8 Best Sanders for Refinishing Furniture [2022 Updated ]

If you are planning to buy a sander but have not yet chosen the model to buy and the amount to invest, then it is worth taking a closer look at our buying guide.

If, on the other hand, you trust our many years of experience, then you can choose directly between the eight different sanders that we have specifically examined.

The buyers’ favorites are two hobbyist models, both produced by a well-known brand: the Tacklife PSFS1A , thanks to the rich range of accessories, and the Tacklife PRS01A , appreciated above all for its economy.

8 Best Sanders for Refinishing Furniture [2022 Updated ]

On this page we deal with belt sanders, orbital, random orbital, wall and mouse sanders. We will consider different brands and models, all however united by the considerable appreciation of users. Take a look.

1.Clarke Floor Sander Edger Super 7R W/Case

The PSFS1A belt sander, produced by the Tacklife company, is one of the best-selling models among all those intended for hobby use, thanks to its excellent quality-price ratio.

It is a solid, well-made and powerful electric tool, even if designed for non-intensive use, with a 600W motor capable of generating six different working speeds from a minimum of 170 up to 250 meters per minute.

Clarke Floor Sander Edger Super 7R W/Case #07125A
  • American Sanders - Clarke - Su7R Edger with Case

It has an extractable drawer for collecting dust, but it is also designed for connection to a suction system; the accessory kit includes twelve abrasive papers, six with 80 grit and six with 180 grit, the drawer for collecting the dust, two adapters for vacuum cleaners, two metal clamps for fixing the sander to the bench and the instruction manual.

According to buyers’ opinions it is one of the best sanders of 2021, even if the performance is modest and the compatible card format is not the standard one.


Powerful : With its 600 Watts it is one of the most powerful models of all those we have compared. The speed regulation on six different levels also allows you to adequately exploit its power.

Well equipped : In addition to adapters and metal clamps, the Tacklife belt sander has a set of twelve sanding papers, six of which with 80 grit and six more with 180 grit.

Fixed to the bench : Thanks to the two clamps supplied it is also possible to fix it to a work bench, so that you can work comfortably and safely on small pieces.


Paper format : The only flaw is given by the format of the compatible abrasive papers, different from the most common standard and therefore more expensive.

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Orbital sander

2. Finding Pride: Pride, Volume 1

No wonder that in second place in order of popularity we still find a Tacklife product, in fact it is thanks to the choice of keeping prices low for its power tools that this company, in just four years, has managed to compete with the historical giants of this production sector, such as Einhell, Bosch and others.

The PRS01A is a 350 Watt power orbital sander with six different speed levels adjustable thanks to a potentiometer, up to a maximum of 13,000 rpm, and like the belt model examined previously it is equipped with a range of accessories that it includes the drawer for collecting the dust and twelve 125 mm diameter abrasive discs, with 80 and 180 grit.

Finding Pride: Pride, Volume 1
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Jill Sanders (Author) - Tanya Eby (Narrator)

Even in this case, however, it is a power tool intended mainly for non-intensive use on wood and metals, for household chores and DIY.


Powerful : Like the Tacklife belt sander examined above, this orbital sander also has the advantage of having a powerful motor with six different adjustable speed levels.

Abrasive discs : The same goes for the accessory equipment, which includes the drawer for collecting dust and twelve abrasive discs, divided by number and grain in the same way as the belt sander.

Ergonomic design : One of the distinguishing features of the tools produced by the company Tacklife is their ergonomic design, which offers a high comfort of use.


Noisy : The flaw, which is also common to other sanders, is that it is decidedly noisy, but given the price and intended use it is also understandable.

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Random orbital sander

3. Discovering Pride: Volume 2, Pride Series Romance Novels

Among the various models sold online, the DeWalt random orbital sander ranks only in third place, but qualitatively speaking it is clearly superior to the Tacklife examined previously. Precisely for this reason, however, it is characterized by a price more than double that of the PRS01A, and even if the engine of the DeWalt has a power of 280 Watts, the performances offered are on a completely different level compared to the Tacklife.

It is also equipped with the AirLock predisposition for attachment to a suction system and is decidedly more attention to detail, starting with the sealed dust-proof switch and the electronic speed control, which keeps it constant on any type of material. .

Discovering Pride: Volume 2, Pride Series Romance Novels
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Jill Sanders (Author) - Tanya Eby (Narrator)

It uses 125 mm diameter abrasive discs with Velcro attachment, in order to facilitate the change, but unfortunately they are not included in the accessories kit, consisting solely of the dust collection bag.


High quality : Compared to the Tacklife examined previously, the DeWalt has a much higher quality level, both in terms of work performance and in terms of materials, assembly and durability.

