5 Best Telescopic Ladders [ 2022 ]

With a telescopic ladder you can easily work at greater heights because you can easily and quickly extend the ladder. To find out what to look for when buying a telescopic ladder, you can always take a look at our buying guide.

If you don’t have that much time to read the buying guide carefully, you can simply consult the top 3 best telescopic ladders. This has shown that with the Telescope Ladder Deal4you you are definitely buying a solid and durable ladder. You can extend this ladder to a maximum length of more than 3.8 meters.

On the other hand, the Bovak Telescopic Ladder 2.6m is mainly made of lightweight yet durable and sturdy aluminum.

Telescopic ladders buying guide

A telescopic ladder is a ladder that you can easily slide in or apart. When the ladder is pushed together, it takes up little space and you can easily store it.

If you need the ladder to work at great heights, for example to install sliding door systems , you can easily extend it. During your search you can also pay attention to the length, weight, material, safety and price. Then you can compare products to choose the best telescopic ladder.

Ladder length

You can pay attention to two aspects regarding the length of the telescopic ladder: how long is the product when it is fully extended, and how long is it when the ladder is fully retracted.
The first length is important to know to what height you can work with the ladder.

This is useful to know because for some people it is important that the ladder goes to the roof of the house, while for others the ceiling is already a good height. Most ladders reach a height of 3 meters, but there are also ladders that reach a much greater height. Telescopic ladders in particular can easily reach a height of 3.8 meters.

The second length to consider is the folded length of the ladder. It is recommended that you can slide the ladder together as much as possible so that the object is made as small as possible. That way you can easily store the ladder in your garage or workroom.

The weight

A heavy weight can be an indication of a sturdy ladder. The heavier the ladder, the more difficult it is to take the device with you when moving. This is of course not useful for people who use a ladder on a daily basis. If you are looking for cheap telescopic ladders, they may not be very sturdy or just overly heavy.
A good telescopic ladder offer is made of a light metal such as aluminum but still sturdy enough to support the weight of an adult.

What material is it made of

Ladders can be made of different materials. There are many people who have a wooden ladder in their house because of its sturdiness. However, telescopic ladders cannot be made of wood and are usually made of some type of metal.

Depending on the properties of this metal, the ladder will have different properties. Most telescopic ladders are made of aluminum due to its light weight. However, aluminum is still strong enough to bear a high weight.
There are ladders with a weight of 10 to 15 kg that have a maximum loadable weight of 150 kg. So you can go a long way with this ladder.


A ladder with a handy mechanism can be easily extended and clicked into place. The quality of this mechanism determines whether a ladder is safe enough or not. The click system must be strong enough to bear a high weight so that you can avoid accidents.
The safety of the ladder also depends on how many heights you can set the ladder to. If the adjustability is too high, this can be detrimental to the safety of the product. Pay close attention to the quality of the safety pins that should be on each step. Make sure these pins are strong enough so that they won’t break.
The rungs of a ladder should have a distance of 2.5 meters between them to protect your hands. So check the distance from one rung to another rung so that you can climb the ladder safely.


The price of a telescopic ladder depends on the quality, size and sturdiness of the product. There are always opportunities to find a product at a cheaper price. You can wait for the official sale period to start or you can look for deals on the web. Most webshops regularly have great promotions, so if you keep an eye on these pages or subscribe to the newsletter, you will certainly stay informed of all offers.
Some folding ladders can also be used as a telescopic ladder, so it can also be useful to buy a folding ladder. That way you can use the product for multiple applications such as painting or hanging paper.

5 Best Telescopic Ladders (Reviews) of 2022

A telescopic ladder is a ladder that can be extended to reach greater heights. These ladders are useful for construction workers so that you can easily carry out roof repairs on high walls. We have compared five articles based on users’ online opinions to make it easier for you to make a choice and buy the best telescopic ladder.

Telescopic Ladder With Stability Bar

A telescopic ladder is quite useful if you regularly have to perform all kinds of chores. With this copy of the Deal4you brand you also get a telescopic ladder with a maximum length of no less than 3.8 meters.
Because the ladder is mainly made of durable aluminum, it is fairly lightweight and easy to move. However, you can be sure that the ladder offers sufficient safety. You can count on the presence of double-sided ladder shoes. These not only offer a broad and solid base, but also better work safety. Thanks to the Soft-Close technology, you can gently fold the ladder back together.

When folding you will notice that the telescopic ladder will not jam once. This has to do with the built-in anti-slip. In short, it is the ideal telescopic ladder for professional jobs and the do-it-yourselfer. And we notice that buyers seem to think exactly the same at the moment.

We understand that the search for a decent telescopic ladder is often not always easy. That is why we want to help you and we have already listed the advantages and disadvantages of this copy for you. This way you get a better picture of this telescopic ladder from Deal4you.


the ladder mainly consists of durable but light aluminum. Nevertheless, the ladder is sufficiently safe thanks to the combination of the additional crossbars and, of course, the double-sided ladder shoes.
Soft Close technology:

Thanks to the Soft-Close technology, it is possible to slide the telescopic ladder together gently and without any problems.
Easy to use:
you can extend this telescopic ladder to a maximum of 3.8 meters and it has a total load capacity of no less than 150 kg.
Ease of use:
the ladder is not only comfortable but also provides sufficient grip and stability. Furthermore, anti-slip bars are provided and the built-in anti-slip ensures that the ladder does not block during folding.


To date, only positive online reviews have been noted for this telescopic ladder. The customers are therefore extremely satisfied with this top product.

