7 Best Staplers for Upholstery [ 2022 Updated ]

If you have decided to buy a stapler but first want to find out about the different models available on the market and the possible differences between the various existing types, so as not to run the risk of spending money on the wrong tool, then we advise you to give a look at our guide with in-depth information on the topic.

The models currently most in demand are those intended for hobby use; the most popular among these are the Stanley STHT6-70414 , thanks to its versatility and excellent value for money, and the Einhell TC-PN 50 , which like the previous one is a 2 in 1 model but powered by compressed air.

7 Best Staplers for Upholstery [ 2022 Updated ]

Now let’s see which are the seven most requested staplers on the market, regardless of their category. The different models are classified from first to last in order of importance and by number of units sold.

Electric stapler

1. Swingline Stapler, Commercial Desktop Staplers, 20 Sheet Capacity, Portable, Durable Metal Desktop Stapler

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Although the Stanley TRE540 electric stapler suffers from some small limitations, it remains one of the best-selling models among those currently on the market, and according to the opinions of numerous satisfied buyers it is one of the best staplers of 2021 that can be found in the mid-price range.

The TRE540 is appreciated above all for the excellent features offered in terms of comfort of use; the pistol shape with the ergonomic handle and the trigger button, in fact, allow it to be used with minimum effort even in an intensive and prolonged manner.

Swingline Stapler, Commercial Desktop Staplers, 20 Sheet Capacity, Portable, Durable Metal Desktop Stapler for Home Office Supplies, Classroom or Desktop Accessories, Black, 2 Pack (44401AZ)
  • DURABLE METAL STAPLER – Sturdy stapler with all-metal construction is designed for durability. A...
  • DESIGNED FOR DESKTOP – The stapler is designed for desktop use. It holds a full strip of 210 staples...

It can be used both as a stapler and as a nailer, in the first case it is compatible with type A staples from 6 to 14 millimeters in width; as a nailer, on the other hand, it can use type J nails from 12 to 15 millimeters. The best results, however, are mainly obtained with 8 mm staples and 12 mm pegs.


Ergonomic: The high comfort of use also makes it suitable for intensive and prolonged use, and is one of the most appreciated features of the Stanley stapler.

Cost: Compared to other electric “pistol” models available on the market, especially among the models sold online, the Stanley is among those that offer the best value for money.

Versatile: It can be used both as a stapler and as a nailer, and with points and nails of different sizes, so despite being a hobby product it is definitely versatile.


Yield: In spite of the fair compatibility with different sizes, in reality the best yield is offered only with 8 mm points and with 12 pegs.

Pneumatic stapler

2. Swingline Stapler, 747 Iconic Desktop Stapler, 25 Sheet Capacity, Desk,

Unlike other Einhell power tools, which are usually only suitable for amateur and home use, the TC-PN 50 ranks one step higher and is characterized by a semi-professional level of performance.

It is in fact a 2-in-1 pneumatic stapler compatible with flexible tubes with an internal diameter of 9 mm, which can be used both with staples of 5.7 mm in width with a length between 13 and 40 mm and with nails from a millimeter thick and variable in length from 25 to 40 millimeters.

Swingline Stapler, 747 Iconic Desktop Stapler, 25 Sheet Capacity, Desk, Office, Rio Red (74736)
  • ICONIC METAL STAPLER – Bold Rio Red stapler with all-metal construction is designed for durability. A...
  • DESIGNED FOR DESKTOP – The 747 stapler is intended for desktop use. It holds a full strip of 210...

The further advantage of the Einhell pneumatic stapler, moreover, is that it is well equipped; the package, in fact, includes 500 staples with lengths of 16, 25 and 40 millimeters, 1,000 nails of 25 and 40 millimeters in length, a bottle of lubricating oil, a quick coupling, two Allen keys, instructions and a rigid case.


Performances: They are superior to the common standards of other Einhell power tools, and in addition to purely hobby applications, they also make it suitable for semi-professional use in the craft sector.

Versatile and powerful: The 2 in 1 tool feature makes it extremely versatile, in fact it can be used both as a stapler and as a nailer; being pneumatic, moreover, it has a considerable operating power.

Well equipped: The package includes a bottle of lubricating oil, a quick coupling, two Allen keys, 500 staples and 1,000 nails of different sizes, the instruction manual and the convenient hard case to contain everything.


Heavy: The only limitation is weight, which can negatively affect comfort if the stapler is used intensively.

Manual stapler

3. Amazon Basics Stapler with 1000 Staples,

Unlike the first two models examined, both intended for hobby and amateur use, the Bosch Professional HT 14 is a manual stapler designed especially for professionals and craftsmen.