AirLock : This exclusive system, patented by DeWalt, allows you to connect it to a compatible vacuum cleaner, if you have one. If not, you can always use the dust bag supplied.

Performance : Those offered by the DeWalt random orbital sander are also suitable for professional use, in fact, many define it as the best sander among all those we have examined.


Price : The only flaw of the DeWalt sander, if it can be considered as such, is that it has a price double compared to the average; but the performance is also high.

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Bench belt sander

4. Scheppach, Bench Belt Sander BTS 800

The Scheppach BTS800 is a bench belt sander that by definition is hobby, but that many buyers consider almost professional given the characteristics of versatility and power possessed. In fact, it combines the belt sander and the orbital sander in a single piece of equipment, since it has both the slide for assembling the belts and the backing pad for assembling the discs.

It is also solid and resistant, thanks to the cast iron body, and has a 370 Watt induction motor. Accessories include a wood-specific sanding belt and disc, both with an 80-grit grit, but buyers say it can also be used for metal, using their own belts and discs.

The downside, on the other hand, is the inadequate packaging of the machine, which risks being damaged during transport, and the poor quality customer service.


2 in 1 : The Scheppach bench sander offers a high versatility of use since it works both as a belt sander and as an orbital sander.

Solid and resistant : The main body is made entirely of cast iron, so it is extremely solid and also promises to be long-lived, as the weight of the cast iron makes it very stable during use.

Easy belt change : The belt change system is one of its most appreciated features, as it is simple and quick to perform. The same goes for the backing pad, which has a Velcro fastening system.


Packaging and service : The packaging, according to some unfortunate buyers, is not adequate for the weight of the machine, and it seems that even the company’s customer service leaves something to be desired.

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Bosch sander

5. Bosch Home and Garden 0603354000 Handheld Sander, 80 W

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Apart from the great price, the Bosch PSM 80 A sander stands out for its compact size and extreme maneuverability; in fact, it is a highly maneuverable palm sander characterized by a pad with a shape similar to that of an iron plate.

This peculiarity allows it to easily reach even the most difficult points and makes it ideal for working on small surfaces, as well as on larger ones; the integrated suction system also allows dust to be sucked directly into the Microfilter container, supplied with accessories, and therefore to work cleanly.

It is suitable for both sanding and polishing, but being a product of the Bosch Hobby line it is intended for non-intensive use only, so it is especially recommended for DIY enthusiasts. The biggest flaw, however, according to some, is the poor efficiency of the intake system.


Economical : One of the advantages of the tools of the Bosch Hobby line is given precisely by the fact that they have a competitive price, on the other hand they are equipment intended exclusively for hobbyists.

Low energy consumption : With just 80 watts of power consumption, the Bosch sander is one of the least consuming models, surpassed only by the Black + Decker sander.

Mouse : This configuration allows you to reach the most difficult points without any problem and to work comfortably and safely even on small surfaces.


Extraction : The integrated system is not as efficient as the specifications promise, since there is plenty of dust coming out of the side slots of the tool.

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Levigatrice Makita

6. Makita BO3711 Orbital Sander with Rectangular Base

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If you are wondering where to buy an orbital sander with a rectangular pad instead of a round pad, we suggest you take a closer look at the BO3711 produced by the Japanese firm Makita, known for the reliability and quality of its tools.

The Makita sander in fact, despite being a hobby model, is characterized by excellent manufacturing materials, care and attention to detail, excellent performance and a decent power, specifically 190 Watt, which allows it to work quietly on wooden, plastic and metal, even if painted.

It is equipped with a dust collector but is designed for attachment to a suction system, it also has a comfortable ergonomic handle with Soft Grip coating; the only flaw, according to some, is that it is quite heavy. However, this aspect, considered from another perspective, is a clear indication of the good quality of the materials used for its manufacture, and therefore of its durability.


Rectangular pad : Usually orbital sanders are designed to work with abrasive discs, the Makita sander instead has a rectangular pad, so it can use any type of 93mm wide sandpaper.

Solid and comfortable to use : The solidity of the materials makes it heavy but for this reason the vibrations and noise produced are at a minimum, which significantly increases the comfort of use and durability.

Performance : It has a power of 190 Watts which allows it to work without problems both on wooden surfaces and on those in plastic and metal, and maintains a constant speed even under stress.


Heavy : The weight of around 1.6 kilograms helps reduce noise and vibration, but for some it also makes it quite challenging to use, especially for extended periods.

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Wall sander

7. Einhell 4259930 TC-DW 225 Wall Sander

The Einhell TC-DW 225 is a wall sander, ideal for working above all on plasterboard and plaster of the walls, but also good as a sander for shutters and shutters if necessary.

