8 Best Screwdrivers for Electricians [2022 Updated ]

The screwdriver is not a simple manual tool and before buying one, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the characteristics that it must possess in order to meet the needs of the case; to deepen the subject further, therefore, we suggest you carefully read our buying guide.

The ranking, on the other hand, reports a brief review of the eight screwdrivers that are currently among the most requested on the market; at the top are the BGS Technic Pro + set , which is the best-selling among those intended for amateur use, and the Proxxon MicroClick MC 5 , a precision torque screwdriver for professional use.

8 Best Screwdrivers for Electricians [2022 Updated ]

Most of the most popular models on the market are screwdrivers intended for home and hobby use; in our ranking, however, you will also find some professional specimens for specific use, characterized by a fairly high cost.

1. Amartisan 10-Piece Magnetic Screwdrivers Set,

 The first place in our ranking of the best screwdrivers of 2021 is occupied by the Pro + Kraftmann, a Torx screwdriver set with a male hex head, produced by the German firm BGS Technic.

The set consists of eleven tools which, with the exception of the anomalous measure T35, counts all the measures from T6 to T40. Each screwdriver is made of chrome-vanadium steel alloy, so it is extremely solid and durable, and is equipped with a magnetic tip. The handles are made of yellow plastic material, are shaped to be ergonomic and are equipped with black anti-slip rubber inserts, in order to make the grip firmer.

Amartisan 10-Piece Magnetic Screwdrivers Set, 5 Phillips and 5 Slotted Tips Professional Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set (10-Piece)
  • Top quality magnetic screwdriver set, 10 professional grade screwdrivers that are designed to serve a...
  • Premium materials, the screwdriver bar is made of chromium vanadium steel for durable.

Obviously this is a cheap set but, according to the opinions of the buyers, the set produced by BGS Technic is made with good quality materials and is great for those with home and amateur use needs.


Advantageous: The value for money of the BGS Technic set is extremely favorable, ideal for those who want to buy a good quality set but without spending too high a price.

Set: Consisting of eleven Torx screwdrivers of the following sizes: T6, T7, T8, T9 and T10 with 62 mm shank, T15 and T20 with 102 mm shank, T25, T27 and T30 with 103 mm shank and T40 with shank from 127 mm.

Ergonomic: Each tool is equipped with an ergonomic handle in rigid yellow plastic, with black anti-slip rubber insert to make the grip more secure; the handle also has the hole for hanging screwdrivers on hooks.


For home use: The quality is good but still of an amateur level, therefore they are not suitable for intensive professional use.

2. CRAFTSMAN Screwdriver Set

The MC 5 torque screwdriver, produced by the German company Proxxon, is one of the best-selling online models of its kind; moreover it is a high quality article, therefore characterized by a high cost and a professional level yield.

The MicroClick MC 5 belongs to the Proxxon torque screwdriver series and, in this case, is an intermediate model that generates a tightening torque from 1 to 5 N · m, with intermediate adjustments at decimal intervals.

CRAFTSMAN Screwdriver Set, 5-Piece (CMHT65050)
  • Alloy-steel blades are heat-treated for strength and durability.
  • Coated with a satin-nickel finish.

Like all Proxxon products, the MC 5 is also made with first choice materials and assembled with extreme care, it is also equipped with two graduated scales for precision adjustment and can be used with both bit and socket inserts.

The additional value is represented by the packaging, which includes the case and the self-locking adapter with spring sleeve, compatible with standard ¼ inch bits.


Proxxon: The German company certainly needs no introduction; the brand is known above all for the high quality of its products and is appreciated by both hobbyists and professionals.

Precise: Most of the tools produced by Proxxon are assembled by CNC machines and intended for high precision work. The MicroClick MC 5 is no exception, in fact it is equipped with two graduated scales to adjust the torque in the order of decimals.

Versatile: The presence of the adapter allows it to be used both for screwing and unscrewing screws, from traditional to Torx, as well as nuts and bolts, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


Price: The only limitation is the price, which not everyone can afford; but the performance offered by this torque screwdriver is of a professional level.

