8 Best Telescopic Ladder for RV [2022 Updated]

The telescopic ladder is an extremely useful accessory, both for work and for domestic use, but depending on the type of use you have to pay attention to the characteristics and above all to the tightness.

In the buying guide, we will provide you with further information to identify the type of ladder that can best meet your needs, but in the reviews section, you will find the eight models most appreciated by consumers, of which we have examined the strengths and limitations.

The most successful ladders on the market are the Finether retractable aluminum ladder 14 steps 4.1 meters, and the Nawa professional telescopic folding ladder 6 + 5 aluminum steps, thanks to the excellent characteristics of portable and discreet supply of accessories.

8 Best Telescopic Ladder for RV [2022 Updated]

According to their characteristics, the quality-price ratio and the number of units sold, the most requested scales on the market are classified.

Here are the seven categories: Category 1 – The first one is made up of all the scales that have a QPR of at least 2 and a number of units sold of at least 100,000. These scales represent a huge percentage of the entire market.

1. DICN Telescoping Ladder

According to the opinions of many satisfied buyers, the Finether is one of the best telescopic ladders of the future, especially for its excellent transportability characteristics. Finether is a telescopic aluminum ladder that is made with the same retractable system used for the legs of photographic tripods.

Telescoping Ladder 16.5ft Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder Extendable Ladders with 2 Detachable Hooks Portable Lightweight Safety Lock Design Best for Household Daily or RV Work 330 Pound Capacity
228 Reviews
Telescoping Ladder 16.5ft Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder Extendable Ladders with 2 Detachable Hooks Portable Lightweight Safety Lock Design Best for Household Daily or RV Work 330 Pound Capacity
  • 🔥HIGH QUALITY: Our telescoping ladder is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which can extend the...
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When the ladder is closed, it measures only 47 x 87 x 8 centimeters, but when extended, it reaches a maximum height of 410 centimeters. The support feet are over-molded to ensure maximum stability, and the steps have a sculpted surface that is non-slip. The snap system that could hurt your fingers is something that must be taken care of, as each peg has a special locking system.


Versatile: The Finether telescopic ladder can be extended from a minimum of 87 up to a maximum of 410 centimeters, proving to be extremely versatile as regards the range of possible uses.

Transportability: The retractable system similar to that of photographic tripods minimizes the size of the ladder when it is closed, and allows it to be transported very easily when needed.

Equipped: The package, in addition to the scale, also includes a pair of work gloves, which are always handy, the manual with instructions and a handy bag that further facilitates transport and storage.


Peg release: You have to be careful with the peg stop system, the release is snap and you run the risk of injuring your fingers very easily.

2. STEPTECH Telescoping Ladder 9.5 ft Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

If you are looking for a professional telescopic ladder that is strong, reliable and durable, then the Nawa ladder is a good place to start. The opening mechanism combines the classic scissor system with the telescopic one, thus allowing it to be positioned even on slopes and flights of stairs, or to adapt it close to walls, among the strengths of this staircase.

STEPTECH Telescoping Ladder 9.5 ft Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder Anti-Pinch Collapsible Folding Ladders for Home Loft RV Ladder 330 lbs Capacity
212 Reviews
STEPTECH Telescoping Ladder 9.5 ft Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder Anti-Pinch Collapsible Folding Ladders for Home Loft RV Ladder 330 lbs Capacity
  • 【ANTI-PINCH RETRACTABLE LADDER】Compared with other ordinary telescopic ladders, we added spacers...
  • 【HEAVY DUTY TELESCOPING LADDER】We invest in your safety by being EN131 and GS Tested. StepTech...

It can be used as a leaning ladder, and can also be opened completely. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, so it is extremely durable, and the flared legs also make it very stable; both the steps and the support feet are non-slip, and it is suitable for both domestic and professional use indoors and outside. The price is the only flaw if it can be considered as such given the scale.


Professional: It has a maximum capacity of 150 kilograms and the flared-legged structure typical of stairs intended for use on construction sites, it is no coincidence that it is a professional model.

