9 Best Tape Measures for Woodworking [2022]

The tape measure is one of the basic tools of any handyman. It does not matter if you have to measure planks for a piece of furniture, make measurements on a terrain or calculate the dimensions of the walls when painting. With this tool, you will have the right measurements, as long as you opt for quality products such as the ETape16 ETAPUK01 tape . A device with a digital display that facilitates reading and includes both memory and measurement conversion functions, among other options. If you have a lot of distance to measure, you can take a look at the 50 meter long, high quality build Silverline MT46 tape to measure big with ease.

9 Best Tape Measures for Woodworking [2022]

Taking measurements is essential when doing all kinds of DIY work. That is why it is essential to have the best measuring tape of the moment, according to our specific needs. An erroneous measurement can mean lost work hours and a poor result when cutting wood, opening chases in the wall and performing many other tasks. So you will not hurt our selection of the best measuring tapes of 2021, where you will find products of all kinds and quality to choose and easily hit.

Digital tape measure

1. eTape16 ETAPUK01 Digital Tape Measure

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The eTape16 ETAPUK01 digital tape measure is an interesting solution to perform all kinds of measurements with precision and without having to search for numbers on the tape itself. In return, this device presents the measurement result on its LCD screen, making it easier to see clearly.

This screen is located at the top of the belt, above the control area, which contains the buttons to activate the measurements, store them and perform other control tasks. Regarding its materials, the product is at the level of the best tape measure you can find, thanks to details such as a high-quality polycarbonate strip or a very resistant plastic in the outer area of ​​the main body, which withstands the most intensive use.

To top it off, the device has a total length of 4.8 meters, so it is very suitable for measurements of a certain range.

Make the leap to the new times with this high-tech, measuring tape measure.


Display : The digital display makes it easy to view measurements clearly, with hardly any waiting.

Keypad : The side keypad allows you to control measurements and store them in memory, if you need it.

Materials : The high quality of the product’s materials ensures good durability and resistance.

Measurements : With this model it is easy to take measurements up to 4.8 meters long.

Off : The tape turns off after 5 minutes, to save battery while you are not using it.


Rounding : The measurements have a certain rounding when they appear on the screen, although it does not imply a high error in the measurement.

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2. RGS Living DijiTape Digital Metric

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For those looking for an efficient and quality digital tape measure, the RGS Living DijiTape model is an interesting option. We are talking about a product with a 5 meter long tape and a body endowed with good resistance, just as we would find in any conventional measuring tape. However, in this case a screen is incorporated in the upper area, which makes it easy to see the measurements made and includes backlighting, to see everything clearly even when the light is scarce.

Among its functions, we can convert from meters and centimeters to inches and vice versa, memorize measurements and even perform calculations such as the central point of any given surface by means of said measurements.

The strap is finished with details such as the clip to carry the meter on the belt or a battery with autonomy for 60 hours of use, which is also easy to find when you have to change it.

Carrying out all kinds of measurements with comfort and precision is easy thanks to models like this one.


Extension: The tape measure has an extension of up to 5 meters, being suitable for all kinds of uses.

Illumination: The illuminated display shows the measurements in pleasant clarity.

Conversions: The keypad includes an option to pass measurements from the international to the imperial system and vice versa.


Protection: It is missed that the product is accompanied by a case or similar, for storage.

Accuracy: The precision of the measurements can be improved compared to that of other models that we have on the market.

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50 meter tape measure

3. Silverline MT46 Surveyor Belt

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When the size of the measurements increases, it is necessary to turn to large products, such as the Silverline MT46 50 meter tape measure. This surveyor tape is made of high-strength fiberglass, which maintains good durability in use and does not move during the measurement process.

The strap has elements that make it more comfortable to use, such as the handle for deployment, the folding crank or a musket at the tip of the strap, to fix it to the ground and extend it comfortably. A tool that, due to its characteristics, could be the best measuring tape of the moment within the largest products.

As an extra, the tape is also offered in sizes of 30 or 100 meters, depending on whether you need more or less extension.

So that you know which tape measure to buy, nothing better than knowing each product in depth, as we do below.


Measurements : The belt is 50 meters long, also having other models of 30 and 100 meters in length respectively.

Tape : Fiberglass adds extra strength and durability to it.

