What Is And How To Prepare Cement Mortar

Everything you need to know about one of the most used conglomerates in construction, starting from the composition up to the different types and possible applications. Mortar is mainly used in building and construction, technically speaking it is a conglomerate obtained by mixing a binder, mostly cement or lime, with fine aggregates (sand), water and … Read more

How To Make A DIY Thermal Coat

Everything you need to know about the thermal insulation system, from the different possible solutions to the costs and methods of self-construction. The external insulation of the house, commonly called house insulation or thermal insulation, has the purpose of reducing the dispersion of heat and the formation of thermal bridges in order to increase energy … Read more

How To Make Concrete At Home

Here are some tips on the best products on the market and the best “recipes” for proportions, in order to prepare good quality homemade cement. To obtain good quality, resistant and long-lasting masonry works, it is not enough to mix concrete as it happens. To begin with, it is necessary to know how to mix … Read more

How To Make Cement?

Cement is a binder material that is made up of a ground mixture of limestone and calcined clay, whose main property is its ability to harden on contact with water. Cement is widely used in civil works, but also for some home repairs, so it is always important to know how to make concrete and … Read more

How To Make Concrete?

Concrete is one of the most used materials in the construction area, both domestically and industrially. However, it is a composite product, so it is important to take into account the amount of each ingredient to achieve a mixture that is tailored to the needs of the project. The history of construction would not be … Read more