Given the type of work for which it is designed, despite being an economic sander, it is characterized by a power of 600 Watts and a 225 mm diameter backing pad with a spherical knot on the head, which rests on bearings that help reduce vibrations. . It is therefore ideal for sanding walls and ceilings, for removing paint, wallpaper residues, for removing rust from shutters and for other home renovations.

It is equipped with a telescopic handle that can be extended up to 165 centimeters, a reclosable guide handle and its range of accessories includes six abrasive discs with three different grits: 60, 80 and 120; the only flaw is the mediocre quality of the manufacturing materials.


Price : Considering the type of this sander, the price it has is nothing short of competitive, so it is especially suitable for the less demanding who need it for limited and occasional use.

Versatile : Walls, ceilings, plasterboard false ceilings, shutters and shutters; with this sander you can refurbish any type of vertical surface and more, for the removal of paint, rust, wallpaper and more.

Well equipped : The accessories include two discs of 60, two of 80 and two of 120, moreover it is complete with a practical case to contain everything and transport it easily.


For non-intensive use : Buyers advise not to force it too much, it is therefore not suitable for intensive use and even the manufacturing materials are of just mediocre quality.

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Mouse sander

8. Black + Decker KA161BC-QS 55W Multifunction Mouse Sander

The cheapest of the models we examined in our sander guide is the Black + Decker KA161BC, which at 55 Watts is also the least powerful. On the other hand, however, it is the one that offers the best range of accessories.

It is a mouse device, i.e. a palm sander like the Bosch examined above, and is therefore intended exclusively for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts.

Its main features, and most appreciated, are the extremely compact dimensions that make it very easy to use and, as mentioned before, the range of accessories consisting of fifteen pieces: an adapter for a dust extraction system, a tip for the sanding of the details, four sanding sheets for the tip, eight sanding sheets for the backing pad and a comfortable nylon bag to hold everything.

The sanding sheets supplied, however, are of poor quality.


Economical : Among the various sanders examined in our guide, the KA161BC is the one that costs the least, moreover it is also the least powerful so it is reserved for less demanding hobbyists who prefer to save on purchase costs.

Wide range of accessories : In addition to a fair number of abrasive sheets, both for the tip and for the pad, there is also the tip itself, the nozzle for attachment to the vacuum cleaner and a nylon cloth bag to contain everything .

Versatile : Despite being a low-cost sander for hobbyists, buyers testify to its wide versatility and the ability to work wood, plastic and metal for both sanding and polishing and removing paint or other materials.


Dust : Some have reported the poor quality of the sandpaper supplied, but it seems that the primary flaw of the Black + Decker sander is the considerable production of dust, even when working outdoors.

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Buying guide – How to choose the best sanders?

Spending limits

Sanders are one of the most popular power tools given their wide versatility of use, both at home, hobby and professional level. Consequently, the models available on the market are numerous and different according to the type of application for which they were originally designed, so it is advisable first of all to inquire properly, in order to understand how to choose a good sander in order to contain expenses and avoid the risk of finding yourself with an inappropriate tool for your needs.

Generally, the first thing we want to find out as consumers are the minimum and maximum spending limits that we expect, and as regards sanders in particular, fortunately, we move in a range that is among the lowest. within the general category of power tools and stationary machines.

The price of these instruments, in fact, can vary from a minimum of 30 euros up to a maximum of around 300 euros, also including models belonging to the higher range.

Orbital, belt and multifunction sanders

Which sander to buy then, among the different models currently available on the market? Let’s try to understand it immediately by analyzing the characteristics and peculiarities of these power tools in the simplest way possible, starting with one of the most popular, namely the orbital sander.

This particular type of sander, in fact, lends itself to a wide range of applications and is especially appreciated for home and hobby use. It is a tool that stands out for its compact size, low weight and high manageability.

In orbital models the backing pad, that is the support plate for the abrasive papers, is circular in shape, but some may also have it rectangular.

They are the most popular because they can directly mount normal abrasive paper, or the interchangeable discs that allow it to be used both to remove material from surfaces and to polish them; in fact, many DIY-loving motorists use the orbital sander to polish the bodywork of their car, while DIY enthusiasts use it for small home renovations, restoration or furniture manufacturing. Their price varies from 30 euros for the cheapest and basic performance models, up to about 150 euros for the best models, produced by the most renowned companies in the sector.

In the same price range you can also find belt sanders, especially appreciated by craftsmen and hobbyists, and multifunction sanders, also called mice or palmtops due to their particularly small size. The latter are particularly suitable for working in places impossible to reach for a normal orbital or belt sander, such as internal corners and crevices.

