10 Best Window Cleaners for Cars [ 2022 Updated ]

A lot of people often look forward to scrubbing the windows. From now on you can easily do this by using a window cleaner.

We do of course recommend that you immediately purchase a solid and at the same time durable model. If you don’t have that much time to go through our buying guide, you can always take a look at the top 3 best window cleaners.

We were able to put together this top 3 after a thorough investigation in which we took into account various factors, such as the online reviews. This top 3 has shown that the Kärcher WV 2 Premium Plus is a special window cleaner that charges fairly quickly and lasts quite a long time.

Also with the Vileda Windo Maticget a decent window cleaner at home. Thanks to the ergonomic handles, you will notice that not only does the grip of the device improve, but of course also the comfort.

Window cleaners buying guide

When the weather is cold, many people dread cleaning the windows. The best window cleaners can make this job a breeze. Ideal for people who really don’t like this. If you look at the wide range, it is recommended that you base yourself on the ease of use, the type and the options.

Ease of use

In the summer it is not so bad to spend an hour or two cleaning windows. The sun is shining and it doesn’t matter at all if you get wet or have to sit with your hands in the water. In winter, however, this is a real task for many people.

It is therefore much cooler compared to summer. And if you also have to stand outside the windows with a bucket and a sponge, this is not fun at all.
You can easily solve this problem with a window cleaner. This unit actually does most of the work for you.

That way you don’t have to stand outside for hours to clean the windows. With this device this can easily be done in about twenty minutes or half an hour. Of course, this all depends on the capabilities of your device.
It is important that you take into account your own personal preference and the expectations you have of the device. There are models that need more than 2 hours to charge and you can use it for only 30 minutes.

Among the not cheap window cleaners, there are also devices that charge much faster and can also work longer. Be sure to check the contents of the water reservoir. Appliances with a capacity of only 0.1 l will empty much faster than a reservoir with a capacity of 2 l.


From the previous point you can more or less conclude that there are many different models. For example, the various devices distinguish themselves first and foremost on the basis of the content of the water reservoir.

In addition, there are also differences in the charging capacity of the device in relation to the usage time. The faster a device can be charged and the longer you can use it, the more expensive it will become.
If you only need to clean a few windows, a device with a smaller water reservoir and a longer charging time will suffice. It is perhaps a recommendation to look for a device that you can use on both glass and tiles.

Most models can be used on both materials, but there are also devices that you can only use on glass, for example.
There are also a lot of window cleaners where a telescopic stick is also included or where you have the option of ordering it afterwards.

Depending on what you want to use the window cleaner for, you can go for a telescopic stick of 40 cm or even the option of 1.8 m. This can also be really useful for professional use and large surfaces, for example.

In short, the different window cleaners differ in many areas. It is therefore always advisable to compare as many offers as possible.


Just as there are different window cleaners, there are also different options. For example, one device will have slightly more options than the other device.

Of course you will also feel that in the price. If you can still buy a device of good quality and a lower price, then you really have to deal with a window cleaner offer.
With many recent devices you often get some extra stuff with you when you buy them. Just think of a spray bottle with detergent and a microfibre cloth.

Of course you have to realize that all those extra accessories will also be included in the price. Some models also offer a narrow nozzle with which you can simply make all your windows shine in record time.
It is perhaps a good recommendation to look for a window cleaner in which the head of the device rotates very flexibly. That way you can clean in all corners and edges much easier and always with an optimal result.

Devices with an ergonomic handle are also extra comfortable and offer a good grip. There are also window cleaners that you can control with a remote control, but these will of course be slightly more expensive.

5 Best Window Cleaners (Reviews) of 2022

Gone are the days of cleaning windows. Now you no longer have to force yourself with a cloth to get your windows clean and spotless. There are window cleaners that do almost all the work for you. You can choose the best window cleaner from the options below.

1. Sprayway, Glass Cleaner, 19 Oz Cans,

The Kärcher WV 2 Premium Plus window cleaner is a miracle device that you can use to clean your windows. With this product you always have clean and shiny windows.

You first need to charge the battery for 140 minutes, after which you can use this device to clean about 25 windows. When purchasing this device, you get everything you need, such as a microfibre cloth, spray bottle, detergent and a narrow 170 mm suction nozzle.
Based on the number of reviews that have been placed for this product, you can determine that it is a top product.
The vast majority of buyers have a positive experience with this product and therefore recommend it. The quality of this product is good and the price is certainly favorable. In addition, this product is easy to use. Still, some users find that the price of this product is on the high side and that it is fragile.

Thanks to this window cleaner from the well-known brand Kärcher, you no longer have to do the job yourself. It has never been so easy to clean the windows. You can also obtain this window cleaner at a fairly affordable price, which may explain why it is one of the most popular devices.


this device has a capacity of about 3.7 volts and is therefore quite powerful.
Operating time:
you can use this device for 25 minutes without any problems. Of course it is important that the window cleaner is fully charged.
because this window cleaner weighs quite little, you will not soon suffer from tired arms. And this is only positive. You also get a smaller suction nozzle that is ideal for cleaning small surfaces.


Not sustainable:
a small minority of users think that the device is particularly vulnerable and breaks easily.

