9 Best Wrenches for Mechanics [2022]

The spanner is one of the most practical and versatile tools that exist, since it can replace a complete set of fixed keys, thanks to its jaw that can be adjusted to the size of the nut. However, there are many models available on the market, so we have selected the most relevant ones. The Stanley 0-90-949 is 25 cm long and offers a maximum opening of 3.3 cm. For its part, the Ox Tools OX-P560208 has a measuring scale in the jaw and the head is ultra slim to reach tight places.

9 Best Wrenches for Mechanics [2022]

There are projects around the home that require the use of spanners of many sizes, but this can be impractical, for this reason, we have prepared this list with 9 of the best wrenches of 2021, so that you can do the job more convenient and practical with just one tool.

1.DEWALT Combination Wrench Set

Many users think that this is the best wrench on the market today, as it has measurements that are useful for many jobs. In this case, it is 25 cm long and offers a maximum jaw width of 3.3 cm, but is also available in 20 x 2.4 cm dimensions for smaller nuts.

DEWALT Combination Wrench Set, Metric, 8 Pieces (DWMT73810)
  • Combination Wrench Set Comes with Lockable Stacking Cases
  • Stamped hashmark pattern on metric combination wrench set handle provides added grip points.
  • Longer panel design gives more torque during use.
  • Full Polish Chrome
  • 13 degree offset box end for knuckle clearance

This large spanner has been made with chrome vanadium, which is a very particular steel, since it is made of alloys that give it special properties, such as hardness, corrosion resistance and a high load tolerance, so that the tool it is capable of offering a long service life.

On the other hand, it has a bi-material handle, which allows a more ergonomic and firm grip. In addition, it is eye-catching, as it has the classic yellow and black color combination of the Stanley brand.

If you do not know which wrench to buy, you may be interested in this product, so it is worth reviewing its most important characteristics in more detail.


Size: It is a large key, which measures 25 x 3.3 cm, but there is also a more compact version of 20 x 2.4 cm.

Material: It has been manufactured with a special steel called chrome vanadium, which offers strength and durability.

Handle: It has a bi-material handle that provides a better grip.


Clearance: As with most adjustable wrenches, this one has approximately 1mm of clearance.

2. WORKPRO 2-piece Adjustable Wrench Set

To know which is the best wrench, you have to analyze each of the characteristics of the available models, in this case, it is a compact tool, which has an ultra-thin head to allow easy access to narrow spaces, in addition , it is very easy to move from one place to another, as it weighs only 227g and measures 1.5 x 7.3 x 20cm, so it can be convenient for plumbers and other on-site technicians.

WORKPRO 2-piece Adjustable Wrench Set, 6-Inch & 10-Inch, Extra-Wide Jaw Black Oxide Wrench, Metric & SAE Scales, for Home, Garage, Workshop and DIY
  • WHAT YOU GET- The 2-piece set includes 6-Inch and 10-Inch adjustable wrench. Wrenches are basic tools for...
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL- The materials of wrenches determine their durability. Our wrench head is made of...
  • METRIC & SAE SCALES- Each wrench in this set have precise measurements (inches & mm). On each side of...
  • SMOOTH JAW ADJUSTMENT- Easy for the user to jaw to acquired size, make work efficient and productive....
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP & PORTABLE DESIGN- The contoured handle cover with rubber reduces the stress in hand and...

This small wrench has a head adjustable by a maximum of 3.2 cm, so you can adapt it to the type of nut or bolt you are working with. However, it also has a fixed spanner on the other end of the tool, which can be useful for quick little adjustments. In addition, it is of robust construction, so it offers a long service life.

The best wrench of the moment is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one that allows you to do the job comfortably and in less time.


Scale: It incorporates a wide 3.2 cm measurement scale, to select the precise adjustment depending on the size of the nut.

Double: Not only does it have an adjustable jaw, but it also incorporates a second fixed jaw for smaller jobs.

Practicality: It measures 1.5 x 7.3 x 20 cm and weighs only 227 g, making it very practical to carry around.


Handle: Although ergonomically designed, the handle is not covered with rubber or other material to soften the grip.

3. DURATECH Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set

This is a Mannesmann palm tree wrench, so this is a high quality tool, designed under strict international standards, in this way, it offers durability and precision. It is made of steel with a multilayer chrome finish, which not only gives it great strength to resist impacts, but also protects it from corrosion.