Since it is intended for intensive use, the HT 14 is entirely made of steel; the design is simple and it is very practical to use thanks to the handle with non-slip insert, it is also equipped with a handle lock and a continuous adjustment device of the impact force.

Amazon Basics Stapler with 1000 Staples, for Office or Desk, 10 Sheet Capacity, Non-Slip, Black
31,811 Reviews
Amazon Basics Stapler with 1000 Staples, for Office or Desk, 10 Sheet Capacity, Non-Slip, Black
  • Desktop office stapler that holds up to 200 staples; 10 sheet stapling capacity
  • 1000 staples included in the package; the staples have a standard 1/4 inch leg length

It is compatible with Type 53 staples from 4 to 14 millimeters wide, and with Type 41 pins up to 14 millimeters in length, making it ideal especially for fast attachment of fabric, film, roofing felt, sheets and other insulating materials, nets, wooden slats. The only flaw is the cost, especially for a manual stapler, but being a professional product it is perfectly average.


Professional: The Bosch Professional manual stapler is a high quality tool designed especially for professionals; this does not mean, however, that it is also suitable for the most expert and demanding hobbyists.

Adjustable stop: Unlike models intended for hobby use, the HT 14 allows you to adjust the stop so as not to damage the materials when fastening the staples or pins.

Versatile: The fact of being able to use professional-type staples and pins of different lengths makes it extremely versatile as regards the applications of use.


Price: The cost is very high for a manual stapler, but in any case it is well compared to the quality since it is a professional tool.

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Stapler for wood

4. Swingline Stapler, Optima 25, Full Size Desktop Stapler, 25 Sheet Capacity, Reduced Effort,

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If you are looking for where to buy a manual stapler at low prices, you would do well to take a look at the Presch 10005; in comparison to the Bosch examined previously, in fact, this has a negligible price to say the least.

The main feature of the Presch 10005 is that of being the cheapest model on the market to have a very respectable quality level; not by chance, in fact, it is a tool in possession of TÜV SÜD and GS certifications . It is made of metal and, like the HT 14 examined above, it is equipped with continuous adjustment of the stop, locking lever and anti-slip insert in the handle.

Swingline Stapler, Optima 25, Full Size Desktop Stapler, 25 Sheet Capacity, Reduced Effort, Blue/Gray (66404) - SWI66404
  • PREMIUM STAPLER: This gray and blue stapler’s durable plastic housing protects the internal metal...
  • DESIGNED FOR DESKTOP: Ideal for use on a desk or any flat surface This stapler holds a full strip of 210...

This stapler for wood can “shoot” rectangular staples from 4 to 14 millimeters, U-shaped staples from 10 to 12 millimeters and nails from 10 to 14 millimeters, and its features make it suitable for both amateur and hobby use and for jobs non-intensive artisanal and professional.


Great for craftsmen: The Presch 10005 is a manual stapler for wood, so it is especially suitable for carpenters and DIY enthusiasts who delight in building wooden objects.

Certified product: The quality of the Presch 10005 is certified by TÜV SÜD and GS, so it is a very good product in all respects, made with almost professional quality materials.

3 in 1: It can fix two different types of staples, square and U, and also the pegs, so it is very versatile; the accessories also include an assortment of 200 square staples, 200 U-shaped and 200 pegs.


Heavy: The only limitation of the Presch 10005 seems to be the weight, which makes it a bit tiring to use for too long.

Graffettatrice per tappezziere

5. Bostitch inPower Spring-Powered Desktop Stapler,

The A8016V, produced by the English firm Tacwise, is a pneumatic point shooter like the Einhell examined above, but it works with a pressure from 60 to 100 PSI so it can be safely used even with small compressors.

In this case it is a stapler for upholsterers and in fact it is only compatible with type 80 staples from 4 to 16 millimeters in width; it is equipped with a fast charging system and a rubber-coated handle. The Tacwise is characterized by a build quality and a level of performance that is nothing short of excellent, and is the ideal tool for professional upholsterers.

Bostitch inPower Spring-Powered Desktop Stapler, Easy Stapling Technology, Red
  • 80% easier stapling with One-Finger & trade; technology by
  • Use one finger to staple up to 20 sheets

Precisely for this reason, however, and for the consistent price, it is a niche product required only by professionals in the sector. Although it is also suitable for hobbyists, in fact, the latter prefer to opt for less expensive and more versatile models.


Pneumatic: The compressed air supply makes it extremely simple to use and effortless, even for prolonged times; it also works with small compressors.

Fast Charging: The fast reloading staple system makes it particularly suitable for professionals who use it intensively.

Compact and solid: From the structural point of view it is a product of excellent quality, compact and particularly resistant to wear, as well as equipped with a handle covered in soft rubber to make the grip more firm and comfortable.


Specific product: This is a niche model designed exclusively for professional upholsterers, it is excellent but expensive and not very versatile.

