8 Best Tool Bags for Electricians [2022 Updated]

The tool bag is an often underestimated accessory, and if it is not chosen carefully you run the risk of being dissatisfied. In our buying guide you will find further useful information to deepen the subject; in our ranking, on the other hand, we compared the eight most requested exchanges, among all those currently on the market. The most popular with buyers were above all the reinforced Airaj , particularly suitable for electricians, and the Stanley , a generic tool bag, also ideal for semi-professional use.

The 8 best tool bags – Ranking 2021

Convenience always tends to win, especially if we consider that the largest slice of the market is made up of simple DIY enthusiasts; but in the ranking you will also find more expensive tool bags, intended for professional use.

1. Airaj reinforced wide mouth tool bag

In the first place, in our ranking of the best-selling models online, we find the Airaj electrician tool bag produced by the Chinese company Qingdao Yigou Hardware Tools. The materials and finishes are of an excellent standard, as it is made of 600D thickened five-layer Oxford polyester fiber, extremely resistant and waterproof, and is further reinforced at the base with a layer of puncture-resistant ABS plastic.

Its measures are 42 x 25.8 x 13.2 cm, so it offers an average capacity; besides the main internal compartment with internal pockets, there are also numerous pockets on the outside. According to the opinions of numerous satisfied buyers, the reinforced Airaj is one of the best tool bags of 2021, among those available at low prices; its value for money is excellent to say the least. The only flaw are the external pockets, which are not very spacious.


Quality: Definitely higher than the standard average of the economic range tool bags; in this respect the reinforced Airaj has little to envy to the models produced by the most famous brands.

Price: The low cost makes it easily accessible even for DIY enthusiasts; The price also includes a small plastic case with compartments, to be used for small metal parts.

Well done: Aside from the extremely durable and waterproof multi-layered polyester fabric, the bag also features rubber grips and a shoulder strap with metal snap hooks.


Pockets: They are numerous and present both inside and outside the bag, but they are not very spacious and suitable only for accommodating smaller items.

2. Stanley 1-96-183 tool bag 16 “

The Stanley tool bag is not very dissimilar to the one examined previously, also in terms of price, but it has a strong brand that is synonymous with quality in the production of power tools, hand tools and related accessories.

The variant examined is the 16-inch size, whose measurements are 44.7 x 27.5 x 23.5 centimeters, and like the Airaj it is equipped with both internal and external pockets; the fabric is similar, that is, 600 denier multilayer polyester, resistant and waterproof, and the bottom is reinforced with a rigid polypropylene base, therefore with even greater resistance than ABS plastic.

Even in the case of the Stanley bag, however, the only criticism raised concerns the pockets, which being not very spacious and not elasticized are impractical; but all in all it is a detail that, in the face of the economic price, becomes of little consequence.


Stanley: The quality of Stanley products is well known and obviously extends to accessories as well; This tool bag, in fact, is resistant and of excellent workmanship, suitable for both DIY and professional use.

Advantageous: The price is competitive to say the least, especially if compared with that of the tool bags produced by other renowned companies, and therefore it is also accessible for savers.

Reinforced: The polypropylene bottom further increases the resistance and allows it to be placed on the ground without risk even in the wet and in work environments such as construction sites.


Pockets: As in the case of the Airaj bag, the Stanley bags are also not very spacious and not stretch, so some buyers have found them impractical to use.

3. Iwilcs universal saddle bag for motorcycles

If you are wondering where to buy a nice tool bag for motorcycles that is functional and not particularly expensive, then the Iwilcs could be the most suitable solution for your needs.

This bag is especially suitable for motorcycle enthusiasts in fact, and is an extremely useful accessory; it is made of black synthetic leather and is finished with metal buckle studs with a chrome finish. It measures 31 centimeters in length and has a diameter of 13.5 centimeters, which makes it suitable both for storing keys for tightening bolts and other tools for maintenance of the motorcycle, as well as common objects such as the smartphone.

The only limitation is compatibility; The Iwilcs is especially recommended for custom bikes in fact, since it is fixed by two straps to the bracket located behind the seat, which is not always present or has suitable dimensions for fixing.


