10 Best Rotary Hammers for Driving Ground Rods [ 2022 Updated ]

A rotary hammer is a tool that is much more powerful and stronger compared to a regular drill. In addition to the drilling function, it also offers a knock function, which makes it possible to drill in hard surfaces.

Because we naturally want you to go for the best rotary hammer, we have conducted a study by taking into account a number of things, such as the user experience.

This has shown that with the Bosch PBH 2100 RE rotary hammer you get a very solid and high-quality device. With a power of 550 watts, it is also one of the powerful rotary hammers.

The Powerplus POWX1160is certainly a worthy alternative and also just a bit more powerful compared to the previous device. This makes this model suitable for performing heavier work.

Rotary Hammers Buying Guide

A hammer drill is a stronger device than a drill. In addition to drilling, it also has a knock function, making the device suitable for drilling in hard surfaces. Think about the type of job you want to do, which impact mechanism is better and which accessories are useful for you. Let’s go over the main points.

Job type

Depending on the type of job you want to perform with a rotary hammer, you will have to buy a device of a certain power. The power of a rotary hammer is shown in Joules and here the following applies: the more Joules, the more powerful the tool. A machine with more power means you can drill bigger holes and work faster.

In addition to drilling, you can usually also screw and hammer with a rotary hammer. An electric hammer drill may even have the ability to chisel. However, this is not possible with a cordless hammer drill because these devices do not have enough power. So if you plan to chisel in concrete, it is better to buy an electric model. A cordless hammer drill is also more expensive than a corded model.

If you want to buy a hammer drill for light work, it is enough if your device can drill holes up to 22 mm in concrete. For heavier jobs, it is better that you buy a device that can drill holes of a size of 30 mm. For even bigger holes you will need a very powerful hammer drill and this will also cost you a lot more money.

Striking power

As we mentioned before, the power of a hammer drill is expressed in Joules and a tool is more powerful if it has a higher number of Joules. For heavy jobs it is recommended to choose a model with an impact force of 2.3 Joule, these are also suitable for heavy breaking work.

Compared to an impact drill, a rotary hammer makes a hole in concrete much easier. This is thanks to the use of a built-in electro-pneumatic system. With this system, it is not necessary for you to exert force yourself while doing odd jobs.

If you like to chisel, it is best to opt for a combi hammer. These devices have a rotation stop so that you can connect a chisel. In this way you can easily chisel tiles or perform other breaking work, for example.

Accessories and connection

By the accessories we also mean the loose drills and chisels that you should buy with your rotary hammer. A rotary hammer is equipped with an SDS connection that makes it possible to change drill heads quickly and easily.

There are different drill heads that you can connect to your rotary hammer. To make a hole in concrete, for example, it is best to use a concrete drill. A concrete drill has a sturdy head and strips of hard metal so that it is easier to drill a hole in concrete or natural stone. It is best to check whether the drill heads are equipped with an SDS connection, because if they have a round shank, they are not suitable for a rotary hammer.

Fortunately, there is a solution for that, because you can buy an SDS drill chuck adapter to fit drill heads with a round shank on your rotary hammer. This makes it possible to drill with more power in metal and wood.

You can also connect chisels to a hammer drill to cut hard material such as stone. You can choose between tile chisels, flat chisels, hollow chisels, joint chisels, and so on. There are chisels for all types of jobs, just note that they have an SDS connection so you don’t need a drill chuck adapter.

Other points to pay attention to

You can also take the weight of a hammer drill into account. You will be able to use a light device for a longer period of time without suffering from fatigue. The less it weighs, the less toll you will experience on your arms and shoulders.

The sound may be an important point for some people. If the device makes too much noise, it is better to wear hearing protection while working. Of course you can also buy a silent device.

Thanks to a dust cover, you won’t be bothered by flying dust while drilling or chiseling, and if a case is included, you can store the device safely and easily take it with you on the move.

Use the internet to compare different hammer drills online by price and quality. Especially the reviews of other buyers are very useful to know the pros and cons of each product. This can also come in handy if you’re looking for deals.

