8 Best Wood Screws for Woodworking [2022 ]

There are different types of wood screws which differ in the type of head, profile and intended use. In our buying guide you will find further useful information on how to identify the ones that best suit your needs, while in the ranking you can take a look at the eight most requested wood screws on the online market by the user group made up of hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. At the top are the most popular ones thanks to their excellent value for money: the Forgefix MPS3550Y , which are countersunk head for general use, and the Connex DP8500020 , a kit containing screws of different sizes but which are only suitable for the chipboard.

8 Best Wood Screws for Woodworking [2022 ]

When it comes to small metal parts, it is difficult to recognize good products from poorer ones, especially considering that the price differences are not consistent. Below, however, you will find those with the most favorable quality-price ratio.

1. Mr. Pen- Wood Screws Assortment Kit, 

According to consumer opinion, the English company Forgefix is ​​one of the most appreciated for the quality of its small metal parts, and the Bargainscrews are considered the best wood screws of 2021 among all those currently available on the market.

They are basically suitable for general use, i.e. they can be used for both chipboard and MDF panels, are good for soft, hard woods, fiber panels and are even suitable for hardware, electrical and plumbing applications. They feature a tip with an extra deep insert recess and a single wax-coated thread, making insertion easier and faster.

Mr. Pen- Wood Screws Assortment Kit, 152 pcs, Phillips Tips, Wood Screws, Screws, Assorted Screws, Screws Set, Flat Head Screws, Assorted Wood Screws, Screws Assortment, Screw Set Assortment
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  • Made of galvanized iron, corrosion-resistant, durable and steady.

The passivated yellow zinc finish also makes them resistant to oxidation and they are equipped with a flat head with recess compatible with the flared Pozidriv system. The package contains 200 screws with 3.5mm diameter by 50mm length.


Quality: Forgefix small metal parts are made with first choice materials, are resistant and do not stretch even when applying a high tightening torque.

Professional: The characteristics of these screws make them suitable even for professional use; in addition to wood, they can also be used for other applications.

Affordable: The 200-piece pack has a highly competitive and affordable cost, especially considering that it is a superior quality product.


Bends: A small part of the screws contained in the package are not perfectly straight but are slightly bent, but it can also happen with those of other companies.

2. M3 Flat Head Wood Screws Assortment Fasteners

Among the different types of wood screws best sold online there are also those of the Connex series, produced by the German company Conmetall; but in this case we are faced with a product available at low prices and mainly intended for hobby and amateur use.

It is a set pack of 245 screws of different sizes; the assortment includes 40 screws of 3 x 12 mm, 40 of 3 x 16 mm, 25 of 3 x 20 mm, 20 of 3 x 25 mm, 30 of 3.5 x 30 mm, 20 of 4 x 20 mm, 20 4 x 40mm, 20 by 4 x 50mm, 10 by 5 x 60mm, 10 by 5 x 70mm and 10 by 5 x 80mm.

M3 Flat Head Wood Screws Assortment Fasteners Kit 420pcs,Phillips Drive Countersunk Head Self-Tapping Screws,Carbon Steel,Contains 20pcs M6 Screw Anchors
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They are all made of steel with a yellow galvanized finish and are equipped with a flat head with Pozidriv recess. A good solution for those who do not have specific professional needs.


Set: The package is an assortment composed of different types of wood screws, of different sizes and with full and half thread, for a total of 245 screws offered in a plastic box with separators.

Economic: The price of the Connex set is low and therefore easily accessible, after all it is a product intended mainly for the user bracket made up of DIY enthusiasts.

Versatile: The fact that it includes a wide variety of sizes makes it an extremely versatile set when it comes to applications, especially in the home.


Quality: They are not suitable for those with professional use needs; Connex are inexpensive DIY screws, only suitable for chipboard.

3. SNUG Fastenerss SNG1079 100 Qty #8 x 1 Black

If you are wondering where to buy wood screws with Torx socket head, then we suggest you take a look at the Forgefast Elite also produced by the English company Forgefix.

We do not add anything new to the quality of the products of this company with respect to what was previously said; ForgeFast screws are also made with excellent steel and finished with a yellow zinc coating that protects them from rust; in comparison to the general purpose Bargainscrews examined previously, however, they feature the Torx socket which allows them to be inserted even at higher torque levels.

SNUG Fastenerss SNG1079 100 Qty #8 x 1 Black Phillips Modified Truss Head Wood Screws, Count
390 Reviews
SNUG Fastenerss SNG1079 100 Qty #8 x 1 Black Phillips Modified Truss Head Wood Screws, Count
  • Quantity: 100 #8 x 1" Screws
  • Drive Type: Phillips Modified Truss Head

The self-drilling shank is patented on purpose to offer maximum yield with the use of the screwdriver, furthermore the whole screw is designed to flex at 35 °, so as to avoid breaking if inserted into substrates that flex during use , a feature that makes it ideal for use in load-bearing constructions.