Solid and resistant: Being entirely made of aircraft aluminum it is characterized by a high solidity and is also very resistant to wear and adverse weather conditions.

Safe: At maximum extension it can reach 583 centimeters in height, but thanks to the locking systems and the non-slip feet and steps, it is extremely reliable in terms of safety.


Price: The Nawa scale is the most expensive of all the models we have compared, but after all it is a professional scale so it is completely understandable.

3. bowoshen 16.5ft telescoping ladder

The 5-meter telescopic ladder A0050, produced by the Gierre company, is the cheapest of the models examined in our guide, and in fact it is one of the best sellers for the domestic user range. Considering that it is an economic ladder, the characteristics offered are good; in fact it can be opened by scissor, even completely, and further extended so as to reach the height of 520 centimeters, and it has a high function as it can be opened by scissor, even completely, and further.

16.5FT Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder 330lbs Max Capacity A-Frame Lightweight Portable Multi-Purpose Folding with Support Bar Anti-Slip EN131 Certificated
2,232 Reviews
16.5FT Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder 330lbs Max Capacity A-Frame Lightweight Portable Multi-Purpose Folding with Support Bar Anti-Slip EN131 Certificated
  • ▶Weight: Net weight approximate 37.5lbs (16.9kg), Maximum 150kg/330lb load-bearing capacity; Compacting...
  • ▶Warm Reminder: Before using, please kindly confirm the ladder is put upright, the locks are locked in...

The best telescopic ladder on the market among the models sold online in the low price range is made of enamelled steel and aluminum, and is intended for non-intensive domestic use. The flaws are the lack of care in the finishes, the high weight, and the rungs of the extensible part, which are simple tubular and therefore uncomfortable. Considering the negligible price and intended use, one cannot expect more.


Economical: The price of this ladder is among the lowest you can find, so if you only need it for occasional and domestic use and don’t want to spend a lot, this is the model for you.

Functional: It can be used in various ways, depending on the needs, and at maximum opening it reaches a height of five meters and twenty centimeters; enough to meet any type of domestic need.

Structure: The legs are flared, as in professional stairs, and the uprights are wide with the profile rounded at the edges; from a structural point of view, therefore, it offers a good practicality and stability.


Heavy: Unfortunately it is far from light, moreover it is also not very accurate in the finishes, but being an economic staircase you certainly cannot ask for more.

4. Energy Bear Telescoping Ladder 

The telescopic ladder produced by the German company can’t be defined as cheap, but it is also suitable for professional use and is designed to take on different configurations of use. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and is resistant to rust and wear, is equipped with stabilizer supports at the ends, and is able to handle a maximum load of 150 kilograms.

Telescoping Ladder Extension Multi-Purpose 18.5 FT Aluminum Foldable Industrial Compact Loft Ladder Household Daily or Emergency Use Portable Extendable Step Ladders 330 lb Large Loading Capacity
869 Reviews
Telescoping Ladder Extension Multi-Purpose 18.5 FT Aluminum Foldable Industrial Compact Loft Ladder Household Daily or Emergency Use Portable Extendable Step Ladders 330 lb Large Loading Capacity
  • ✪ NON-SLIP BLOCK+MOVABLE ROLLER WHEELS---In order to improve safety,our aluminum extension ladder is...
  • ✪ WIDENED PEDAL+THICK ANTI-AIR ALUMINUM ALLOY---The first step of the bottom is widened to 3inch/7.5...

It can be fully extended up to a maximum height of 2.7 meters, or it can be opened as a stand and touch a height of 3.3 meters, but it is an excellent quality, reliable and versatile ladder, but it has the flaw of being heavy and having an opening mechanism.


German quality: The aircraft aluminum alloy used for the manufacture of this ladder is of high quality and meets the strict production standards typical of the German industry.

Safe: The Worhan is equipped with KS stabilizers and complies with EN131 specifications regarding safety; its maximum range is 150 kilograms.

