8 Best Pneumatic Hammers for Construction [2022 Updated]

It’s possible to be prepared for any situation that requires chiseling, carving, cutting or even drilling a surface with a pneumatic hammer. It’s very easy to use and it’s lightweight. We recommend the Silverline .

This is one of the most important tools for every writer. There are four tips in the “Oscar Meyer Wrench” that can help you perform different jobs. The speed at which it can reach is about 3,500 strokes per minute.

8 Best Pneumatic Hammers for Construction [2022 Updated]

It’s a good idea to have one of the 8 best pneumatic hammers if you’re working on a do-it-yourself or remodeling project.

You will be able to get optimal results every time you strike on any surface.

1. Ingersoll Rand 114GQC Air Hammer

The pneumatic chipping hammer is a must-have for anyone who owns or works on a construction site, it can be used in simple jobs or large projects, such as removing rust from the surface of vehicles.

It has a quick release spring, an integrated speed control and is suitable for adapting to your specific needs.

The components are made of hardened steel, which will increase the lifespan of the product. The pneumatic hammer chipping is one of the best choices because of it’s light and strong aluminum case. The STAG 505950 is the best pneumatic hammer right now.

Ingersoll Rand 114GQC Air Hammer - 3 PC Chisel Set with Tapered Punch, Panel Cutter, Flat Chisel, 2-5/8 Inch stroke, 3500 BPM, Lightweight, Compact, Gray
  • 3 Piece Chisel Kit: The Ingersoll Rand 114Gqc Air Hammer Comes With 3 Chisel Attachments - Tapered Punch,...
  • Quick Change: This Standard Duty Air Hammer Is Equipped With A Quick Change Retainer That Makes It Easy...

It weighs 50 kilogram and gives you more control when using it and less recoil when you let go of the gun.


Performance: It is capable of performing up to 4500 ipm and has an air consumption of 113 l / min for better performance.

Materials: The piston and cylinder are made of hardened steel and the housing is made of cast aluminum, which increases its durability.

Spring: It has a quick-change spring that gives you more practicality.


Chisels: The included chisels have a round base, so they may rotate inside the hammer during use.

2. Ingersoll Rand 119MAXK Long Barrel Air Hammer Kit

A chipping hammer with an anti-slip handle that delivers 4500 ipm and provides a percussion force of 1.2 J, means that you can reach a hit rate of 8700 ipm when using this tool.

A set of chisels, a bottle of oil, a tension spring, and a carrying case are included in the package.

Ingersoll Rand 119MAXK Long Barrel Air Hammer Kit
  • 5 PC CHISEL SET: The Ingersoll Rand 119MAX Long Barrel Air Hammer Kit is best for fixing exhaust systems,...
  • QUICK CHANGE: This powerful air hammer is equipped with a quick change retainer that makes it easy to...

It is possible to use it for more than one project inside and outside of the house. The Einhell TC-PC 45 model is the best pneumatic hammer because it has the most outstanding characteristics.


Power: Offers a 1.2 J hitting force and 6.3 bar pressure for better performance.

Greaser: Includes an oil bottle that allows you to grease the inside of the hammer for maintenance.

Versatility: It can be used on both stone and metal.


Maintenance: It may be necessary to lubricate the air line with some frequency, to guarantee optimum performance in intense and prolonged jobs.

3. Performance Tool M550DB Air Hammer With 4 Chisels

The Maxi Hammer is a small but powerful pneumatic hammer that offers optimal performance for professional work or household activities.

It can be used in activities that require great precision, for example cutting and drilling. When compared to other similar devices, it is capable of generating up to 3500 cpm with a pressure of 90 psi and average air consumption of 5 cfm, which makes it a good performer.

The variable air control on the Maxi Hammer allows you to adjust the equipment to your needs for added flexibility. This is the hammer that you should get if you are looking for a jackhammer that will give you more control.

