8 Best Wood Coatings for Boats [2022 Updated]

If you have decided to refurbish an old piece of furniture, or the fixtures, and you want advice on wood coatings, our buying guide will offer you all the useful information to choose the one that best suits your needs.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have much time to spend reading, we suggest you take a look at the reviews of the eight most requested wood paints on the market.

The most popular with buyers are Veleca Pinteco , a transparent glossy and especially suitable for wood exposed to the elements, and Chalk Paint , a special paint that does not require sanding and leaves a finish similar to that of plaster.

8 Best Wood Coatings for boats [2022 Updated]

At the top of our ranking is a water-based wood varnish, easy to apply, and ideal for protecting against atmospheric agents; among the best-selling products, however, you will also find more “specific” paints and a set for artists.

1.Creative Home 50250 Wire Jewelry and Watch Stand, Hanger, Organizer

Among the various products sold online, Veleca Pinteco is one of the best wood coatings of 2021, and it is not only the opinions of the numerous satisfied buyers who support it. The main advantage of the Pinteco, in fact, is that of having a high degree of resistance to bad weather; it has a remarkable durability and does not tend to peel off over time as it happens to other products.

It is also suitable for beginners because it is an odorless water-based paint, easy to prepare, without the use of chemical solvents, and to apply. These characteristics make it ideal above all as a varnish for exterior wood, therefore for the exposed parts of the fixtures, for fences and for garden furniture.

Creative Home 50250 Wire Jewelry and Watch Stand, Hanger, Organizer with Black Powder Coating, Acacia Wood, 7-7/8" x 4" x 12" H
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The only flaw consists in the description of the finish, which is indicated as glossy but instead depends in part on the previous treatment of the wood. The Pinteco, in fact, must be applied after the treatment with the impregnating agent.


Durability: Pinteco paint does not flake but simply tends to wear out very slowly; compared to other similar products, in fact, it has a higher yield in terms of durability.

Water based: It does not require the use of chemical solvents, and to dilute it just use water; this makes it much easier to manage, especially for DIY enthusiasts, and also more tolerable when it comes to the smell.

Yield: The 750 ml jar has an indicative yield of about 8-10 square meters; this value, of course, can be subject to variations according to the dilution ratio.


Preparation: It cannot be applied directly on bare wood, but it must be treated with an impregnating varnish first; therefore not good for single use.

2. Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Exterior Penetrating Stain

Chalk Paint is a paint for wood without sanding, that is, it does not require any preliminary preparation of the surfaces, with the exception of the glossy ones, which however must only be slightly opaque by rubbing them with a scotch-brite sponge.

It can be used for both indoor and outdoor wood, but it is especially ideal for refurbishing old furniture, and can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Before using it, however, it is good to give at least a quick degreasing with water and bicarbonate, after which you can spread the paint, which has a remarkable covering power and leaves an extra matt finish that is extremely pleasant to the touch.

Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Exterior Penetrating Stain - Lakeside Cedar- Quart
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Chalk Paint is available in 44 different colors; the only flaw is the cost, unfortunately, which is quite high in proportion to the quantity. The jar, in fact, contains 250 ml of paint, which is barely enough to give two coats to a medium-sized bedside table.


Without sanding: Chalk Paint can be applied directly on surfaces, without the need for sanding first; the only exception is smooth surfaces which need to be slightly matted.

Colors: The choice of colors is very wide, and allows to satisfy every type of need; it can also be applied with a brush, roller or applied with a spray gun.

Finish: In terms of hiding power, Chalk Paint is the best wood paint among all those we have examined; it also leaves a very nice extra matte finish.


Expensive: The price is a bit expensive, especially in proportion to the amount of paint contained in the can; and unfortunately it is only sold in 250ml jars.

3. Seal-Once Marine Premium Wood Sealer –

If you are wondering where to buy interior wood paint that is suitable for furniture affected by woodworm, mold and mildew, then Douglas Colorwood is the right product for your needs.

The services offered, however, are not limited to the effectiveness against wood diseases but also include protection from atmospheric agents, which makes it suitable also for garden furniture and the external part of window frames. It is also available in different colored but transparent shades, so it is able to give color to the wood without covering its natural veins.

Seal-Once Marine Premium Wood Sealer - Waterproof Sealant - Wood Stain and Sealer in One - 1 Gallon & Clear
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The only flaw in Colorwood’s proposal, however, is that it requires laborious handling; first you have to sand, clean and degrease the surfaces with extreme care, then you have to dilute the paint with a chemical solvent and after applying the first layer you have to wait at least 12 hours before applying the second coat.