5 Best Rotary Hammers (Reviews) of 2022

Do you have to renovate your home soon and are you looking for a hammer drill? We have compared different hammer drills based on the online reviews of buyers. If you are looking and want to get information then this article is right for you. Take a look and decide for yourself which hammer drill is the best for you!

1. 17pc Rotary Hammer Drill Sds

The Bosch is a powerful hammer drill with which you can drill perfectly in concrete and masonry, all thanks to its pneumatic hammer mechanism with an impact strength of 1.7 Joule and its power of 550 Watt. It weighs only 2.2 kilograms, so you won’t get tired quickly while working.

You can easily change drills and chisels thanks to the SDS-plus exchange system. It is suitable for medium to heavy duty jobs such as removing old tiles, cutting cable trenches and drilling and hammering in concrete and masonry.

The online reviews give positive advice. It belongs to the cheap rotary hammers and is very convenient to use. It drills effortlessly through walls and ceilings and also makes little noise. Buyers are very satisfied with the price/quality ratio.

17pc Rotary Hammer Drill Sds+ Plus Bit Bits Chisel Set Concrete Fits Hilti
  • Description Excellent QUALITY SDS Plus set for all your MASONRY needs! This set includes most popul

Downsides are the too short power cable and the manual that is not really clear. Nevertheless, this remains a very nice hammer drill offer.

Not only is Bosch seen by many as the best brand, the PBH 2100 RE rotary hammer is also the most popular tool on our list. You can drill in concrete and masonry with this device and thanks to the low weight you can work for a long time.


Suitable for tough jobs: you can use this hammer drill to drill and hammer in concrete and masonry, up to a depth of 20 mm. The device is also suitable for removing tiles in a bathroom or kitchen.

Accessories:with the purchase of this product you will receive a set containing 6 SDS Plus S2 drills for free.

Light weight:the drill is lightweight, so you can continue working for a long time without experiencing any problems with your arms or hands.           


Short cable: the power cable of the device is too short, so you need an extension cable to use it without any problems.

2. New 17pc Rotary Hammer Drill SDS

The Powerplus 1500 Watt electric hammer drill is ideal for powerful hammering, drilling and chiselling. You can easily switch between the different functions with the switch. It is perfect for heavier work such as drilling in concrete, metal or wood.

It is equipped with a dust protection cover and has an extra detachable handle and depth stop to adjust the drilling depth.

The online reviews don’t lie. Buyers of this hammer drill offer really like it. This device also belongs to the cheap rotary hammers. You have quality for an acceptable price and it is very convenient to use.

Users find it ideal for small jobs such as removing tiles, but not as suitable for heavy jobs such as renovations. Although other users think that it drills well in concrete.

New 17pc Rotary Hammer Drill SDS+ Plus Bit Bits Chisel Set Concrete Fits Hilti
  • New 17pc Rotary Hammer Drill SDS+ Plus Bit Bits Chisel Set Concrete Fits Hilti#0011/30

For buyers looking for the lowest price product, the Powerplus POWX1160 is the ideal purchase. The device is suitable for heavy drilling and is equipped with useful functions and features for safe work.


Multiple functions: you can not only drill, but also hammer and chisel with this device. Moreover, you can easily switch between the different functions with the switch.

Ease of use: the device is equipped with a dust protection cap so that no dust can get into your eyes while drilling, it is still better to always wear safety glasses. The device also has a second handle that you can remove if necessary.

Adjustable depth: you can preset the drilling depth with the depth stop. This makes it possible to drill several holes at the same depth.          


Usage: according to some buyers, this device is perfect for do-it-yourselfers but not suitable for the heavy work.

3. AOBEN 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

DeWalt is known for its handy tools for both professional and novice handymen. This rotary hammer can turn left and right and has an impact force of 2.4 Joule.

So a powerful hammer drill. It has a safety clutch and is lightweight. This rotary hammer is ideal for drilling anchor and fixing holes in concrete and masonry.

It has an impact stop for drilling in wood, steel, ceramics and for occasional screw work. The switch allows you to control the speed and it has equal force in left and right turns for more controlled work.

This device does not belong to the cheap rotary hammers and will be a bit too expensive for many people. It has a recorded power of 650 Watts. There are no reviews for this product yet, so we cannot give you any advice based on that.