Battery staples

6.Bostitch Office Heavy Duty 40 Sheet Stapler,

The PTK 3,6 LI is a cordless stapler produced by Bosch for its Hobby line of power tools, and it is a model that stands out above all for its new design and decidedly Hi-Tech lines.

It is a device intended mainly for hobby use; It is powered by an integrated 3.6 Volt lithium battery, has an execution speed of 30 strokes per minute and is only compatible with type 53 staples from 4 to 10 millimeters in length.

Bostitch Office Heavy Duty 40 Sheet Stapler, Small Stapler Size, Fits into the Palm of Your Hand; Black (B175-BLK)
  • No-Jam technology eliminates frustrating staple jams
  • Opens 180 degrees for tacking or crafting use

It is equipped with an ECP system for electronic battery protection and the Push + Release safety system, which enables firing only when the button is simultaneously pressed on the point to be fixed. The PTK 3.6 LI is especially recommended for DIY and decoration work, the package also includes 1,000 type 53 staples and the metal case for the stapler.


Excellent quality: Bosch is a historic brand in the power tools sector, and is synonymous with quality and reliability; this stapler costs a little more than average but is one of the best in the hobby category.

Ergonomic design: The user comfort ensured by the PTK 3.6 LI is decidedly high, thanks above all to the futuristic and ergonomic design at the same time, which makes it extremely handy and comfortable to use.

Safe: The reliability of this stapler also extends to the safety of use, thanks to the battery protection systems and against accidental activation of the shot.


Price: Although it is a hobby tool, it has a much higher cost than the average; consequently it is recommended only for the most demanding.

Telephone cable stapler

7. Swingline Stapler, 747, Classic Desktop Stapler Heavy Duty,

For professional installers, the PRO R36 is the best stapler among the different models intended for professional use; nominally, in fact, it is a stapler for telephone cables, but it is suitable for fixing any type of low voltage cable, as long as it has a diameter between 10 and 14 millimeters.

It is produced by the Swedish company Rapid and is made of hardened steel, equipped with a recoil-free firing system complete with shock absorber and a quick and simple loading system. Furthermore, one of its most appreciated features is the high comfort of use guaranteed by the special effort adjustment system on three different levels; it is compatible with type 7 and type 36 staples, so it is a model with a specific intended use.

Swingline Stapler, 747, Classic Desktop Stapler Heavy Duty, 20 Sheet Capacity, Portable, Durable Metal Stapler for Office Desk Accessories or Home Office Supplies, Black (74701)
  • PREMIUM METAL STAPLER – All-metal, black stapler is designed for durability. A specially crafted inner...
  • DESIGNED FOR DESKTOP – Classic stapler is intended for desktop use. It holds a full strip of 210...

The only flaw of this stapler for telephone cables is the total absence of staples in the package, so they must be purchased separately.


Professional: Also in this case it is a professional category stapler, specifically intended for installers of telephone lines and low voltage cables.

Convenient to use: The force of the shot can be adjusted on three different levels, in order to facilitate the use as much as possible and to require less effort on the part of the operator.

Solid and durable: The Rapid R36E PRO is made of reinforced and chrome-plated steel, so it is extremely solid and resistant to corrosion and wear.


Without accessories: The package is completely without accessories, so if you have to use it immediately you will have to buy the staples separately.

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How to choose the best staplers

Pay attention to the specific use and method of use

Understanding how to choose a good stapler is not difficult, as these tools have a very specific character as regards their applications. The models available on the market, therefore, differ precisely according to the different categories of use.

Apart from the specific intended use, another decisive factor in determining which stapler to buy is the amount of work to which the tool will be subjected, and consequently with what frequency and intensity it is expected to be used.

As for prices, however, these can vary from a few euros for office staplers up to about 130 euros for professional models complete with accessories; this price range includes both the manual and the electric and pneumatic versions of course, as well as the specific staplers for surgical use.

The different types available

Leaving aside the office staplers, which are used intensively only in bookbinders and copy shops, the staplers to which you need to pay a little attention when choosing are those used for do-it-yourself and crafts.

We obviously refer to those particular models that are used by upholsterers, decorators, installers, carpenters and so on, obviously not forgetting the surgeons who use them in the emergency room and in the operating room.

In this context it is possible to choose different types, both manual and electrically or pneumatically powered; the powered versions are especially recommended for those who make a very intensive use of the tool, as it could be very uncomfortable and tiring to apply numerous staples in rapid sequence with a manual tool, not to mention that in the long run it could be deleterious for the joints of the but no.

This does not mean that professional manual staplers are not available on the market, of course, but only that their purchase is recommended exclusively to those who do not have to use them particularly intensively.

