8 Best Shears for Trimming Weed [2022 Updated]

It is necessary that you have your complete tools, including cutting tools, if you usually work with metals. To make it easier for you to find the model you are looking for, we have selected some good quality models.

The diameter of the metal you want to cut is what you can choose from the different sizes of the shear. It has handles that are more comfortable for a better grip.

The C Goldenwall YM 124C has a robust plastic body and a force of 60 KN that will allow you to cut cables up to 6.5 centimeters thick very easily. It has a rotating C-shaped head, which makes it easier to work more comfortably.

8 Best Shears for Trimming Weed [2022 Updated]

We will show you different types of shears, where we will show you their most outstanding characteristics, as well as their disadvantages, which will allow you to choose a model that meets your expectations.

1. The Gardener’s Friend Pruners, Ratchet Pruning Shears

This manual shear is made from CR-V steel, which is an alloy of vanadium and chromium. For this reason, it has high load tolerance, is resistant to corrosion, and is hard enough for easy cutting of ferrous metals. It is useful for cutting bolts, chains, wires and most locks.

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It has a solid construction, which makes it a very robust first degree lever. It is possible to keep the structure intact when cutting materials with great strength. There are not as many marks on the blades as there are on other models.

The design is 30 cm in size and can cut pieces with a diameter of up to 4 millimetres. There is a larger 76 cm version that supports up to 10mm thickness and a smaller 60 cm version that can cut 8mm.

It is important to review the fundamental characteristics of each model in order to acquire the best shear. The pros and cons of this product are presented in this way.


Blades: It has chrome vanadium alloy steel blades, so it offers sufficient hardness, strength and durability.

Versatility: It is used to cut different pieces made of ferrous metals, such as chains, bolts, padlocks, among others.

Handles: Incorporates ergonomic and non-slip handles that allow a good grip for a more comfortable use.


Lever: The lever mechanism for opening and closing the blades may be a bit stiff at first. However, it softens with constant use.

2. Zugro Garden Scissors, Sharp Pruning Shears 

If you want to acquire one of the best shears of 2021, you have to take into account the cutting characteristics, as well as the stability and robustness of the tool. We will show you what the PS 300 model can do for you.

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It has a comfortable size so that you can handle it comfortably, and this is a manual metal shear that will allow you to do your blacksmith work very easily.

You won’t have to make a lot of effort to get clean results with this tool because it is able to cut different thicknesses of metals. On the other hand, it has a small structure with holes in it’s base so that you can fix it on a surface and prevent the shear from moving.

It has a spring that will prevent the cutting system from closing, making it a very useful aspect to avoid accidental cutting. Shears should not be left out in the garage or in the blacksmith’s workshop. The highlights of the PS 300 model were mentioned here.


Design: Its compact design and high lever will allow you to make cuts without any effort.

Stability: It has holes in the lower part so that you can fix it on the surface of any structure and avoid movements.

Cut: It is capable of providing clean and precise cuts without having to exert a lot of force.


Handle: Its handle has no rubber to keep your hands protected.

Protection: Does not have protection against rust or corrosion.

3. VIVOSUN 1-Pack Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear

These shears are mostly used to cut wires and thicker metal pieces. If among the products on the list you still don’t know which is the best shear, we invite you to consider this model from CGoldenwall.

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The shear has a cutting force of 60 kilowatts and is capable of cutting wires, copper, aluminum or armored cables with a thickness of 6.5 centimeters.

It has a type C open head which is capable of rotating 180 degrees so that you can adjust the shear to the work you are doing. Even if there is not a lot of lighting, it has a battery, light, and screen so you can see the area.

It has an ergonomics handle that is at finger height and atrigger that is at finger height so you can work more comfortably. In order for you to know which shear is the best for you, you need to know more about it. The most common characteristic of the YM 124C is mentioned here.


Force: It has a force of 60 KN, so it is enough to make good cuts.

Visualization: It has LED light so you can visualize the work you are going to do even if there is low lighting.

Head: Its rotating head will provide you with good levels of grip and versatility to reach tight spaces.