Rewinder : A folding lever rewinder is included to collect the tape when needed.

Handle : The strap handle facilitates deployment and general handling of the strap.


Dilation : If you take measurements on sunny days, the tape may expand slightly, varying the precision.

Millimeters : It is not the most suitable solution for millimeter measurements, due to the numbering format.

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4. S&R Metric Strap 50M 165 Flexometer

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The S&R 422.950.013 50 meter tape measure is another interesting option for measuring large distances and spaces. This product has a tape made of high-strength fiberglass and a print that makes it easy to see the measurements clearly.

The tape is dual, so one of the sides includes measurements in meters, while the other does in feet, being able to choose the one that suits you. Its design does not lack the elements that help to work better, such as the handle on the top or the folding lever of the collector, which saves time when we finish the measurement.

The hook on the tip also helps to work precision, which allows the tape to be nailed to the ground and prevents it from moving. So taking all kinds of measurements will be a simple task with this model, no matter how great the distance.

Having the necessary information to know which is the best tape measure is easy, if you continue reading our analysis.


Convenience : The product has a handle and a folding crank that add extra comfort to the belt.

Hook : The large hook makes it easy to nail the tape to the ground when measuring what you need.

Measurements : The tape has one side marked in feet and the other in meters, so you can bet on the one that suits you best.


Finishes : Some finishes have an aspect that could be improved, although it is a rather cosmetic detail.

Warranty : The product warranty is only 3 months, considerably less than it should be by law.

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Laser tape measure

5. Meterk 2 In 1 Laser Tape Measure

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The laser tape measure is another interesting option when it comes to taking measurements efficiently and more comfortably. A market where we find products such as the Meterk 2 in 1 tape. This model has two modes of operation, with a conventional 5 meter tape measure and a laser system capable of measuring up to 40 meters away.

In this last section, the tape has a precision of just 2 millimeters, to always have real data. Both options are very comfortable to use, thanks to details such as its LCD screen or the wide side button panel, with which to manage both the laser itself and the device’s memories.

As if that were not enough, the tape is also capable of calculating areas and volumes from the measured data. It is finished off with a USB charging system, with which you can forget about batteries and have the device always active with comfort.

To have the best of traditional ribbons and laser models, go for a combination product, like this one from Meterk.


2 in 1: This product has a traditional 5 meter tape measure and a laser with a range of 40 meters.

Calculations: In addition to measurements, you can perform area and volume calculations with ease.

Charging: USB charging lets you forget about batteries, so your device is always ready to work.


Ambient light: In extreme sunlight conditions, the laser may be difficult to see when taking measurements.

Location of the keys: You must learn the location of the keys to use them while looking at the screen, by their location.

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6. Tacklife 2 In 1 Laser Tape Measure

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The Tacklife TM-L01 model is another dual character laser tape measure, with which we will have two options to take measurements. On the one hand, we have a traditional 5 meter long tape measure, easy to read and unfold. On the other hand, although in the same orientation, it includes a high precision laser system and a range of up to 40 meters.

This laser calibrates itself and has an accuracy of 2 or 3 millimeters depending on whether it is measured less than or more than 10 meters long. As for the data visualization, this is done through an LCD screen, where we can clearly see the value of the measurement that we have made in different units.

To complete the product, it includes a clip to carry it to the belt as well as a compact size, similar to a conventional meter. Perfect so that it is also easy to carry and use.

So that you can measure everything you need, nothing better than a multipurpose device like this one that Tacklife presents.


Range : The laser function has a range of 40 meters. For its part, the traditional tape is 5 meters.

Accuracy : The precision of the laser is 2 millimeters in measurements of less than 10 meters and 3 millimeters from 10 to 40 meters.

Calibration : Automatic calibration generates better laser measurement results.


Orientation : Both the laser and the tape measure point in the same direction, reducing the versatility of the product.

Power : The power is made by batteries, so you should always have a spare when you use the tape.

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100 meter tape measure

7. Deuba Tape measure of 100 m of fiber

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Where conventional tape measures fall short, large solutions must be used, such as the 100-meter tape measure Deuba 103473. We are talking about a flexometer-type product made with a measuring tape made of high-quality carbon fiber. , able to withstand dragging on the ground and the proper use of these tools.