Torx socket : The ForgeFast Elite are wood screws with a Torx insert, therefore designed for tightening with high torque levels and for specific use with screwdrivers.

Flexible: These screws are able to flex at temperatures equal to and above 35 °, and this feature makes them ideal for insertion in elements subjected to great stresses, such as pillars and load-bearing wooden beams.

Resistant: Both the case and the core are hardened, in order to further increase the resistance characteristics; the package consists of 200 screws plus the Torx bit.


Cost: The quality and characteristics are excellent but also the cost is proportionate and therefore high, especially for larger screws.

4. WoodPro Fasteners AP9X112-1 T25 1-Pound Net

 In fourth place in our ranking relating to the best wood screw we find again a product of the German company Conmetall, but this time marketed by the Max-Power brand.

Item B30042 belongs to the Connex series and is a bucket containing 500 universal screws for wood made of steel and finished with a layer of yellow zinc; the screws have a flat head with Pozidriv insert and are all the same size, 4 x 40 millimeters, but they can also be ordered in different sizes depending on the needs of the case.

The shank is a self-tapping type, and unlike the Connex assortment set previously examined, these are of a much better quality. The only flaw is their structural resistance; since they are still cheap wood screws, in fact, they are too rigid and if subjected to intense stress they tend to break instead of flexing.


Cost: The quality-price ratio is very good, especially considering that the bucket package includes 500 screws.

Wide choice: The package we have examined for you contains 4 x 40 mm screws, but a wide choice of sizes is available depending on the needs of use, from 3.5 x 30 up to 6 x 80 mm.

Quality: Obviously it is not of a professional level, but it is still decent; the screws are self-tapping and provided with a waxed coating to increase smoothness during insertion.


Too stiff: They are not suitable for insertion into load-bearing or stressed elements, because they are too stiff and break instead of flexing.

5. Deck Plus 48410 Wood Screws #8 x 1-1/4″, Tan,

 The TechFast are also produced by the English company Forgefix and are characterized by a quality above the standard average compared to the other screws always available in the economic price range.

In this case, they are hexagonal-head wood screws equipped with an aluminum flange and rubber gasket, and are specially designed for fixing coatings on wooden roofs and roofs. They are made of steel and zinc plated according to the Elementech method, patented by Forgefix, which allows to further increase the resistance to corrosion and oxidation over time; the rubber washer also expands under pressure and guarantees a perfect permanent watertight seal.

Deck Plus 48410 Wood Screws #8 x 1-1/4", Tan, 1lb Box
  • SELF-DRILLING POINT: Together, coarse screw threads and a self-drilling point design eliminate the need...
  • FLAT-HEAD STYLE: Sits flush with material

TechFasts are sold in bags of 100 pieces; the only flaw, however, is that the exact number is subject to variations in the order of about 10%, more or less, compared to the nominal quantity that should be contained in the bag.


For roofs: The TechFasts are specially designed for fixing coatings on roofs and roofs, they are suitable for the assembly of insulating sheaths, metal sheets and panels of polycarbonate or other materials.

Watertight: Each screw has an aluminum flange and a rubber gasket that expands under pressure to ensure a perfect watertight seal and prevent water from entering the holes.

Elementech: The patented plating by the Forgefix company is tested in salt spray for up to 1,000 hours and guarantees the screws maximum resistance against corrosion and oxidation.


“Variable” packaging: The nominal content of each bag should be 100 screws, but in reality it could be less or more depending on the case.

6. ORGRIMMAR Wood Screw Phillips Flat Head Yellow

 In proportion to the number of screws contained in the package, the Omyzam assorted set is in all respects the cheapest product among all those we examined in our article. As mentioned before it is a set,

so it contains an assortment of pieces divided into six different sizes: 200 screws of 2 x 6 mm, 200 of 2 x 8 mm, 200 of 2 x 10 mm, 200 of 2.5 x 6 millimeters, 200 by 2.5 x 8 millimeters and 200 by 2.5 x 10 millimeters, for a total of 1,200 screws.

ORGRIMMAR Wood Screw Phillips Flat Head Yellow Zinc Plated Chipboard Screw Wood Interior Construction Metal Screw Assortment Kit,230Pcs
  • Chipboard screws which have deep and sharp thread for cutting through wood easily and cleanly. The...
  • Made of carbon steel, countersunk flat head, yellow zinc passivated for corrosion resistance.