3. CRAFTSMAN Screwdriver Set, Assorted

The one produced for the Maxpower brand, on the other hand, is an economical impact screwdriver, excellent to use on rusted screws or in any case stuck in the thread. Obviously it is a tool intended mainly for hobby use, as the low price also suggests; the main body is made entirely of steel, which at the height of the handle has a satin finish and knurled bands in order to make the grip firmer.

The front can be adjusted to screw or unscrew, and is compatible with the ¼ inch hexagonal drive; the package also includes the case, red, and six inserts, four Phillips and two slotted.

CRAFTSMAN Screwdriver Set, Assorted, 8-Piece (CMHT65075)
  • Black oxide tip provides improved durability and grip without compromising tip fitment.
  • Speed zone provides quick rotation control for efficient run down.

The tips supplied are made of S2 steel, which has the particularity of being very hard but less ductile and more subject to breakage by fragmentation, therefore they are not suitable for intensive use.


Price: Also in this case we are faced with a screwdriver that has met with considerable success above all thanks to the low and easily accessible price, especially considering the set package.

Set: The package includes a practical case in rigid plastic, in red color, inside which there are the screwdriver and a set of six inserts with ¼ inch hexagonal coupling.

Robust: The main body is made entirely of chrome-vanadium steel alloy, while S2 steel has been used for the tips, so the screwdriver is very solid and wear-resistant.


Non-professional: The tips are only suitable for non-intensive hobby use, but can easily be replaced with better quality ones.

4. Amazon Basics 11-Piece Magnetic Tip

The Chinese company Hychika specializes in the production of power tools characterized by an ideal level of performance for home use and for DIY; precisely for this reason its products have the advantage of being available at low prices.

In comparison with other similar models, the Hychika electric screwdriver stands out thanks to its peculiar characteristics, which consist of the articulated main body that allows the instrument to be used in a straight or pistol position. It is also equipped with two LED lights, one to illuminate the work area and another at the base of the handle, more powerful, to be used as an emergency flashlight.

Amazon Basics 11-Piece Magnetic Tip Screwdriver Set - Slotted and Phillips
  • 11-piece screwdriver set for a wide variety of projects and repairs
  • Includes 6 slotted screwdrivers: SL1/4 x 1-1/2", SL1/8 x 3", SL3/16 x 4", SL1/4 x 4", SL1/4 x 6", and...

The range of accessories consists of a rigid case which in addition to the screwdriver contains 28 bits of various types, five socket wrenches, a drill bit for wood, a mini ratchet wrench, instructions and the USB charging cable with adapter for the power outlet.


Functional: The new Hychika electric screwdriver stands out for some peculiar characteristics that make it extremely functional: the articulated body that allows it to be used even in the pistol position and the rear LED that transforms it into a flashlight.

USB: The tool is powered by a built-in 2,000 mAh battery, which can be recharged via the supplied USB cable, therefore also via a power bank. The cable also comes with an adapter for the power socket.

Well equipped: The rigid plastic case with double lock contains the screwdriver, the USB cable with its adapter, a mini ratchet wrench and a large series of inserts of various types; there is even a bit for drilling into the wood.


Performance: The performance level is good, but for home and DIY use only; discerning hobbyists will have to turn to a more expensive cordless screwdriver.

5. Klein Tools 32500 11-in-1 Screwdriver

The American company Stanley is another brand that needs no introduction, especially among the most experienced and demanding professionals and hobbyists, and in fact it is one of the most renowned brands in the production of manual and electric tools.

Item 0-65-012 is a set consisting of three elements: a standard screwdriver with a slotted tip, a Phillips with a cross tip and a phase detector with a slotted tip; obviously this is an entry level set intended for home and hobby use, but it is characterized by the high quality typical of the Stanley company.