Another reason that makes the use of electric or pneumatic staplers preferable to manual ones, moreover, again with regard to the professional field, is the minimum price difference. If we consider a normal upholstery model, for example, this difference could be as little as 15-20 euros.

The combined staplers

Also according to personal needs, there are also commercially available staplers for specific use, such as those for surgeons to which we have previously mentioned, or those intended specifically for fixing cables, both for the installation of telephone and electrical lines.

Another peculiar category is represented by the staplers-nailers, that is the “combined” models which allow to fix both the staples and particular headless nails; both types, for obvious reasons, are placed in the medium-high price range.

The last aspect to pay attention to before choosing a stapler, but no less important than the others, is the size of the staples you usually work with. Some models can apply only one type of staple, while others are compatible with different measures, both in terms of width and length; also in this case it will be necessary to choose according to personal needs and the type of use to which the tool will be intended.

Frequent questions

What is the stapler used for?

The stapler, also known as a stapler, stapler, stapler or stapler, is a tool used to apply small metal hooks, called staples, on different types of materials; such as paper, for the purpose of joining multiple sheets.

Consequently, there are different variants of this tool, each suitable for a certain type of work, such as the application of staples on wood, plasterboard and even masonry, which is why they are used in different areas depending on the specific model.

In offices and schools, for example, the stapler is very popular, a manual version characterized by more or less reduced dimensions depending on the case, which is used exclusively to apply staples to paper and join different sheets together; the staplers can be pocket or table based on the amount of work required of them.

Electric staplers are used both in the hobby and artisan and professional fields, to apply coatings of paper, fabrics and fabrics for example, and for this type of use they are mostly used by upholsterers and decorators; but they are also suitable for the application of metal nets on the frames, or layers of thin insulating material.

Some staplers, moreover, have the possibility of working as nailers, however, the latter, unlike the nail guns used on construction sites and in carpentry, are able to apply only a particular type of nails, which are made of galvanized steel and have the characteristic of being extremely thin and headless.

How to put the staples in the stapler?

The insertion of the staples inside the stapler, or the nails if necessary, depends very much on the type of tool. The manual models for example, both those for office and those used for upholstery, are equipped with a groove located on the lower part of the tool, the same applies to the versions with electric or pneumatic power supply.

The staplers-nailers, on the other hand, have a special combined loader which allows to house both the staples and the nails, obviously not simultaneously. The staples must be inserted precisely in the groove, or in the appropriate magazine in the case of combined models, but to do this you must follow a very specific procedure.

If the tool used is electric or pneumatic, make sure it is disconnected from its power source; then check that the operating lever is locked, especially in manual staplers, to prevent it from interfering with loading.

On the front or rear side, depending on the model, there is a release button that you must first press and then rotate, in order to unlock it; at this point you have to be careful, as once released the spring that normally pushes the staples towards the exit point is released and tends to push in the opposite direction.

Once the staple pusher spring with its rod has been extracted, you can insert the replacement staples, making sure they are the right size. Once the rail is loaded, insert the spring again and press until the button returns to the correct position to lock it.

In the event that the button cannot reach the closed position, even if it is compressed all the way, then it means that you have inserted too many clips inside the rail, and you will therefore have to remove a part of them.

How to use a stapler

How a stapler is made

From a structural point of view, this tool changes according to its type; the office stapler, for example, in the table version is made up of two sections hinged at one end, or in the center if it is a compact version.

The manual staplers, on the other hand, are made with a single central body in which the housing track for the staples, in the lower part, and the operating lever in the upper part are inserted.

Their main body is made of metal, in order to offer adequate strength and durability; therefore, even in the models with electric or pneumatic power supply, the main body is always made of natural or galvanized steel, or in light metal alloys based on aluminum, or in Monel alloys based on nickel, copper and other metals in small percentages.

The models with manual action, and also some electric variants, are characterized by a lever located above the handle; the staplers-nailers, on the other hand, have an appearance more similar to that of a gun, as the magazine structure has a different shape so as to allow both staples and nails to be housed.

How to open a stapler

Also in this case the type of stapler greatly affects the type of opening used to access the magazine. Lever staplers and staplers, manual or electric, are equipped with a metal rod with a spring to push the staples; to open them, consequently, it is necessary to rotate the locking mechanism located at the rear end of the rod, or at the front depending on the model, and extract it from the special housing where the staples will be inserted.

The table staplers, on the other hand, have a different opening system as they are composed of two distinct parts that are hinged together at one of the ends; to access the staple housing, therefore, you must first “open” the two parts that make up the main body, as you would do with a switchblade.

The staplers-nailers with guns, on the other hand, have a special combined loader which has the same type of opening as the rail of the lever models; it is therefore necessary to unlock the rod with the spring in order to extract it completely and allow the loading of the track.

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