8 Best Washable Paints for Windows [2022 ]

When choosing washable paint, you always have to deal with your budget; those of better quality, in fact, tend to be particularly expensive. In our buying guide we will explore the topic further, also talking about medium quality paints.

Our ranking, on the other hand, shows the eight most requested washable paints on the market, among all those currently on the market.

The most popular are both produced by the same Italian company and, in this case, are the MaxMeyer Bianca , a washable non-breathable paint at a particularly economical price, and the MaxMeyer Home Color , available in different colors with a vivid and uniform rendering with an excellent finish with a velvety effect.

8 Best Washable Paints for Windows [2022 ]

MaxMeyer washable paints are among the most requested, but above all thanks to the affordable cost; in the ranking you will also find products of much higher quality, such as Sikkens and Oikos paints.

1.Crayola Washable Paint, Assorted Colors, 

MaxMeyer is the leading Italian brand in the production of enamels and paints, and at the top of our ranking we find one of the best washable paints of 2021 produced by this company.

The 14-liter bucket of white MaxMeyer is one of the best-selling products online; moreover, by calculating the quantity-price ratio, it is also the cheapest since the cost is about 4.30 euros per liter; its yield is about 13 square meters per liter, so the 14-liter bucket is enough for a surface ranging from 154 to 182 square meters if you are limited to one coat.

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The paint is ready for use but can be diluted if desired, even if in this case the covering power decreases in proportion to the dilution percentage; the only flaw is that it is not breathable, so it is only recommended for painting living rooms, entrances and bedrooms.


Color: Thanks to the high white point it has a perfect rendering and the color is long lasting; to ensure maximum homogeneity, however, it is advisable to use it without diluting it.

Easy to apply: It can be easily applied both with the brush and with the roller or with the spray gun; in case of further coats it is necessary to wait from 4 to 6 for drying.

Economic: The cost is negligible to say the least, especially if compared with that of the other paintings examined in our ranking; therefore it is ideal for those who want to save.


Non-breathable: The only flaw is that it is suitable only for rooms not subject to humidity phenomena, as it is a non-breathable washable paint.

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2.Crayola Washable Kids Paint,

If, on the other hand, you want to know where to buy a washable paint from the MaxMeyer brand, but which is colored instead of white, then you can easily choose your favorite shade among the many available in the Home Color line.

The one we have examined is amber, in fact, but the washable interior paint Home Color is available in 29 different shades of colors including primary ones. The other characteristics offered by the wall paints of the Home Color line, moreover, are the high covering power and the particular finish they take on once dried.

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As far as the covering power is concerned, this largely depends on the way in which the wall is prepared; if the base is well sanded, smoothed and perhaps covered with a neutral base coat, then even a single coat is enough to obtain a homogeneous result. The opinions on the beauty of the velvety effect that the Home Color assumes, on the other hand, are unanimous.


Colors: The Home Color line of washable paints offers a wide range of choice in terms of color tones, some of which are extremely vivid and intense; a couple of coats are enough to obtain a perfectly homogeneous color.

Finish: One of the most appreciated features is that, once completely dried, it takes on a silky finish that appears as velvet to the eye as well as to the touch.

Yield: One liter of paint is enough to cover an area of ​​about 13 square meters; with the 2.5 liter jar, therefore, it is possible to paint about 33 square meters.


Preparation: To ensure the best results with just one hand, the wall must be properly prepared by smoothing it, sanding it and spreading an even base.

3.Crayola Washable Kids Paint, 12 Count, Paint Set for Kids,

Another very popular washable paint is the one produced by Colorificio Mazza; in this case it is an acrylic paint suitable for both internal and external walls.

The package examined is the 5-liter bucket, but it is also available in 14-liter buckets and in colors other than the pearl gray that we have reported in our ranking, and which is the most requested on the market thanks to its neutral shade. Its consistency is very dense and consequently it needs to be diluted with water before being used; with 5 liters it is possible to paint the walls of a room measuring 4 x 4 linear meters, so the yield is nothing short of excellent. The quality of the Mazza paint is also of an excellent level, both in terms of hiding power and color homogeneity and in terms of durability and ease of washing.


Versatile: Unlike other washable paints, which are suitable only for internal use, that of Colorificio Mazza can also be used without any limitation for external walls.

Color: Pearl gray is one of the most requested shades, but this paint is also available in other colors depending on your needs. A couple of coats are enough to ensure perfect color homogeneity.