Klein Tools 32500 11-in-1 Screwdriver / Nut Driver Set, 8 Bits (Phillips, Slotted, Torx, Square), 3 Nut Driver Sizes, Cushion Grip Handle
  • Multi-bit screwdriver / nut driver shaft holds 8 popular tips and converts to 3 nut driver sizes
  • Includes industrial strength heat treated bits: 3/8-Inch, 5/16-Inch and 1/4-Inch nut drivers, #1 and #2...

The screwdrivers are in fact made of chromed steel with an ergonomic Cushion Grip handle, that is with the central part completely covered with soft rubber with an anti-slip surface. The tips are magnetic and on the handles are printed the identification symbols of their type, in order to facilitate recognition.


Stanley quality: The US brand is synonymous with reliability, in fact the screwdrivers are made of high quality chromed steel, have magnetic tips and are equipped with an ergonomic handle with non-slip coating.

Performance: Although belonging to Stanley’s entry level line, they are extremely resistant and therefore also suitable for intensive use; their performance is also optimal for artisanal use.

Set: The package includes three pieces, a standard screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver and a phase detector, so everything you need to face any domestic use requirement without any problem.


Price: Stanley screwdrivers are a bit more expensive than average, but the quality is too; consequently they are recommended above all to the most demanding customers.

6. CRAFTSMAN Screwdriver Set, Assorted, 

The cheapest item, among all those we have examined, is the Acenix 2.5 Tri-Wing, marketed by the company Etrader Direct LTD. In this case it is a triangular screwdriver, that is, it has a Y-forged blade as it is specially designed to remove the security screws of MacBook Pro, Nintendo DS, DSI and Wii consoles, as well as other electronic devices that make use of these special screws.

Apart from the price, the dimensions of the Acenix screwdriver are also small, in fact it is only 11 centimeters long. It’s great for working on the aforementioned equipment so you can replace any damaged hardware components, but it can also be used on small appliances and other devices.

CRAFTSMAN Screwdriver Set, Assorted, 12-Piece (CMHT65044)
  • Alloy-steel blades are heat-treated for strength and durability.
  • Coated with a satin-nickel finish.

The small size makes it somewhat complicated to use for those with large hands, but given the type it is a completely normal aspect; the only real flaw, however, consists in the somewhat coarse workmanship.


Triangular tip: The type is specially designed to remove the security screws, so it is suitable for consoles, MacBook laptops and other electronic devices and small appliances.

Price: One of the advantages of the Acenix 2.5 is that it is available at a very low price, especially when compared to that of other screwdrivers with a similar tip but produced by other companies.

Specialized: The Acenix 2.5 is the best a DIY electronics enthusiast could wish for, as it is specially designed to perform hardware repairs.


Quality: The manufacturing materials and the workmanship of the screwdriver itself are decidedly mediocre, but given the reduced price it is a completely negligible flaw.

7. Amartisan 22 IN 1 Ratchet Screwdriver Set,

The set produced for the oGoDeal brand is also intended for DIY enthusiasts of electronics, and especially for those who are dedicated to repairing Apple mobile devices.

The oGoDeal set, in fact, consists of a total number of ten pieces: a Phillips screwdriver with a 1.5 mm tip, a 0.8 mm pentalobe and a 0.6 mm triangle screwdriver, a magnetized support, a suction cup, two plastic levers for opening the shells, two triangular plastic blades and the specific ejection key for the SIM card trays used by the iPhone.

Amartisan 22 IN 1 Ratchet Screwdriver Set, Precision Multi-bit Ratchet Screw Drivers, Slotted/Philips/Pozi/Torx
  • [High-Quality]: Multi-bits Ratcheting screwdriver has an ergonomic handle offering twisting force for...
  • [Precision Screwdrivers Bit]: Slotted Bit: SL1.5, SL2.5. Phillips Bit: PH000 PH00. Torx Bit: T4, T5, T6,...

The screwdrivers are compatible with all iPhones from 4 to 11, including the different versions, and they are also suitable for devices such as iPod, iTouch, Apple Watch; as this is an inexpensive set, however, it is only good for home use.