Professional: Its features are also ideal for those who have professional needs; the dimensions of the ladder, in fact, are particularly suitable for use on construction sites and in construction.


Heavy: The only limitations are the weight, above the standard average, and the opening and locking system which is somewhat laborious to manage.

5. HogoR Store Professional Heavy-Duty Telescoping Ladder

The Faraone telescopic ladder is a professional model with 8 steps and is made of solid aeronautical aluminum alloy. The first position is scissor-type with limit switch and anti-accidental locking, the second position is always scissor-type with limit switch but closing without locking, and the third position is always scissor-type with limit switch but closing without locking .

Xtend & Climb 785P+ 15 1/2 Ft Professional Series Heavy-Duty Double Over-Molded Feet Angled Thumb Release True Telescoping Technology Adjustable Ladder
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The third position is fully extended and has the limit switch and anti-closing block activated so that it can be placed against the wall and reach a maximum height of about 400 centimeters. The width of the steps is 57 millimeters and the maximum weight capacity is 150 effective kilograms; therefore, it can be placed in a variety of positions. Being a professional ladder, Made in Italy too, its quality level is excellent, but it is conditioned by a fairly high price, not very attractive for a hobbyist.


Made in Italy: Also in this case it is an excellent quality staircase intended mainly for professionals, moreover it is a 100% Made in Italy product made with first choice materials.

Lightweight: One of the advantages of the Faraone scale is that it is made entirely of aeronautical aluminum, an alloy that offers high strength and solidity but at the same time is very light, and in fact weighs just 11 kilograms.

Versatile: It has three different opening modes, and it can also be placed in lame positions on particularly marked differences in height or on flights of stairs.


Cost: Also in this case, since it is a professional scale, the price is not very accessible for hobbyists and for those who only need domestic use.

6. DERSECO Telescopic Extension Ladders

Gierre, an Italian company specializing in the construction of stairs, ramps, scaffolding, mobile towers, stools and trolleys, produced the Peppina telescopic ladder. The company’s instruments are characterized by a very high level of quality, because they are all in possession of the German TV certification.

12.5FT Telescoping Ladder, DERSECO Telescopic Extension Ladders for Home, Aluminum Collapsible Ladder with Spring-Loaded Locking Mechanism, Steps Anti-Slip Rubber Feet, 330lbs Capacity
  • 【HEIGHT & LOAD-BEARING】The MAX height of the Telescoping Extension Ladder is 12.45 ft and MIN is 2.78...
  • 【PREMIUM ALUMINUM ALLOY】This extendable ladder is crafted from superior aluminum alloy. They has been...

The LaPeppina telescopic ladder is made of aluminum and has a patented steel joint that can be controlled with a knob. The joint has a semi-automatic safety system that allows the ladder to be opened and closed with ease and no risk.

The standard configuration is a trestle with four rungs, but the ladder can be extended by adjusting the height thanks to the steel hooks, the structure is extremely solid, and the uprights are beveled in order to offer a firm and comfortable grip at the same time. There is only a slight flaw in the game that was created on a fully extended scale.


High quality: Apart from the German TÜV certification, the Peppina AL002 scale is also in possession of the Acal 100 certification on the quality of the materials used for manufacturing, which are aluminum and steel.

Versatile: It can be used in three different configurations: stand, fully extended or with lame opening; moreover, the height is adjustable step by step, so it adapts to any type of need.

Safe: The opening and closing system as well as the hooks that act as pins for height adjustment, are made of steel and offer high resistance; the maximum load capacity is 100 kilograms.


Maximum extension: Some advise not to use it fully extended, because in this configuration the pivot joint makes a slight play.

7. BEETRO 16.5ft Aluminum Telescoping Ladder 

The Svelt telescopic ladder is a multi-position model with flared legs, which is not very different from other analogues that we have examined in this guide, and is intended for both professional use and for the most demanding enthusiasts. In order to ensure a high degree of strength and resistance, it is entirely made of extruded and innervated aluminum.