For diseased woods: One of the advantages of Colorwood is its effectiveness in treating and protecting diseased woods, be it woodworms, molds or fungi. It also protects against atmospheric agents.

Transparent: Although available in different colors, these are all transparent and therefore instead of covering the natural grain of the wood, they enhance them in order to give greater beauty.

Versatile: Its resistance characteristics make it suitable for both internal and external wood.


Laborious: Its application, unfortunately, is remarkably laborious; in addition to the preliminary treatment of the wood, it requires the use of chemical solvents and has long drying times.

4. Jecqbor 250ml Polygloss Sublimation Coating

The one produced by the Gori company, on the other hand, is a covering wood varnish suitable above all for outdoor use; and even though the jar examined is sand-colored, it is available in many other colors depending on your needs.

In principle, therefore, it is similar to the Chalk Paint examined previously, especially as regards the hiding power, and can be applied with a brush, roller or spray. Furthermore, compared to Chalk Paint, it is characterized by a much cheaper quality-price ratio; unfortunately, however, before being applied it requires the previous treatment of the surfaces, which must be carefully sanded and then degreased.

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Furthermore, since it is a gel varnish, its yield depends on its consistency and degree of density when applied; in hot weather the paint is more liquid and has a higher yield, so it is preferable to apply it during the summer season.


Hiding power: Although on average compared to other wood coatings with similar characteristics, Gori offers a fair hiding power; obviously its density affects the yield in this sense.

Versatile: It can be applied in various ways: using the brush, roller or spray gun; which makes it very versatile and easier to use, even for DIY painters.

Colors: Like other paints of the genre, the Gori is also available in a fair range of colors depending on the tastes and needs of the case.


Yield: Gori is a gel varnish, so the yield varies according to the density and type of wood on which it is applied; in hot weather it is more liquid and has a better yield.

5. TotalBoat Table Top Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon Kit –

VariColor, produced by the Austrian company Adler, is a 2 in 1 wood primer, therefore it does not require the preliminary application of other types of support varnish; moreover it is extremely versatile and apart from wood it is also suitable for plastic and metal surfaces, such as radiators for radiators.

The jar under consideration is blue in color, but VariColor is available in over 40 different shades; it is resistant to heat and bad weather, so it is also suitable for outdoor use, and it is odorless and easy to prepare and spread as it is water based.

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The major limitation of this paint, however, is represented by its low covering power; in fact, depending on the dilution ratio, to obtain satisfactory results in terms of color uniformity, it would be necessary to apply at least three coats.


Primer: Thanks to its particular formula that ensures primer properties, VariColor can be applied even without the wood having undergone a previous treatment with other paints.

Not just wood: It can also be applied to metal or plastic surfaces; the high heat resistance, for example, also makes it ideal for painting the radiators of the heating system.

Colors: VariColor paint is available in over forty different color shades, so it is able to satisfy the most diverse needs.


Hiding power: Unfortunately, two more coats of paint are needed to have a good coverage and sufficient result also in terms of uniformity.

6. Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Exterior Penetrating Stain –

The one produced by the company Scobuty, on the other hand, is a set of acrylic paint for wood at low prices, intended for all lovers of artistic hobbies who like to relax by painting in their free time.

In addition to wood, of course, the Scobuty is suitable for all non-absorbent surfaces, moreover they are also suitable for the outdoors because once dry they form an elastic and waterproof film, so they are ideal for graffiti and murals; the set consists of fourteen pieces in total: twelve tubes of paint of 12 ml each, two brushes of different sizes and a plastic palette with a large central tray, where to mix the various shades together, surrounded by eight smaller trays where put individual colors.

Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Exterior Penetrating Stain - Charcoal Gray - Quart
  • Ships Within 24 Hours. Arrives within 3 Business days, to most locations

The Scobuty kit is appreciated above all for its economic cost, but the quality of the colors is far from professional; therefore it is recommended for amateur use only.


Artistic use: Scobuty paints are economical but ideal for those with the hobby of artistic painting, even on external walls and objects with non-absorbent surfaces, canvas included.

Murals: Its characteristics make it suitable above all for murals and graffiti, but obviously it is also good for other uses, always in the artistic field.

Set: The package consists of a set that includes 12 tubes with different colors, two brushes of different sizes and a plastic palette.


Unprofessional: Obviously this is a cheap color set; if you are looking for professional acrylic paint then you will have to opt for a different and more expensive product.

7. Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Exterior Penetrating Stain

With Ica For You wood paint we return to specific products for do-it-yourself, in this case to a special water-based paint that can be used both as a base primer and as a finishing product.

It is especially suitable for new wood or wood that has been sanded and brought back to optimal conditions, it is transparent and is available in two varieties: satin or semi-gloss; despite having good protection properties against stains and scratches, however, the Iridea paint is only suitable for furniture and wooden artefacts located indoors.

Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Exterior Penetrating Stain - Caspian Clear - (Quart)
  • Ships Within 24 Hours. Arrives within 3 Business days, to most locations

It offers a good degree of resistance even to washing, provided that you use neutral detergents diluted with water, and the yield is optimal since one liter is enough for about 12 square meters; the only flaw of this transparent wood varnish is that it cannot be applied as a single product.


Yield: One of the strengths of this paint is the yield; with one liter, in fact, about 12 square meters can be painted. Obviously, pure or diluted use affects performance, as well as the type of surface.

Water based: Also in this case it is a water based product, therefore it is almost odorless and does not require the use of chemical solvents; which is a notable advantage for a paint to be used indoors.

Protective: Since it is for interiors it does not protect from bad weather, but it is still excellent at preserving the wood from scratches and stains that could be caused by liquids or dirt particles.


Complementary: Cannot be used as a single product, but only as a base or top coat for an additional paint.

8. Wood Guard Anti Slip Coating

The latest product examined in our ranking is the fast-drying wood varnish produced by the French firm Rustins, available in different shades of wood color. The cost can vary more or less consistently depending on the color but the cheapest jar is the one with a Light Oak color with a satin finish.

Given its characteristics of quick drying and good weather resistance, of course, it is mainly recommended for furniture and wood located outdoors. The paint is acrylic based and therefore does not require the use of chemical solvents, it can be used pure or diluted in water and the only preparation required is that of the glossy surfaces, which must be matted with a scotch-brite sponge before applying the paint; bare wood, on the other hand, requires at least three coats.

Wood Guard Anti Slip Coating for Wood, Decks, Stairs, Patios and Porch by Tub Guard, Clear, Roll-On, High-Traction Non-Slip Textured Coating to Prevent Slip Fall Accidents - 1 Quart
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The only flaw, unfortunately, is that once dried the color does not remain faithful to the indicated shade.


Price: The cost of the Light Oak color can is nothing short of competitive, and this is definitely one of its greatest strengths given the prices of the other paints.

For exteriors: It offers an excellent degree of resistance to bad weather, so it is recommended above all for painting furniture and garden houses, fences and the external part of wooden frames.

Quick drying: 30 minutes after application it is already dry to the touch, and after only 4 hours it is already possible to apply a second coat of paint.


Color: Once dried, unfortunately, the color tends to vary shades and differ from what it should have, albeit slightly.

How to choose the best wood paints

Before deciding which wood varnish to buy, you need to consider several factors, otherwise you run the risk of wasting money on a product that is not suitable for your needs.

The state of the wood and its location

To understand how to choose a good wood varnish you must first start from the type of wood on which it will be applied, and for what purpose. In fact, the needs can be different, from the simple painting of a piece of furniture to that of the fixtures; if the furniture or wooden items to be worked on are placed outside, then the weather resistance factor must also be taken into account.

The first requirement to identify in a wood varnish, therefore, is its suitability for use indoors or outdoors, taking into account that there are products suitable for both cases, which however have a slightly higher cost.

Furthermore, the surfaces to be painted must first be treated; sanding is necessary in most cases, especially if you have to work on the fixtures or remove old layers of worn paint.

In the case of furniture placed inside the home, however, it is possible to use paints that do not require preliminary sanding; on glossy surfaces, however, it is always good to give a light pass with a Scotch-Brite sponge, in order to make them opaque enough to allow a better grip of the paint.

Complementary products for complete treatment

Pay close attention to complementary products; varnishing wood, especially window frames, often requires a complete treatment with different types of varnish. In addition to preparing the surfaces by sanding, in fact, it is necessary to apply a coat of impregnating agent, then pass the varnish and eventually apply a further finishing layer on the latter.

Treatment may vary from case to case; in homes located in areas where the percentage of humidity tends to be higher than normal, for example, in addition to protecting the wood from bad weather, biological agents, such as molds and fungi, must also be taken into consideration. In this case it is preferable to use a paint that has specific properties, or apply first a coat of primer with antibacterial protection, then a layer of impregnating agent and then the coats of paint.