Complete: The three screwdrivers in the set are compatible with all iPhone models from 4 to 11, including the different variants, and with other Apple devices; there are also other accessories and the key to eject the SIM slide.

Price: The cost is easily accessible and well proportioned, both in terms of product quality and performance, which are obviously limited to home and hobby applications.

Ergonomic: The three screwdrivers in the set are extremely easy to handle thanks to the ergonomic and non-slip handles, which is an added advantage given their small size.


For hobby only: This is an inexpensive set intended for home use only, professional repairers will have to move towards a more expensive product.

8. Edward Tools Screwdriver Set Phillips and Flat Head

The Stanley FMHT0-62690 can undoubtedly be considered the best screwdriver among all those examined in our ranking, nevertheless it ranks last because it is a high quality tool, extremely expensive and intended only for professionals and the most demanding hobbyists.

The bit ratchet screwdriver in fact, unlike the Stanley set previously examined, belongs to the professional FatMax series, so it is extremely robust and made with excellent quality materials. The 40-tooth ratchet allows it to generate a high tightening torque; moreover the handle is entirely covered with soft non-slip rubber and in the rear part there is a compartment inside which there is the support with the ten inserts supplied.

The latter consist of three standard 5, 6.5 and 8mm bits, three 1, 2 and 3mm Phillips bits and three Torx T10, T15 and T20 bits.


Complete kit: The Stanley ratchet screwdriver is sold together with ten bits made of extremely strong and durable S2 steel. There are both standard and Phillips and Torx bits.

Functional: In addition to the standard use mode, it can also be set for right or left use in the ratchet mode; the handle also houses the housing for the insert holder.

Professional: It belongs to the series of FatMax tools, which Stanley produces specifically for the professional user range, consequently it is characterized by a superior quality.


Price: Being a professional screwdriver, it has a fairly high cost, so it is a niche tool intended only for the most demanding customers.

How to choose the best screwdrivers

There are many types of screwdrivers on the market and the safety screws with new notches have further increased the number; therefore it is important to evaluate the different application possibilities before choosing which screwdriver to buy.

Standard, Phillips e Torx

The type of use you intend to make of the tool, therefore, is the first requirement on which to base yourself to understand how to choose a good screwdriver, especially considering that the price difference between the models intended for amateur and hobby use and those to be used for intensive professional use, it is remarkable. Another important factor, moreover, is the type of screwdriver, since it determines its possible applications.

The blade of the tool, in fact, must adapt to the type of notch that the screws have; the most common are the “slotted” one, for which the standard flat blade screwdriver is required, and the “Phillips” one, which requires the use of the Phillips model. Lately, however, both household appliances and smartphones, video game consoles, computers and other electronic equipment are making use of the so-called “safety screws”, which have complex shaped carvings that require equally special inserts.

Another example are Torx screws, characterized by a mostly hexagonal slot whose purpose is to increase the tightening torque applied to the screws. The Torx screwdriver, in fact, owes its name to the English word torque, which indicates the torque.

The quality of the manufacturing material

In addition to the type, it is necessary to consider the quality of the material that was used to manufacture the screwdriver; the latter is standard for all categories: chromium-vanadium steel alloy for the stem and S2 steel for the inserts, but the tools intended for amateur and hobby use have a lower quality than those intended for professional use , consequently they are less durable and more subject to breakage.

The quality of the manufacturing material is the factor that most affects the price of the tool; a screwdriver for domestic use, in fact, can cost from 3 to 6 euros at most, while a model of the same type, intended for intensive professional use, has a minimum starting price of at least 15-20 euros depending on the manufacturer. Some, moreover, can even cost 100-150 euros depending on the type, as in the case of torque screwdrivers.

The special screwdrivers

Some models are intended for specialized applications, such as the mini-screwdriver with triangle tip used for iPhones, the phase finders or the torque screwdrivers mentioned above, the use of which is necessary when it is necessary to precisely adjust the tightening torque to be applied. to the vine.

These types can be found both in the cheaper range, obviously, and in the top range, where the models intended for professional use are concentrated; as regards the price differences and the personal needs of use, therefore, also in this case the same is true.