DURATECH Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set, SAE & Metric, 22-piece, 1/4″ to 3/4″ & 6-18mm, Chrome Vanadium Steel, with Carrying Bag
  • Wrenches are made from durable chrome vanadium steel, additional mirror finish improves the corrosion...
  • 72 teeth perfect precision with slim profile. The 12-Point box end delivers reliable torque to tighten or...
  • 22-piece SAE&Metric Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set that meets ANSI standard includes 11METRIC+11SAE...
  • Tool roll for convenient storage and taking. The tool roll case has each wrench size printed which makes...
  • This comprehensive collection of open-ended and ratchet wrenches is a must-have for your roadside...

It can be used for different repair projects around the home, car and even for plumbing. It is 30 cm long and offers a maximum jaw opening of 3.5 cm, so you can use it with elements of different sizes.

The adjustment system is through a central wheel incorporated in the head of the tool to facilitate work. As if that were not enough, it has a non-slip handle made of PVC, a very resistant thermoplastic material, which in addition to comfort offers a long useful life.

To tighten nuts and bolts easily, it is important to have a good wrench. Let’s see the main features of this model.


Quality: It has been made by a highly prestigious German company, so the quality of the product is guaranteed.

Wheel: It has a very easy-to-use central wheel that allows you to adjust the width of the jaw.

Material: It is made of steel with a chrome finish in several layers, which provides enough strength and resistance for a longer useful life.


Accuracy: The metric scale may not be accurate enough due to slight head play.

4. GEARWRENCH 20 Piece SAE/Metric Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set

It is a tool with a considerable size for demanding jobs in industrial sectors, which has a length of approximately 50 cm and a maximum jaw opening of 6.2 cm, which means that it can be used to tighten large nuts and bolts .

GEARWRENCH 20 Piece SAE/Metric Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set - 35720A-02
  • 72 tooth ratcheting box end needs a minimal 5° to move fasteners vs. 30° for standard wrenches
  • Off-corner loading design on box end provides better grip and reduces fastener rounding
  • Pass-thru technology works down any length of threaded rod and long bolts
  • Thin head and beam provide greater access in confined work areas
  • Size conveniently stamped on both ends of the beam for quick identification

This 20-inch spanner has been manufactured complying with the highest standards, which is why it has exceeded the UNE 16-532: 2002 standard for hand tools for bolts and nuts. In addition, it has a sturdy, one-piece forged chrome vanadium steel frame, thus preventing wear and tear and providing great durability.

For greater practicality, it has a side wheel that allows the width of the jaw to be adjusted to adapt it to the size of the screw. The scale is marked in millimeters and the movable jaw has a painted indicator tip for increased accuracy.

The best brand of English wrenches must offer products for all needs, whether domestic or professional, as with this model from the Spanish company Irega.


Length: It has a length of 50 cm that allows it to be used for more demanding tasks in specialized workshops.

Adjustable: Allows a maximum jaw width of 6.2 cm, enough for large nuts and bolts.

Structure: It has been forged in a single piece with chrome vanadium steel, which gives it toughness and resistance.


Moving: This is a large tool, so it is not practical to move it from one place to another.

5. CRAFTSMAN Adjustable Wrench

For the heaviest and most demanding jobs in the industrial sector, mining, oil, metal construction, among others, this 30-inch spanner can be very useful, since it has a maximum jaw opening of 8.5 cm, sufficient for working with large bolts, nuts and bars.

CRAFTSMAN Wrench Set, SAE / Metric, 32-Piece (CMMT12080)
  • CORROSION RESISTANCE: Full Polish Chrome Finish
  • QUICK ENGAGEMENT: Mechanic Tools Have 12 Point Box End with Fastener
  • ADDITIONAL KNUCKLE CLEARENCE: Wreches Set for Mechanic Comes with 15-degree Box End Offset
  • Meets or Exceeds ASME Specifications

It is manufactured from high performance alloy steel and is forged in a single piece for strength and durability. On the other hand, it has a head angled at 22.5 ° to improve accessibility, in addition, it incorporates a laser-engraved scale in millimeters that allows you to preset with greater precision.

Thanks to the 76.2 cm handle length, it offers a leverage effect to tackle tough jobs with less physical effort. As with other tools of this brand, the Bahco 87 wrench complies with DIN 3117, ISO 6787 and ASME B107.8-2003 standards.

If you need a large and adjustable tool for professional use, this model may interest you, so it is worth reviewing its pros and cons.