BEETRO 16.5ft Aluminum Telescoping Ladder with Wheels, Easy Carry A Type Portable Telescopic Extension Ladder for Outdoor Working Household Use 330lb Capacity More Durable and Safer with Balance Rod
  • FOR YOUR SAFETY --- This type of our extension ladder is designed with balance rod, along with the...
  • A TYPE WITH WHEELS --- This type of our BEETRO extension ladder is of A type. The max height of a-frame...

The opening system consists of a quick-positioning aluminum hinge, which allows you to switch quickly and easily from one to the other between the three positions provided; and the latter allows the ladder to be used in two different easel positions: with or without acting on the hinge.

It is very stable, easy to handle, and has a maximum capacity of 150 kilograms, but it is only recommended for the most demanding of clients.


Reliable: Despite the tendency to flex slightly when positioned with the pin opening, the Svelt ladder offers excellent stability and resistance, as well as a good weight capacity.

Strong and Durable: Unlike other similar models that only have steel joints, the Svelt is completely made of innervated aluminum, and is extremely solid and also durable.

Versatile: Its features make it suitable for both professional and hobby use by the most demanding user group, and willing to spend a little more for quality.


Price: The cost of the Svelt scale, in fact, is slightly above average, but it is well proportioned to the quality and level of performance offered.

8. Terokota 16.4FT Tall Telescoping Ladder

The 5 + 5 telescopic ladder marketed by the Webmarketpoint company is also a model very similar to the Svelt examined previously, and is appreciated above all for its extension in height which can reach five and a half meters.

16.4FT Tall Telescopic Extension Ladders Aluminum Collapsible Telescoping Ladder Retractable Telescope Ladder for Home RV Loft, 330LB Capacity
  • Compact High-impact Aluminum Alloy: The superior materials ensure your telescoping ladder more sturdy and...
  • Upgraded Stability of Terokota 16.4FT Telescopic ladders: 12)Use 14steps instead of regular 13steps to...

From a structural point of view, it has excellent qualities, the flared legs with non-slip tips make it very stable, and it is also very versatile since it can be opened with a compass, with a pin and also in a position within the limits allowed by the step between .

Overall, it is an excellent mid-range telescopic ladder, built according to standards that allow it to be used by different groups of users, starting from the domestic one up to professionals. The model is characterized by a price which is not very attractive for those who do not plan to use it on an average intensive basis.


Stable and solid: Unlike other similar models, also made of aluminum, this ladder has a heavier weight, but for this very reason it offers an excellent performance in terms of strength and stability.

Handy and versatile: Despite its weight it is very handy as a ladder, and the different openings also make it very versatile and suitable for a wide range of circumstances.

High: When opened with a pin it reaches a maximum height of five and a half meters, a measure that is not very easy to find with this type of stairs.


Cost: The price, all in all, is well proportioned to the quality of the staircase, but it is still not very accessible for the user group that has purely domestic needs.

How to choose the best telescopic ladders

For home, hobby or professional use

There are only two types of telescopic ladder on the market, the leaning ladder and the one with a trestle opening, so if you want to know which telescopic ladder is right for you, it’s likely that your needs are complex. It is possible to use scissors. To understand how to choose a good telescopic ladder, you need to assume that the only factor that matters is the type of use you intend to make of it. The scissor stairs can be opened and used away from the walls, which makes them more versatile than other models. The range of their use is from the home to the professional one. Both in the hobby and professional fields, the support ladders are more suitable for specific work needs. The price range helps to establish more precisely what level of performance to expect from a staircase, and therefore its suitability or not for a specific type of use.

The telescopic ladders of economic range

To hang a picture on a wall at the top, to perform occasional work, or to change light bulbs when they burn out, are just some of the purely domestic use needs that require a type of ladder to keep at home. It is necessary for maintenance to be carried out. It is better to move towards a model with a trestle opening, which can be opened practically anywhere, and which does not need to be extended in height beyond 3-4 meters at the most. Since its use will be occasional and not intensive, it is possible to orientate oneself on a model of the economic range, reducing the expenditure to a figure between 50 and 100 dollars at most, depending on the needs of the case for how much it costs. The weight of the telescopic ladders available in this price range is something that could make or break them. Even though a heavy ladder is a sign of strength, it is impractical to move and requires some strength.