Performance Tool M550DB Air Hammer With 4 Chisels
  • Ideal for general repairs, panel cutting, hole punching, removing rivets and exhaust work
  • Built-in air regulator

It’s small size makes it easy to carry around in confined spaces. In terms of impact, it has an alloy steel framework, which provides resistance to impacts and constant use for a long service life.

Some of the pros and cons of this model should be considered if you are looking for a jackhammer that offers a strong hammering.


Design: Its design is compact and lightweight, which allows you to control it more easily.

Piston: The piston has been heat treated, so it can resist the friction generated by high speeds.

Accessories: Features an awl, chisel, hole punch, and breaker for added functionality.


Instructions: It may be difficult to change the chisels if you are not related to this type of equipment, since the package does not include an instruction manual.

4. DP Dynamic Power Short Barrel Air Hammer Kit 4

It’s a small pneumatic hammer that comes with five different tips to use in projects of all kinds, whether you need to break or modify hard materials such as metal and concrete, or loosen rusted joints and perform minor demolition and masonry tasks, the hammer has.

It offers manual control to adjust speed and power, which makes it more versatile.

Similarly, it can be used to loosen rusted joints and perform minor demolition and masonry tasks, as it has a pressure of 6.3 bar and can reach a maximum speed of 3,000 gpm, so it provides good performance.

DP Dynamic Power Short Barrel Air Hammer Kit 4-Chisels D319115-SA
  • Newly Upgrade. Much more powerful, much more valuable.
  • Four round chisels-Include ripper, bolt cutter flat and tapered punch chisels

On the other hand, it has a mini automatic greaser that is integrated into the hammer and offers optimal lubrication. If you’re thinking of buying a pneumatic hammer, here are the pros and cons of this model before you make a decision. For easier storage, it is much more small.


Lubrication: Offers a handy mini grease nipple that automatically lubricates the hammer for added convenience.

Chisels: Includes 5 types of 173 mm chisels, so you can choose the most appropriate according to the work you do.

Pressure: It is capable of generating 6.3 bar of pressure, so it offers good performance.


Trigger: The trigger is made of plastic and not metal, which is very comfortable to touch but is also less resistant to shocks.

5. DEWALT Chisel Hammer, Pnuematic

In large-scale work, the electric pneumatic hammer provides optimal performance. It has a power of 1,600 watt and is capable of generating up to 3,900 hits per minute with a force of 4.0 j.

It has a good percussion capacity, therefore. You can get a more accurate and professional finish if you use the drilling depth stop.

In the event of a bad move, it has a slip coupling which will protect you. It comes with a practical case that will allow you to move it easily.

DEWALT Chisel Hammer, Pnuematic (DWMT70785)
  • Aluminum Body Design
  • Touch Control Trigger

The Einhell double grip pneumatic hammer has a non-slip coating that reduces the impact of the hammer on the environment. It is easier to get rid of nails and other types of fasteners with the help of the aluminum head.


Power: Delivers 1600 W of power and 4 J of impact force for better performance.

Versatility: It can function as a drill, chisel and hammer drill, which favors its versatility.

Fastening: It has a double grip system for greater security.


Accessories: This model does not bring tips or oil, so it is necessary to make an additional expense.

6. Sunex SX243 Hd 250-Mm Long Barrel Air Hammer

The pneumatic hammer from Pneumatic Tools is the best you can use if you want to do your own house projects.

The pneumatic hammer has an air consumption of 113 l / min and is capable of generating a pressure of 6.3 bar, so it can easily chisel difficult surfaces. You can get good finishes in the shortest time possible by using it.

The structure is a tool with a red housing and a small size, which allows you to use it in small spaces. It is strong enough to handle the work. It is not perfect.

Sunex SX243 Hd 250-Mm Long Barrel Air Hammer
  • Long barrel design with 2, 200 BPM
  • Aluminum alloy housing with ergonomic comfort grip

The model has a lot of weight. It is not very portable because it is 1675 grams. If you need to perform work on the construction site or in the garage, you should use an external power source.