Price: Compared to other shear models present in the comparison, this one has one of the highest prices.

Casing: The casing of the lower part that protects the motor is made of plastic, which is why it is highly susceptible to impacts.

4. Gardeness Pruning Shear Straight Pruning Snip

If you are looking for an electric shear that you can use to cut almost any metal structure, we recommend that you evaluate the good features that this Bosch product has. With a 750W motor, this cutter is able to provide you with precise cuts in different pieces of metal.

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It is a tool that you cannot miss to do your work at home in a professional way, because you can also make curves. It has 5200 cpm, which will allow you to penetrate metals with a thickness of up to 1.6mm very quickly.

You will be able to easily manipulate the equipment with just one hand, because it has a compact design of only 2.8 centimeters.

On the sides, there are air vents that will help prevent it from heating up, so that it isn’t damaged.

Bosch has a long history of producing good quality products, so it could be the best brand of shears in this comparison. The most important aspects of one of the most outstanding models are explained here.


Design: Its compact size will allow you to handle it with great comfort.

Cutting: You can cut steel structures easily thanks to its 750 W motor.

Protection: It has vents that will help the air circulate and thus the equipment does not overheat.


Noise: Since its acoustic power is 98 dB, you will have to wear ear protectors.

Weight: It weighs 1.7 kilograms, so it could tire your hand if you use it for long periods.

5. Happy Hydro Titanium Coated 40mm Straight Trimming Scissors

If you need a lever shear to cut paper and cardboard, then you might be interested in this machine, which is capable of making an exact cut of 15 sheets of 70 g / m2. It works in small offices, but it is also useful for the home.

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It does not cost a lot of money and is considered the best value for money shear by many users. The table is made out of metal and has rounded edges for greater security.

Similarly, it has non-slip feet made of rubber, to increase stability and provide a clean cut. The support board is only 45 x 28.6 cm, but it is also compact.

It has a maximum cutting length of 34 cm, which makes it compatible with different size blades. It also includes format lines on the surface that can be used as guides.

If you have a guillotine, it can be very easy to make paper cuts. The most relevant characteristics of this model should be reviewed in greater detail.


Pressing: It comes with a manual pressing system and incorporates finger protection in order to avoid accidents.

Blades: Includes an upper and lower ground blade that work aligned for a precise cut.

Resistance: It has a robust construction, as it is made of impact resistant metal.


Metal: This shear is not suitable for cutting sheet metal, which reduces its versatility.

6. GROWNEER 3 Packs Pruning Shears

Being one of the cheapest products in this comparison, the 793750 model has attractive advantages that we think may be of interest to you.

GROWNEER 3 Packs Pruning Shears with Curved Blades Gardening Hand Pruning Snips Titanium Coated Precision Blades
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The pneumatic shear model that Silverline presents is specially designed to cut plastic and metal structures that have a thickness of 2.5 centimeters. It’s compact size of 23 x 5 x 16 centimeters, its easy-accesstrigger, and its ergonomics make it very easy to handle.

The Silverline shear works at a speed of 25,000rpm and consumes 140 liters of air per minute, which makes it a very powerful and practical tool for making clean and precise cuts.

It is important to note that the blades are made of treated metal and it is hard enough to prevent them from bending when you are doing your blacksmith work.

If you want to make fast, clean and precise cuts in metal and plastic, but do not know which shear model to choose, this product presented by Silverline has striking advantages that could be of special interest to you.


Speed: Work at high speed levels so you can finish in less time.

Blades: Its steel blades will allow cuts in plastic and metal.

Design: It is compact and ergonomic, so you can work comfortably with even one hand.


Compressor: You will need a compressor of at least 50 liters to cut efficiently.

Protection: It does not have any protection system against rust and corrosion.

7. Happy Hydro Trimming Scissors

The shear is made from a material that is heat treated for strength and durability. It is possible to cut iron and copper wires, steel rings, and other metals of great hardness with it. It’s useful in this way to carry out different projects around the home.

