5 Best Safety Shoes for Men [2022 ]

In certain sectors, such as the construction sector, safety shoes are really mandatory. It can therefore be a good recommendation to take a look at our buying guide for safety shoes. In it we try to give a number of useful tips and advice. You can of course also consult our top 3.

For example, we have noticed that the RedBrick Onyx safety shoe is highly recommended. These shoes are available in different sizes from 36 to size 48 and can therefore be worn by both men and women.

With the Grisport 803 S3 MT safety shoes you will certainly get a more than worthy alternative. The shoes are extra reinforced and therefore belong to the safety class S3.

Safety shoes buying guide

Safety or work shoes are important for many people. Work shoes are especially suitable for people who have a job that requires heavy physical activity.

In the construction industry, for example, you naturally want your feet and toes to be protected when you drop a brick. We give you some recommendations that can help you find the best safety shoes.

Just think of the flexibility, the protection, the environment, the fit and the price.


Not all work shoes are equally flexible, so first of all you have to think about the movements you make every day during work. If you have to kneel a lot, it is better to buy a low shoe so that it bends easily while kneeling. A low work shoe gives you more freedom of movement but slightly less support.
A high work shoe is better for people who have to climb a lot. You can move your feet less in these shoes, but they give much more support to your feet and ankles. If you have to walk a lot over uneven terrain, you can opt for work shoes with a reinforced heel.

Do not choose shoes that are too heavy so that they do not put too much strain on your legs. After a long working day you will otherwise suffer from tired legs and feet.


Certain parts of your feet sometimes need extra protection. This depends on the type of work being performed. For example, a low work shoe is not suitable to protect your ankles, in this case it is better to buy a high model.

Boots are also ideal for protecting your ankles from sharp or hot objects.
Most safety shoes protect your toes because the nose is reinforced with rubber or steel.

This way you won’t break your toes when a heavy object falls on your foot. With the cheap safety shoes, this protection is usually less good, so pay attention when purchasing whether the nose is sturdy enough.
Because these shoes are made of strong materials, it is very important that they allow enough air to pass through. That way you prevent wounds on your feet and your feet will smell less after a long working day.
In the winter you can buy shoes that are set with wool so that you do not suffer from cold feet when you are working outside.

Influence of the environment

It is important that the soles of the work shoes are resistant to heat, oil and acid. Most people who use safety shoes work in an environment where you have to be careful not to have an accident. If the soles are well resistant, you prevent the shoes from being damaged and you minimize the risk of injuries. Of course, the top of the shoes is also important.
To give a few examples: if you work in a wet environment, it is better to choose boots made of leather or plastic. Leather boots are also recommended for people who have to weld a lot. Leather is not a good choice for people who work a lot with chemicals because they could penetrate the leather.

Fit of the shoes

You should not underestimate the size of the shoes, it is important to have a good fit and to choose shoes that are comfortable. The shoes should certainly not be tight, because then you will suffer from pain in your feet and toes after a short time. A shoe that is too loose is also not recommended because the shoe could continue to falter and come off your foot.
Work shoes need to be maintained from time to time, just like other shoes. If you don’t forget this, these shoes will last for a long time.

Price of the safety shoes

You can look for interesting offers by comparing different types of shoes. There will be price differences between low and high shoes and between shoes and boots. Choose which shoes best suit your situation.
You can easily buy the shoes online and have them delivered to your home, if the fit is not right you can always return them and order a different size.

Set a budget and look for the best safety shoe offer so that you do not have to use your entire budget. Just make sure the shoe is comfortable and sturdy enough to protect your feet and toes.

5 Best Safety Shoes (Reviews) of 2022

For people who work in the construction sector or in transport companies and have to load and unload a lot, an accident can easily happen and a heavy object falls on your feet.

This way you can easily break a few toes or even your foot and be out of action for a while. To avoid this, these people use safety shoes so that their feet are better protected.

Buy the best safety shoes by relying on the information in our article.