Size: It is one of the largest on this list, so it is suitable for demanding jobs where a small wrench is not enough.

Accessibility: Allows better access to nuts and bolts, thanks to its 22.5 ° angled head.

Material: It has been manufactured with alloy steel, which has greater hardness and resistance for high performance at a professional level.


Weight: Due to its size and material, this wrench weighs 5.6 kg, yet it is a common feature of large tools.

6. TOOLGUARDS 26 Pieces INCH/MM slim profile Ratcheting Wrench

This is considered by many users as the best value for money spanner, since it is not very expensive and yet it has been manufactured with high quality steel. It is subjected to two heat treatments; quenching and tempering, which guarantee the hardness of the tool, so it is practically unbreakable to offer a long useful life. In addition, the key has been forged in one piece.

TOOLGUARDS 26 Pieces INCH/MM slim profile Ratcheting Wrench Set with Rack Organizer
  • Why are we different? Because we have the slimmest profile on the market so you can reach those tight...
  • 26 pieces ratcheting wrench set - With mirror finish includes 13 metric + 13 SAE wrenches - 6mm, 7mm,...
  • Chrome vanadium steel - Best steel on the market. The 72-tooth ratchet gears need only a 5-degree...
  • Comes packed in two wrench rack organizer for easy and quick access.
  • Lifetime warranty & customer service - If you have any questions or issues, please don't hesitate to...

It has an adjustable jaw through a practical side wheel, so you can choose a maximum opening of 2.6 cm, thus allowing you to work with nuts and bolts of different sizes. In addition, the jaws are slim and long to provide access to difficult places. As if that were not enough, its adjustment system has no gaps, thus providing greater firmness, control and precision when tightening or loosening nuts.

If you are interested in buying cheap but at the same time useful and high quality products, then you may be interested in this Acorn wrench.


Jaws: The jaws are specially designed to reach difficult places, so they are long and thin.

Treatment: The steel used in its manufacture has been quenched and tempered for greater resistance.

Wheel: It has a very easy-to-use lateral wheel that allows you to adjust the width.


Small: This is one of the smallest on the list, however, it is also very practical.

7. Stalwart 75-HT3009 Combo SAE & Metric Wrench

Of this model, its length of 25.5 cm and its maximum width of 3 cm stand out, which allows you to replace several keys of different sizes, either to carry out work at home or in a specialized workshop. In addition, it has a compact head that allows easy access to difficult places, however, it is at the same time robust and durable.

Stalwart 75-HT3009 Combo SAE & Metric Wrench Set with Carry Case, 22 Piece
  • Open End and 12 Point Boxed End for Max Torque and Rounding Prevention
  • Drop Forged Chrome Vanadium Resists Abrasion, Oxidation and Corrosion
  • SAE Wrenches (1/4", 5/16", 11/32", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 19/32", 5/8", 11/16", 3/4")
  • Metric Wrenches (6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 17mm)
  • Durable Carrying Case for Storage Organization, Carrying Case Dimensions: Length: 6.75 Inch, Width: 2.5...

In this sense, it has been made of steel alloy with a precision tempering process, as well as an anti-corrosion treatment with the phosphating method. In this way, it complies with the ASME B107.8M – 1996 and BS 6333 standards, as well as ISO 6787 and DIN 3117.

The movable jaw on this Bahco wrench can be adjusted using a smooth-running center wheel. In addition, the head incorporates a scale in millimeters that allows precise measurements to be taken.

Practicality is one of the most relevant characteristics of this model, however, it is good to consider its pros and cons before making a decision.


Head: This wrench has a compact head that makes it easy to access the toughest places.

Treatment: It is made of steel alloy and reinforced with an anticorrosive phosphating treatment, which improves its resistance.

Smoothness: The central knurl offers a smooth fit to facilitate work.


Opening: Due to the compact size, the 3 cm opening is insufficient to work with large nuts.

8. Max Torque 15-Piece Premium Combination Wrench Set

This Irimo wrench is made of chrome vanadium steel, so it offers a hardness of 40-45 HRc and resists corrosion for a long service life. In addition, the material has a matte finish that gives it a more sober look for professional workshops. In this sense, it complies with the ISO 6787, DIN 3117 and UNE 16532 standards.

It has a 15 ° head angle as well as long jaws that allow access to narrow spaces without major difficulties. It also incorporates an easy-to-use side wheel to adjust the opening to the size of the nuts or bolts you are using.