This quality is also present in its support, with a visible design and with a handle that helps to correctly extend the strip. The crank is also not missing to rewind the tape later.

All this in a lightweight approach, weighing only 1.2 kilos despite its long extension, so it is not annoying to carry the tape during measurements. By the way, if you like the design but the tape is too many meters for you, there is also another 50 meter model from the same manufacturer.

Measure big with this cheap, high-quality proposition that we review below.


Resistance: Both the tape and the frame have been manufactured to give you a high resistance to use.

Hook eye: This piece makes it easier to fix the tape to the ground when measuring.

Open design: An approach that helps to see how much tape is left, as well as possible snags on it.


Heat: As with these tapes, it is possible that it will stretch a little on very hot days.

Hooks: It is advisable to avoid hooks on the belt, to avoid premature deterioration.

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Metallic measurement tape

8. Presch 5 m professional tape measure

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Diving among the cheapest tape measures on the market, there is room for quality products such as the Presch 10032. We are talking about a traditional metal tape measure, with a high quality of construction and a clear pattern in the reading area.

On the outside, we have a plastic cover with rubber inserts, which offers good wearing comfort, and the classic locking button, to keep the tape in place. This specific model has an extension of 5 meters, also having designs of 3 or 10 meters, suitable for any need.

An option that, because it is among our cheap models and because of its good quality, is worthy of being the best value for money measuring tape that we have presented in this article.

If you want nothing more than a traditional but quality tape measure, take a look at this classic cut model.


Construction: The product has a construction of high resistance and durability during use.

Rubber inserts: These elements help to have a better grip on the tape when working.

Measure: Its five meters in length are very versatile when working.


Lock: It is key to activate the lock correctly and forcefully, to prevent it from jumping.

Head: The head of the tape is not flat but wavy, with several elements that reduce stability at the beginning of the tape.

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Love metrica Stanley

9. Stanley 0-34-297 Roll-up tape measure

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For those looking for a product from a well-known brand in the tool market, nothing better than the Stanley 0-34-297 tape measure. This model has an extension of 30 meters in total, and is also sold in another version of 20 meters long, so that it is easy for you to measure long distances without worries.

Among the elements that help this process, we find a high-resistance fiberglass tape, which withstands shocks and drag. It also includes the classic closure lever, with its own brand quality, which helps to comfortably collect the tape when you are finished using it.

As a novelty, the casing includes four visible spaces, where we can evaluate how much tape we have left and even see if it rolls or locks. Although given the quality of the product, surely this will not happen.

If you prefer to bet on the best brand of tape measures on the market, it is possible that this Stanley model fits your approach.


Extension : Its dimensions of 20 or 30 meters make it easy to measure considerable distances.

Material : Thanks to its fiberglass manufacture, you have a highly resistant and durable product.

Roll-up : The roll-up system saves time when folding and unfolding the tape.


Case : A case or bag is missing to store the tape when it is not in use.

Millimeters : The tape does not include a measurement in millimeters, although given its size it is not essential either.

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Shopping guide

When it comes to doing all kinds of jobs in tasks like carpentry, masonry, and many others, taking action is key. Nobody likes an off-center door or a crooked bookcase. All these problems can be avoided with the use of a suitable tool, such as the one you will find with our guide to buying the best tape measure, which will allow you to take all the measurements you need with full comfort.

Tape measure type

The first thing you need to know is the type of tape we need for our work. In general, most of the measurements we perform do not require more than a traditional cut tape measure, presented in the form of a roll and covered by a plastic casing where the brake is also included. It is the best known approach and comes in different versions regarding size.

We have the proof in any comparison of measuring tapes that falls into our hands, where we find products with a length that ranges from 2 to 10 meters approximately. In all these models this classic design is maintained, which facilitates the realization of small measurements of materials or distances.

If you need something longer, then you will have to switch to the so-called surveyor’s tape. In truth, despite the name of this product, it is nothing more than a large tape used in agricultural and construction work. They are models with sizes from 10 meters reaching 100 meters in length of the larger versions. So size is not a problem when it comes to having a large, quality ribbon.

Manufacturing materials

Another element to value when it comes to getting a good and inexpensive tape measure is the material used to make it. In general, most small tape measures, less than 10 meters, are usually made of aluminum or some other light metal. An economical solution that, however, is being replaced by Teflon polymer, which is more resistant and durable over time than metal.

