10 Best Pressure Cookers for Canning [ 2022 Updated ]

If you don’t have much time in the evening after a long and tiring working day to prepare a delicious meal or you hate cooking, a decent pressure cooker is more than worth the investment.

Compared to traditional standard pans, dishes in a pressure cooker are prepared no less than 2 to 3 times faster. So that you go home with the best pressure cooker, we recommend that you read our buying guide carefully or click directly to the corresponding top 3.

This way you will know that with the Tefal Secure5 Neo you are one of the better appliances in home and this at a reasonable price tag.

On the other hand, the WMF Perfect Plus pressure cooker which – because of the materials used – can be placed on any heat source.

Pressure cookers buying guide

With the help of a solid pressure cooker you are able to prepare your favorite dishes in no time. You will also be amazed at the enormous choice of options when you decide to buy a pressure cooker.

For example, you could take into account the usefulness and size when you compare the models and offers. However, it would also be a good recommendation to pay attention to the material and the extra features if you want to go home with one of the best pressure cookers.

The benefits of a decent pressure cooker

When you are looking for a new pressure cooker, or perhaps it is the first, it is important to immediately purchase a solid model.

A pressure cooker is actually a bit like the word says and therefore actually guarantees “quick cooking” and “quick preparation” of certain dishes. A pressure cooker works as much as 2 to 3 times faster than an injured traditional stew

pot. So it is really ideal for people who have little or no time to cook due to their busy lifestyle.
You will immediately be amazed at the wide range that can be found on the market today.

There are very large pressure cookers and there are also very small ones. You could also pay attention to the extra options.

For example, certain pans will have slightly more advantages than others. It should therefore come as no surprise that you will not immediately have to look for these appliances among the cheap pressure cookers.

However, you can always keep an eye on the offers and promotions and you might come across a pressure cooker offer that fully meets your expectations.

The material and the heat source

For example, you have certain pressure cookers that are made of aluminum or metal. However, you will most often encounter all models that are completely made of stainless steel.

Optionally finished with a plastic or aluminum handle. So you don’t have to worry about the pressure cookers being sturdy. You can also put most of these materials in the dishwasher without any problems. This in turn is ideal for people who hate washing dishes.

In addition to the materials, we also advise you to pay attention to the type of heat source you use. In principle, the vast majority of pressure cookers can be used in combination with all types of heat sources.

Nevertheless, we recommend that if you cook on induction, you try to pay a little more attention to the type of pressure cooker. There are still pressure cookers that are not at all suitable for use on induction.

The size

There are different sizes on the market today. If you want to be able to determine the correct size of the pressure cooker, it might be a good idea to take the size of your family into account.

People with a large family of at least 5 members or more may benefit more from a pressure cooker with a capacity of 10 liters. When you live in an apartment and are alone, you normally have enough with a pressure cooker of around 2.5 liters.

It is also important to realize that the contents of the pressure cooker are measured from the bottom to the edge. This also means that you will not be able to fill a pressure cooker with a capacity of 10 liters all the way to the brim. In other words, the full volume will always be a little less than 10 liters.

The same principle applies, of course, to pressure cookers with a smaller volume. You will never be able to fill the pans all the way to the brim and it is therefore important to take this into account.

The options and the extra features

It may seem completely unimportant, but you will also quickly understand that certain pressure cookers have slightly more options compared to other models. It depends on what your expectations and requirements are and what budget you can spend on the purchase of a decent pressure cooker. Many pressure cookers, for example, have a handy non-stick coating.

That way you don’t have to worry about leftovers sticking. This of course also contributes to the maintenance of the pan.
There are also appliances that are fitted with a sandwich bottom. This is a bottom that consists of 2 stainless steel layers with an aluminum layer in between. A pressure cooker with a sandwich bottom will distribute the heat evenly.

A steamer basket can always be a handy and fun accessory. This makes it possible to steam vegetables or other ingredients in a convenient and quick way. In short, there are many elements that you should pay attention to.

5 Best Pressure Cookers (Reviews) of 2022

If you are someone who does not have much time to cook and you prefer to prepare certain dishes yourself, then you can buy a pressure cooker to save time. With this product you can cook certain dishes twice as fast. Choose from the options below for the best pressure cooker.