Yield: A 5-liter bucket is enough to completely paint a room measuring 4 x 4 linear meters; the consistency of the paint is dense and must be diluted, therefore the yield could further vary depending on the dilution ratio.


Price: Always calculating the cost per liter, the latter is a little higher than the standard average; however, the results are excellent.

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4. Crayola Washable Finger Paints, 6 Count,

Among the various MaxMeyer paints available at low prices, always in proportion to the cost per liter of course, “La Lavabile” also stands out, a white paint with a matte finish intended exclusively for indoor use.

Its theoretical yield is 12 square meters per liter but you need to calculate at least two coats to get a good result, so with a 14-liter bucket it is possible to paint a total area of ​​just over 50 square meters. Furthermore, to obtain the best result, it is advisable to dilute the paint in the correct proportions and then spread it using a short-haired roller.

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The only flaw is represented by the covering power, which is poor on colored walls, therefore it is recommended only for painting plastered walls; furthermore, it is preferable to give a base coat with acrylic fixative, also suitably diluted, in order to ensure a good seal and durability to subsequent coats of paint.


Affordable: This painting is expensive only in appearance; the quantity-price ratio based on the cost per liter, in fact, is decidedly convenient.

Excellent yield: One liter, properly diluted, is enough to cover about 12 square meters of surface; Furthermore, by properly preparing the base by applying a coat of acrylic fixative, it is also possible to reduce the number of coats to be applied.

It does not stain: The advantage of the MaxMeyer proposal lies in the reliability and quality of the brand; despite having a matte finish, in fact, this paint does not stain once dry.


Hiding Power: This is the only negative; if applied on walls already painted with dark colored paints, the hiding power tends to decrease.

5.Crayola Kids Washable Paint Set, 42 Ct.,

GDM white paint is a low-cost product intended mainly for those who have no particular claims and prefer to save on spending. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, it is an interior paint with a matte finish, recommended only for the walls of bedrooms and living rooms; it can be applied either with a roller or a brush, but care must be taken because the recommended dilution percentage varies according to the application method chosen.

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Up to this point, the GDM complies with the characteristics described, but being an inexpensive paint it has a limited yield, just under 9 square meters per liter, and the color seems to be more ecru than white.

The quality is also low and when touched it tends to stain even after some time from drying; therefore it is recommended only in case you need to paint a garage or a basement in economy.


Economic: It is the cheapest painting among all those that we have examined in our ranking, and consequently it is recommended above all for those who have no particular needs and prefer to save.

For interiors: GDM is a washable paint for interiors, but it is not breathable, so it is advisable to use it only for environments such as the living room, corridor, entrances and bedrooms.

Yield: With the 4-liter jar it is possible to paint an area of ​​about 36 square meters; to be an economical product, therefore, it has a good yield.


Quality: The quality is proportionate to the price, therefore mediocre; the color is not really bright and even after drying it tends to stain to the touch.

6. Colorations Washable Kids Paint – Safe, Vibrant Paints for Children with Bold Colors,

On a completely different level, however, is Sikkens; this Dutch company, in fact, is well known for the very high quality and yield of its paints. The Alpha Rezisto, consequently, is the best washable paint among all those compared in our ranking, but it only occupies the sixth place because it is unfortunately also the most expensive.

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The performances, however, have no comparison, and not only in terms of hiding power and yield; the quality of Sikkens paint lies above all in its resistance to abrasion during washing, which considerably increases its durability compared to paints produced by competing companies.

Furthermore, its high resistance to stains, thanks to the Stain Shield technology patented by Sikkens, makes it suitable also for kitchens and bathrooms. The only flaw, as mentioned before, is its high cost; consequently it is required only by the most demanding customers.


Top: The Dutch company Sikkens is famous for the very high quality of its paints, revolutionary and innovative in all respects, and Alpha Rezisto is no exception.

Stain Shield: Thanks to this special technology, an exclusive Sikkens patent, the Alpha Rezisto stands out for its high abrasion resistance and guarantees a longer life than standards.

Versatile: Although not breathable, thanks to its resistance it is also suitable for the walls of bathrooms and kitchens; the Stain Shield, in fact, allows you to easily wash away even the most stubborn stains.

Colorificio Area 51 washable anti-mold paint for interiors Biostyle

Price: Sikkens paints are excellent but also extremely expensive, consequently they are intended for those who do not mind the expense in order to ensure the top quality.