The small size makes them especially suitable for fixing hinges on wood, and in fact they are characterized by a golden finish with an antique effect that makes them particularly suitable for this purpose. The price is very good but the flaw consists in the inserts, which are not well centered on the heads.


Aesthetics: The antique gold effect finish makes them very beautiful and particularly suitable for certain applications on wood, especially the fixing of hinges and visible metal elements.

Price: The Omyzam set is one of the cheapest; even if it costs more than other sets examined in our article, in fact, it is the one made up of the largest assortment and number of pieces: 1,200 even.

For objects: The small dimensions make these screws particularly suitable for those who delight in creating small wooden objects, especially boxes and caskets.


Quality: Obviously it is a cheap product and as such it has its limitations; in this case it is the inserts on the heads, which are not perfectly centered.

7. WoodPro Fasteners AP8X112-1 Number-8 by 1-

 Those produced for the Drenky brand are self-tapping stainless steel wood screws, solid and corrosion resistant, characterized by a sharp and deformation resistant thread.

Apart from wood, they can also be used for metal sheets, which makes them suitable also for the computer case and for the bodies of household appliances; in fact instead of the countersunk flat head are standard Phillips pan head screws and cross insert. They are 20 millimeters long and have a 4 millimeter diameter head; the package contains 100 pieces.\

The quality of the Drenky screws is undoubtedly good, but the price is quite high and the Phillips insert quite fragile and tends to strip if too high a tightening torque is applied; to prevent this from happening, therefore, before inserting them it is advisable to drill pilot holes so as to be able to tighten them with less force.


Quality: Except for the detail relating to the insert on the head, the Drenky screws are of good quality, resistant to corrosion and deformation; they are made of steel and have a rounded head.

Versatile: They can be used for both wood and metal sheet, so they are also good for repairing appliances, computers, toys and various types of equipment.

Measurements: The package examined contains 100 screws of 4 x 20 millimeters, but they are also available in ten other different sizes from 3 x 10 up to 4 x 60 millimeters, depending on the needs of the case.


Insert: Apart from the high price, the only substantial flaw is the fragile Phillips insert; you have to apply little force when tightening the screws, otherwise you risk stripping it.

8. SNUG Fasteners SNG1078 100 Qty #8 x 3/4″

 We conclude our list of the currently most requested wood screws on the market with the set produced for the Asiv brand. It is an economical product, obviously, appreciated for its good value for money and for the assortment; the package contains eight different types of screws which all have the same diameter head, 3.56 mm, but with lengths of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 mm.

Since this is a low cost product, however, the screws are made of metallic steel instead of stainless steel, in fact when tested by the magnet they are magnetic, and are protected by a nickel coating; furthermore, the quality of the alloy is rather poor and the head is not very strong.

The characteristics and reduced dimensions, consequently, make them more suitable for electronics, even the use on wood is mostly limited to those who delight in the creation of small objects or to model-making enthusiasts.


Economic: The price of the Asiv screw set is very convenient both for the number of pieces, which are 800, and for the variety of sizes.

Dimensions: They are small, therefore more than for do-it-yourselfers, they are recommended above all for model-making, electronics enthusiasts and for the makers of small objects regardless of the type of material processed.

Assortment: The Asiv set is composed of 800 screws of the same diameter but with eight different lengths, from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 20 millimeters, which makes it very versatile in terms of possible applications.


Quality: The steel alloy used to make these screws is a ferrous base, therefore of mediocre quality and easily prone to breaking if subjected to strong stresses.

How to choose the best wood screws

It is not easy to identify which wood screw to buy; In fact, unless you are a profound connoisseur of the sector, it is not possible to know at first sight which products are qualitatively better than others, not even based on price.

The brand is not the only indicator of the level of quality

The production sector of small metal parts is closely connected with that of hand tools, power tools and related accessories, so in some cases it is possible to refer to the manufacturer’s brand to have an index of the quality of the product. Unlike tools and utensils, however, the qualitative margin that exists in small metal parts is more difficult to perceive if you do not have the right experience on the subject.

The material used is in fact only one, steel, and the only way to find out if a screw has been made with a low-quality steel alloy or not is to subject it to use; which means that the only element on which one can rely, to establish the quality of a screw before buying it, is its cost.

Even in this case, however, it is a purely indicative estimate, as the differences between the different products are minimal and this makes the choice very difficult, consequently it is not always easy to understand how to choose a good screw for wood.

Orienting itself towards famous brands, such as Fischer and Silverline for example, is normal for both professionals and more experienced hobbyists, but simple DIY enthusiasts are more likely to get lost in front of the variety of different manufacturers, especially those who tend to prefer cheaper products, and the fact that price differences are often marginal certainly does not help them.