Bovak Telescopic Ladder 2.6m – Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

Whether this telescopic ladder is an offer remains to be seen. Nevertheless, we can state that – based on the price and in comparison with the other products from this selection – this Bovak copy will certainly be spotted among the cheap telescopic ladders. Many customers appear to be very satisfied with the price and also praise the quality with a nice reward of 4.7 out of 5 stars, which means that it can also be counted among the best telescopic ladders. In short, it is worth taking a close look at it.
For example, the Bovak telescopic ladder is already characterized by 8 high-quality parts that – albeit when extended – guarantee a maximum length of 2.6 m. Taking your own height into account, this means that the average maximum working height is estimated at about 330 cm. After use, you can easily slide the ladder back together to a maximum size of 95 x 48.5 x 9 cm, making it easier to move and take with you everywhere.
Moreover, this unique Bovak telescopic ladder appears to be mainly made of aluminum; a lightweight yet particularly durable and sturdy material, resulting in a maximum load-bearing capacity of 150 kg. Although attention has been paid to many safety measures, there is no question of a stability bar.


the combination of a non-slip rubber foot and additional indicators per step contribute to the ultimate safety. This is also confirmed by various certificates such as the European standard EN131, the Dutch Commodities Act and the French 96-333 standard.
Ease of use:
the telescopic ladder is suitable for professional and private use and can be used for various activities ranging from painting to cleaning windows at a certain height and/or maintenance of the attic.
Click and Go:
thanks to the well-known and innovative “Click and Go” click system, you are assured of a quick and 100% safe start.


No stability bar:
unfortunately this telescopic ladder is not immediately provided with a stability beam.

Batavia Giraffe Air 12 steps – Telescopic ladder – Working height 3.88m

If you are looking for a solid telescopic ladder, it is worth taking a closer look at this example of the well-known and immensely popular brand Batavia. For example, the Batavia Giraffe Air 12 is characterized by the presence of no fewer than 12 rungs, including associated stability beam, resulting in a maximum height of 3.88 meters. This makes it suitable not only for private but also professional use.
When folded, this telescopic ladder has a limited length of just 93 cm, which – supplemented by a relatively low weight of 13.5 kg – makes it easy and quick to move. Furthermore, this practical telescopic ladder is equipped with finger protection and non-slip steps and offers a large load capacity of up to 150 kg.
If we look at the online reviews, we see only positive reactions from customers to date. This immediately results in a nice average final score of 5 out of 5 stars.


Batavia’s telescopic ladder is not only equipped with a stabilizing bar, but also has non-slip steps so that safety can be provided.
Ease of use:
its light weight and limited retracted length mean that this telescopic ladder is easy to move from point A to point B and can be quickly stored again after use.
Soft Close technology:
using the available Soft-Close technology, it is possible to quickly and safely slide the ladder together, paying attention to finger protection.
Load capacity:
it delivers a generous load capacity of no less than 150 kg without any problems.


Price tag:
although customers do not seem to find the high price a problem, we cannot immediately speak of a telescopic ladder offer.

Telescopic Ladder 5.2 Meter – With Stability Beam – Aluminum

Compared to many other ladders in our selection, this telescopic example appears to offer a spacious working height of no less than 5.2 meters – albeit when extended. This means that this type of ladder comes in handy when performing various activities such as maintenance and/or cleaning of windows at considerable height and/or attics. After use, you can close the ladder again to a maximum of 1 meter, which makes it just a little easier to store the whole thing safely somewhere.
Like most other telescopic ladders, this one also appears to be mainly made of durable yet lightweight aluminum, which already contributes to comfort and ease of maintenance. All this accommodates a maximum load capacity of 150 kg.
Furthermore, the telescopic ladder also appears to be equipped with a reliable stability beam, which is regarded by many as an extra added value. A look at the online reviews shows that most customers are clearly satisfied and reward the product with a nice 4.5 stars.


In the production of this telescopic ladder, the choice was mainly made to work with durable aluminum.
the telescopic ladder effortlessly guarantees a total load capacity of no less than 150 kg.
Quality mark:
This telescopic ladder has also received various quality marks, including the Dutch Commodities Act, the CE mark and the EN131.6 standard, which shows that it is a 100% safe product.


Price tag:
we dare to suspect that the price tag at first glance might be a deterrent.

Vonroc Professional Telescopic Ladder – 3.8m – With Soft Close & Crossbar

We conclude the list with this unique professional telescopic ladder from Vonroc. The ladder has no fewer than 13 separate rungs, including a corresponding crossbar that guarantees safety. Fully extended, this corresponds to a maximum working height of 4.61 meters and a corresponding load capacity of a maximum of 150 kg.
By sliding it back together completely after use – up to a maximum length of 91 cm – you can easily move it and/or store it. The ladder, which is made of aluminum, also appears to be equipped with a handy Soft-Close technology with which you can fold it quickly and 100% safely.
From the online reviews and the nice average final score of 4.7 stars, we conclude that many customers are convinced of the quality offered. Only a small minority finds the ladder too heavy.


Price tag:
in comparison with many other telescopic ladders, the price tag is already quite good.
Load capacity:
when used correctly, this telescopic ladder guarantees an ultimate load capacity of no less than 150 kg.
the ladder has an extended length of no less than 3.8 meters and therefore guarantees an average working height of approximately 4.61 m.


Too heavy:
according to one buyer, the ladder – even retracted – would still weigh quite heavily.
No Aqua Laser:
If you are looking for an Aqua Laser telescopic ladder, this one is not the best recommendation from the selection.

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