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7. Colorificio Area 51 washable anti-mold paint for interiors Biostyle

Biostyle is produced by Colorificio Area 51 and is mainly intended for those with mold problems; it is in fact a transpiring and sanitizing washable paint with anti-mold properties.

This paint is especially suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, but is good for any internal surface that requires perfect breathability of the walls in order to counteract the proliferation of mold, has a high covering power and is able to mask surface imperfections. .

The finish is opaque and the yield is about 11 square meters per liter; it requires a dilution of 20 to 30% in proportion to the volume and can be easily applied either with a roller or brush or with a spray gun. The only flaw is represented by the above average price, but in any case this is justified by the anti-mold breathable properties of the paint.


Washable and breathable: It is usually difficult to find a washable paint that is also breathable at the same time; the Biostyle of Colorificio Area 51, on the other hand, is the very exception that confirms the rule.

Versatile: By adjusting the dilution ratio it is possible to apply it with extreme ease both with the brush or roller and with the spray gun, furthermore its breathability characteristics make it suitable also for bathrooms and kitchens.

Sanitizer : Biostyle has also proved effective in counteracting the reappearance of mold stains, thanks to its sanitizing properties.


Price: Given its characteristics it is obvious that the cost of this painting is slightly higher than the standard average.

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8. Oikos Supercolor washable breathable water-based paint 14 liters

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Oikos is another brand synonymous with high quality in the field of paints, and Supercolor is the ideal paint to refurbish the walls of kitchens, bathrooms and other environments where condensation tends to form.

In fact, this paint, in addition to being washable, also has high breathability and sanitizing properties that help to counteract the proliferation of mold and fungi. Its yield is nothing short of excellent both as regards the covering power, which thus allows to reduce the number of coats necessary to obtain good results, and in terms of breathability and washability.

The quality of Oikos is well proportioned to the price however, consequently this painting also stands out for its high cost, for this reason it is placed at the last place in the ranking and is required only by professionals and the most demanding buyers.


High quality: The Oikos brand is also famous for the high quality of its paints, as well as for the excellent properties they possess.

Washable and breathable: Supercolor is in fact a washable paint that also has excellent sanitizing properties and high breathability, not to mention excellent hiding power.

Yield: Even in this respect, excellence is touched; the 14-liter bucket, on plastered surfaces, has a total yield of about 85 square meters, on smooth surfaces it can even exceed 100 square meters.


Price: As always it is proportionate to the quality and yield of the painting; consequently Oikos is very expensive and reserved only for the most demanding customers.

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How to choose the best washable paints

Often and gladly, unfortunately, it is only the budget available to “decide” for us which washable paint to buy; saving, however, can turn out to be a double-edged sword, let’s go immediately to see why.

The surrender of the painting

The need to save is sacrosanct, especially if the painting is done in all the rooms of the house and maybe even on the external walls; however, it is important to realize that there are significant differences between cheaper paints and medium-high range ones. These differences are inherent above all to the yield and its final quality, that is to the finish it assumes after it has dried completely, but let’s proceed in order.

The rendering of the paint is equivalent to the surface that it is able to cover, and is in turn subordinated to the covering power; cheaper paints, for example, tend to be less opaque, especially if they are further diluted before use. This means that in order to achieve an even and homogeneous finish, regardless of the color chosen, an inexpensive washable paint will require more coats than a higher quality, more expensive washable one.

The yield is usually indicated by the manufacturer and is expressed in square meters per liter; the cheapest paints, for example, do not exceed 8-9 square meters per liter, while the medium-high range ones can reach a yield of 15 square meters per liter obtained with the application of a single coat, as in the case of Sikkens, for example.

The color and the finish

The yield of the washable paint can also further vary depending on the color; that of white paint, for example, is strongly linked to its quality. In fact, the economical ones have a poor covering power, therefore they require the application of at least two or three coats to obtain satisfactory results; however, this is all in all acceptable if you are in a position not to be able to spend large sums.

The real problem, in this case, is represented by those manufacturers who do not hesitate to use large quantities of lime in their mixture in order to obtain a high whiteness point in order to increase the hiding power of low-cost washable paints. In this way the paint is “greasy”, once dried it takes on a porous and above all “dusty” consistency, which continues to stain every time it is touched even after some time.