Wall and bench sanders

Always with a view to domestic renovation works and for the treatment of large surfaces, especially vertical ones, it is advisable to use a wall sander instead. Unlike the models described above, this type of sanders are distinguished by their larger size and weight, and also by a larger surface pad.

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They are specifically designed to work on large surfaces, in fact, to quickly and easily remove wallpaper or layers of paint, both from internal and external walls. They are also equipped with a telescopic support that increases their range of action, so as to be able to easily reach both the upper part of the walls and the ceilings.

The bench sanders, on the other hand, are similar to belt and orbital ones, but are equipped with a stationary support that allows them to be fixed to a work bench and used for sanding and polishing small pieces or artifacts.

Given their characteristics, both the counter and wall models are appreciated not only for home and hobby use, but also for professional use; consequently both types are available in the medium-high range, with prices that can vary from about 110 to 300 euros depending on the model chosen and its level of performance.

Frequent questions

Which sander do you need for windows?

When it is necessary to carry out maintenance on windows and shutters, or to sand old wooden shutters, the sander is certainly the most suitable tool; in fact it is useful both to remove aged, cracked and peeling paint, and to give new life to wood or metal, depending on the material they are made of.

The specific model to use, in this case, is the multifunction sander. This particular type is usually characterized by compact dimensions and the characteristic “iron” shape due to a compound pad; that is, the lower plate is usually divided into two zones, a parallelepiped-shaped rear one and a triangular-shaped front one.

Thanks to this particular shape, in fact, the multifunction sander is able to easily penetrate the most difficult points, such as the space between the horizontal slats of the shutters for example, while with the pointed front part it is possible to work easily in the corners. interior of the frame and in those created by the inclination of the horizontal strips.

To carry out the work it is advisable to first disassemble the shutters and fixtures, of course, since working vertically could be problematic for a variety of reasons.

In fact, a certain pressure must be exerted with the tool, in order to remove the surface layer of material, be it paint or rust, and doing it vertically would be decidedly uncomfortable and inefficient. Even the transition from the internal to the external side, if the shutter is not disassembled, becomes problematic as it forces it to be moved within the limits allowed by the hinges.

Furthermore, sanding produces a large amount of dust, which is why it is advisable to remove shutters and shutters and place them on trestles; in this way, in addition to being facilitated in the work, the dispersion of dust and residues will be contained, which will remain localized on the surface of the area in which one is working.

How to use a sander

What is an orbital sander for

The orbital sander is a tool that can be operated electrically or with compressed air, and is used to sand, grind and polish any type of surface: wood, plastic, metal, masonry and other materials.

Consequently, the range of applications of these tools is extremely wide and ranges from small home renovation works to the restoration of antique furniture, to construction and industrial applications in the field of mechanics, for grinding and polishing of metal components, shells, bodywork, fuselages and sheet metal.

Their wide versatility is due precisely to the architecture of the tool, which has a metal support plate called a backing pad, with a variable shape depending on the type of sander. Then, depending on the shape and size, disks are applied to the pad, which can be abrasive or polishing, or abrasive paper with different grains directly, depending on the type of intervention to be performed.

On a sander with circular pad, just to give a practical example, by mounting coarse-grained abrasive discs it is possible to sand and sand rough surfaces, or remove layers of added material such as paints or wallpaper; by mounting felt discs instead, it is possible to polish different surfaces. The sander is therefore the ideal tool for renovating the walls of an old building or, as mentioned above, restoring old furniture by removing the surface patina of wood and preparing it to receive a new painting and polishing treatment in order to bring them back to their original state. ancient splendor.

Even mechanical workshops and body builders usually make extensive use of orbital sanders, in this case applying the cleaning and polishing discs. The former are used to spread the polish or wax evenly on the car bodies, while the latter are used for the subsequent phase, where the actual polishing takes place.

The sander can also be used on surfaces such as ceramic, crystal, plastic materials and resin, and therefore for grinding and polishing of all kinds of artifacts; it is also the best tool for removing sandblasting treatment from sheets and other glass surfaces.

In the home, the orbital sander is used above all by motorists who like to take care of their car personally, both in terms of mechanical work and for the treatment of the bodywork, and by lovers of DIY and hobby in general, especially those who they can have a space to be used as a small craft workshop.

It is also very useful for owners of small boats, because it allows them to personally clean and polish the hull, regardless of whether it is made of wood or fiberglass, as well as the so-called “brasses”, that is the side rails, the bollards, the pulpits. and all the other metal elements that are usually found on the deck of a boat.

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