Reebok Men’s Sublite Cushion Safety Toe Athletic Work Shoe

These safety shoes are suitable for both men and women. They have a black color and have safety class S3. The upper is made of leather, a carbonite toecap and a creeper toecap. The product is equipped with a kevlar midsole and a removable insole.
It is especially suitable for the following sectors: transportation, construction, construction and warehouse. This pair is shoe size 43 but comes in sizes ranging from 36 to 48. They weigh just over one and a half pounds and look like sneakers.
The buyers of these shoes are positive about the modern design and the favorable price/quality ratio. The shoe is comfortable and lightweight yet durable. The quality of the product is top notch but the shoes are difficult to put on.

Reebok Work RB4041 Men's Sublite Cushion Work Safety Toe
  • Full-foot flex grooves for improved mobility and flex with every step
  • Low-cut design for a sleek, athletic look and easy ankle mobility

In certain situations and circumstances it is better to wear safety shoes. This model comes from the RedBrick brand and is available in a model for women as well as for men. As a result, they could become the most popular safety shoes on our list.


you will notice that the upper part of the shoes is mainly made of leather. Furthermore, the safety shoes are equipped with a carbonite nose and a solid crawl toe. There is also a kevlar midsole and it is possible to remove the insole.
these safety shoes are especially highly recommended when you work in the transport or construction sector. These shoes are also recommended for people who are employed in the warehouse or in construction.


Not user-friendly:
according to a small minority of users, the shoes would not be so easy to put on.

PUMA Safety Men’s Touring Low EH Safety Shoes

In certain sectors, safety shoes are an absolute must. However, it is not always easy to look for the ideal pair. The shoes belong to safety class S3 and are available in 10 different shoe sizes. You will notice that the shoes have extra reinforcement at the heel and nose.
The shoe sole is made of durable PU/Nitrile and can withstand no less than 300 degrees of contact heat. They have also thought of a protective midsole and an insole that you can easily remove. The lining of the shoes is made of leather. Furthermore, the shoes are waterproof and equipped with a fairly high shoe height that provides more stability and protection.

PUMA Safety Touring Grey Low ASTM EH Size 10,5
  • COMPOSITE TOE CAP: The fiberglass reinforced composite toe cap offers more space for the toes, is lighter...
  • GRIP & STABILITY: The slip resistant, cushioning Dual Density Poly-Urethane sole is pure motorsport. As...

So far we have only noticed positive reactions from the buyers. Some give clearly positive advice about the excellent quality and others also reward the user-friendliness of the shoes.
Safety shoes often have to meet many properties and characteristics. When you are looking for safety shoes, you will often see the Grisport brand name. Before you decide to buy this pair, you can take a look at the pros and cons.


shoe height:
you will notice that the safety shoes are quite high, so that you will experience a little more grip and stability. That way you are a little better protected.
the shoes are not only waterproof, but are also resistant to contact heat with a maximum temperature of about 300 degrees.
the shoes are made of solid and durable materials such as polyester and leather linings. Furthermore, the shoe sole is made of a combination of PU and Nitrile. Both the nose of the shoe and the heel are provided with a steel coating for protection.


currently we do not notice any negative reviews. However, it is always possible that the shoes will not be to everyone’s taste.

SUADEX Steel Toe Shoes for Men Women Breathable Work Shoes

Just like the previous pair of safety shoes, this pair from Atlas also belongs to the safety class S3. The shoes have a size 45 but are also available in 6 other shoe sizes. The high model ensures that the shoes adapt better, offer more stability and protection.
The safety shoes are made of a particularly durable and unique tanned leather that is also water resistant. Furthermore, they are equipped with a handy Ergo-Tex lining and a PPS damping system that also has a joint-relieving effect. The outsole is made of MPU-3 and the shoe even has a steel toecap.

SUADEX Indestructible Steel Toe Work Shoes for Men Women Puncture Proof Composite Toe Working Shoes Brown
  • WIDENING STEEL TOE CAP : SUADEX steel toe toe shoes help to protect feet from falling or rolling objects....
  • PUNCTURE RESISTANT KEVLAR SOLE: SUADEX steel toe seakers with lightweight Kevlar-midsole is built to...

