8 Best Pliers for Mechanics [2022 Updated ]

How many types of pliers are there? The simple and immediate answer is: many. The more in-depth and explanatory one, on the other hand, you will find later on by continuing to read. If you are interested in buying a pair of pliers, then, better take a look at our buying guide.

In the ranking, however, you will find eight different types, each of which is the most requested in its specific category.

In the first places there are two specific models for electricians: the Meterk Mk05 , a clamp meter appreciated above all by the hobby user segment , and the Preciva HSC8 6-4A , a crimping tool for assembling connectors on electrical cables.

8 Best Pliers for Mechanics [2022 Updated ]

Below you will find eight different types of calipers, each of which represents the most requested model in its specific category. In the first places there are mainly those for electricians but there are also some for plumbers and for medical use.

1. BOOSDEN Mini Lineman’s Pliers

In first place among the best-selling models online we find the Meterk Mk05 amperometric clamp, that is a multimeter with a clamp inserted at the front end thanks to which it is possible to detect the electric voltage inside the cables without contact, therefore without being forced to peel them. or cut them.

BOOSDEN Mini Lineman's Pliers, 5 Inch Side Cutter Linesman Pliers, Combination Pliers, High Leverage Cutting Pliers for Electrician Work or Jewelry Making
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The Mk05 is equipped with a large four-digit display and is capable of measuring both direct and alternating voltage, it also measures AC current, frequency, resistance and performs continuity tests; it also integrates an audible and visual alarm, the low voltage indication function and the overload protection, so if the voltage is out of range, the message OL, which stands for overload, appears on the display.

Package includes case, batteries and leads with test leads; the only flaw is that it is an economic model, therefore suitable only for hobby use.


Safety: Thanks to the amperometric clamp at the front end, it is possible to detect the voltage from the cables without having to physically touch them; safety is further enhanced by overload protection.

Well equipped: The package includes the clamp meter, the soft case, the demonstration batteries and two pairs of cables with the relative test leads, so that it can also be used as a standard multimeter.

Functional: The large display is easy to read and allows you to view the different readings: AC / DC voltage, AC current, diode, capacitance, resistance, continuity, frequency and temperature.


Accuracy: According to the opinions of professionals, it leaves something to be desired, the approximation of the readings makes it suitable only for hobby and amateur use.

2. Preciva HSC8 6-4A CP621200 crimping pliers

The Preciva HSC8 6-4A is a crimping tool, ie it is used to fix the connectors at the end of the electric cables by squeezing; it is therefore an essential tool for electricians.

Although it is an economical model, it is designed to fix the insulated terminals of the cable lugs on cables with cross sections from 0.25 to 10 mm², just like in professional crimping pliers. The handle levers are coated with insulating rubber, in order to increase grip, comfort and also safety of use.

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Despite the excellent features offered, however, it still remains a low-priced model and therefore does not have the same structural quality as a professional crimping tool; the accessories package includes a box with an assortment of 1,200 terminals, also of mediocre quality, but for hobby and amateur use it is just fine.


Replica of the professional: While not the best crimping tool on the market, it is still a good replica of a famous high-end model, consequently it is also used by some professional electricians.

Accessories: The package includes a box with a complete assortment of terminals: eight different sizes, for cables with cross-section from 0.25 to 10 mm². The pieces are 1,200 and are of hobby quality.

Easy to use: The handle is comfortable and lined with insulating rubber, which also makes it safe to use and allows you to apply high crushing pressure with minimal effort.


Quality: This is an inexpensive crimping tool, it is a faithful replica of a professional model but the materials are of inferior quality, with all that that goes with it.

3. Klein Tools D213-9NE Pliers

If you want to know where to buy a wood grab to use to move and place the logs in the fireplace, or in the wood stove, then we suggest you take a look at the new Log Grabber produced by Amagabeli Garden Home.

Klein Tools D213-9NE Pliers, 9-Inch Side Cutters, High Leverage Linesman Pliers Cut Copper, Aluminum and other Soft Metals
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It is in fact a telescopic gripper made entirely of solid steel, resistant to high temperatures and powder coated in order to resist corrosion as well; Amagabeli’s proposal reaches a maximum extension of 66 centimeters, while when open it is just under 14 centimeters long, which allows it to take up minimal space when not in use.

Structurally it is sturdy and well made, and allows you to insert the pieces of wood into the fireplace and arrange them in the best possible way without running the risk of burning your hands. Furthermore, the width of the jaws is such as to ensure a good grip even on small diameter logs.


Resistant: Apart from the manufacturing material, which is good quality steel, the Amagabeli caliper is also powder coated in order to increase its resistance to oxidation and, consequently, its durability.