Max Torque 15-Piece Premium Combination Wrench Set, Chrome Vanadium Steel, Long Pattern Design | Include Metric Sizes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22mm with Storage Rack
2,121 Reviews
Max Torque 15-Piece Premium Combination Wrench Set, Chrome Vanadium Steel, Long Pattern Design | Include Metric Sizes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22mm with Storage Rack
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - High strength chrome vanadium steel construction with rust preventative mirror chrome...
  • V-CUT OPEN END - Specially engineered “V”-cut open end grips four flat sides of fasteners to deliver...
  • EASY TO USE - 12-Point box end doubles the access angle than a 6-point, and 15-degree offset creates...
  • LONG PATTERN DESIGN - Longer wrench body than other brands provides better leverage performance and...
  • STAY ORGANIZED - Comes with a compact store-and-go organizing rack for versatile storage solutions with...

For added functionality, it incorporates a scale in millimeters located on the head of the tool, so you can quickly make precise measurements. As if that were not enough, it has a hole in one of the ends that is used to hang it on the tool board.

If you want to buy an adjustable wrench, you must take into account the quality of the materials, since the useful life of the tool depends on this.


Hardness: This key has a hardness of 40-45 HRc, so it resists impacts.

Angle: It has a 15 ° head angle that allows easier access to tight places.

Steel: It has been made with chrome vanadium steel for greater resistance to corrosion.


Price: This model has a considerable price if we compare it with other similar products, however, it can be used in professional workshops.

9. WORKPRO 3-piece Adjustable Wrench Set

This is one of the cheapest options in this selection, but at the same time it is a useful tool for professional and home use, since it allows to repair different devices with nuts and bolts of different sizes. In this sense, this double wrench can be a good investment in the short and long term.

WORKPRO 3-piece Adjustable Wrench Set CR-V with Rubberized Anti-Slip Grips 10-inch, 8-inch, 6-inch
  • Meet ANSI specifications
  • Chrome plated for rust resistance
  • Slip-resistant bi-material handle for a comfortable grip
  • Forged chrome vanadium steel provides high strength and durability
  • Used for automotive maintenance and repair, plumbing and general assembly tasks

It is a tool that works as a ratchet wrench, since it has an automatic adjustment mechanism, with a self-locking system, which adapts to the size and shape of the nut or bolt. In this case, it allows an opening from 8mm to 42mm, so it can be used to adjust water pipes.

It has a solid structure made of high quality steel, so it complies with international standards in the tool sector. In this way, it is a resistant product that offers a long service life.

A good tool should not only be functional, it is also important that it has an affordable price. Such is the case with this model.


Double: It has a head at each end with different sizes to work with nuts of different dimensions.

Use: Thanks to its functionality, it can be used to repair the car, water pipes and other tasks.

Mechanism: It has self-locking and automatic reset, thanks to the fact that it incorporates a spring system with a unique design.


Adjustment: Because it does not have a wheel but works automatically, the adjustment is less precise than that of a traditional wrench.

Shopping guide

Among the most practical tools is the wrench, since it allows to adjust the jaw to carry out the work with ease and precision. However, there are many different models on the market, which can make product selection difficult, for this reason we have put together this guide to buying the best wrench.


When making a comparison of English wrenches we can see that there are models of different sizes, that is why we must first define what is the use that we are going to give the tool, since it depends on whether we choose a small or large wrench. that we can adapt to our needs.

Compact wrenches are suitable for working on small device repairs, as these usually have small nuts and bolts. Although they are very useful around the home, these mini tools can also be carried everywhere, making them practical for professional work at home. They generally have a length between approximately 20 and 25 cm and a maximum jaw width that can be between 2.4 and 3.3 cm.

Larger spanners are recommended above all for industrial use, in cases where the devices have large nuts and bolts, for this reason, it is common to find models from 25 to 80 cm in length. Those with the longest handle are used for leverage, facilitating adjustment in demanding professional jobs. In this sense, they can offer more than 8 cm of working width in the jaw.


If you are concerned about how much a wrench costs, then you should consider the materials that have been used in its manufacture, as this can greatly influence the price of the product. Likewise, it can be decisive for the resistance of the tool, in this way, it is possible to know if it is for eventual use at home or is it suitable for regular use in repair shops.

The most popular material in this case is steel, since it offers high strength and durability, however, some wrenches are made of alloys of this metal with other elements such as chromium and vanadium, which provide greater strength and durability. They allow to withstand corrosion, therefore, they are practically unbreakable tools.

