center for the production of candles made of beeswax and whose name, Italianized precisely in “lie”, has become synonymous with candles and, by extension, with candle holder.

The lies are usually made up of a petal or a saucer with a handle, in the center of which there is a bud where the candle is inserted. Lies were the most widespread candlesticks, especially at the popular level, thanks to their extreme simplicity and functionality, and were usually made of wood, metal or even stone.

Materials and ideas

The most versatile material to use is certainly wood; the possibilities it offers are different in fact, especially as regards the styles. In order to better tackle the creation of a wooden candlestick, cutting tools, such as a jigsaw, and engraving tools, such as gouges and chisels, are needed above all, even a screwdriver could be useful if the project to be carried out requires the fixing of additional elements; a table saw, milling machine, and pillar drill could make things even easier if the project requires complex machining.

You can also start from a piece of firewood, a branch or a piece of briar; the latter in particular, if suitably sawn and polished at the base and then left in its natural state on the upper face, would allow the creation of extremely original candle holders.

The same goes for firewood logs; by sawing longitudinally a 25-30 cm long log, for example, and carefully smoothing the base, it will be sufficient to make 40 mm diameter recesses in the bark, in order to accommodate the tealight candles that are usually also used in oil burners essential, and which can also be found in fragrant varieties.

The same type of work can be carried out on a twisted branch of adequate size, sawing it longitudinally in order to obtain a piece of furniture with a particular shape; leaving the bark in place and treating it with impregnating and glossy finish varnish, then, its natural beauty can be further enhanced.

If you have a wood lathe, on the other hand, then you can make classic stemmed candle holders; this solution could give life to objects of high aesthetic value, especially by gluing together scraps of solid wood of different colors and then modeling them on the lathe and finishing them with polishing products.

For those who have experience in iron working, however, it is possible to create candle holders in Shabby Chic style using sheet metal or wrought iron rods; the sheet metal can be used to create the classic shapes of a windowed lantern, or perforated with more or less complex ornamental motifs depending on the degree of experience one has. The wrought iron rods, on the other hand, can be shaped and then welded to decorative elements, such as leaves or other, in order to create candle holders with particular shapes or classic lies.

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