Convenient: Thanks to an extension of 66 centimeters, it allows you to move the wood in the fireplace and add additional pieces while keeping your hands at a safe distance from the flame, drastically reducing the risk of burns.

Grip: The jaws are made to ensure a secure grip even when gripping small pieces of wood, or small diameter logs.


Handle: Due to the fairly thin thickness, the handle is somewhat uncomfortable to handle; it also needs to be oiled with WD-40 lubricant.

4. CRAFTSMAN Long Nose Pliers

The punching pliers produced by the German company S&R is the cheapest model among all those we have compared in our ranking; it is a classic model for artisans who work with leather, but it is also suitable for home use.

CRAFTSMAN Long Nose Pliers, 8-Inch Multi Function (CMHT81715)
  • 6 TOOLS IN 1: Long nose plier, wire stripper, wire cutter, reamer, bolt cutter, spanner
  • COMFORT AND CONTROL: Multi-zone bi-material grips on CRAFTSMAN pliers

The rotating head carries six tips with different diameters: from 2 to 5 millimeters, and allows you to drill holes in leather and other materials; it is entirely made of high quality, oil-hardened nickel-plated steel, and the handle levers are ergonomically shaped and coated with plastic, so as to offer a firmer grip and greater comfort of use.

In spite of its economic cost, the materials and assembly are excellent, and this pliers can also be used for professional use, but always in the context of small craft workshops. The only flaw is that you have to align the tips after each rotation of the head.


Durable: The S&R die cutting pliers are made in Germany and are made of high quality nickel-plated steel, solid, resistant and durable over time, also suitable for professional use.

Easy to use: Thanks to the ergonomic plastic coatings on the handle, the grip on the tool is safe and makes it very easy to use; obviously you have to exert the necessary force.

Versatile: The rotating head carries six different tips, in order to drill holes of variable size; in this case it is possible to make holes with a diameter of 2 – 2.5 – 3 – 3.5 – 4 and 5 millimeters.


Head: After each rotation of the head, to change the tip, it must be aligned well with the small anvil below, in order to center it perfectly.

5. LAOA Wire Strippers 9 inch prolong Electricians Pliers

The article 4200018, produced by the Morpilot company, is appreciated above all by camping, trekking and outdoor life enthusiasts, but whose versatility makes it ideal also for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts in general.

LAOA Needle Nose Plier Prolong 9 inch Electrician's Pliers Muli-Purpose Professional with Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter Function 320909
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It is in fact a multipurpose pliers made of stainless steel and aluminum, complete with a small nylon case, which can be attached to the belt, and a set with 11 bits; the Morpilot contains 25 different tools in one: the cable stripping pliers, the nippers, the normal pliers, the screwdriver with interchangeable bits, the bottle opener, the file, the wood saw, the can opener and more.

The tool is well made, equipped with a sturdy handle and a safety lock that prevents the accessories from closing during use; moreover it also has a decidedly advantageous price, but precisely for this reason the quality of the materials is mediocre and not suitable for intensive use.


25 in 1: The Morpilot multipurpose plier is extremely versatile and lends itself to a wide range of uses; among the various “accessories” it includes the hacksaw for wood, the can opener, the bottle opener and a screwdriver with interchangeable tips.

Price: Considering the type of article and the characteristics it possesses, the cost is competitive to say the least; in fact, it is particularly appreciated by the users who are more attentive to savings.

Portable: Apart from the compact size it has when closed, the Morpilot multi-purpose pliers also come with a very convenient belt pouch, so you can always keep it close at hand.


Quality: This is a low cost replica of a famous brand multipurpose pliers, therefore of inferior quality and recommended for amateur and non-intensive use only.

6. WORKPRO 8-Inch Linesman Pliers

If you’re looking for an affordable snap pliers, why not even buy three? The Workpro company, in fact, offers a set consisting of three self-locking pliers of different sizes, all at a decidedly advantageous cost.

WORKPRO 8-Inch Linesman Pliers in CRV Steel for Twisting and Cutting Wires, Clamping Screws
  • Transparent electrophoretic coating and covered in will help to prevent getting rusty. Wipe these pliers...
  • Made of 50CrV steel with heat treated and blackening surface will ensure higher hardness, better clamping...

The kit includes one with straight jaws of 15.5 cm in length and two with curved jaws, one of 17.8 and the other of 22.5 cm in length. All the pliers are made of chrome-vanadium steel and are equipped with a handle covered in soft non-slip rubber, which allows you to have a firm and comfortable grip at the same time.

The material with which they are made is good, but being an economic set the assembly is mediocre; moreover, the quick release system is mounted backwards compared to professional snap pliers. Overall, therefore, they are only suitable for home use. in small repair jobs, and for DIY.


Economic: The affordable price has made them very popular especially among the amateur user group, which is the one they are intended for in the first instance. Excellent for those who do not have large needs and do not want to spend large sums.