Models for hobby and professional use

Most of the models on the market, regardless of the price range, can be opened and locked at 180 degrees, and the scissor stairs can also be used outdoors and to reach greater heights. The telescopic ladder that is used in the home is also used for hobby and professional purposes. The support stairs allow you to reach heights of up to five meters and more depending on the size of the building. The telescopic ladders that fall into the medium and high price ranges, of whatever type they are, have the best characteristics of resistance and capacity, and the most expensive are built with materials that can offer a good degree of lightness, as the professional use implies The models for non-intensive hobby and artisanal use are almost all concentrated in the medium price range, therefore, professional telescopic ladders are also in the range of excellence in terms of cost, the higher their price, however, the better the features they possess and the level of Depending on the model chosen and the particular needs it has to fulfill, a high-quality professional ladder can cost up to 300 euros or more, if a good hobby ladder can be purchased for between 120 and 200 euros.

Frequent questions

How much does an aluminum telescopic ladder cost?

The cost of an aluminum telescopic ladder can be different depending on a number of factors. The price is affected by the quality of the materials used in the manufacture and the intended use of the staircase, as well as other elements such as design, assembly, seal, and so on. Depending on its characteristics, the price of an aluminum telescopic ladder can be anywhere from 45-50 euros up to 300 euros. From the point of view of design and assembly, the cheapest ladders are more lacking than the more expensive ones. Something has to be sacrificed in order to maintain the balance between cost and quality. Economic models are able to ensure a good level of reliability as long as they are limited to non- intensive domestic use.

The models that cost between 100 and 200 dollars are a little more balanced, which makes them suitable for dealing with more frequent use, but always from a hobbyist point of view. The starting price for the professional models is between 200 and 250 dollars .

How do you open the telescopic ladder?

This can be determined by the scale model. The most common standard is that of stairs with scissor opening, which can be further extended in height using the telescopic mechanism. The advantage of being able to be opened anywhere, and not necessarily being used against a wall, is what makes this type the most popular. The telescopic mechanism, being present on both sides and operating independently, allows the ladder to be opened even in the presence of obstacles, for example on a ramp or near a low wall. Depending on the model chosen, some types with scissor opening can be opened up to 180 degrees, transforming them into support stairs and allowing them to reach heights that can even exceed five meters. The leg system of real telescopic ladders is the same as that of photographic tripods. The stairs are distinguished by the base that has a large diameter, which decreases as the different sections that compose it are removed and locked until the desired extension is reached. Unlike telescopic models with scissor opening, the latter can only be used by leaning them against a wall, which makes them less versatile in use and especially suitable for outdoor work.

How to use a telescopic ladder

How a telescopic ladder works

The telescopic ladder has a system of separate sections, like the tubes of a telescopic telescope, that are inserted inside each other. This type of mechanism is widely used in stairs with scissor opening, as it allows to double the maximum height that can be reached by the staircase, which makes it extremely versatile and capable of facing a wide range of needs. The two sides of the ladder are independent of each other, this means that they can be opened according to the “lame system”, that is, extending one of the sides and leaving the other closed. The ladder can be opened so that one of the sides stays in a vertical position so that it can be placed close to a wall and offer greater stability, or it can be placed upright on a slope so that it doesn’t fall down. If the scissor opening allows it, the ladder can be transformed into a classic vertical model with rungs, which can be placed against the wall to reach particularly high points. The telescopic ladder is nothing more than a ladder that can fall into itself, just like the legs of a tripod. This type of ladder is especially suited for outdoor use as it needs to be leaned against a wall or pillar in order to offer the proper stability. A special locking mechanism prevents the sections that compose it from yielding under the weight of the operator when they are extended.

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