We especially notice a lot of positive online reviews. There are many features and characteristics that are highly valued by most buyers. Just think of the user-friendliness, the durability and the correct price-quality ratio.
The Atlas brand may not immediately ring a bell, but it is one of the well-known brands in the field of safety shoes. We understand that it is sometimes difficult to make a choice, but on the other hand it is important to guarantee your safety as much as possible. Let’s take a look at the features of these safety shoes.


Safety class:
the shoes can be listed under the safety class S3 and are therefore ideal for use in the construction sector or in the transport sector.
shoe height:
you will be able to determine almost immediately that this pair of safety shoes also has a high shoe height. This not only provides more grip and stability, but also more protection on the work floor.
the shoes are not only waterproof but are also finished with a sturdy steel coating at the height of the nose.


To date, there have been no negative online reviews for this pair of safety shoes at all. The buyers believe that this is indeed a top product.

Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Oxford Slip

These safety shoes from Puma are already in a higher price range. They have safety class S3 and are equipped with a creeper nose. The shoes are suitable for damp working conditions and thanks to the metal-free midsole, you don’t have to worry about sharp objects in your shoes.
These shoes have a high model and a black color. They are available from shoe size 39 to 47.
The reviews about this safety shoe offer are almost only positive. The shoes are comfortable and suitable for use during longer periods. According to one buyer, the quality of the leather is substandard and it tears far too easily. The design is also liked by the users and according to most they are safe.

Timberland PRO Men's 53534 Titan Safety-Toe Slip-On,Camel Brown,10 M
  • Slip-on leather loafer with contrast stitching and dual elastic side goring
  • PowerFit comfort system

Just like Safety Jogger, Puma is also a well-known brand in the field of shoes. It is therefore not surprising that you have the option of purchasing safety shoes from Puma. Below you can take a closer look at a decent copy.


these safety shoes belong to safety class S3. In addition, they also feature a metal-free midsole. So you don’t have to worry if a sharp object gets stuck in the shoe sole.
shoe size:
You can get these shoes in several shoe sizes, with a maximum shoe size of 47.
User friendly:
you will notice that the shoes have a high brim. This provides more safety and comfort.


unfortunately you will not immediately have to expect these handy and solid safety shoes among the cheap models.

SUADEX Unisex Adults Steel Toe Indestructible

These Timberland safety shoes have shoe size 43 and safety class S3. They have an anti-slip layer so that you can work safely on all surfaces and are equipped with a composite nose. The sole is protected against perforation by sharp objects and the inside is lined for more comfort.
The shoes are water and shock resistant. These shoes have a brown color and the price of this product is also slightly higher. They are light shoes that are anti-magnetic, but they are still sturdy enough to protect your feet.

SUADEX Steel Toe Shoes for Men Women Indestructible Work Shoes Lightweight Comfortable Safety Sneakers Slip-Resistant Composite Toe Shoes for Construction Blue
  • Enhanced Protection: Work shoes with ASTM steel toe cap and bulletproof puncture-proof Kevlar midsole...
  • Inner material: Soft and comfortable; safety shoes with strong ability to absorb sweat, even if you work...

This product has not yet been rated by online users, so you can be the first to write a review. Due to a lack of opinions, it is impossible for us to give advice about these safety shoes.
Finally, there is also the option to opt for these safety shoes from the well-known Timberland brand. This model has a shoe size of no less than 43 and belongs to the safety class S3. It is therefore worthwhile to look for the properties of this product.


Thanks to the anti-slip layer, you don’t have to worry about slipping unexpectedly. In addition, the sole is also reinforced and protected against perforation.
User friendly:
the shoes are not only resistant to water, but will also absorb any shocks as much as possible.
Easy to use:
the shoes weigh quite lightly and are comfortable and pleasant to wear. In addition, they are also anti-magnetic.


Price tag:
however, you’ll have to factor in a slightly higher price tag here.

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