3-piece set: The package includes three pliers of different sizes: one small with straight jaws and two larger ones with curved jaws, so that you can meet all the needs of the case.

Ergonomic handle: The non-slip soft rubber coating helps to improve the comfort of use and makes the grip on the tool more secure, also increasing the safety factor.


Hobbies: They are low-cost pliers, therefore suitable exclusively for DIY and home amateur use; furthermore, the locking system is mounted on the contrary.

7. DOWELL Diagonal Cutting Pliers

The Knipex Cobra is a new model of the latest generation, in this case it is a parrot pliers of medium size, 18 cm long, made of chrome-vanadium steel with a special high-frequency hardening process for the gripping teeth, so to increase their hardness up to a value of 61 HRC on the Rockwell scale.

DOWELL Diagonal Cutting Pliers 6 Inch Diagonal Cutters Wire Cutters Durable Nickel Chromium Steel Construction for Electricians and Homes
  • Durable nickel chromium steel construction,Induction hardened cutting edge stays sharper, longer
  • Upgraded version professional grips provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue

Its dimensions make it ideal for working in confined spaces, for example under the kitchen sink or behind the bathroom fixtures; besides the excellent manufacturing material, moreover, it is also equipped with a practical self-locking system when used with pipes and nuts, thanks to which the clamp does not slip on the piece and does not require an excessive application of force to tighten it. The quality of the Knipex is excellent, in fact it is appreciated by both hobbyists and professional plumbers.


Knipex: Anyone who is familiar with tools on a professional level knows the German company Knipex well; in fact, its products all belong to the medium-high range of the market and are of excellent quality.

Materials: The Knipex Cobra parrot pliers are made of chrome-vanadium steel, moreover the gripping teeth of the jaws are subjected to a special high frequency hardening which further increases their hardness.

Easy to use: Thanks to the self-locking system, pipes and nuts can be tightened even in awkward positions, without running the risk of the jaws slipping on the piece.


Price: It is more expensive than the standard average, but after all it is understandable as it is a medium-high range clamp also useful for professional plumbers.

8. Channellock 3610 10.5-Inch High Leverage Linemen Plier

We conclude with our ranking of the best forceps of 2021 with a decidedly atypical and highly specialized model: a Magill forceps from the Italian company Boscarol, specialized in the production of equipment and systems for emergency medicine.

It is a specific instrument used to perform intubation on patients in a coma or under general anesthesia, and is used in surgery and in medical emergencies.

Channellock 3610 10.5-Inch High Leverage Linemen Plier,Blue
  • Crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals
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The version subject of our review is the 16 cm long one, and is made entirely of stainless steel resistant to liquids for disinfection and sterilization, even in an autoclave.

It is therefore a high quality caliper certified according to EN 46001 and ISO 9001 and 13485 standards, but it only ranks eighth as it is a niche product mainly intended for hospitals and as an integral part of the equipment for ambulances. emergency response.


High quality: The Italian company Boscarol specializes in the production of equipment and systems for emergency medicine, the company is in possession of the TÜV and SÜD certifications relating to the standards EN 46001 and ISO 9001 and 13485.

Material: The Magill Boscarol forceps is made entirely of a stainless steel alloy resistant to disinfectants and sterilization processes, including those performed in autoclaves.

Measurements: The version examined is the 16 cm long one, but it is also available in two other sizes, respectively 20 and 25 cm, depending on the type of patient to be intubated.


Use: It is a specific equipment to be used in medical emergencies to intubate patients, therefore it is a niche product intended for hospitals and 118 ambulances.

How to choose the Best Pliers for Mechanics

Which caliper to buy? To answer this question, you first need to know what kind of work you need to do. The pliers, in fact, are tools that vary their shape and functionality according to their intended use.

The different categories of use

On the market you can find pliers for electricians, plumbers, mechanics, blacksmiths, cooks and even for medical and surgical use; to understand how to choose a good pliers, therefore, it will be good to start from your needs of use.

Once the area of ​​interest has been established, then, you can proceed with the choice of the model that most interests you, taking into account the following: the quality of the manufacturing materials and assembly are always proportional to the price, so if you choose a low cost to use it intensively in professional jobs, this will eventually break down in a short time.

The material with which most of the hand tools are made is stainless steel, especially the chromium-vanadium alloy; to evaluate the quality level of the alloy used, therefore, it is necessary to refer to the price of the caliper, and the same goes for the assembly.

This obviously does not mean that low-cost models are to be thrown away a priori; if you need a generic pliers to use occasionally for small home maintenance jobs, for example, then it is useless to spend big bucks to buy a professional one when a cheap one can perform the purpose very well.