How to unscrew a screw without a screwdriver

Avoid using the nail

Usually when you are faced with the contingent need to unscrew a screw and not have a screwdriver at hand, you instinctively try to do so by inserting your thumbnail into the groove and applying pressure with your finger while trying to loosen the screwdriver. lives.

Although in some cases it is possible to be successful, in reality it is not recommended as the force applied to loosen the screw, in most cases, is greater than the resistance offered by the nail, so there is a serious risk of injury.

Pliers and knives

The most suitable tools for unscrewing or screwing screws in the absence of a screwdriver are pliers and knives, preferably kitchen ones with a rounded tip. If the head of the screw is protruding, then the pliers alone may be enough, as long as you apply the right pressure in order to have a firm grip.

For flush head screws, on the other hand, it is preferable to use the tip of the kitchen knife; in the event that the blade of the knife is flexible and the waist has been tightened with a lot of force, then it is possible to help yourself by holding the blade still with pliers.

If the screws to be removed are the Phillips ones, or with the cross recess on the head, in the absence of the relative screwdriver you can easily use a coin or, if the dimensions allow it, the usual kitchen knife with a rounded tip.

The stripped-headed screws

Extracting the screws with the stripped head is an operation impossible to perform with makeshift means; the only solution, in this case, is to use a special screw extractor to be mounted on the spindle of a drill, or a screwdriver. On the market there are sets of extractors of different sizes, in order to adapt to most screws; each extractor is equipped with one end for drilling and another for unscrewing.

The first thing to do, therefore, is to use the end to drill in order to make the opening in the screw head deeper, then insert the other end into the opening created and unscrew the screw; during the operation, the screwdriver must always be set on the unscrewing mode and on the minimum speed.

Frequent questions

How does the ratchet screwdriver work?

The ratchet screwdriver is based on the mechanism of the same name, that is a toothed wheel that allows the rotation movement in one direction only; in this case, the ratchet is placed at the front end, in a transverse or linear direction depending on the model, and considerably facilitates screwing or removing the screws.

What is the Torx screwdriver?

Torx is a commercial definition that has been given to a particular type of screw whose head has a recess in the shape of a six-pointed star. The particular recess design of the Torx screws allows to apply a high tightening torque without running the risk of the screwdriver coming out of the seat. The Torx screwdriver, therefore, is a specific version of the tool equipped with the specific tip for this type of screw.

What is the phase testing screwdriver for?

The phase detector is the simplest instrument that can be used in order to detect the presence of voltage in a cable or in the constituent element of an electrical circuit, and therefore the presence of a phase on a conductor.

The phase finders differ according to the voltage range they can detect; those made to be used on 220/240 Volt electrical equipment, in fact, are not suitable for detecting the phase in the conductors of low voltage equipment.

How to use the phase test screwdriver?

The phase detector has a small light bulb positioned in the handle and, at the base of the same, a metal crown. Therefore, to identify the phase, ie the passage of current, just place the tip of the screwdriver on the conductor and keep the tip of a finger in contact with the metal crown at the base of the handle; if the light bulb in the handle turns on, then there is a passage of current, if it remains off there is no phase.

How to magnetize a screwdriver?

For this purpose it is necessary to use a specific accessory which is called a magnetizer, and which can be purchased in hardware stores or online. It is a small plastic box with magnets inside; in the box there are two openings, marked by the + and – signs of the magnetic polarities, by inserting the tip of the screwdriver into the openings and shaking it for a few seconds, it is therefore possible to magnetize or demagnetize it.

Where to buy the screwdriver for iPhone 4?

If you are wondering where to buy a screwdriver for iPhone 4, know that you need a specific model called a “pentalobe”. The iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S and 6, in fact, are assembled with special screws whose recess has a shape resembling that of a five-petaled flower; Pentalobe screwdrivers are difficult to find in hardware stores, given their specificity, but they can be easily found online on various e-commerce sites, especially on Amazon.

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