For treatments, therefore, it is preferable to always buy products of the same brand, as the chemical formulas used are complementary and optimized to offer maximum yield when they are applied in the order, in the quantities and in the manner recommended by the manufacturer.

Paints for furniture

The speech made for the coating cycles for protective purposes, actually applies to any wooden surface, even internal. In some cases, in fact, we may find ourselves faced with the need to intervene on diseased wood, affected by woodworms or other biological problems.

If, on the other hand, the furniture to be painted is in good condition, but only superficially damaged due to age, then a simple wood paint can be used which, according to the needs of the case, has protective properties not only against scratches but also against atmospheric agents.

In this case the choice is wider and passes from the paints without sanding, which we have mentioned previously, to the transparent or transparent colored ones, which enhance the natural grain of the wood instead of covering them.

As for the prices, however, these can vary from 7 to about 20-25 euros per jar, depending on the manufacturer and type. The yield varies little, from one product to another it can range from 8-10 up to 10-12 square meters per jar. On the other hand, what has a great impact on spending, on the other hand, is the quantity of product per jar; some types of paint, in fact, are sold in moderate quantities, while others offer the choice between cans of different capacities.

How to dilute wood paint

The types of paint

First of all, it should be remembered that most of the wood coatings on the market are specifically designed to be applied without dilution; in fact, the blends, whether specific or not, already have an optimal degree of density based on the specific use for which they were made.

Obviously, dilution is possible, and in some cases it is also necessary if the paint has thickened too much, if you want to apply more coats instead of a single layer, if you want greater penetration into the surface of the wood or even just to slightly increase the yield of the product.

The typologies, in this case, are similar to those of the paints for the walls; that is, there are acrylic ones, which can be diluted simply with water, and those that require the use of chemical solvents. Then there are the glazes for wood, which depending on the case can be diluted with water, chemical solvents or with linseed oil.

The application methodologies

The dilution also varies according to the tool used to paint; when using the brush, in fact, it is preferable that the paint has a more fluid consistency, so that it can be spread more easily. The roller and spray gun, on the other hand, require a higher density to ensure good results.

The proportions of dilution

Whatever the type of wood varnish, it is advisable never to exceed the dilution ratio of 30%; already at this percentage, in fact, the paint is very fluid to the detriment of its covering power.

In brush painting, the optimal proportion is 20-25% for the first coat, and 5-10% for subsequent coats; if the spray gun is used, on the other hand, it is preferable to keep to a proportion not exceeding 15-20%, the same goes for the roller.

For dilution always use a separate container, where to put the exact quantity of paint to use, to which water or solvent will be added in the necessary proportion; this step is mandatory as subsequent coats will require a different dilution ratio.

Frequent questions

What paint to use for wooden window frames?

If the wooden window frames are double-sided, that is, of wood on the inside and aluminum on the outside, then it is possible to safely use a paint for interior wood; otherwise, instead, it is preferable to use the one for external wood directly.

To ensure a high yield in the protection of windows from bad weather, however, various factors must be taken into account: the climate is obviously the main element, therefore not only sunlight but also temperature variations, the frequency of rains and the percentage of humidity in the air, which could give rise to phenomena of mold proliferation.

For wooden frames, therefore, it is advisable to always opt for a treatment that, in addition to the paint, also includes the primer and the finish; the primer, in fact, plays a fundamental role in protecting against biological agents such as fungi, molds and bacteria, and in creating a screen that prevents the penetration of moisture and sunlight.

How to remove wood paint from the floor?

To remove stains of finished wood paint on the floor, the best solution is to intervene immediately with a rag, before the paint dries; but if this is not possible, various methods can be used according to the type of floor.

In the case of terracotta or other porous material, for example, it is advisable to spread a cloth lightly soaked in linseed oil over the stains and leave it for about an hour, so as to allow it to be absorbed by both the stains and the surrounding area; once the cloth has been removed, rub with a soft sponge soaked in a solution of warm water and vinegar. Never use pure vinegar instead, as it could leave stains in turn.

On marble floors and parquet, on the other hand, it is better to use water and Marseille soap; on marble, if the paint stains are dry, you could also consider the use of a painter’s palette knife, in order to remove the paint dry and without using detergents.

On the other hand, on tiles and ceramics, it is also possible to use acrylic solvents or acetone, but it is still advisable to carry out tests with the products in areas that are not very visible, to check that they do not leave visible marks on the surface. The use of metal nets is also not recommended, as they could scratch the surfaces; better to use Scotch-Brite sponges instead, which are less “hard”.

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