The different types

Straight-nose pliers are used by electricians, as are crimpers, which allow you to connect terminal connectors to the ends of cables, and amperometers, which are special multimeters designed to detect voltage without physical contact.

The models for general use are mainly for domestic use, but they are extremely versatile and can also be used in the professional field. Then there are the pliers for plumbers, such as the parrot and snap pliers; their peculiar characteristic is that of being able to extend the opening of the jaws so as to be able to easily tighten nuts and pipes of large diameter.

Therefore, each type of work corresponds to a specific type of gripper. If you need one to use around the house for small repairs, then your best bet is… buy two: one generic and one parrot. If, on the other hand, you are fond of electronics and electricity in general, then it is better to choose a set of needle nose pliers and possibly a crimping tool.

How to use the Best Pliers for Mechanics

The multimeter with the jaws

Although it is called a pliers, in reality this instrument is nothing more than a multimeter which at the end, in addition to the classic probe cables with probes, is designed to mount a pair of semicircular jaws whose contact ends close to create a perfect circle , almost.

The jaws of the clamp meter, therefore, are not used to tighten objects, but only to surround the electrical cables at 360 degrees; inside, in fact, there are the metal elements that react to the electromagnetic field generated by the passage of electric current in the cables to be tested.

Contactless detection

The first thing that catches the eye, therefore, is the amperometric clamp which allows you to carry out the various measurements without the need to physically touch the conductor of the cable; consequently there is no need to peel it and there is no risk of shocks due to carelessness or negligence. One of the main advantages, therefore, is that it is much safer than a multimeter, especially when it is necessary to work on electrical distribution panels or on three-phase systems.

How to perform surveys

The principle of operation of the amperometric clamp, therefore, is the same as that of any multimeter, that is, it is necessary to set the device using the function selection ring and choose the type of measurement to be performed.

Once this is done, just open the jaws and position them around the electric cable to be tested before closing them again; the jaws of the pliers must not touch the cable by squeezing it between the tips but must limit themselves to completely surrounding it, otherwise you would get a wrong reading, or nothing.

Furthermore, in some models, the jaws are not mobile but fixed and arranged in a fork shape, so as to facilitate detections when working directly on electrical distribution panels or in narrow places. In this case, just position the jaws so that the cable is inside the fork.

Frequent questions (Best Pliers for Mechanics)

Magill forceps what is it for?

Sir Ivan Magill was an anesthetist of Irish origins, who went down in history for having brought notable innovations in the field of modern anesthesia; among his numerous inventions, the endotracheal tube, a straight blade version of the laryngoscope and the forceps which takes his name are most notable.

The Magill forceps is used during the patient intubation procedure, and is used to grasp and extract the tongue, thus allowing first the laryngoscope and then the endotracheal tube to be inserted. It is therefore mainly used in the surgical room, on patients under general anesthesia, and in extreme cases in the field during emergencies, to intubate people who have ended up in a coma following serious accidents.

Where to buy?

Unlike most of the other types, which can be easily purchased in a hardware store, the punching pliers are found mainly in haberdashery and supply stores for tailors, shoemakers and all the craftsmen who are used to working leather. . The simplest alternative, of course, is to buy it online on one of the many e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon for example, or directly on a manufacturer’s website if you know it.

How much does a caliper cost?

The price of a pliers can vary not only according to the quality and intended use, but also according to its type. The cheapest are generic and die-cutting machines, whose price ranges from 5 to 12 euros depending on the case; even the parrot pliers and the nose pliers for the creation of handicrafts have a similar price. Among these types, obviously, more expensive models are not to be excluded, especially if intended for professional use.

Some specific tools can range between 50 and 150 euros, such as pliers for electricians, mechanics and plumbers intended for professional use; there are also specific electric crimpers for high voltage cables, the cost of which can reach 2,000 euros and more. In principle, however, the price for a good caliper, regardless of its type, varies from a minimum of 25-30 euros up to a maximum of around 120 euros.

What is the snap pliers used for?

The snap pliers, better known as self-locking, is a specific variant of the parrot pliers. Like the latter, in fact, it is equipped with curved jaws with toothed gripping surfaces and has a regulator on one of the handles, thanks to which it is possible to extend the opening of the jaws so as to be able to grasp the nuts or pipes with greater ease. from several centimeters in diameter. On the other handle, on the other hand, there is a mechanism that allows you to lock the jaws after having tightened them, so as not to be forced to exert pressure to keep them firmly closed.

Thanks to this system it is possible to hook pipes and nuts, and then unscrew them easily and without making excessive efforts; the locking system itself can be easily deactivated with a simple snap movement.

This type of clamp is used above all by plumbers and by installers of heating systems, precisely because it allows them to work easily on the pipes; moreover there are several variants which differ in the size and shape of the jaws, which can also be straight and long like those of the nose pliers.

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