These products include a plastic or rubber outer casing, inside which the tape is stored and wound. In this case, the models with rubber exteriors will be better, since this material does not slide or slip, while offering more resistance than those made of plastic. The latter are less resistant to shocks and can break or deteriorate more quickly.

As for the surveyor models, the longest are measuring tapes normally made of fiberglass. A high-strength material that does not have the rigidity of metal models, making it easier for the product to stick to the ground and not move during measurement. Regarding the support, these large tapes consist of a plastic frame with a metal spindle, to easily wind and unwind the tape.

Ease of use

Whenever we talk about tools, it is necessary that, in addition to seeing how much it costs or how efficient they are, we bet on comfortable products. And the case of tape measures is no exception. An uncomfortable design or that does not maintain the proper position during measurements will be a source of discomfort and will also generate erroneous results in measurements, with dire consequences for our tasks.

For a tape measure to be comfortable, it is recommended that the material be of quality and the printing of the numbers is adequate. Efficient numbering makes it easier to read measurements with greater precision. It is also essential to have the brake system included in the smaller models. This tab fixes the position of the tape where we indicate it, so that it is easier to read correctly.

As additional details, small models can include items such as a strap or belt clip. Elements that make it easier to carry the tape with us. Regarding the larger ones, it is convenient to check both the deployment system and the folding handle of the belt, which you will use quite frequently. It is also interesting to check if the product includes a handle, which is very practical when measurements have to be made in large areas. All these elements add an extra comfort when making your measurements, especially in the larger ones.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the tape measure made of?

Currently, there are several materials with which measuring tapes are manufactured, depending on their dimensions and their quality. The most common material in the tape part is light metal such as aluminum. On this material the design is spread with the corresponding measurements every centimeter of the tape.

On the other hand, the most modern products are usually made of fiberglass, the most expensive, or a Teflon polymer, the cheapest. As for the larger models, the surveyor’s tapes are made of this fiberglass, which has a suitable mixture of lightness and torsion to work comfortably.

Q2: How to measure a terrain with a tape measure?

To measure the terrain, we must see if it is regular (a square, a rectangle) or if it has a more irregular shape. In this second case, it will be necessary to decompose the shape into as few regular polygons as possible. In both situations, we will have to draw the shape of the terrain on a piece of paper. Next, we will proceed to mark the corners and edges of the terrain, which we will use to carry out the measurement.

It is key to measure and write down the measurements on the paper, so that when we finish we can make the corresponding calculations of the surface. To do this, it is enough to apply the basic formulas that we learned in school to calculate these surfaces or perimeters, according to the traced shapes. If the terrain is complex, surely we will also have to add the surfaces of the different areas in which we have segmented the terrain to achieve the total extension.

Q3: How many centimeters is a tape measure?

Well, it all depends on the length of the tape. In general, it is rare that we have a tape measure less than 1.5 or 2 meters, equivalent to 150 or 200 centimeters long. From here, we can expand the size to 50 or even 100 meters long, 5,000 or 10,000 centimeters. It all depends on what you need to measure.

Q4: How to read a tape measure?

Reading a tape measure is very simple, as long as we have opted for a quality model. The tape has a print in which the measurement is indicated, with a scale that is normally made in millimeters, marking with a different tone both the centimeters, the decimeters and the meters. This applies to the smallest size tapes, up to 5 or 10 meters.

In the largest, the division in millimeters is dispensed with and is done only in centimeters. When making the measurement, it is enough to see which figure coincides with the measured object, seeking the maximum precision in this regard. By the way, some models have measurements on one side in centimeters and on the other in inches, so if this is the case, make no mistake.

Q5: How to make a paper tape measure?

To make a paper tape measure, we will need a strip of paper (obviously), a ruler or a conventional tape measure and a pencil, pen or similar. To trace the tape, we will place the paper on the ruler, noting the separations and the corresponding numbering on it.

If you do it with a normal ruler (about 30 cm) and you want to make it longer, do not mess with the numbers and do not start with 1 again after scoring 30. Extend the tape as much as you need and draw the corresponding extension . And do not forget to treat it carefully, so that it does not break.

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