Vileda Window Cleaner Windo Matic Vaccuum

With the Vileda Windo Matic Vacuum window cleaner, you will have clean windows in your home in no time without much effort. This device ensures that your windows are left clean without any traces on the window and without spilling on the floor. The head of this product is flexible and ensures optimal results.
The handles are ergonomic, so you have a good grip. This device is suitable for sucking up water and other dirt from the windows. You can easily remove the reservoir to refill it.
For people who are looking for a window cleaner offer, this is a good solution. Most buyers are satisfied with the quality of this product and it is easy to use. Some buyers feel that this product is too pricey and that the quality is not what it should be.
With the Vileda window cleaner you can not only clean your windows in no time, but you can also save a lot of money. This device clearly has the lowest price compared to the other 4 window cleaners that we have included in our selection. It is therefore certainly worthwhile to take a closer look at the features of the device.


Operating time:

once the device is fully charged, you can use it for up to 40 minutes without any problems.
Easy to use:
With the help of this window cleaner it is not only possible to suck up water, but you can also suck up dirt easily and without any problems. In addition, it dries the windows almost immediately.
This model is equipped with an ergonomic handle that provides more comfort and grip. In addition, there is also a reservoir that you can easily remove.



despite the fact that it already has the lowest price, some buyers still find the product just a bit too expensive.

Kärcher Window Vac WV 6 Premium Window Cleaner

Do you want to be able to enjoy clean and streak-free windows in an instant? This is also possible with this unique Kärcher Window Vac WV 6 Premium window cleaner. This improved model offers a powerful battery that can generate a power of 10 Watt without any problems. This is complemented by a removable 0.2 liter water tank and the option to use the window cleaner on both glass and tiles.
The battery needs a charging time of up to 170 minutes to be fully ready for use and afterwards guarantees a usage time of more than 100 minutes. You will also see that the plastic housing can take a beating and was finished in a white color with here and there yellow and black accents. It also appears to be equipped with an improved suction functionality, an indicator light and a practical on and off switch.
When you buy this window cleaner, you immediately receive a microfibre cloth, a spray bottle, a battery charger and some cleaning agent so that you can use it immediately. Despite the higher price tag, most customers clearly react positively and this results in a nice final score of 4.6 stars.



the window cleaner turns out to be barely 28 cm wide, about 31 cm high and about 12.6 cm long, which makes it particularly handy and pleasant to use.
the window cleaner is characterized by a rechargeable battery that you can have fully charged in a maximum of 170 minutes.
Operating time:
once the battery has been fully charged, it is possible to use the window cleaner for about 100 minutes without any problems.


Cost picture:

If you are looking for a window cleaner offer, unfortunately this will not be this device.

Ecovacs Window washing robot EcovacsWi

With the Ecovacs Winbot W950 window cleaner, the technology is taken a little further. This great product ensures that your windows can be cleaned in an easy way and it also provides a beautiful result.
It is an ideal product to use for the places that are very difficult to reach yourself. You can simply operate this product with a remote control and you can use it for both indoor and outdoor use. You will receive the batteries and a manual with the purchase.
As expected, people indicate that this product is too expensive, because the price of this product differs a lot from the other products. It is also a sensitive product. The quality of this product is good for the users and it is easy to use. For a user, it is even an economical purchase and this product is durable.
If you want to purchase window cleaner from the Ecovacs brand, you will have to budget a little more for it. However, we notice that the buyers are willing to pay the high amount and this can be explained by the fact that they consider Ecovacs to be the best brand.



This window cleaner has a cord length of no less than 5 meters, so you have a lot of freedom of movement.
To belong:
with the purchase you also immediately receive a handy remote control. This way you can also change or change the window cleaner remotely.
the device is equipped for various things and is therefore extra protected thanks to the spare battery, the fuse and the sensors that can detect any irregularities.


Cost picture:

we notice that the buyers are completely convinced of this window cleaner. Still, the high price could be a stumbling block for future customers.
See the price on bol.com

1.Sprayway 443331 Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner,

Finally, there is always the option of opting for the window cleaner from the well-known and highly valued Bosch brand. By the way, it comes with a practical microfibre cloth, a USB charger, a spray bottle and a large and small suction nozzle of 266 and 133 mm respectively.

The GlassVAC window cleaner is characterized by a 3.6 Volt battery that you can charge easily and without any problems. For example, the total charging time is approximately 130 minutes, after which you can use the device for no less than 30 minutes. This is further supplemented with a water reservoir of 0.1 liters, an on and off switch and an improved suction functionality.

The working width of this device is estimated to be approximately 26.6 cm.
We note that most customers are convinced of the quality and design of this window cleaner. The combination of the compact size and light weight makes for a handy and easy-to-use device. Only one buyer reports a reservoir that fills up too quickly.


Operating time:

Once the cleaner’s battery is fully charged, you can use the device on windows and mirrors for up to 30 minutes.
the window cleaner uses a powerful and rechargeable battery that is fully ready for use in just 130 minutes
To belong:
if you plan to purchase this window cleaner, you will immediately receive a spray bottle, a microfibre cloth, various suction nozzles and a USB charger.



according to one customer, the reservoir could have been just a bit bigger and that’s a shame.

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