All About The Colors Of Electrical Cables

Electric cables are part of our life, although we do not see them, they are found inside the walls and appliances that we use every day. However, there always comes a time when we need to identify the colors of the wires to do some home repair. Just as there are different types of electrical … Read more

9 Best Metal Cable Ties [2022 Updated]

Cable ties are a versatile DIY accessory, with which to make all kinds of joints and fixings. However, when plastic cable ties fail, it is necessary to resort to the stronger and more durable metal cable ties. Among them, we have the WuikerDuo WinWoner . These screw flanges are ideal for holding hoses and adjusting … Read more

9 Best Cable Detectors [2022]

You need to make sure you don’t damage plumbing or cable bundles when you pull down a wall or open a window in a home remodeling project. The cable detector is one of the most popular models today. Even though the cables are 51mm deep, this tool is able to recognize them. Metal parts, copper … Read more