Pressure: Offers 6.3 bar of pressure, so it provides good performance in intense jobs.

Clamping: The hammer has a hex entry to provide better clamping.

Accessories: It is a complete kit, as it includes 4 chisels, 1 bottle of oil and 1 mini automatic greaser.


Manual: The user manual does not indicate recommendations regarding use, which could be a problem if you do not have knowledge of this type of equipment.

7. Ingersoll-Rand 115 Standard Duty 5,000 Blows-

It has three different modes of use: drill, perforator, and compressed pneumatic hammer.

It is important to highlight the power of 1050 watt, which allows for 4,000 impressions per minute to be delivered. This model can be used for drilling up to 13 millimeter in steel and up to 32 millimeter in concrete or stone.

The double-handle design of the hammer makes it easier to grip and it also provides better stability when working. It is worth your money if you want a pneumatic hammer with a few extra features.

Ingersoll-Rand 115 Standard Duty 5,000 Blows-Per-Minute Pneumatic Hammer, 115 - Tool Only
  • Package Dimensions: 22.86 cms (L) x 18.03 cms (W) x 6.6 cms (H)
  • Product Type: Tools

There are multiple accessories in the box, including a chisel and a drill bit. The double handle makes it more secure to hold and it also makes it more comfortable. What is good at and what is bad at is what we are going to look at.


Speed: Offers a speed of 4000 ipm, enough to quickly drill through wood, plastic and metal.

Comfort: It has a system that prevents the transmission of vibrations for greater comfort.

Accessories: Includes a suitcase with various accessories, among which 3 bits, 1 chisel and 1 point stand out.


Temperature : The motor could get too hot during use, so it is necessary to turn it off for a couple of minutes and then continue with the work.

8. MayhewPro 31982 Pneumatic 4-Inch Hammer

There is a powerful chisel bit that can be used for sculpting, cutting and boring on wood, metals or other materials.

It can perform up to 3,000 ipm with a pressure of 6 to 7 bar, because it has an air consumption of 160 l / min. It is appropriate for use in professional work in this way. The bit holder is compatible with most bits on the market, because it has a diameter of 10mm.

The hammer is versatile enough to work with many different types of materials. It is safe to move because it has a practical storage container. It’s a pneumatic hammer, which means it uses air instead of a chemical propellant such as gunpowder to provide the power for the blow.


Chisels: Includes 5 chisels; 3 corner, 1 dotted and 1 surface, which gives you greater versatility.

Use: It is suitable for carving, cutting or chiselling on plastic, wood and metal surfaces.

Shank: Features a 10mm hex shank that provides good bit hold.


Operation: For optimal operation, this equipment requires a high power compressor, having more than 2 HP.

Shopping guide

The majority of pneumatic hammers work the same way, through a compressor that gives them air to operate.

Since not all equipment is the same, there are some aspects in terms of performance, design and accessories that you should consider before choosing a model. This guide has been put together to help you find the best jackhammer.


When making a comparison of pneumatic hammers, you can see that each model provides different force, impact speed and power.

In general, this type of equipment offers more than 6 bar of pressure and an air consumption between 113 and 160 l / min; so they are usually compatible with most compressors on the market today.

The hammer has a modern mechanism that uses the volume of air to increase the force of the blows, so they don’t use electric current as a source of energy. Pneumatic hammers can offer a level of force that can range from 1.2 to 4 J of impact power.

A corded power supply is used to increase the performance of some hammers. This means that they need to be connected to the current to be able to use the hammer’s internal mechanism to generate air pressure.

When operating with electrical energy, the power of these equipment is measured in watt (W), so it is possible to get models from 1050 to 1600 W, where a higher power can indicate more intense blows.

The force of the motor is what determines the speed at which the hammer strikes. It is possible for the most advanced pneumatic equipment to produce between 3,000 and 4,500 impacts per minute, where greater speed can speed up the completion of projects.