There are wrenches that have a bi-material handle, which means that it is made with two different types of materials, such as polypropylene and fiberglass, which offer great resistance and at the same time allow a better grip for greater ergonomics. when tightening nuts and bolts. Although these types of keys can be a bit more expensive, you can also get a good and inexpensive one at the same time.


Design plays an important role in the case of wrenches, as it can influence their functionality and even the useful life of the tool. In this sense, we must pay special attention to the head, in terms of the thickness and length of the jaws, to know if it will work in the case of reaching nuts and bolts in narrow places. Thus, certain models even have an angle of inclination in the head for greater practicality.

The head of the wrench can have the knurl or rotary knob on one side or in the center, this depends mostly on the user’s preference, since both systems are practical and smooth in most modern wrenches. In addition, some models include a hole at the end opposite the head that is used to hang the tool on the wall, allowing immediate access in the workshop.

Regarding the structure of the tool, it is advisable to buy a model that has been forged in a single piece, since this way it will be stronger and more durable, especially for frequent use in demanding jobs. In this sense, the weight of the wrench is essential to know if you can take it everywhere, so it is good to review this information in the technical details of the product.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a spanner?

The wrench is very easy to use, the first thing you should do is separate the fixed jaw from the mobile one, using the central or lateral wheel. The idea is that the distance between both jaws is greater than the size of the element you need to adjust. In this way, you just have to bring the tool closer and slowly bring the jaws together until a good adjustment of the nut or screw is achieved, so that you can loosen or tighten according to the need of the moment.

If it is a ratchet-type spanner, its adjustment is automatic, you just have to place the three support points around the nut and turn to the right to lock the tool and tighten. If you want to unscrew, then you have to change the direction of the tool and turn to the left.

Q2: What is the wrench made of?

The material par excellence used for the manufacture of wrenches is steel, this is because it is a very strong metal and it is not too heavy, however, some models are made of a chrome vanadium steel alloy, which It gives the product greater hardness and resistance to corrosion, in this way, the tool can offer a longer useful life.

Although some wrenches are forged from a single piece of metal, others have a handle made of fiberglass and polypropylene, two highly durable materials that nonetheless provide a more ergonomic grip when getting the job done.

Q3: How to remove rust from a spanner?

It is possible to restore a wrench that is rusted from the effects of moisture. First, you have to remove the oxide layer with a wire brush, brushing it over the entire surface with force. Later, you can use a drill with a metal polishing accessory, the idea is to visualize the good metal that is behind the damaged surface. Next, it is advisable to lubricate the adjustment mechanism of the jaws, so that it regains its smoothness, for this you can use multipurpose oil in spray or with a dropper.

Q4: Why does the wrench slip?

There are at least two ways of sliding the wrench. The most common is due to an incorrect adjustment when controlling the movable jaw to tighten the nut. This can occur due to lack of user experience, but also due to the slack that some keys have, in the latter case, you just have to turn the wheel a little more to put more pressure on the screw head and thus overcome the failure.

The other way of sliding has to do with the handle and the clamping, especially if the tool does not have a suitable handle. To avoid this, you can use gloves with an anti-slip surface on the palm of your hands, this is especially important if you are working in humid or oily environments.

Q5: Which is better, ratchet or conventional spanner?

We cannot say that one is better than the other. The conventional wrench allows a very precise adjustment and in fact incorporates a scale in millimeters for professional work. For its part, the ratchet spanner offers great practicality, since it automatically adjusts to the size and shape of the nut or bolt.

Q6: How to clean a wrench?

You can clean the wrench with ingredients that you have at home. To begin, you must place the tool in a container with white vinegar, trying to cover it completely. It is important that you let it work for a few minutes and then brush your teeth and remove any dirt or rust from the key. Afterwards, you can mix 1 cup of baking soda with 2 cups of water to submerge the faucet in this compound, allowing a few minutes to remove the remains of dirt. Finally, you just have to dry the tool and apply natural coconut oil or a multipurpose lubricant.

Q7: Who invented the wrench?

Although there is no consensus among historians, most think it was Edwin Beard Budding, an English engineer who lived between 1795 and 1846, however, the contributions of the Swedish Johan Petter Johansson in 1892 were also important.

Q8: What do the inches on a wrench mean?

In wrenches, inches refer to the length of the tool using the American standard measurement. Therefore, a 30-inch wrench is a tool that is 30 inches long.

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