  1. Tefal Secure5 NEO Pressure Cooker Thanks to the Tefal Secure5 NEO Pressure Cooker, cooking is now easier, because you cook twice as fast compared to a traditional pan. With this product you can stew meat, make soup or stew, but also steam vegetables.
    It has a handy steamer basket and tripod specially designed for delicate vegetables. The sandwich bottom ensures that the pan is heated quickly and evenly. It is safe and also dishwasher safe.
    If you look at the price of this product, it seems like a pressure cooker offer and it is for all buyers.
    This product has a number of reviews and they are all positive. The buyers are satisfied with this product because it is of good quality and it is convenient to use. It also has a beautiful design which only makes this product more attractive. This is certainly a top product for these buyers.
    With a pressure cooker you can now prepare delicious dishes twice as fast as compared to a standard saucepan. Moreover, you can also save some money with this model from Tefal, since it is not immediately one of the most expensive pressure cookers. This makes it definitely worth taking a closer look at the pros and cons.
    Price tag:
    if you are looking for the pressure cooker with the lowest price, it is worth taking a look at this model from Tefal. That way you don’t have to spend so much money on quality.
    Heat source:
    You can use this pressure cooker without any problems on multiple heat sources such as halogen, ceramic, gas and electric. Even induction is possible.
    Sandwich bottom:
    this model is equipped with a typical sandwich bottom of stainless steel – aluminum – stainless steel. This ensures that the pan heats up faster and also distributes the heat evenly.
    Easy to use:
    the pressure cooker is completely safe to use. You can also put this model in the dishwasher afterwards. Ideal for people who don’t like washing dishes.
    the manual supplied with the product is not always clear.
    a small minority of users find the design of this pressure cooker rather unattractive.
    Buy at bol.com (€75.99)
  2. WMF Perfect Plus pressure cooker 2.5L – Without Insert, Suitable for: induction Among the 3 best pressure cookers, you will undoubtedly be able to spot this unique item from the well-known and immensely popular brand WMF. The round silver pan including lid – which incidentally comes from the WMF Perfect series of the same name – has a diameter of 18 cm, resulting in a generous volume of 2.5 litres. Suitable for standard families.
    Furthermore, the pan is completely made of durable and easy-to-maintain stainless steel material, which makes it suitable for use on an induction hob. Thanks to the size indication on the inside, it is also a lot easier to determine the right amount of soup or boiling water, for example. All this is further supplemented with a TransTherm bottom, a removable ergonomic handle and a lockable lid.
    Although most customers are clearly convinced of the quality offered, one buyer does not seem completely satisfied with the supplied instructions for use. According to the user, this would have been displayed rather unclearly and that is a pity.
    Although the vast majority of the pan and the accompanying lid are made of easy-to-maintain stainless steel, the handle appears to be mainly made of plastic.
    Heat source:
    the WMF pressure cooker can be used on any heat source; even induction.
    Easy to use:
    the pressure cooker is equipped with a handy graduation on the inside, a heat indicator, a lockable lid and a practical cool touch handle.
    Instruction manual:
    according to one customer, the supplied manual was not so clearly formulated.
    Price tag:
    the high price may well be the figurative snag.
    See the price on bol.com
  3. BK Pressure cooker 6 liters 22 cm The BK Pressure Cooker is your best helper in the kitchen, because with it you cook all your dishes twice as fast as if you would cook in a normal pan. As a result, you not only cook faster, but also healthier because the short cooking time ensures that the nutrients are preserved. This product is suitable for all heat sources, including induction.
    It has a handy steamer basket in which you can steam vegetables and other things. Due to the double sandwich bottom, this pan heats up quickly and evenly.
    The vast majority of buyers are satisfied with this product. For them it is of good quality because it is durable and it is convenient to use. This product also has a good price and it looks nice and nice. You can prepare so many dishes faster with it. In this way you save time and energy.
    With the BK pressure cooker you will certainly make an affordable purchase. It is not exactly the cheapest pressure cooker on our list, but it is certainly not the most expensive model either. The stainless steel pan comes from the well-known brand BK. The reactions also teach us that some customers also invariably consider it the best brand.
    Heat source:
    you don’t have to be afraid at all because you can really use this pressure cooker on all different heat sources.
    the pan is completely made of stainless steel and ensures good heat distribution. With an effective capacity of no less than 4 liters, this pressure cooker is particularly suitable for large families.
    After use, you can simply put the pressure cooker in the dishwasher. That way you don’t have to wash it yourself and you save a lot of time.
    one user reports that the handle on the lid of the pressure cooker does not close completely.
    Buy at bol.com (€88.99)
  4. Tefal Clipso Minut Easy Pressure Cooker – 6 liters – PFAS-free The Tefal Clipso Minut Easy pressure cooker has a diameter of approximately 22 cm, which corresponds to a particularly generous capacity of 6 liters. This makes it extremely suitable for use by standard families. Furthermore, supplemented by a relatively low weight – no less than 30% less compared to a traditional pressure cooker – this already means simple and pleasant ease of use.
    Like most other pressure cookers from the list, this one from Tefal also appears to be made of durable and easy-to-maintain stainless steel material, which means that it can be used on any heat source – even induction. This is combined with a unique sandwich bottom, a cool touch handle, a size indication and a lockable lid.
    Customers clearly react positively to the quality offered, the user-friendliness and the beautiful design, which resulted in a nice unanimous score of 4.7 stars.
    Sandwich bottom:
    Tefal’s pressure cooker is characterized by the presence of a sandwich bottom (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel), which ensures rapid heating and optimum even heat distribution.
    After use, you can put this Tefal pressure cooker in the dishwasher without any problems.
    Heat source:
    the choice of solid materials such as stainless steel ensures that this pressure cooker can be used on any heat source.
    the pressure cooker was equipped with no fewer than 5 different security methods, which means that it can be regarded as one of the most extreme pressure cookers on the list.
    No non-stick coating:
    according to the description, this pressure cooker would unfortunately not have a non-stick coating.
    Price tag:
    the higher price makes the pan less accessible to a wide audience of the population.
    See the price on bol.com
  5. Fissler Vitaquick pressure cooker without insert 4.5ltr With the Fissler Vitaquick pressure cooker you can now cook quickly and safely every day. With this you can prepare the tastiest dishes, even the dishes that would normally take a lot of time.
    Just think of soup or delicious and tender stewed meat. It has an improved 4 point closure, which makes it impossible to close it at an angle and it has an ergonomic handle. This product is suitable for all heat sources, including induction. By cooking with this product you not only save time, but also energy costs.
    Given the price of this product, it does not belong to the category of cheap pressure cookers. Nevertheless, a positive review has been written for this product. The buyer is satisfied with the quality of this product. It is easy to use and also looks nice. It is easy to maintain as it is so cleaned.
    If you have a large family, the Fissler pressure cooker is the right choice. The pan has a total capacity of 4.5 liters and is suitable for multiple heat sources. Before you make the purchase, it is recommended that you take a look at the strengths and weaknesses.
    Heat source:
    the pressure cooker is made of stainless steel and is suitable for all possible heat sources, including induction.
    This model is made from a combination of stainless steel and plastic. The stainless steel ensures good heat distribution.
    Price tag:
    you will have to budget just a little more for this pressure cooker because it is not immediately the cheapest pan.

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