Bisaten Thermal Insulating Anti-Condensation – Review

The Bisaten cycle, even if expensive, is part of a complete package which in addition to the paints of excellent yield and quality also includes the roller, the putty and protective sheets for the floor.

Main advantage

Usually to carry out a complete anti-mold cycle it is necessary to use different products to be purchased separately; the Bisaten sanitization cycle, on the other hand, has the advantage of being sold in a package complete with everything you need, starting from the primary products up to the roller and sheets.

Main disadvantage

The price is perfectly proportionate to the quality of the painting and the number of products in the package, but it is still quite high and therefore not very accessible to those on a limited budget.


Complete cycle of anti-mold sanitization

Bisaten is a trademark owned by the paint manufacturer Giuseppe di Maria SpA and is used for a series of paints characterized by different specific properties. The paints in question, in fact, are specially designed for the sanitization of walls and ceilings of domestic and commercial environments contaminated by mold, as well as to prevent its subsequent reformation over time.

Unlike generic anti-mold paints produced by other companies, which can also be used individually, the Bisaten sanitization cycle is a complete and articulated treatment that involves the use of three different specific products: a detergent solution, a fixative paint and one with specific anti-condensation and thermal insulation properties. The further advantage of the Bisaten cycle, moreover, consists in including both the aforementioned paints and additional tools and products necessary for its application, all in a single package available at a price that, although it may appear high, is decidedly advantageous compared to the purchase of the individual products necessary for an anti-mold sanitization cycle, regardless of the manufacturer.

The three components and the application procedure

The main components of the Bisaten sanitization cycle are obviously the three paints: detergent, fixative and anti-condensation, so let’s examine them in more detail. The detergent can contains 2.5 liters of water-based paint whose composition has sanitizing and sanitizing properties; the detergent is colorless and ready to use, it can be spread easily with a brush or roller and has a yield of about 20 square meters per liter, so the content of the jar is enough for a surface of about 50 square meters.

The detergent must obviously be used in the preparatory phase, so it is the first paint of the cycle to be applied on the walls affected by mold; if the latter has been present for a long time then it is preferable not to limit yourself to covering only the areas where the stains are located, but the entire wall, and then leave the product to act for 24-48 hours.

Once this period of time has elapsed, all the residues of dead mold must be removed by brushing vigorously; during this phase it is advisable to use a mask to protect the respiratory tract. At this point, the fixative can be applied, diluted in water with a ratio of 1 to 2; the can of fixative also contains 2.5 liters of product, so once diluted you will get 5 liters of paint which is enough to cover an area of ​​about 50 square meters.

The fixative has a double action: bacteriologically neutralizes the molds that have taken root on the walls and, at the same time, prepares the surface allowing it to absorb the subsequent coats uniformly. The final product that completes the sanitization cycle is the heat-insulating anti-condensation paint; the package includes the 13-liter bucket which has a total yield of approximately 78 square meters. To ensure a perfect result and the full effectiveness of the heat-insulating and anti-condensation properties, at least three coats of the final paint must be applied.

The other products in the pack

Apart from the specific paints that make up the Bisaten sanitization cycle, the package also includes additional products and tools useful for the job: a one kilogram jar of putty paste, useful for correcting any imperfections on the wall, a roller to spread the paint and two bags sealed with as many plastic sheets to cover the floor; each sheet measures 4 x 4 meters and with both it is possible to cover a total area of ​​32 square meters.

Both the paints and the other products that are part of the package are characterized by an excellent quality level and are also covered by a two-year guarantee.

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