Happy Hydro Trimming Scissors with Curved Tip Titanium Coated Blades
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It uses a classic lever mechanism with aligned blades to cut with power and precision, but with minimal effort on the part of the user. The handles are made of PP + TPR rubber, which gives a more comfortable grip.

They have a non-slip texture which makes them more safe. The blades have a maximum opening of 6mm, and a cutting capacity of 2.3mm. When it comes to design, it is a small cutter that is 21 cm long, making it easy to move around.

If you still don’t know which shear to buy, we invite you to analyze some of the most important features of this tool before deciding, since it offers great quality and is one of the cheapest.


Material: It is made mainly of chromium steel alloy, which has been treated at high temperatures to improve hardness and resistance.

Ergonomics: It is comfortable and safe, thanks to its ergonomic and non-slip handles made of PP + TPR.

Opening: The blades can be opened a maximum of 6mm for convenience.


Capacity: Due to its compact size, this shear does not have enough capacity to cut thick bolts.

8. Kitchen Shears Multi Purpose Strong Stainless Steel Kitchen Utility Scissors

If you are looking for a shear to cut metal objects very easily without breaking, you have to consider the materials of manufacture. You are invited to evaluate the characteristics of the Estink model.

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This mechanical shear was forged in carbon steel and treated with high levels of temperature to increase its rigidity and is capable of cutting bolts, chains and metallic structures with ease.

Since it has a non-slip structure that will help you avoid accidents, it has an ergonomics handle made of wear-resistant rubber that will provide you comfort, as well as rigidity to grip it, since it has a non-slip structure that will help you avoid .

The model has rivet that reinforce the structure of the shear, which gives it a longer useful life. It has dimensions of 88 x 16.5 x 10 centimeters so that it is easy to access narrow spaces.

If you are interested in acquiring a robust and sharp shear that can cut almost any metal structure, we invite you to evaluate what this Estink product has to offer.


Rigidity: It is forged with carbon steel with heat treatment, which gives it good levels of robustness.

Cutting: Its blades are made of T8 steel, which allows you to make clean and precise cuts.

Safety: Its ergonomic non-slip rubber handle will prevent it from slipping from your hands.


Rust: Although it is heat-treated and powder-coated, it is made of carbon steel, so there is a chance it will rust.

Paint: The electric blue color of the paint can be easily scratched by any friction, which would cause poor aesthetics.

Shopping guide

In the following space you will find a guide to buying the best shear, where we will highlight the most relevant characteristics to help you choose a product that is capable of meeting your expectations.


Depending on the manufacturing materials, you will be able to choose a robust and resistant model, since they are the first characteristic that we will evaluate in this comparison of shears.

There are endless models of shears on the market, which are made of different types of materials, but each one has a specific purpose.

From those that were specially designed to cut bolts. The rigidity of the shear is based on the materials with which it is forged, since there are some models that are made of steel and other materials, and that will help you decide on a specific model.

The carbon steel shears are more prone to rust than the lighter ones because of their greater resistance and robustness.

If they don’t have protective layers against corrosive agents, they could be affected and shorten their useful lives. As for those forged with steel and heat treated, they have more strength and resilience than those made of alloy with carbon, but they don’t have a treatment that protects them from corrosive elements.

The models that are made with stainless steel are more resistant to oxidizing agents than the others, but they are not as strong as the others.

If you want to get a good shear, we recommend that you choose one that is forged in carbon steel or that is heat treated, since the robustness will be greater. You should keep it away from humid environments to prevent it from rusting, as well as provide it with a protection to prevent corrosive agents from affecting it.

Types of shears

There are shears that are designed to cut into less dense structures, so before you worry about how much a shear costs, keep that in mind. Since you will be able to choose one for the job you plan to do, we encourage you to consider both the cutting power and the type of shear.

The shears are designed to cut metal, but there are models that were specially designed to work with plastic, as well as others that can cut both materials without any problems.

The possibilities to do your work will be greater, which makes the latter more versatile. There are shears that can only cut in straight lines, so if you want a shear that can cut metals, you should look for one that can only cut in straight lines.