The same goes for washable paints in other shades of color; in this case, therefore, if you really have to stick to a limited budget, it is better to focus on paints produced by companies that, although cheap, if nothing else, are notoriously reliable in terms of minimum quality standards.

The specific properties

Another aspect that must be considered, to understand how to choose a good washable paint, is its intended use. As long as the paint is used only for the interiors and for the walls of bedrooms, living rooms, entrances and corridors, for example, then you can easily choose a generic washable.

If, on the other hand, you need to paint the walls of a kitchen, a bathroom or an environment subject to particular conditions such as sudden changes in temperature, condensation humidity or proliferation of mold and fungi, then you need a paint that in addition to being washable also has additional properties.

How to clean washable paint

The main advantage of washable paint is precisely that it can be easily cleaned when it gets dirty; Obviously, some precautions must be taken because, even if it is resistant to washing, the paint still remains so.

The most important thing is to intervene in time on the dirt stains, so as to be able to remove them easily; washable paint can be cleaned using warm water mixed with a degreasing detergent, such as dish detergent, and in some cases it is also possible to use water and vinegar, but always in limited quantities. If the washable paint is wetted with hot water and detergent in such quantities as to completely impregnate it, in fact, it ends up cracking and detaching itself from the wall.

How to remove washable paint from the wall

The methods for removing washable paint from walls are no different from those used for removing any other paint, regardless of its type. The quickest method is to use a wall sander; with this device it is possible to remove the layers of paint from large surfaces in a very short time in fact, the only disadvantage is the considerable production of dust, so you have to take the right precautions to protect furniture and people.

Sanding can also be done manually, or with a belt sander; in this case the execution times will be a little longer but the production of powders will be slightly lower. The use of boiling steam or hot water with the detergent, on the other hand, allows you to remove the layers of paint with a metal spatula without causing the release of dust into the environment.

How to make washable paint

To create a washable paint it is necessary to mix together different raw materials which must guarantee a high resistance to abrasion and washing. The main components are water, resin, pigments, carbonates and any additives. The resins are commercially available in liquid form and can be acrylic or vinyl, depending on the case, while the pigments are in powder form; calcium carbonate is the substance on which the resistance properties of the paint depend, therefore it is advisable to use good quality ones.

The additives, on the other hand, must be added on the basis of the additional characteristics to be given to the paint; for example, there are anti-foam substances, which prevent the formation of bubbles during application, the so-called wetting additives that help disperse the pigments and obtain more homogeneous and uniform colored paints, and anti-mold additives that make the paint resistant to bacteria.

Frequent questions

What does washable paint mean?

Washable paint, by definition, is that which, after being completely dried, can be washed at any time with the aid of sponges soaked in water and detergent, without running the risk of damaging it. Most of the paints on the market are washable as a matter of practicality and functionality, but the fact of being such does not always mean that they can be easily cleaned, especially depending on the type and amount of dirt they come into contact with.

How many types of washable paint are there?

Like other types of paints, washable ones also differ according to the specific properties they possess. Some, for example, are only suitable for indoor use, while others can also be used outdoors. Traditional washable paint, for example, is the cheapest and is usually devoid of particular properties, therefore it is intended exclusively for internal use in environments that are not subject to particular climatic conditions.

For use in kitchens and bathrooms, on the other hand, washable paints are required that are also breathable, or that possess anti-mold properties. Those based on vinyl and acrylic resins, on the other hand, are characterized by abrasion resistance and high washability and abrasion resistance; but of the two types, the best performance is offered by paints based on acrylic resin.

How much does the washable paint cost?

The cost varies both according to the quality and characteristics and according to the yield and the manufacturer; white paint tends to cost less than colored paint, for example, while that produced by certain firms, such as Sikkens and Oikos for example, is notoriously more expensive than that produced by competing brands. The quantity of product also affects the price; the latter, in any case, can range from 15 to 150 euros per container, depending on the company, the characteristics and the quantity of paint.

How to dilute the washable paint?

The paint must always be diluted with water, unless it is a solvent-based paint, in which case a chemical solvent must be used, such as white spirit for example. Most paints on the market today, however, are water based, and the same goes for washable paint; many of these are ready to use, but if you still want to dilute them, it is important to keep a proportion between 15% and 20%, unless the manufacturer indicates a different percentage. In fact, some paints show dilution proportions from about 20% to 30%, so it is important to always check the warnings on the container.