It is recommended that the hammer of your choice has an adjusted speed system, so that you can adjust the performance to your own needs.


The design of a pneumatic hammer is important since resistance, practicality, compatibility, and even how much equipment costs will depend on it, as well as the design. The models highlighted are with hardened steel frame, metal alloy and cast aluminum.

The latter provides a rigid and impact-resistant structure, and also favors the lightest equipment. It is advisable to avoid plastic models in professional-level projects since they are usually indicated for do-it-yourself practices with a low level of demand.

Some hammers have non-slip grips, which increase holding capacity and also allow you to control the tool more securely, for added comfort.

Double handles offer such intense force that they require both hands to maintain the stability of the hammer and distribute the weight better than single handles.

The head stem of a hammer is one of the most important parts of the hammer’s structure, since this is the part that provides compatibility with the different accessories, which could favor the flexibility of the equipment.

The standard measurement for chisels and tips is 10 or 5mm wide, which is why the inlet opening is usually 5 or 10mm wide. For added safety, it is recommended that both the stem and accessories have hexagonal designs, as this provides a better grip.


If you are looking for a good and inexpensive pneumatic hammer, then it is best to consider models that have multiple accessories, as these can increase the device’s function.

It is possible to find equipment with 4 or 5 different tips, which not only serves as spare parts, but also for cutting, chiselling and drilling depending on the selected model.

It is important to maintain the internal lubrication of the hammer system for this reason, some hammers include bottles of lubricating oil, which with a single drop allow you to grease the shank.

Automatic greasers that are incorporated in the handle area can lubricate the hammer mechanism, which favors a more practical operation, as certain more modern equipment has automatic greasers that are incorporated in the handle area.

As if that weren’t enough, some hammers come with a suitcase, which will allow you to store the equipment safely, and also facilitate a more practical transfer, especially if you plan to use the tool constantly in projects at home.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How does a jackhammer work?

Since the independent compressor has the ability to supply a large volume of air to drive the hammer mechanism, a pneumatic hammer must be connected to this equipment as a power source.

It is a tool that works with compressed air pressure, which makes it different from percussion equipment that works with electricity. The pneumatic hammers do not pierce the surface, but they break it into smaller or larger pieces depending on the point and force of the device.

On the other hand, inside the hammer there is a circuit of tubes, in which air pressure enters to drive the drill up and down.

The surface is broken when the tip of the hammer hits it. It’s possible to impact more than 1500 times per minute because of the pressure and operation of the equipment.

Q2: What is the pneumatic hammer used for?

You can achieve good results with pneumatic hammers if you use them for drilling, carving, cutting and chiseling hard surfaces such as wood, plastic, stone, metal, concrete, among other materials.

It is possible to use such equipment to work on walls and floors, which will allow you to save time and effort in the modification and elimination of deteriorated areas.

In demolition, remodeling and construction projects, pneumatic hammers are often used, but in low intensity tasks, since they don’t have as much power as the mechanical hammers.

A pneumatic hammer is often more compact in design to provide a more comfortable grip and is also capable of providing more precision and finesse compared to a large demolition.

The functions of the hammer will depend on the model chosen, so it is necessary to carefully review the characteristics of the product.

Q3: How to use a jackhammer?

The first thing you need to do in order to use a pneumatic hammer is to put the nozzle at the base of the handle, since this will allow the connection between the compressor and the air circuit that will operate the device.

The next step is to get one of the tips and put it inside the tension spring. Make sure the tip of the hammer is adjusted after you screw the piece into the hammer head.

The last step is to connect the compressor to the hammer handle and at the end you just have to press the button to start the equipment.

It is important to mention that each tip serves a specific task, some are suitable for carving, cutting, chiselling, or drilling, so it is necessary to choose the one you need correctly to avoid a malfunction of the hammer. If you use it on the wrong material, the tip will split.

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