AOBEN 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill with Vibration Control and Safety Clutch,13 Amp Heavy Duty Demolition Hammer for Concrete-Including 3 Drill Bits,Flat Chisels, Point Chisels.
  • 【POWERFUL MOTOR】 AOBEN electric Rotary Hammer Drill is equipped with 13 Amp (1500W) motor that...
  • 【EASY TO OPERAT】 Three function modes can be easily switched - hammer only (chiselling-only), hammer...

This handy rotary hammer is suitable for both beginners and professionals. It is a powerful device that is safe to use. Thanks to the light weight you can work for a long time and you can also control the speed.


Accessory: the device comes with a handy storage case so that you can easily take the device with you when you move. In addition, the case protects the device against dust and dirt, extending its lifespan.

Safe: the safety clutch ensures that there is no damage to the device if it gets stuck. In addition, grit is discharged through special air discharge slots so that it cannot end up in your eyes.

Ease of use: the device fits well in the hand and the side handle is adjustable for more comfort.     


Weight: this combi hammer weighs almost 4.5 kg. If you work for a long time, you will experience problems with your arms and hands.

4. Bosch 11255VSR-RT BULLDOG Xtreme 1

Just like its brother above, this Bosch rotary hammer is also very powerful. It also features the pneumatic hammer mechanism with an impact strength of 1.9 Joule and a power of 600 Watts. It has a weight of only 2.2 kilos so that it requires less effort from you while working.

With the SDS-plus system you don’t need any tools to change drills or chisels. Thanks to the Bosch Electronic speed control, you can go from 0 to maximum very quickly with the pressure switch.

Here too, the buyers are very satisfied with this top product. It goes effortlessly through concrete and is easy to use. It is durable and changing chucks is very easy. The manual is very clear, but they don’t like the fact that no chisels are included.

Bosch 11255VSR-RT BULLDOG Xtreme 1-Inch SDS-plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer (Renewed)
  • Reconditioned Bosch products have a one-year warranty through the Bosch factory or an authorized service...
  • 7-1/5-Amps

Thanks to its light weight, some use it with one hand, but for heavier work it is better to use 2 hands. A nice hammer drill offer.

Bosch products are of high quality, just like this rotary hammer. The PBH 2500 SRE is a powerful tool with a light weight and a simple system for changing the drill bits. In addition, you can easily control the speed.


Ease of use: The ergonomic narrow design and the soft grip ensure comfortable use. In addition, the device weighs only 2.2 kg, so that it does not put too much strain on your arms while working.

Bosch SDS plus: thanks to this function you can easily and quickly replace the drills or chisels on the device. You don’t need any extra tools either.

storage case: the hammer drill is supplied in a sturdy case made of plastic. This way you can take the device to another location and it is better protected against dust.


All buyers are very satisfied with the quality of this product. They do not indicate any negatives.

5. 15X5.00-6 2Ply X-Trac Tire Carlisle 2Ply

The Metabo combi hammer has various functions, you can hammer drill, drill without impact and chisel with it. It is lightweight yet powerful, making it ideal for the professional do-it-yourselfer.

It comes in a plastic case. It features a stroke stop, rotation stop and SDS-plus stroke end. Thanks to the rotation stop, it is therefore also suitable for chiselling.

The drilling depth guide allows you to always set the correct depth for drilling. It also has an extra handle so that you have better control during heavier work.

There are no opinions about this product either, so we cannot give you any advice.

The KHE 2444 from Metabo has various useful functions and is lightweight. In addition, the device comes with a case made of plastic so that you can easily take it with you on the move.


Second handle:thanks to the extra handle, you have better control over the device. This is especially useful when you need the hammer drill for tough jobs.

Vario V-electronics:thanks to this technology, the rotary hammer speed is adapted to the material you want to drill. This way you guarantee an optimal result.

Safe: when the drill blocks, the drive of the device is automatically switched off by the s-automatic safety clutch. This way you prevent damage to the device and you can also work more safely.            


Wired: because you have to connect the device to the socket with a cable, you have less freedom of movement.

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