Economic: One of the advantages of the Iwilcs bag is represented by the cost, which is very convenient and easily accessible even for those with a limited spending budget.

Aesthetics: The chrome finishes of the studs and buckles stand out considerably on the black color and make it extremely beautiful, moreover they perfectly match the chrome plating of custom motorcycles.

Versatile: The dimensions make it suitable both as a case for tools intended for motorcycle maintenance and as a bag for carrying common objects useful when traveling.


Compatibility: Not all motorcycles can mount it, as it must be attached to the rear saddle bracket with the special straps supplied.

4. Beta C11 tool basket in technical fabric

The features offered by the C11 make it a professional bag in all respects, after all it is produced by the well-known company Beta, which is one of the leading brands in the production of manual tools.

The Beta tool bag is made of highly resistant waterproof technical fabric, is equipped with pockets and elastics both outside and inside and the base is in water-resistant rigid plastic; the top closure, moreover, is equipped with a double bottom that integrates comfortable document holders. Its dimensions are 40 x 24 x 22 centimeters and it allows you to carry large and small tools; also features an adjustable shoulder strap with sliding shoulder pad. Being a high quality branded bag intended for professional use, however, it is characterized by an equally high price, and therefore is only recommended for the most demanding.


High Quality: The Italian brand Beta certainly needs no introduction; as a result this bag is a superior quality, durable and extremely reliable product.

Well finished: The seams, the zippers, the elastics and even the double bottom with the document pouches integrated inside it; the Beta tool bag is well made and quality even in the smallest details.

Versatile: The internal compartment is spacious and can be used to carry a large variety of tools and implements, including motorized ones, so it is suitable for any professional figure from crafts to mechanics.


Expensive: Obviously the value for money is well proportioned, so the Beta tool bag is only accessible to the most demanding professionals and hobbyists.

5. Plano Technics mod. 513000TB tool bag

The Plano tool bag has the advantage of possessing a qualitative level almost similar to that of the more expensive brands and, therefore, of being suitable also for intensive professional use. In fact it is made of reinforced polyester fabric for special uses and is equipped with a rigid polyethylene bottom that resists on any support without being damaged; the finishes are of excellent quality, the seams are resistant and there are also internal and external pockets.

The handles are equipped with a comfortable hook-and-loop closure and the shoulder strap is fixed by metal snap hooks, to further increase wear resistance. The only flaw of this bag is its small size, which greatly limits the transportable equipment, which is why it is only recommended for those who have no particular needs or for DIY enthusiasts who have a limited number of tools.


Convenient: The price is definitely advantageous if we consider that, in terms of quality of materials and resistance characteristics, it has nothing to envy to tool bags produced by the most famous companies.

Reinforced: The polyester fabric with which it is made has been reinforced to increase wear resistance, it also has a rigid polyethylene bottom and is also excellent for intensive use.

External laces: This small addition allows you to carry bulkier tools without putting them inside, which is an advantage since the dimensions are quite modest.


Dimensions: As mentioned before, the dimensions are smaller than the standard average held by similar bags, so it is smaller and can hold less tools.

6. Usag 007 V professional tool bag 00070002

The Usag 007 V tool bag is the ideal accessory for the most demanding professionals, regardless of their branch of specialization. In addition to being a very high quality product, in fact, it is also extremely versatile and is designed to carry a wide range of tools and utensils; both inside and outside there are numerous specific pockets for screwdrivers and pliers, in fact, and there is even a pocket for carrying a bow saw for metal.

It is made with extremely resistant materials, has a rigid waterproof base and the two side shoulders are rigid, in order to support the carrying handle made of aluminum. The Usag 007 V is the best tool bag examined in our guide, but it only ranks in sixth position because it is also the most expensive, unfortunately, and as such it is a niche product intended mainly for the professional user range.


Aesthetics: Not only is it well made, but it is also very accurate from an aesthetic point of view. It has a beautiful bright red color with black trim and Usag lettering embossed on the front pocket, on the handle lining, on the cape and on the shoulder padding.

Rigid and resistant: The bottom is in water-resistant plastic, the sides are rigid and support the aluminum handle; the materials are of first choice and are characterized by a very high resistance.

