How To Equip A Garage Or A Small DIY Workshop

Brief orientation guide on how to structure your own space dedicated to maintenance and do-it-yourself, from furnishings to specific tools. Most DIY-related guides and articles online tend to focus on power tools and tools, assuming that potential buyers all have adequate space to place them. In most cases, however, the reality is quite different; not … Read more

How To Build A Wooden House With Pallets

From the children’s house to a small shed, let’s see together how to make the most of used wooden pallets and what costs it entails. Building an entire do-it-yourself house using only wood is the common dream of many people, including those who are not familiar with this discipline or have a particular predisposition for … Read more

8 Best Workbenches for Garage [2022 Updated ]

If you intend to equip your small workshop because maybe you are fanatic of “do it yourself”, one of the first purchases you should worry about is the workbench, not only because it constitutes an important support surface for everything you need to fix or build but also because in this way you have your … Read more

What It Takes To Start A Carpentry Workshop

Practical guide on the equipment needed to set up a small carpentry: from the workbench to stationary machines and hand tools. The global economic situation is leading an increasing number of young people to rediscover ancient crafts, which today more than ever seem to represent a great resource for the future. As regards specifically the … Read more