There are shears that are capable of making curves in plastic or metallic structures, which will allow you to do your tasks with more flexibility andVersatility.

It is possible to enjoy clean cuts and professional finishes in a field of work that is almost infinite.

Since there are shears that are designed to cut thin cables and others for structures, you must choose a model that meets your expectations, since there are some models that work with electricity, gas or some pneumatic system. Something is thicker.


When it comes to choosing a shear that is versatile, you have to consider its dimensions, since there are several sizes of shears and each of them has a specific use If you want to find the ideal one for you, you have to evaluate from weight to size.

When it comes to selecting a shear for home work, those that have a compact size are the most indicated, since you can take them with you wherever you go, as well as keep them in your toolbox without a lot of trouble.


To find a good and inexpensive shear, you must take into account a number of factors, such as materials, size, thickness of cut, as well as comfort.

If the handle is ergonomics enough to protect your hands from the lever force that you exert, then you should take it into account.

Since this way you will be able to enjoy greater comfort and also be able to hold the shear firmly without it being slipped from your hands, it’s important that you choose a model that has a good magician to fit the shape of your hands.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a shear?

If the shears have a rubber handle, you should wear gloves even if they have a rubber grip, since these will reduce friction and make you less likely to hurt yourself.

If you are going to cut a chain, you need to hold the cutter, expand it gently, and close it firmly. If it is a shear for weaker structures, you should be aware that what you are going to cut must be fastened, since these can move more easily when the blades begin to do their work.

In addition, we recommend that you use a marker to mark the places to be cut so that you don’t remove more than necessary, as well as preventing an accident from occurring.

Q2: What is the best scrap shear?

If it is light, it has a good size to be able to move it and the thickness it is capable of, then it is the best scrapbooking shear.

You can choose an ideal shear if you take into account the aspects mentioned above.

Q3: What is the roller shear used for?

Roller shears are specially designed to cut through paper regardless of small or large quantities, the blade is sharp enough to penetrate the paper and give a clean and almost perfect result.

In order for you to do this in the best possible way, you have to practice many times with recycled paper, as this will make sure you don’t have any margins that could damage the folio.

Q4: How to sharpen the blades of a shear?

If you want to disassemble the shear and remove the blade, you have to do that first. You will need a cloth, water, and a sharpening stone.

If you want to dry the blade, you have to clean it with plenty of water. The stone should be placed on the cloth and rubbed with the blade according to the angle of the cut.

If you want to reassemble the shear, you have to perform the same sharpening procedure with the back side.

Q5: Which is better, shear or guillotine?

There are a number of factors that you will need to consider in order to determine what is better between a shear and a guillotine.

First of all, the shears are designed to work in robust structures such as metal or plastic, so if these are your most frequent work options, you have to know that the shears are capable of making clean and precise cuts. It is possible for them to penetrate the structure of a chain, bolt or object easily.

There are guillotines that are designed to work on paper or cardboard, so they are a fundamental tool in offices and stationery stores. We want to make sure that you know which one is best for you, so we invite you to pick the one that suits your work environment.

Q6: How to cut a padlock with a shear?

You have to make sure that you have the safety tools to protect your hands and eyes, so glasses and gloves are not too much.

If the padlock is loose or attached to a chain and you want to remove it to save yourself the trouble of going to a locksmith, we invite you to do the following: hold the shear with both hands and expand it to its maximum expression.

Next step is to gradually close the handle of the cutter so that its tips hold what you are going to cut from the padlock and, firmly and in a single movement, finish closing so that the process has a clean finish and does not make

Q7: How to make a manual shear?

Manual shears are made with complex blacksmithing procedures in terms of cuts and welding, as well as physics, since they must have exact measurements to be able to carry out the lever effect and therefore be able to do their work without breaking.

To provide it with good levels of rigidity and prevent it from bending easily, the material to be used has to be hardened steel and treated with special furnaces.

If you don’t have the necessary knowledge, it is not a good idea to do it, since it is a dangerous method and could threaten your physical integrity.

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