Professional: The tool bag produced by the Italian company has been specially designed to meet the expectations of use of the most demanding professionals; it is solid, super resistant and also very roomy.


Price: Being proportionate to the quality it is just as high, and therefore it is only accessible for professionals and for the most demanding hobbyists who spare no expense.

7. Usag 007 MV small belt tool pouch

Do not be fooled by the fact that it is the cheapest product among all those examined in our ranking, this belt tool bag, in fact, is produced by the Usag company and belongs to the same line as the one examined previously. To be precise, the price is not even that low, considering that it is a small pouch to be attached to the belt by means of a Velcro closure; but being a Usag product, the quality is much higher than that of cheap baby carriers.

It is made with a reinforced fabric that greatly increases its strength and durability and has a design that rotates around the four elasticated pockets; it is also equipped with a metal tape holder hook. Its features make it especially suitable for electricians; the pockets, in fact, are specially made to accommodate screwdrivers, pliers and scissors.


Quality: Despite being a simple concept and small size baby carrier, it is still a Usag product characterized by a high quality level, made with first choice materials.

For electricians: Its characteristics make it particularly suitable to accommodate the work tools most often used by electricians: scissors, insulating tape, cable strippers, phase finders and screwdrivers.

Economical: Despite being a high quality professional product, the Usag belt tool bag is available at an easily accessible price even for the amateur user bracket.


Closure: According to some, it would have been better to use a snap button instead of the Velcro closure, in order to ensure greater safety.

8. Ausonia double bag complete with belt

This double belt tool bag is produced by Ausonia Tools, a small Italian company from Maniago that has recently celebrated the centenary of its foundation. It is made of black and blue reinforced polyester fabric and consists of a padded belt of adjustable width, to which are applied two tool bags and a metal hook to hang the hammer.

All these elements can slide freely along the belt; the bags are also equipped with front pockets of various sizes, in order to accommodate any type of tool. The material is of good quality and resistant, it is also very versatile since its characteristics are quite generic; precisely for this reason, however, it is impractical for those with more specific needs, especially due to the pockets that are a little too large.


Double bag: This is a particular model that is especially suitable for those who work in the construction sector, especially for those who create plasterboard walls and ceilings.

Good quality: The fabric is strong and durable; the belt is also padded and can be adjusted in width to adapt perfectly to the wearer’s waist.

Hook: A metal hook is also attached to the belt to hang the hammer, in order to further increase the versatility of use.


Generic: The shape of the bags is a little too generic and the pockets have too wide openings, and this makes them unsuitable for those with specific needs.

How to choose the best tool bags

To understand how to choose a good tool bag you have to start from your specific needs; There are several variants on the market, in fact, so let’s see how they differ and what are the most important characteristics.

The different types

Tool bags belong to the same family of accessories that includes crates, suitcases and trolleys, designed to store and transport work tools. The generic nature of this accessory often makes it difficult to decide which tool bag to buy; many neglect this aspect and limit themselves to considering only the economic side, perhaps choosing the product that seems most advantageous in terms of value for money.

The truth is that tool bags differ not only in cost, but also in the intended use and properties possessed by the materials with which they are manufactured; there are, for example, specific ones for electricians, mechanics, plumbers, carpenters and so on. For a layman it is not easy to distinguish them, as the differences are minimal and can only be noticed by professionals who are used to using them every day, consequently the primary requirement to look after is the specific needs of the one who will use it.

From the design point of view, there is nothing new, in the sense that the different types of tool bags currently on the market are no different from those that existed in the past; it was only the materials of manufacture that changed. Nowadays, in fact, thermoplastic resins and technical fabrics obtained from synthetic yarns are used.

The shape, on the other hand, changes according to the intended use; belt tool bags, for example, are mainly made for unskilled workers, carpenters and carpenters, who using them have full freedom of movement in their work environment, always keeping the most important tools at hand. The classic bags, on the other hand, are mainly used by electricians, mechanics and plumbers.

The specific characteristics

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, identifying the differences between one bag and another is not so simple, especially considering that these are represented by aspects that tend to take second place in the eyes of a layman. The number and location of the pockets, for example, their dimensions, whether they are elastic or not, are all factors that can significantly affect functionality, which depends not so much on the objective characteristics possessed by the bag as on the specific needs of those who have to use it. Small pockets can be useless for those who need to store and transport tools that have a certain footprint, for example, but are very useful for those who need to store a fair amount of small metal parts or small objects in general.