The price and types

If you want to evaluate the quality of a wood screw based on the price, then it is advisable to make a calculation to obtain the unit cost; the screws are in fact sold by weight, or, as happens more often, in packages that offer a specific number or an assortment of different sizes. By dividing the price of the package by the number of screws it contains, therefore, you can get an idea of ​​the unit cost and from this you can more or less guess the quality level of the product.

It must be borne in mind, however, that costs vary not only according to the quality of the material with which the screws are made, but also according to the type. The heads are above all changing, both in shape and as regards the type of coupling they have, which can be hexagonal, Allen key, slotted, simple cross, Pozidriv and so on.

It is also important to make sure of the intended use indicated by the manufacturer; Buying general purpose wood screws is fine, but that doesn’t mean they can be suitable for all types of wood. Some are good for hard woods while others are made exclusively for softer ones, composites or chipboard.

How the different types of wood screws are distinguished

The shape and the thread

The main feature of wood screws is that they are self-tapping; that is, given the type of material on which the screw is used, it is itself that generates the thread at the exact moment in which it is inserted and screwed. Self-tapping screws are also defined as Parker, but it is important to understand that this feature is common to all wood screws, so it is not decisive in distinguishing the other types.

Not even the shape of the screw is indicative of its intended use, because the other common feature is that all of them are equipped with a sharp point, to facilitate the entry into the hole, and of a conical rather than cylindrical shape; the profile can be more or less pronounced depending on the length, in fact, but in wood screws it is always conical because it is an essential structural feature of self-tapping screws.

The shape of the head

There are six different types of heads, each characterized by a specific profile which, in most cases, determines the applications of use of the screw. The types of heads are indicated by letters: TC for the cylindrical head, TB for the button head, TT for the round head, TMT for the half round head, TPS for the flat countersunk head and TGS for the tallow head. the last is the fusion of a flat countersunk head with a half round head.

Usually wood screws are characterized by a flat countersunk head, because once inserted they sink almost completely and remain flush with the surface of the wood. The use of this type is essential above all you have to screw the hinges, for example, or assemble pieces that will slide inside others; in this way the head will not protrude creating thickness and touching the antagonist surface.

The graft

The variety of grafts is even wider than that of the heads; the classic cut graft is less and less widespread now, regardless of the intended use of the screw, as the tip of the screwdriver can easily lose its grip. The most used by wood screws, on the other hand, are the Phillips cross graft, the extruded hexagonal graft (like that of bolts to be clear), the hollowed hexagonal or Allen graft and the patented Pozidriv graft.

In some cases you can also find wood screws with Torx coupling; this is used especially for those screws to be inserted in load-bearing elements, such as wooden beams or in furniture components that perform structural support functions.

Frequent questions

What are Pozidriv wood screws?

Pozidriv is a registered trademark that was created to identify a drive system developed from the Phillips coupling. Apparently they are similar in fact, because the graft is based on a cross cavity, but unlike the Phillips, where the exit flanks corresponding to the tip of the screwdriver blade become thinner, in the Pozidriv these are perpendicular. In addition, the latter has further slit notches on the screw head, at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the cross recess, and on the tip of the relative screwdriver there are small protuberances in the roof that are instead absent in the Phillips screwdriver.

The Pozidriv drive system is mainly used in the production of wood screws, and is therefore very popular in the DIY and craft sector. The Pozidriv coupling offers greater grip on the screw and allows screwing at higher speeds with machines with limited torque, such as hobby power tools.

What are Torx wood screws?

Although the Torx drive system was originally developed for application in mechanical engineering, it was soon adopted by wood screws as well. The particular hexagonal star coupling, in fact, allows to transmit a high tightening torque to the screw, and therefore to be able to insert it deeply and with extreme ease even in woods with the hardest essences.

The further advantage of the Torx coupling is that it is less subject to wear, as the torsional forces do not attack only the corners but also the center and the sides, and to make it much easier to completely sink the head into the wood, bringing it flush or slightly below the surface while maintaining the possibility of extracting it later, without effort and without running the risk of stripping the graft.

How much do wood screws cost?

The cost of wood screws can vary according to their quality, quantity and the manufacturer. The cheaper ones can also be sold in small quantities and therefore are usually priced by weight and have no container, moreover their quality is decidedly mediocre; the mid and high range ones, on the other hand, are sold in packs of 100, 200, 300 or more screws depending on the case.

From an objective point of view it is difficult to distinguish a good quality product from a mediocre one based only on price; since this can vary from 5 to 15 euros per pack regardless of the manufacturer.

A pack containing from 200 to 300 screws, for example, has an average price of around 10-11 euros. Wood screws produced by the most famous and reliable brands, such as Fischer and Silverline for example, tend to cost more obviously, but also offer a much higher quality than the cheaper ones.

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