If you want to buy a tool bag as a gift, therefore, it is best to try to inquire first, in order to understand what kind of use needs the recipient of the gift has. The quality of the manufacturing materials, on the other hand, is a requirement of primary importance regardless of the type; if it is intended for intensive use in work environments, it is better to spare no expense and aim for models that can guarantee the best performance in terms of resistance and durability.

Structural strength

The main feature that a good tool bag must have, regardless of its intended use, is resistance. This accessory, in fact, is intended to store tools and work tools which, in most cases, are equipped with pointed or extremely sharp ends; moreover, unlike the toolboxes where the latter are placed in their respective housings, in the compartment of a bag the tools are free to move, therefore during transport they are more prone to being tossed around.

The sharp and sharp parts therefore, in the long run and following rubbing, inexorably end up damaging the inner walls of the bag, which is why if it is not manufactured with a resistant fabric it ends up piercing very quickly.

The technical fabric

To avoid the problems mentioned above, all tool bags are necessarily made with “technical fabric”, or with synthetic yarns subjected to particular weaving processes aimed at ensuring particular properties, such as structural resistance, transpiration, impermeability and so on, depending on the functions and purposes to which the yarn has to perform.

It is used in various fields, starting from sportswear up to work clothing; as regards in particular the tool bags, these often bear the wording technical fabric, but the characteristics vary according to the price and the manufacturer. It is therefore necessary to pay close attention to the description of the fabric and to identify in particular the indication relating to money, which is the unit of measurement used in the textile industry to establish linear density, and corresponds to one gram of weight for every 9 kilometers. of yarn.

The indications on the denari are reported in the form of a number followed by a capital D, or by the writing den; the higher the number, the denser and more resistant the weave of the fabric. Women’s socks, for example, can have a weave ranging from 6 to 150D, while tool bags must have a weave of at least 600D, and in some cases go up to 1000D or even more. A model made of 600 denier technical fabric already offers a good level of resistance but will, of course, be even better if the fabric has a 1000 denier weave.

The parts in rigid plastic or aluminum

Another feature that distinguishes good quality tool bags from poorer ones is the presence of reinforced areas that further increase the resistance and durability of the accessory. One of the most common is the water resistant plastic bottom for example; even in this case, however, there are different materials with different specifications. Some are resistant only to water in fact, while others are also resistant to oils and hydrocarbons.

Some models also adopt further solutions to stiffen or reinforce specific parts, such as the sides for example, or the carrying handle, which in mechanics bags is often made of an aluminum tube.

Frequent questions

How many types of tool bags are there?

There are a wide range of different models available on the market, although at first glance many may seem similar to each other. The most consistent differences are those between the belt tool bags and the classic ones; the former are mainly intended for carpenters, joiners and professionals working in the building and construction sector.

These can be of various sizes, according to specific needs, or single or double; still others are even equipped with shoulder straps, in order to further increase the fit and comfort of use, especially for those who have to work at height.

The classic type bags tend to be more generic, however, and this makes them very popular also in the home and hobby sector; in the professional field, on the other hand, they are mainly used by electricians, plumbers and mechanics. Also in the case of generic bags, a wide choice is available regarding the measures and other typical requirements, such as the presence of external and internal pockets that are particularly adapted to certain tools, the presence of reinforcements, support hooks, shoulder straps and so on.

How much does a tool bag cost?

The price of a tool bag can vary from a minimum of 15 euros up to 400 euros and more, depending on the type and manufacturer. In the range of cheaper models you can find both lower quality ones, mainly intended for home and hobby use, and small bags and higher quality belt cases produced by the most famous companies, such as Usag or Beta for example.

In the price range that goes from 30 to 90 euros, most of the models used both in the home and in the hobby and craft sector are concentrated; from 70 euros up you can also find professional quality models, of course, even if of a generic type. On the other hand, all grants from 100 euros upwards, with the due exceptions, tend to have purely professional characteristics; their price can reach and exceed 400 euros depending on the manufacturer, size and type.

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